micheal j fox back to the future


Inktober 2017 - The post-apocalyptic wanderers. 
Jour 9 - Le voyayeur du temps perdu. Et qui de mieux que ce bon vieux Marty McFly ? Car là où nous allons, nous n’avons pas besoin… de route. 
Mon Pentel a encore plus bavé que d’habitude sur mon papier pour croquis pourri… 
Day 9 - The lost timetraveler. Who is a better choice than this good old Marty McFly ? 
My Pentel is bleeding more than usual on my crappy paper today…

A while ago I posted this pinball flyer, but it didn’t really click with me how hard they tried to match the original clothes until today. I just thought they made up the costumes completely. “This looks weird enough to be futuristic. Ok, stand next to the pinball machine.” I mean, yeah, it seems like they used stuff they already had around the house, but I like how hard they tried. Marty is ducking to look as short as Micheal J Fox. My favorite thing might be that they look like they got caught doing this.