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Imagine The Cage in Heaven Part 1 Michael X Reader

A/N: So this is my first imagine and I thought I might Start this with my favourite achrangel, Michael! :) Feedbacks are very welcome! :)

I might even consider making a fic with more parts out of it, let me know what you think! :)

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Plot: Before the Apocalypse ha ppend, god/Chuck started to overthink this whole Situation. To avoid direct contact with his sons he decided to create one last Angel which he let grow up with humans and is actually more like human then Angel. When she’s 18 god sent her to heaven. He tells Joshua that she’s Michaels soulmate. At first everything seemed perfect but then his plans didn’t went as they probably should.


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“Y/N, where are you this time? ” you heard Raphaels angry voice. “I’m here! ” you yelled back to reveal your position to him. “You aren’t supposed to wander around here and you know that. What do you think Michael will say about this Y/n? ” he growled while he stepped into the floor you were standing.

“Yea but it was boring in the garden and - ” “You are not allowed to leave the garden without me or Zacharriah, could you follow our rules just once? ” he interrupted you sharply but didn’t expect an answer from you. You just rolled your eyes and followed him back to the garden.

Sometimes you wonder why everyone wished to be in heaven. It was like hell to you. Or at least it feels like it. They basically held you like a prisoner and you were convinced that a lot of them didn’t like you.

Especially Raphael and Zacharriah despite you and sadly Micheal put them in charge to look after you when he is busy. And since Armageddon is around the corner he never had time for you.

“You found her? Did she pay a visit to Gadreel again?” Mr. Douche himself, Zacharriah, asked clearly annoyed. “You know y/n, when you sneak out to the prisons like this, you will surely find yourself in a cell like this very soon. ” he snorted. “As if” you shot back. “Michael would never let that happen”

You didn’t see the point in that, Gadreel was so nice and the first angel ever you heard admitting a mistake honestly.

“I believe even Michaels patience with you will come to an end some day.” Raphael stated. “And I believe this isn’t your decision to make, brother. ” a fimilar voice was heard next to you.

“Michael” you breathed happily and ran into your mates arms. He put one hand in your hair stroking it lightly. With a nod the archangel signaled his brothers to leave. He grabbed your shoulders and took a step back to look at you with a slightly disappointed face.

“Why are you doing this, y/n? ” he asked soft but firmly and somehow your feet seemed pretty intresting to you now.

“I’m sorry Michael but you know I don’t like being around them… I miss you” you murmed.

He let out a sight and pulled you back into his arms. “I know… But I have business to do and I want you to be safe.” he spoke with a low voice , kissing your forhead softly.

You closed your eyes and let your head rest on his shoulder, taking in this very rare moment of closeness.

When you arrived in heaven you were confused and afraid, the only thing you knew was that you were an Angel and you were Michaels soulmate. No one knew where you came from and why but when Micheal first layed eyes on you he had this warm feeling in his whole body and let you in instantly.

At first everything was perfect, he was perfect. Sweet and loving and kind at least towards you but since the birh of Sam Winchester something has changed, he grew cold and disappiered more often to do some business.

“Y/n?” Michaels beautiful voice interrupted your thoughts. “What are you thinking? ” he hummed still holding you tight.

You bite your bottom lip unsure of what to say. But on the other hand, he would always know when something bothers you so why not just tell him now.

You took a deep breath and pulled away to look in his beautiful yet cold blue eyes.

“What is happening to us Micheal?” you asked a bit sad. He stared at you for a moment, observing every movement you make as if he was seeking for an explanation to your question.

“What are you talking about? ” he asked after a moment. “Ever since this boy is born you are so concerned about this whole apocalypse thing…” “You know this has to be done y/n…I have to fight my brother” he interrupted you sharply.

“I know but… I-I just don’t see point.” you barley whispered the end.

His look hardend and for the first time you could see a hint of anger towards you. “You know the point in this. My father has a plan and I, as his son, have to fulfill this plan. ”

“Even if it kills your brother… Or you? ” you asked, tears forming in your eyes at this thought. “And what about humanity? Are you really willing to kill this entire planet? ”

“Yes” he stated firmly. “This is his plan and this is what I am going to do. Why do you even care about them? ”

“It’s my home. I was raised there Michael. And humans aren’t nearly as filthy as most of you think!” you were despred at this point but immidately regretted to slightly raising your voice against him.

“That doesn’t matter. Heaven is your home now. Armageddon is going to happen and you will stand by my side, y/n” he demanded a bit harshly now.

You sighted heavily knowing there was no Chance in winning this discussion. Silently you nodded, not even daring to answer him honestly at this point. He gave you an approving look before he left again.

Sometimes you questioned gods decisions, even trough you never met him, you didn’t see why he created you with so much human feeling. Now you have to watch them and maybe even your mate die.

What did he want? You twirled a little flower from the garden in your Hand and suddenly you saw the answer clearly in your head: You have to save them. You have to stop Michael. You have to flee from heaven.


No More Little Ones... I Think (Part Two)- Niall Horan

Authour’s Note:

This is the second part to the No More Little Ones one-shot. 

You can read the first part here

“Niall, the little ones are in the other room, we can’t,” you say, voice wavering as he wraps his arms around your waist as your cleaning up dinner.

“We can, baby. We’ll put ‘em to bed and then spend special Mummy and Daddy cuddles. Does that sound good, hmm?” Niall whispers, leaving light kisses along your collarbone and neck.

“Okay, yeah, we can do that. You’re the devil, Niall Horan, you know that?” you ask, quickly drying your hands off and making your way to the lounge, where your children were watching another Disney film, but not before your husband could sneak a cheeky squeeze of your bum. “Niall, stop that,” you laugh as he chuckles, leaning over with how startled you got. “That’s what got me pregnant in the first place.”

“You love when I do that, don’t lie, babe,” he says, leaning down and petting Piper’s head and then following you to get the little ones ready to sleep.

You both walk in, taking a step back to watch the little bundles that have given so much happiness to the both of you. In a matter of ten years of marriage, you and your husband have managed to buy a new home, make sure four little babies are cared for and healthy, and keep everyone together when tour sparks about. You especially, it never ceases to amaze you how great of a father Niall is, and how much the children love him. It is the best life you could’ve ever asked for.

“Alright, bubbas, it’s time to sleep. We’re goin’ out with your uncles tomorrow, so you need to be fully rested,” Niall says, running in and picking Oli up and throwing him over his shoulder.

“Daddy, put me down,” Oliver yells as he’s laughing and hitting lightly against his father’s back. Niall puts him back on the ground and picks up Michael, taking the two little boys to their rooms to put them to sleep quickly. By the time Niall reached the steps, Michael had fallen asleep on his shoulder. 


Niall slips into Michael’s room first, laying him down in his crib and kissing his forehead, whispering a ‘sweet dreams’ before turning on the night-light. “Love Dada,” Micheal mumbles before completely laying down to sleep. Niall walks back over and places another kiss on his forehead, whispering ‘I love you’, and then quietly slipping out and walking into Oliver’s room across the hall.

“Alright, Daddy, I’m all ready for sleep,” the five-year old says, climbing into his little bed with football sheets covering the mattress. He lays down, waiting for his father to kiss him goodnight and share the signature ‘I love you from the farthest star to closest kiss’, something that you and Niall started to say to Elodie the first night you brought her home.

“I love you so much, Oli. We have a fun day planned tomorrow, that means you need lots of sleep. See you in ‘de mornin’, bud,” Niall says leaning down to kiss his son goodnight. Suddenly, Oliver pulls him down, wrapping his tiny arms around Niall’s shoulders.

“You’re the best daddy in the whole world. And I have the best mummy in the world. And the best big sissy, but don’ tell her ‘dat,” he whispers to his father before kissing his cheek and letting go, and rolling over to face his wall and fall asleep. Niall has tears in his eyes, before letting go and silently exits the room, walking quickly into your bedroom to change.


Leighton was put down immediately, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the tiny pillow. You snuggled her in with her teddy bear, and gave her a quick kiss goodnight before Elodie did the same. You give another kiss and ‘I love you’, then walk hand-in-hand with Elodie out of the nursery, shutting the light and turning on the monitor. As soon as you get to Elodie’s room, she is running to grab her nightie and stuffed puppy, waiting for you to help her change and then tuck her into her blankets for the night. As you lean down to her eye level, your daughter takes an interest to the news you shared only a bit ago.

“Mummy, you sure you ‘ave a baby in ‘dere? Your tummy’s really tiny,” Elodie asks, eye flickering between your tummy and face, eyes drifting from shut to open.

“I’m sure, baby girl. Are you upset? Because, you know, Daddy and I will always love you the same as your brothers and sister. And you will always have an extra special place in our hearts,” you say, leaning down to kiss her forehead before walking over and turning the nightlight on beside her bed.

“I love you, Mummy,” she mumbles, body rolling over as the little one fell asleep.

“I love you, too, my sweet girl,” you add, walking over and kissing her forehead, before walking back to your room.


“You’re back,” Niall says, walking over to you and pulling you in by your waist to kiss you. “Are all the little ones asleep? Can we have some special time?”

“I think we can arrange that, Mr. Horan. Do you have some plans in mind?” you ask, whispering in his ear, and placing short kisses across his jaw, stopping at his favourite spot.

“Uh, um, I don’ know,” he stutters, voice becoming raspy and thick with an accent. “You have no idea what you do to me, Mrs. Horan. Absolutely no idea,” he adds, picking you up and walking you towards the bed, kissing you all over before pulling the covers over top the both of you.


“Mumma, I had a bad dream,” Elodie cries from next to the bed, “Mummy, I’m scared.” She’s clutching her teddy bear as if it’s the only item to protect her from the dark.

You stir from your light sleep, still sweaty from hours before under the covers with your husband, wearing only his t-shirt and panties, and reach for the lamp on your bedside table. “Sweet girl, you’re alright, c’mere,” you say, reaching down to pick up your crying daughter and snuggle her against your chest. In the closeness of your daughter pressed to your body, you can feel the slight bump where a baby is nesting inside of you. “Mumma’s right here, baby. No more tears, my love. I love you from the farthest star… what comes next, baby girl?”

“To… the… closest kiss,” Elodie sniffles, letting go of the teddy and letting herself wrap her tiny arms around your waist, letting you kiss her head repeatedly.

You see Niall stir from his place on the bed, eyes fluttering open and arms pushing against the headboard. His muscles are flexed and his strong stomach is on full display as all he has on are briefs. “What’s going on in here? Are we having a slumber party I didn’t know about?” he asks, clearly trying to make his baby laugh, a laugh almost identical to his own. “There it is. There’s the pretty smile I love,” he says, pulling her from your lap and peppering kisses across her face.

“Daddy, stop it,” she laughs, trying to push away her father from tickling. “Daddy, could you sing me a song?”

“Of course, baby, which one? 18? That’s your favourite in’it?” he asks, sliding her down into the covers as she nods, you following, and Niall being the last one under the duvet. You lean over and turn the lamp off, cuddling into your daughter and husband as he starts to sing. “I have loved you since we were 18, long before we both thought the same thing, to be loved and to be in love, and all I could do is say that these arms were made for holding you, oh, and I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18,” he finishes once he hears the soft snores of the six-year-old.

“God, I love you,” you whisper, careful not to wake up the sleeping child in between you. “I couldn’t imagine a family with anyone else. You have truly been the best husband and father, I could’ve ever asked for.”

“Baby, I love you so much. I fall in love with you more and more each day. You are the only person I can ever imagine having as a wife or mother of my children. We ‘ave an amazing family, you know? You’re amazing. And I just love you so much,” he whispers, voice rough from the quick awakening, as he lifts his arm over your daughter and rubs your cheek. “I’m taking you to the baby appointment in the morning. We can go to the beach after with the little ones, it’ll be great. The boys will come along. It’ll be amazing.”

“Sounds great, my love. ‘m tired. Let’s go to bed,” you say, eyes drifting shut as you feel an arm drape around you and your softly-sleeping daughter.

“Alright,” he chuckles lightly, pressing a kiss to both your daughter and your’s forehead. “I love you.”


“Here are the waffles, little ones. Eat it all now, ‘cos Mumma and I are taking you to the beach after we go to the baby’s appointment. Are you excited?” Niall asks, placing a waffle on each of his children’s plates, cutting up both Michael and Leigh’s food before sitting down to eat himself.

“Ooh, Daddy, really? Are you goin’ to see if the baby‘s a boy or girl?” Elodie asks from her seat, a waffle piece being put into her mouth as soon as she finishes her last syllable.

“Yeah, we leave in a little bit, so I need you to be big helpers and help Uncle Harry when he comes over to watch you whilst Mumma and I are gone, could you do ‘dat?” Niall asks as he takes another bite from his waffle.

“Yeah, Daddy, ‘at’s easy,” Oli says, standing up and throwing away his cardboard plate, quickly standing to get his favourite toys from his bedroom and return to his spot on the lounge carpet. Elodie stands up after, taking her and Michael’s plate, and tossing both in the bin. She stands up, and takes Michael’s hand to guide him up the steps.

“Hey, hey. Where are my ‘thank you for making breakfast, Daddy,’ kisses? ‘Cos I don’ believe I got any,” he says, opening his arms for the three to run and give kisses to their father before going back upstairs. “Now you, little miss, are all fed, changed, and have a clean nappy. You’re feeling swell aren’t you, munchkin?” Niall says to Leighton, picking her up and placing her on his hip, quickly throwing away the rest of the plates and walking up the steps to wake you up. Leighton is babbling as he gathers the rest of the clothes scattered across your bedroom floor. “My love, wake up. We’re leaving in an hour and Harry will be ‘ere soon to watch the bubbas,” he says in a voice just above a whisper, right after a slight stir from you, he places a lingering kiss on your lips until Leighton crawls over and pushes him off.

“Mhm, you smell like waffle, babe,” you say, eyes beginning to flutter open as you take in the sight of four freshly bathed, dressed, and fed children who ran in to give kisses before dashing downstairs to watch a new episode on the box. “Everyone’s ready, ‘cept me I suppose,” you add quietly, sitting up and reaching over to grab your youngest daughter from the edge of the bed and pull her closer to your body.

“Just about. I still need to wash my face and fix my hair, but o’der ‘an at, it’s all you, baby. Did I tire you out last night?” Niall says, nudging his head in your neck from beside you. He laughs when you hit his arm, before getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom to shower and get ready before the boys arrived. “I still love your bum!” your husband yells to you as you shut the door. He hears you laugh and gets up to take your youngest child downstairs. He gets Piper’s food together, and then waits for you to make an appearance downstairs. 

Around fifteen minutes after getting up, you had finished up in the bathroom, being left only to change and walk out the door with your family. You pulled the cover-up over your head and on top of the coral bikini you had taken a liking to (you wanted to wear it now, before you started to look like an over-sized watermelon) with jean shorts to cover your bottom half, took sandals from the wardrobe, and grabbed your purse. Right when you were about to walk out of your bedroom, you stop in the mirror and notice the slight swell that had grown on your tummy. It was beautiful and you don’t know for sure if it was the hormones or the actual thought of how amazing it is that you will have five of your own little babies with the man of your dreams, that was making you cry, but nonetheless you had tears rolling.

“Babe, are you-?” Niall asks, walking back up the stairs and into your bedroom to check on you. “Hey, hey, what’re your tears for, hmm? Love, c’mere,” he says, pulling you back in towards his chest, “Hormones are at it again, aren’t ‘dey, love?” Niall chuckles as you nod your head against his chest. “Let me get a good look at ‘ya,” he adds, pushing you away from his body only slightly, in order for him took take a peek at what he really wants to see: the bump. 

The little piece of him and little piece of you, that you both created because of your love, and it was growing inside of the person who he loved the most in the whole entire world. You were everything and anything to him, and the fact that he was able to have another child with you, only made his heart fill with more and more love.

“Oh my God, you got a bump already. This little one is jutting out for the world to see. Looks like we’re not goin’ to ‘ave much time to hide this one, are we?” he asks, tears welling in his eyes as he places his large hands on your tiny belly. “But we’re gon’ be late to ‘de appointment if we don’ get going,” your husband says, wiping both yours and his tears away, “I’m goin’ to finish getting ready. Harry should be ‘ere any minute, so just let him in. I’ll meet you downstairs,” Niall says, kissing your forehead and walking towards the bathroom.

You pop down the steps, walking into the lounge where all four (and Piper) of your little ones resided. 

“Mummy,” Michael says as he toddles towards you, reaching up and you lean down to pick him up, soon leaning down to give hugs and kisses to Elodie and Oliver. “Baby?” he asks, pointing to the unfamiliar hump in his mother’s stomach, something not normally in the way of him being held.

“That’s right, bubba. Mummy’s got a baby in ‘dere,” you say softly, giving him kisses on his face before putting him back down. You sit next to Leighton, who immediately climbs in your lap, and give her a few snuggles, talking to your little ones about their dreams and what was being watched on the telly.

As soon as you got up from the carpet, a familiar voice sounded through the entryway. Harry walks in, shutting the door and placing his personal set of keys on the table by the door. “Where are my nieces and nephews?” he asks, footsteps getting louder as he approached the lounge.

“Uncle Harry!” all four yelled, Leighton more a mumble of sounds to fit his name, running over to give him hugs. “Uncle Harry, come watch the telly with us,” Elodie says, pulling on his hand.

“Hold on, little one. I got’a talk to Mum for a minute, okay?” he says, placing a kiss on his niece’s head and walking towards the kitchen where you were drinking a glass of water. “Hey missus, how’s the tiny one?” Harry asks, walking towards you and placing a hand on your stomach, before hugging you.

“We’re doing great, going to see if it’s a boy or a girl today,” you say smiling. Just when you were finishing a quick conversation on what to do with the children whilst you were away for the hour or so, your husband walks in, hugging his best mate, then thanking him for watching the babies whilst you go for the appointment. You finish grabbing the necessary papers and head out, saying ‘I love you’ to the family and making your way to the car.

The drive was no more than twenty minutes, and the midwives working got you into your appointment with no lapse. The ladies took your paperwork and inserted the information fairly quick. A nurse called your name out within a few minutes of you and Niall sitting down.

“Mrs. Horan, we can have you back now,” Riley says sweetly. Riley has been your nurse for every pregnancy, and her upper head, Dr. Cline, had given birth to each of your babies. “How’re you today? You feeling well?” she asks politely as she takes measurements of your weight and tummy size. “All your measurements look great according to when you called in, I’m going to call in Dr. Cline and we can see how you and the pumpkin are doing.”

“Thank you,” you said, before Niall shut the door and helped you pull on the gown. You two chatted a bit about the new baby, what you were going to do on tour and when you would have to get back home, and a bit about the beach when your doctor knocked on the door to enter your room. “We’re all clear in here,” you laugh, sitting up to hug your doctor and friend.

“Let’s take a look at you, yeah? You’re most certainly glowing, Y/N. You, too, Niall,” she laughs as she takes out the Fetal Doppler and jelly to spread over your stomach for when she takes a view of your uterus. “Here is the heartbeat,” she says, turning on the equipment and probing it over your lower abdomen. “Perfect, record 140 beats per minute, and the jelly is cold, as you know,” she add, chuckling with both you and Niall, before placing the ultrasound probe over your slight tummy. “It seems to me that you are in fact, four months along, probably much longer than you had even fully noticed when you called in two months ago. You thought you were sick from breastfeeding, but in fact you were pregnant. But, I believe, you are in fact, having another little princess. Congratulations you two. Here are your scans, and Riley will write up your vitamins and schedule your next appointment. You can walk up front to get the card when you’re ready,” Dr. Cline says, hugging you quickly before walking back out the door.

“Ni, we’re having another little girl,” you say smiling. You look over to see your husband tearing up whilst staring at the image on the screen. “Hey, I can’t cry, which means you can’t cry,” you chuckle, leaning forward to take his hands and pull him closer to you.

Niall stands up, sliding himself in between your legs, hands resting at the lower end of your stomach, thumbs gently rubbing your tummy. “I love you so damn much. I can’ believe we’re gon’ ‘ave ano’der little girl. Baby, you don’ understand how excited I am. Of course, oh God, of course I love my little men, without an ounce of doubt, I love how much fun I get to have with the two, and all the lessons I’ll get to teach them. But I don’ know, ‘dere’s something about knowing that I’ll be her protector, and the first man that she loves, and we’ll get to teach her how a man should treat our princess. God, I’m so happy right now. And I’m letting you know, both Michael and Oliver wanted a sister. That’s what we were talking about a bit for bedtime,” he says, a smile never leaving his face, even when you pull him in for a kiss.

“I think that is one of the most adorable things, I’ve ever heard you say about our children, Mr. Horan. And I love you so much,” you reply, placing your hands around by the nape of his neck, lightly playing with the hair and leaning closer to place another kiss on his lips. You settle on having Niall get the appointment card and prescription whilst you clean up and gather your purse and mobile, along with all the ultrasound pictures.

You two walk hand-in-hand back to his Range Rover, Niall opening your door for you, before going in and getting in the driver’s seat. The whole way back to your home, you couldn’t help but think about how lucky you are to have such an amazing husband and children. Niall’s hand was placed on your belly, rubbing light circles unconsciously. All you could was smile and think about how wonderful life has been, and what your future endeavors were to hold.

Especially telling the babies.

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Of Heaven and Hell 8/?

Pairing(s): Mavin/Joelay

Prompt: Joel and Gavin are Demons. Ray and Michael are Angels.

Rating: T (for safety, may change later)

Word Count: 1688

Summary: Since the dawn of time, Angels and Demons have been mortal enemies. When they meet, it is almost certain to end in death. When two Demonic screw-ups and two oddball Angels run into each other, it can only end in disaster. Right? Right…

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7


“Where the hell am I supposed to sleep?” Michael asked no one in particular, taking in the scene before him.

Both of the beds were occupied, one by Ray and the other by Joel. Gavin had curled up on the floor atop a blanket. He wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with Ray, the two had done it quite a few times throughout their childhood, but Ray had a tendency to sleep spread eagle and the tiny bed couldn’t fit them both in that state.

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imagine #33

“Prove it”

External image

The day before you had convinced Michael to get up early with you to go get breakfast at this little cafe place near his house. You two were back in Sydney because they had time off. You wanted to get up early because you’d hopefully be able to avoid some fans because you wanted some time just with Michael. You didn’t mind when fans asked Michael for photos because you understood it, but it just had been happening a lot lately because they had been home for a while so they knew where he would be.

You had already gotten dressed and ready but Micheal was still laying in bed eyes closed with his arms above his head. You smile and tip toe over to the bed and crawl on top of him and sit on him.
“Wakey wakey Mikey” You say laying your head on his chest. He stretches and nuzzles his face into your neck, his layer of scruff tickling your neck.
“Mmm let’s stay in bed” He mumbles.
“But you promised me, and I’m already dressed” You say pouting. He opens one eye and immediately glances down at your cleavage and back up to you smirking.
“You perv” You say kissing im on the lips and rolling off of him only to have him grab you by the waist and pull you into him making you the little spoon.
“but this is so nice” He said kissing your neck lightly.
“But I want pancakes”
“Ohh pancakes sound really good right now” he said sitting up.
“Yay!” You said standing up.
“You’re so cute” Michael laughed.

After Michael got dressed the two of you walked hand in hand down the usually busy streets towards the cafe.
“This is so nice” You say leaning into him.
“I love it” He says wrapping an arm around you.

The two of you sit in a open cafe enjoying the morning sunshine eating and drinking your coffee before more and more people started walking around, starting there days. It wasn’t long until two girls slowly made their way over to your table hesitantly.
“Hi do you guys mind if we get a picture?” A tanned brunette asks.
Michael smiled. “No not at all!” He stands up and walks over to them.
“Here I’ll take it guys” You say taking the girls phone and standing in front of them.
“Do a silly one and then a cute one” You tell them. You take the picture and hand her back her phone. You sit back down and let the two girls and Michael chat, Scrolling through your phone.
“No you’re totally hot” Michael said pulling you out of your thoughts.
“What? You think I’m hot? that’s crazy” the girl said.
“How is that crazy, you’re absolutely beautiful, your eyes are glowing, your hair is like perfect you’re so cute and you’re a fan of the band so that’s like an extra bonus”

You can’t believe this, Michael is flirting with someone right in front of you.
“Can I give you my number?” She asked.
“Yeah sure”
She hands him a piece of paper and kisses him on he cheek, looking right at you as she does so, and then walks away. Michael smiles and sits back down acting like nothing happened.
“I can’t believe you just did that”
“Just did what?”
“Let’s just go home” You say standing up and walking away. Michael leaves money on the table and follows you. You don’t say a word till your both standing in his bedroom.
“You really don’t understand why I’m upset?”
“I didn’t do anything!” He says, his voice getting louder.
“Michael you flirted with another girl right in front of me for fuck sakes! You didn’t even try to hide it, and she was loving it the whole time staring at me like I was nothing, do you know how shitty that made me feel? And the fact that she gave you her number, and she’s going to tell the internet about it, and we’re going to look like the worst couple ever. Thanks Michael I really appreciate it” You say brushing past him gathering some clothes and shoving them in a bag.
“(Y/N) what are you doing”
“I’m not staying here tonight because you’re being an inconsiderate asshole and don’t care about my feelings”
“That’s cause nothing happened!”
“Nothing happened?” You yell “You don’t flirt with another girl right in front of your fucking girlfriend Michael!” You didn’t care if his parents heard you yelling, you were mad and you felt that you had every right to be.
“Baby please”
“No, when you realized what you did, come prove it to me and I’ll get back to you” you say turning to leave. Michael grabbed your wrist pulling you back.
“Let go of me” You said through gritted teeth. He let you go and you raced down the stairs and made your way down his street as fast as possible dialing Ashtons number.
“Hey what’s up?” He said picking up.
You let out a sob. “Can you come get me?”
“What happened are you okay?”
“Michael and I got into a fight…”
“Yeah I’ll be right there, you sound like you’re outside, where are you?”
“I’ll wait at the end of his street, I don’t want him to come look for me or something”

Shortly after your phone call Ashton arrived. You throw your stuff in the back and sit in the passenger seat.
“What did he do?”
“He flirted with a girl right in front of me, and thinks he didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s not the first time I’ve caught him doing it, but it’s the first time he’s done it while I was sitting right there”
“Well that’s a dick move” Ashton said.
“Yeah so i told him he had to prove to me that he was sorry or else were done… But i didn’t tell him the second part of that”
“So he doesn’t know you’re going to leave him If he doesn’t?”
“Shit, I’m really sorry (Y/N)… You can stay with me until he comes an apologizes and what not”

You were curled up in a ball in Ashtons bed, on your phone texting a friend, while Ashton sat at his desk typing away on his laptop. in the midst of the silence, you heard loud music from outside.
“Ash what is that?” You ask him cause he was closest to the window. He got up and looked out the window squinting.
“it’s your boyfriend”
he said sitting back down.
“what?” You got up and walked over to the window to see Michael standing in front of his parents car with the song that he told you reminded him of you blasting through it’s speakers and a bouquet of your favorite flowers in his hands.
You slide the window open and lean out of it. “Michael you’re going to get into trouble” You say.
“I don’t care, I was an idiot (Y/N)”
“Go on”
“I shouldn’t have flirted with her, I didn’t even realize I had done it until you got upset, it was just instinct, I’m not used to being with someone for so long because I always fuck it up some how so when you left today, I should have tried harder to get you to stay but I’m so used to everyone leaving that I almost gave up until I was sitting in my room without you and I thought ‘I can’t let her leave, because I love her’ I love you (Y/N) I’m in love with you, I love you so fucking much, could you ever forgive me and my stupidity and please come down here and kiss me and let me take you home to my house?”
You paused giving him a moment to worry at your lack of response. “Hold on” you say.
You heart was racing as you gathered your things again shoving your phone into your back pocket and swinging your bag over your shoulder. You give Ashton a quick hug. “Thank you”
“Anytime, have fun you two!” He yelled as you ran down the stairs.
You open Ashtons front door dropping your bag running up to Michael who stood there with open arms as you jumped into a hug. he spun you around. when your feet touched the floor he took your face into his hands. “I’m sorry I’m an idiot”
“I forgive you… Just don’t flirt with anyone else cause I don’t say 'I love you’ to just anyone so i don’t wanna mess this up” You say smiling.
“So you love me back?”
“Of course I do Michael”
He smiled before leaning down to kiss you passionately on the lips.