Let me tell you why today, Nov 20, is the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIVES 

Because your favourite b99 fanfiction is COMING BACK. YES. That’s right, I’m talking about:

Take Me to Sturch (stage church)

by the amazing incredible spectacular @peraltiagoisland 

aka Drama Club au, Take Me to Sturch is the ULTIMATE b99 fanfiction: “platonic” make out sessions, unironic use of the word “chillax”, karma being a bitch (or not really), Charles being the biggest shipper in SHIPstory (shipping history), arguments about Die Hard, “You kiss your enemy with that mouth?”, Amy + a LIST, and THEATRE (duh!!).

But of course you didn’t need me to list all of that right? Cause if you don’t know what I’m talking about then WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE??? Go read it!! Comment!! Leave kudos!! SCREAM!! Take Me to Sturch is back ya bishees (sorry or calling you bishees I’m just really excited)!!!


For the past couple of months, I have been living in the Whedonverse, and it has been wonderful (right now, I’m making my way through Angel). I really loved Wesley and Lilah as a couple, as horrible as they were for/to each other, and Wesley’s arc over all has been so interesting to follow. So, I drew Weslah.
5 hours, pencil.