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No Olho Do Furacão (In The Eye Of The Storm) (by Michel De Souza)

In The Eye Of The Storm (No Olho Do Furação) Brazil, 2013.

During the protests this week in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, I filmed myself photographing the riots.
It is a video that shows moments before each photograph was taken. I think it also tells the story of something that seems to be marking our country.
I confess that, towards the end, it moved me to tears.
Watch it, share it, multiply it.

Photograped, Filmed and Edited by Michel de Souza
Original Soundtrack “Changes” by Pedro Curvello


Michel De Souza doing what he does best.

A great look at a photographer’s viewpoint through GoPro cameras during protests in Brazil.


An amazing view inside Brazil’s protest

by Michel De Souza