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MICHAEL IRVIN THINKS IT’S STUPID FOR MICHAEL VICK NOT TO SLIDE - The Philadelphia Eagles named Michael Vick the teams’ starting quarterback for the 2013 season this week. That move didn’t come as a surprise to most of us as we all think Vick is the best fit for new head coach Chip Kelly’s scheme.

But after being named the start Vick said he’s going to make the most of his running abilities without worrying about injuries, and no one is going to talk him out of playing the way he wants to play.

But Hall of Fame wide receiver and co-host for NFL Network’s GameDay Morning pregame show, Michael Irvin would love a chance to talk Vick out of playing so recklessly, 11 years into his NFL career. 

“It’s mind-boggling, mind-boggling, mind-boggling,’’ Irvin said during NFL Network’s preseason introduction in New York Wednesday. “I mean, I’m watching the game (last week against Carolina) he took a hit in the preseason, and he almost didn’t get up. I said, ‘Oh my God.’ Down on the goal line, he almost did not get up, on that play down on the goal line. Are you (kidding) me? 

Irvin was talking about Vick’s second-quarter scramble on a first-and-goal from the Panthers’ 7, in which he lunged forward head-first and took a hard hit just short of the goal line. He dove forward head-first at the end of the previous run as well. 

“Somebody’s got to say that (to him) you can’t do that. It’s stupid. You cannot be this stupid. You cannot be this dumb. It’s impossible. Your (butt) has been hurt every year. Stop putting your body on the line like that.’’ 

Irvin said he’d like to tell Vick himself if he gets a chance. 

“I need it for me. I need that explained to me. I need to understand this for me,’’ he said. “It seems like you’re an intelligent guy. But there’s no logic to it. You have to explain it to me. That hurts you. It hurts you. I don’t know.”

At the age of 33, Vick hasn’t played all 16 games in a season since 2006.

“This is a processing problem,’’ Irvin said. “You haven’t made a full season in quite a while, and everybody keeps telling you to take the slide. I don’t mind you rolling out because you have the speed, but another two yards is not worth your shoulder. You’ve already got the first down. 

“This is a processing problem that Michael Vick has, and he’d better get it, or he will be out of this league real soon. And it’s not that hard. (Seattle’s) Russell Wilson got it, and real quickly; he got it, and he hasn’t been in the league but a year. Michael Vick has to know when not to fight, slide his butt down, or he will not make the whole season.’’ 

If Vick doesn’t take Mr. Irvin’s advice, he may not play a full 16-game schedule this season either. (Photo: panthers.com)

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson has set the bar to have the greatest season by a wide receiver of all-time.

Johnson stated that he wants to have at least 100 yards receiving in all 16 regular season games. That’s a lot to shoot for, considering the record is 11 games by Micheal Irvin. In fact, only 4 other players in NFL history have hit 10 games in a season with at least 100 yards in a game.

Last season, Johnson had a total of 8 games with at least 100 yards receiving in a game, so it isn’t crazy to think he could reach his goal, or at least break Irvin’s record of 11. One thing’s for sure - This will be a very fun season to watch.