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Mini Mansions!

Last night and ma bestie went to see Mini Mansions at King tuts in Glasgow, they were fucking fantastic!

I wonder who’s playing…

I’d never been to King Tuts and it was my first time seeing MM so was excited for both! This gig completes my little trinity of gigs of bands I had never seen at venues I’d never been to which was cool (Muse @ Barrowlands, EoDM @ The Garage and Mini Mansions @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut) 

The venue was tiny but was filled out nicely, we were really close to the front and had a great view of all 3 of the band. I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd, surprisingly varied (I was a bit worried that the whole crowd was going to be Alex Turner Fan girls tbh) But there was a group of guys around my age to the left of me and seeing them sing every word was really nice too see. Around halfway through the gig my friend turned to me pointing at mikey and said “I think I have a new man crush”. I was like awww you. He likes his, and i quote “rough and ready” look. They played a great set with a great mix of TGP material but also B sides, covers and even a couple of debut album cuts. Would have liked Fantasy but maybe next time…

Zach was on merch stall duty after the gig and I went up and jokingly said “Can I have one of each of the singles and your denim jacket” I was being sily and cheeky in the hope he would maybe give me his actual jacket, A long shot admittedly. He didn’t really get it though and said “oh we didn’t bring any with us but you can buy them online” Tyler came over as well I had a bit of chit chat with them but most of my questions I wanted to ask I forgot, although I asked if they’d played fantasy this tour and they haven’t at all, they said the might next tour though, here’s hoping. I didn’t get a photo with them although I kinda wish I had.

I was going to get the first album but I know i can get online without ridiculous shipping costs whereas the reason I haven’t bought the singles yet is living in Scotland I’d end up paying more for shipping than the actual singles. They didn’t have Death is a girl but they did have Double Visions which is really cool because that means I get the most elusive of the B sides, Feds, someone has put it up on YouTube if you’re looking for it btw. Zach and Tyler both signed them so I’m pretty chuffed! 

As with when I went to EoDM in June I wore something to fit the band so I was reppin’ a Tyler-esque tiny dad Hawaiian shirt. 
They were really tight on stage and really have the performance side of things nailed, so much noise for 3 people (and nowhere near your typical 3 piece at that!) Really want to see them again and hopefully talk to them a bit more!

 Favourite Albums: 2/???  (1)

Mini Mansions: The Great Pretenders

Surely one of my favourite albums of the year so far and probably will end up very high on my end of year list. A fantastic album of meticulously crafted weird and wonderful pop songs. I feel albums that you got into during a particular eventful time in your life can end u meaning a lot to you and this album really brought me out of a period of unhappiness. It’s sequenced to perfection and the contrast between Mikey singing and Tyler singing is really refreshing. The lyrics are often serious and often all sorts of quirky but really hit me right in the spot emotionally. A fantastic album from start to finish and I can’t wait to see how the evolve for album no.3! (also can’t wait to see them next week!!!)

Favourite song? Fantasy