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My david mazouz bruce wayne review

Can i just say how much i enjoy david’s performance?, because this guy is phenomenal as lil bruce wayne. And i like how they sorta mix micheal keaton with a bit of ben affleck, and you can see those performances with david. There is this one scene in gotham where jerome kidnaps bruce and jerome is about kill this guy by dunking him in a tank of piranah(if spelled wrong sorry) and bruce pushes jerome so that he doesn’t kill this guy and he goes full “do you wanna get nuts” mode and if you rewatch the episode(ep14 season 3) He actrully does sound a bit like keaton(keaton is one of my favorite batman along with ben, or batfleck and kevin conroy), now david’s performance of fake bruce or five or thomas wayne jr if the series is going there, now five isnt anything new to me because the whole evil twin or clone thing has been done before, if you watch the batman animated series there is an episode where batman has to fight a robot that looks like him and thinks that he is bruce and five reminds me of that, and my prediction for five is he’s either gonna become owlman or they’re gonna do a thing where five realizes that he cant be bruce wayne and only bruce wayne can be bruce wayne and destroy himself and it would probably be one of the saddest moments because we have a guy who wants to be someone and have that life but knows that he’s never gonna because that life already belongs to someone else. Now i want to talk about the story of this batman and i know we all know the story of batman, but this brings a new story because before it was batman creates the villian but in here its the villians create the batman and thats what got me into this show because its the origin story behind an origin story and i like where this series takes place because it looks alot like the era where the batman the animated series take place, and i know that as the series goes on the’re gonna be in modern times and i hope when they do reach that point they kinda keep that era but give it a more modern technogolical tone kinda like in the arkham knight video game. So i hope you enjoyed this review i give david a 10/10 Please enjoy this gif of micheal keaton in the batman

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Favorite moviesBatman Returns (1992):

“ We need to talk. You see, you and I have something in common.”

“Sounds familiar. Appetite for destruction? Contempt for the czars of fashion? Wait, don’t tell me…  naked sexual charisma.”

“Batman. The thorn in both our sides. The fly in our ointment.”