michele mcconnell


…a kiss on the hand may be continental… (ignore the rest of the lyrics)


Carlotta and the severed head. Cause her facial expressions! 

  1. Michele McConnell, Broadway, 
  2. Corinne Schaefer, Hamburg, 
  3. Liz McCartney, Broadway, 
  4. Eva Malmgren, Copenhagen, 
  5. Rosemary Ashe, West End, 
  6. Shan Cothi, West End, 
  7. Lara Martins, West End, 
  8. Rachel Anne Moore, Hamburg, 
  9. Kim Stengel, US tour. 

Costumes that were made new for the 25th. 

New Wishing Gown. The first is a screencap from the promo footage and the second is a cropped version of one of the pictures I took of the gown when I visited. You can’t tell in this photoset since it’s not a comparison one, but the blue is insanely rich when brand new.

My favorite story will never not be the one of how Sierra went on vacation in NY and the shop got a call like “We need a new Dressing Gown for her before the end of the week, kthxbai.” My draper was running around like a madwoman that week thanks to them. Apparently the seams weren’t even finished by the time of the shoot lol.

They also ordered a whole new fleet of Degas, especially apparent because the skirts are poofy as all hell. The Sylphdes got new drapes, bows and flowers, but not entirely new *costumes*.

Kara got a new Meg Masquerade costume, according to someone else in the cast.

A couple of new Il Muto Costumes and a new Red Dress for Carlotta, made by the other shop.

Not pictured are: New Skeleton gloves for Andre, new Triangle Girl tights, new Butterfly Girl tights, new new Monkey Girl tights, a new Triangle Girl headdress… which  is a story for another day.


The purple “Spider Dance” (tulle skirt) versions 

  1. Liz McCartney, Broadway 2011,
  2. Patricia Hurd, US Tour 1991,
  3. Michele McConnell, Broadway 2014,
  4. Irina Samilova, Moscow 2015,
  5. Danielle White, Las Vegas 2008,
  6. Irina Samilova, Moscow 2014,
  7. Geena Jeffries Mattox, Las Vegas 2006,
  8. Joan Sobel, Las Vegas ca. 2010,
  9. Elena Jeanne Batman, Las Vegas 2006.