micheal quiet

What if the squip instead of blocking micheal from Jeremys vision instead started making Christine look like Micheal to see how Jeremy would react just to be like “Ok am i dealing with a twink here??? like will all my efforts be totally thrown into the fucking dumpster because hes gonna start having sloppy make out sessions with this dude while stoned in his basement' 

 and then when Jeremy reacts stunned and conflicted and like "holy shit i either save myself or get MICHEAL my beloved oh sweet boy” and then the squip like accuses him of lying and is all like telling Jeremy how if he wanted to be in a hoosexual relationship with Micheal he should have said so because now all his efforts trying to figure out ways to make Christine for a masturbating “loser” with barely everything in common for her and scoping out the volleyball team to “find Jeremy a second choice” (hint hes probably just perving) have been thrown out because Jeremy would now throw away his entire life and rather be controlled by a gray oblong pill thats FROM JAPPPPPPPAAANN just to be with micheal, who in the squips eyes is just some stoned loser stuk in the 80s’ and 90s' 

 And then Jeremy is like so embarrassed by the squips accusations that he forgets to not talk aloud so hes like yelling things like “wHAT??? NO!! MICHEALS MY FRIEND TH-THATS ALL!! I WANT TO BE WITH MY FRIEND!!!” And Christine (even squipped) is just like “Wtf Jeremy excuse me pay attention to me im s i n g i n g for you and the real micheals just in the doorway listening like "um,, what??” And the squip just is looking at Jeremy like “Well excuse me but looking through my files i have record of you thinking *insert random romantic thought about wanting kiss micheal or thinking hes cute * but of course the fucking super computer is wrong, yes that the logical reason of course” And Jeremys getting flustered. Micheals like d y i n g and once again christines just like “wtf is even happening im so confused" 

 Then later on after defeating the squips maybe one day Micheal and Jeremy are walking by a park or something they used to frequent as kids because it was a fun place to sit and read comic books under trees and do weird stunts like climbing up slides and jumping off the sides. And they decide to sit under the tree becase its dark and they’re waiting for Jeremys dad to pick them up. And Micheal randomly asks if the squip really meant what he said about Jeremy wanting to kiss him or whatever. 

And then Jeremy is just kinda starts blushing a bit and is silent and is just like,, a tiny small "Sort of?? maybe?? i guess yeah?? maybe?? ehhhhh” like so quiet that Micheal can like only slightly hear him. and like,, micheals just like “o h” And is slowly becoming a blushing mess. And like eventually Micheals just like,, he doesnt know what to say so hes just like “why” because like why would jer want to kiss him??? hes like the weirdest human on earth in his perspective?? also hes in love with christine??? and jeremy just is like “i dont know” and micheals just like “do you wannt try????????” and jeremys just like “uh, sure” and they try a kiss and they like it even though its horrible because Micheals glasses got in the way. but then they try again and its like,, really good. like, Micheals lips are really soft and taste like strawberry because he uses chapstick and Jeremys just so like, loving with it, and gentle and stuff, and then jeremys dad pulls up and sees them. Ands hes just like “I FUCKING KKNEW ITT” and then he honks the horn and jeremy and micheal get in the car not knowing he saw and then probably makeout in jeremys room til like 2am then play apocalypse of the damned til 3am then pass out

“5 seconds of summer are just famous because of on-”

“Why do you even like them, they’re not even tale-”

“The only good looking one is lu-”

“They should just leave it in 2014”