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The Entire Plot of Be More Chill

This sophomore named Jeremy is basically Veronica Sawyer from Heathers. He wants to be popular and try to get his crush since middle school named Christine. She’s a very pure soul, she sings a song called “I Love Play Rehearsal.” He has a best friend named Micheal. They play video games together. They were talking through Xbox I think, and he mentions something called a squip. He tells Jeremy all about this strange pill; a super computer that acts like a small person. It’ll tell him how to walk, talk, and be really cool. Jeremy thinks it’s bs, and continues his dorky week at high school. He was in the bathroom when this super popular guy named Rich. They were having a normal conversation when the subject of computers came up. Rich begins to rant about this great thing that he swallowed last year. It made him instantly popular. Jeremy knows he’s talking about a squip. He asks where he can get one, and Rich offers him one for $600. He manages to raise that money, and pay it to him. Now this is very important ; Jeremy eats his squip with green mountain dew. It’s very painful. Instantaneously it starts instructing him in how to fix his life; starting with correct posture and buying clothing. Jeremy runs into the three popular girls in the mall and with the help of the squip, gets one of their numbers. Jeremy really doesn’t want to date her, but it told him that if he dates brook it’ll get Christine interested in him. (OH my GOD I forgot to mention that Jeremy signed up for the school play w/ Christine and they’re kinda friends now)Jeremy is sitting with brook behind the school, they’re being all romantic and crap. The squip is encouraging him to invite her to his house, but he’s hesitating. Jeremy’s phone beings to ring. It’s Micheal. He leaves brook for a minute and goes to answer it. “Dude where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a week!” “Really? I’m the one ignoring you? Every time i try to talk you it seems like you don’t even acknowledge I’m there!” The squip, that asshole, tells Jeremy that he has been doing something to Jeremy called optic nerve blocking. He’s been blocking Micheal from his field of vision. Kind of angrily, he yells at the squip saying what the hell. Why’d you do that. “Micheal is a link to Jeremy 1.0. To upgrade yourself, you need to learn to make sacrifices. So what do you choose? Christine? Or a dork who’s never stood by your side?” Yu can hear Micheal screaming on the other side of the phone saying “you’ve been acting shady since… it worked didn’t it. Jeremy! That’s amazing! We gotta celebrate! Get stoned in my basement! ( this line means a lot, because in the first song that’s what Micheal offers to do with him because best friends forever) Jeremy makes his choice. Micheal says, "Jeremy are you coming?”

“Optic nerve blocking on”

Micheal is mad at Jeremy still, but after he promised not to ditch him again and stick by his side, he offers to drive him to a Halloween party at rich’s house that’s supposed to be pretty cool. Then all these drunk kids sing a song that’s basically ‘Big Fun’ in a nutshell. Micheal watches Jeremy dance away with the popular kids, get super high, and make out with brook, and many other girls. He starts crying and he runs upstairs to the bathroom and sings the saddest song I have ever heard in my life. Its about friendship, and love, and how sad he is… getting off track. Micheal drives the kinda insane Jeremy home, (like a great friend; especially after what just happened).The next song is really weird, and becomes Dear Evan Hansen (kinda). You start out hearing one of the popular girls, Jenna, calling her friend Chloe. “After last nights party, did you see rich?” After a little bit of annoying singing, she yells this. “RICH SET A FIRE AND HE BURNED DOWN IS HOUSE!” all the students go crazy on the internet, and Rich becomes Connor. Everyone is really confused on why he did it, because he wasn’t drunk or high. (It was his squipppppppp…) But whatever Rich is dead now.
Ok. Now here is an interesting part; the squip begins giving Jeremy ideas. This song is actually really scary, and it’s called the pitiful children. He’s telling Jeremy about how he can be even more popular; by infecting everyone else’s minds with more squibs. “You’re going to be the most powerful person to grace the planet… you’ll be unstoppable” Jeremy kinda falls for it (for the moment) because this picture is painted perfectly in his head; all the students are singing about how great squibs are. Skip skip skip to the school play. His drama teacher, Mr. Reyes, says this. “Excellent job Chloe! You’re doing wonderful.” This was after she did a stage performance where her character in the play drank something out of a beaker. Jeremy snaps his head up and says “But, Chloe’s terrible, she never remembers her-” “Me. Reyes? You can’t let anyone drink out of that beaker!”
“Don’t be silly, it’s perfectly safe I tried it myself.”
“I have to go on and stop her!”
“I can’t let you do that Jeremy. You needy, pathetic, self centered, student! You think I wanted to teach high school drama? In New Jersey! My squib says I can take it all the way to broadway, I just need to keep you from ruining my big night” Jeremy realizes what he’s done and starts yelling at his squip
“You’re going to squip the whole cast?!”
“That’s just for starters-”
“That’s not what I wanted!”
“I would stop there. Ha, you don’t want to end up like rich, now do you?”
“Rich! What was he saying…”
In the background you can hear Rich screaming “I need Mountain Dew reddddddddddd”

“That’s it! Green Mountain Dew activates you, red shuts you off!”
“Why do you think we had it discontinued? The only way you can stop me is if you had a time machine to the 1990’s”
“Or you have a friend so old school he buys 90s soft drinks”
“Too bad you don’t have one of those! Anymore.”
Jeremy starts yelling at his phone and furiously typing “Micheal! Call Micheal!”
Cue some A+ entrance music
“Micheal makes an entrance!”
They hug and it’s really cute and pure.
“I was sitting in the audience and I was like, this is pretty good for a school play. The I was like, THIS IS WAY TOO GOOD FOR A SCHOOL PLAY! They’ve all been squipped, right?”

The first thing they do if force the teacher to drink it. Now Micheal and Jeremy team up and try to save the school. They sprayed pretty much everyone. Jeremy was about to make himself drink it the the squip yells
“Oh, why not!”
“Because then you’ll never be.. with her”
Christine walks in. She’s been squipped too, but I mean, Jeremy’s squip is like, HQ squip? Idk but she starts singing really romantically and then kisses him. He looks at her and sighs. “Here Christine. Drink this.”
He gives the Dew to her and himself. Everyone’s Mountain Dew takes effect. They all start screaming, even Micheal, who wasn’t squipped he was just going with the flow. The computer never really disappears from your brain, which is why the last song is just… amazing? It’s called Voices in My Head. All the students help each other cope with the kickbacks of the squip and it’s really cute. They all also help Jeremy get the girl, and then right in the middle of they’re mini duet Christine says,
“All the voices in my head have made up their collective minds”
“Really? What do they say we should do?”
“I think that all of them want to go out with you”
Then the whole play finishes a great song with perfect harmonies. The end


The Mighty Boosh -

The four way crimp in the crimp off!!!

Triwizard Tournament (Harry Potter inspired)

a/n: i got a lot of people asking me to write more hp aus so here we go! I wrote it in a different way but i hope you like it anyway :)

My relationship with Michael is complicated. To be honest, it’s not even an actual relationship. We have something, but not a relationship.
I love him more than anything else, and he loves me too, but we can’t be together. He’s a Slytherin and he’s the son of one of the most important families in the Wizarding World, and I’m just a Gryffindor. He’s cold and ruthless, he doesn’t mind hurting people, he always has to be the top of the class, he has always a lot of pressure on his back, while I’m wasting my time on things like friendship - that’s what he says.
He may be cold outside, but when he’s with me he’s a total different person. He’s sweet, he’s kind, and he always knows what to say to make me feel better when I’m down. The way he kisses me makes my head spin and my heart race and I’d give away anything to be able to kiss him any time of the day.
There is one thing in the middle of our love, though. Blood. His blood is pure, and I’m a Halfblood. My dad is a full-blooded wizard, but my mom is a Muggle. It’s not a big deal to us, but it is to his family.
Michael and I have been dating for a couple months in public. We kissed in the middle of the hallway and hung out together all the time. Everyone knew about us and we were on everybody’s lips: Michael should have hated me because he’s a Slytherin and Slytherins hate Halfbloods, but he dated me instead.
We didn’t care about what people thought, until one day someone told Michael’s mom about us. One morning we found her in the middle of the lunch room. She had a really angry look on her face and she quite scared me. I was holding Michael’s hand and I squeezed it as I saw his mom, but he pushed my hand away and took a step from me.
She shouted at me for ten minutes, saying that as a Halfblood I couldn’t be with Michael, I didn’t deserve him. Our relationship was now forbidden. Michael burned all his bridges with me, he said he couldn’t let his family down. He said he’s the great Michael Clifford and he has to uphold the honour of his family.
Three months later he’s still stuck in my head. I see him in the hallways and sometimes I catch him staring at me, but I can’t talk to him. I tried, but he always pushed me away saying that if someone saw us and told his mom he was gonna be death.
I miss Michael, he was the only source of happiness I had and now he’s gone. He probably didn’t love me enough if he chose to let me go because of his mom.

Sometimes I hang out with Marcus, a guy from my House, to get Micheal out of my head. I think he likes me, but I don’t like him the same way he likes me. Sure, he’s kind and I like hanging out with him, but he’s a total mess. As a wizard he’s not that great and he’s not smart at all. He’s really hot, but he’s all brawn, no brains.

After Michael and I broke up, him mom decided that Michael had to do something to recover his name from the shame of dating a Halfblood, so she organized a small Triwizard Tournament among the Hogwarts Houses. She claimed that Michael was gonna win for sure and everyone was gonna adore him again and they were gonna forget about the little “accident” that happened between me and Michael.
Today is the day where the Champions for the Triwizard Tournament will be chosen, three of them, each one from a different house – even though the Houses are four. I’m sitting next to the Goblet of Fire, waiting for my best friend Rory. Both of us put our name in the Goblet. She steps out of the circle surrounding the Goblet and she grins at me giving me a thumbs up. I walk my way to her to talk but someone bumps in my shoulder.
“Watch out” he snaps. That’s Michael, I would recognise his voice - and hair - everywhere. I watch him put his name in the Goblet while his House acclaims him and he bows with a smirk on his lips.
“God, he’s everywhere. So annoying!”. My friend drags me away from the crowd and we sit back in our common room, waiting for dinner, when the Champions will be announced.

We sit at our table and I can’t help but notice Michael is looking at me, again. My heart hurts every time I think about us, about what we used to have and we don’t have anymore.

Marcus sits right next to me, smiling. “Is your name in the Goblet?” he asks. I look away from Michael and start eating the food in my plate.

“Yeah, is yours?”. I hope it’s not, he would get killed if he was one of the Champions; like I said, he’s not a great wizard. He nods, pointing to Dumbledore, who’s standing up from his table and is heading to he Goblet.

“I think it’s time” Marcus tells me, putting down his fork. There is sudden silence in the room as everyone’s waiting for the Goblet to start ejecting names. Dumbledore makes as spell and a blue light surrounds the Goblet. There is fire, and then a piece of paper is ejected. Dumbledore catches it, reading the name out loud.

“Ashton Irwin, Hufflepuff”. The Hufflepuff table explodes into a standing ovation while the Champion walks his way to Dumbledore high-fiving his friends.

The Goblet ejects another name. Dumbledore catches it.

“Marcus Goldman, Gryffindor”. Marcus hugs me and all of the people of our table stand up, clapping and screaming at Marcus. He walks to Dumbledore with a large grin, and I start to worry about what will happen. He’ll get killed, I’m so sure about that. He will never make it.

The last name is ejected.

“Michael Clifford, Slytherin”. It was pretty obvious that Michael was gonna be a Champion, since it was his family who organized the Tournament, so I’m not really surprised. I look away when Dumbledore talks about the Tournament. The Champions are standing right next to him and I don’t want to see Michael, it hurts too bad.

Three days later there is the first task. It’s gonna take place in the Quidditch field. Everyone is sitting on the stands around the field, except for the Champions and Dumbledore, who are standing in the middle.

“For the first task, you’ll have to save someone you love, someone who’s dear to you. There is only one person in danger for each of you and you’ll have to save that person without help from teachers or friends. Got it?”. The Champions nod and three big dragons are set free in the field. Dumbledore said there are only three people in danger, so no one is worried about free dragons.

I’m looking at Ashton. He’s the fastest. He has already found the person he has to save, his little brother, and is making spells to hurt and slow down the dragon. One of the spells hurts the dragon and gives Ashton enough time to take his little brother away. I’m not paying attention to anything but Ashton, and I get really scared when Rory screams. I look at her and she’s pale and terrified.

“What?!” I ask her.

“Marcus’ dragon is coming this way!” she squirms, covering her mouth with her hands. I look at the dragon and I get scared too. I’m worried about the person that Marcus will have to save. It’s gonna be painful for that person, Marcus will take a lot of time to find the right spell to hurt the dragon. Everyone starts running away from the dragon, me and Rory included. And then we notice the dragon is following us.

“OH SHIT, LIA, YOU ARE MARCUS’ PERSON” Rory screams. My jaw drops and panic takes over. Marcus will never save me. He will never make it, he’s not good enough.

The dragon spits fire and isolates me from all of my friends. I look for my wand to protect myself, but when I find it, the dragon burns it.

I can’t even cry, I’m too scared. The dragon is coming closer, spitting fire here and there to make sure no one comes and rescue me.

While I’m struggling to avoid fire, Michael has saved his person. She’s his younger cousin, a black-haired girl from Year 1. He’s proudly standing in the middle of the field, one arm surrounding his cousin’s shoulder. He’s watching Marcus trying to fight the huge dragon and he laughs.

“His person will probably end up burned” he laughs, making fun of Marcus with one of his friends, Luke, who has joined Micheal in the field as soon as he finished his task.

“Wait, isn’t that your Gryffindor?” Luke says, narrowing his eyes to check who Marcus is trying to save. Michael looks too, his smile disappearing from his face.

“Oh, shit, that’s her. He’s gonna get her killed!” Michael screams, pulling out his wand from his pocket. “Accio broomstick” he yells and his broomstick flies to his hands. He rides it and runs to me.

He makes a spell on the dragon and it falls on the ground. I’m sitting there with burns all over my arms and legs. I’m shaking of fear and Marcus is pale and still has his wand raised. Michael grabs me, putting me on his broomstick with him and flying away. We get to the middle of the field and I start crying. That was terrifying. Michael hugs me and I cry in his shoulder, ignoring the pain in my body. Everything hurts and people start surrounding us, but Michael doesn’t let me go.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” he says, pulling away from the hug but keeping his hands on my shoulders. I shake my head, looking at my arms and legs. There’s blood everywhere and my skin is burnt because of fire. They take me away on a litter, and I start crying harder. I want Michael with me right now. I’m scared, I want him to be close like when we were together.

“Can I come too?” I hear him asking before I faint.

When I wake up, I feel someone sitting next to me.

“Rory?” I call, figuring it was my best friend. Talking hurts and I can’t turn my head to look who’s sitting next to me.

“It’s me”. His voice. Having him this close makes me want to cry. I miss him and I need to kiss him again and again. I want his lips back where they belonged: on mine.

“You can’t stay here” I say holding back my tears.

“Yes, I can. I asked Madam Pomfrey, she…”. I cut him off.

“Michael, you can’t stay here. People will see you and tell your mom”. A tear streams down my face and I ignore it, I’m too caught up with anger.

“I don’t care” he whispers, coming closer. “I miss you”. He kisses my cheek. “You made me worry so much, how are you?”.

“It hurts” I cry. He wipes away a tear under my eye.

“I know. I’m gonna beat up that Goldman…”. I cut him off again before he can finish.

“I’m not talking about that, Michael”. He tilts his head, furrowing his eyebrows.

“And what are you talking about, then?”

“You know, us” I say. “What we were”.

“Does it hurt?”. I want to tell him. I’m gonna tell him how I feel so that I can finally close that chapter of my life. We never spoke after his mom came to Hogwarts, but we both knew it was over.

“A lot. Seeing you in the hallway makes me happy, I feel like running to you and kissing your perfect red lips. But then I remember that I can’t, and I just want to cry until I die” I say and, ignoring the pain, I turn my head to face him. He has tears in his eyes as well, but he’s not letting them fall.

“It’s the same for me, you know?” he whispers. “I miss you and I think about you every night before falling asleep. I think about a way for us to be together without my mom knowing, but she has eyes everywhere, she would know if we were back together”. Tears are free falling from my eyes but I don’t care.

“I need to ask. Why is it so important to you? Why can’t you just ignore what your mom says? Blood is not important to you, is it?”. He leans back in his chair, his elbows on his knees and his head resting in his hands.

“Of course blood doesn’t matter to me! I tried to ignore her, I swear. I wish it was as simple as that”. I know he started crying now and he doesn’t want me to see.

“IT IS” I scream in pain, physical and emotional.

“IT’S NOT!” he stands up in anger. “Wanna know why I can’t be with you? SHE’S GONNA HURT YOU” he screams and I flinch. I don’t like it when he’s angry, he’s scary.

“I CAN DEFEND MYSELF, MICHAEL!”. He sits back in his chair, tears now coming down on his cheeks.

“She knows people, powerful people, and they don’t care if you’re only seventeen. If my mom tells them to kill you, they will” he murmurs.

“Why would she do that? I have done nothing wrong” I cry, my hands covering my mouth.

“The honour of the family is the most important thing to her”. He leans in and kisses my tear stained cheeks. “I don’t want you to get hurt because I love you. That’s why I stopped being with you” he cries. I feel a smile creeping on my lips as he says that. He loves me?

“Did… did you just say you love me?” I ask, drying my cheeks.

“I did”. He leans in and kisses my lips. God, I missed his kisses. It’s not the best kiss he’s ever given me, but it’s the one that makes me feel better than any other kiss I’ve ever received.

“I love you too, Michael” I say caressing his cheek.

“We’ll make this work, okay? Now that I know you still love me back I won’t let you go” he says, looking me in the eyes. I kiss his nose smiling. Everything is falling back into the right place. “We can secretly date for now. We’ll finish school in one year and then we can run away together. It’ll be you and me”. He smiles too and I kiss him one last time before he has to leave.

It’s me and you. He promised that and I know he’ll keep his promise. I love him so damn much.

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