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Stephanie Sheh’s rap parody.

Originally found through a friend’s Facebook page, this was originally shown during a roost of one Micheal Sinterniklaas (voice actor, director) at this one convention. A parody of Natalie’s Rap (from the first Lonely Island soundtrack) this features various english voice actors. And leading the charge, Stephanie Sheh swearing like a sailor. Also featuring Johnny Young Bosch, Laura Bailey, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. And Travis Willingham in a Ninja Turtles costume. Enjoy!

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Nathanaël‘ voice is hot in English

[[ And his English Voice actor is named Micheal Sinterniklaas [born in France too] and I have spoken to him about the deep voice he has given to Nathanaël. Turns out he did a vocal range of what he could do and the director stopped him when he reached that depth. Micheal was unsure if it was fitting for a young teen to have and said that he can go higher but the director told him to keep it there.

He asked me if I thought it was unfitting and I told him no, it’s perfect since people really loved it and I tried convincing him otherwise by showing tumblr posts where people say how much they love Nathanaël English voice. I think Micheal still needs some convincing but I’ll gladly talk to him again. ]]