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Wentworth Miller is Michael Scofiel in the great Series * Prison Break*
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Can You Hear Me? (Prison Break/Reader)

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You held the phone to your chest for a moment before putting it back to your ear. He spoke clearly over the phone, “Y/N…did you hear me?”

“Yeah Linc…I heard you.” You nodded putting your free on your desk.”

“We need your help…Micheal…needs your help.” He spoke over the phone.

“Does he know you’re asking?” You spoke slowly shutting your eyes.

“…No, but you know he won’t ask and we need…we need someone honest on this. Someone who doesn’t need a deal to get the job done.” Lincoln explained, “Please…”

“Does he know…” You had to stop, “Does…he know…about…”

“No, I never told him.” He sighed, “This isn’t about that…You helped him. You were the first person to really accept him and see what he does as being a gift not a waste.”

You sighed looking across the cubicals at your superior, “I do have some time off…you’re sure this is simple?”

“I’m not sure of anything anymore…” He sighed, “Will you help us?”

You sighed and started filling out the paper work for a leave of absence, “You’re a bad man Lincoln Burrows…I’m going to need some assurances too.”

“Text me what you need to happen and I’ll make the demands. I’ll text you the address to meet us at after I settle it up.” You could hear the smile in his voice, “Thank you…and if you can bring anything you think might help…”

“You know I wasn’t in the field that long right?” You smirked a little, “It’s been seven years.”

“Yeah, but I think you’ll still know some tricks. You were always good at collecting useful things.” He told you smirking, “Listen I gotta go. We’ll see you soon.”

“Who was that?” Linc looked at Micheal approaching with Sarah.

“LJ…” He took a deep breath lying to his brother, “Just checking in before we can’t…”

Micheal nodded, “We just need to get the list together and Self will make sure we have it all. We’ve got the evening to just…breath for a second.”

“Right…” Linc nodded watching them walk off hand in hand. He hoped he made the right choice bringing you in. He may not have the brains like his brother did, but he knew an asset when he saw one.

Later that day after getting your demands, simple ones at that, he called Self up getting the normal song and dance before he agreed to everything. He took a deep breath before sent the text to you with the address and just hoped that you would actually show up.

Can we talk about Micheal and Sara’s Relationship for a moment? Like, I can’t quite put my finger on why, but their relationship just seems different than most TV relationships? It’s usual for people to find a relationship that they like in a fictional work and ship it. But I’ve never really felt that way about Micheal and Sara? I was rooting for them, but not in the same way I usually would. It’s almost as if I wanted them to succeed together as a couple rather than succeed together at being a couple. Their relationship never really involved any convoluted drama, it always just seemed to be about two people who genuinely loved each other. And I think that really showed.