michel a

“How did Alexis make it to the top 5??”

Cos she did well enough at the challenges to get there and lip synced her way out of the bottom when she had to? y’all really think if you don’t like someone they don’t deserve to get far, ignoring the fact that Alexis is a very talented singer, actor, dancer, lip-syncer, and performer. 

she did well enough in the Gaga Pageant, did well in the Cheerleading challenge, had a well made, conceptual princess look for ep 3, did well at her newscaster role in ep 4, did a fuckin hilarious Kris Jenner in ep 5, won snatch game by a mile imo, did a great job with a small part in the 90210 challenge, won her lip sync against Farrah, underperformed in the pilot but still did better than Nina or Valentina (idc if they’re your favs they fucked up), and her makeover was solid, had good family resemblance, was complete and polished, and really was not a bad job at all, anyone with a functioning brain and eyes can see she didn’t deserve to go home

she wasn’t needlessly saved from the bottom, she didn’t rob anyone, your favs fucked up and went home, and she did well enough to stay. sorry bout it.


I miss you.