Soaring Wings Half Marathon

It was nice to volunteer for such an amazing race and support a good cause.

Being on the bike gives you a different perspective. You see so many different paces and so many different effort levels all there for one common goal. Finishing 13.1!

I want to give a huge shout out to Dustin and Rachel for directing such an awesome event. They put a lot blood, sweat, and tears into this race and it shows. I also want say I’m married to the best 2:00:00 pacer known to man. This year he was slightly in front of the 2 hour mark bringing his group in at a 1:58 finish. Which brings me to Michael. He stuck with my hubz and smashed his previous PR by over 10 minutes.

I thought I might feel a little jealous or sad that I wasn’t running. Oddly, I didn’t (except I froze on the bike!). It was nice to let other people have their day and just be there to support and encourage. There’s no pressure that way. There’s no need to train or fret about it. You still feel a sense of pride watching your friends accomplish something amazing.

I truly enjoyed a different side of Soaring Wings today!!!