The History of Hey Violet

Julia Pierce, former lead guitarist/singer of Cherri Bomb, started a band at age 11 searching for girls her age. She put out flyers in music stores and ads on craigslist where NIA LOVELIS responded. She then became the drummer after meeting up and jamming.

They then found MIRANDA MILLER, who sent videos of herself playing keyboards, guitar, and singing songs, during her time in Florida for a family vacation. At this time they named themselves Red Shadow before deciding on Cherri Bomb; as it was more commercial and a better fit for what they wanted to represent. Before RENA LOVELIS joined CB, there was another bass player who later left for “creative differences”.

Rena stepped in as a TEMPORARY replacement (at that time she was learning guitar and had to switch to bass.) Soon after the girls decided to keep Rena permanently. They started to pick up steam and playing lots of gigs. They found a manager via ANA LOVELIS; Samantha Maloney, who is known for playing drums for Hole & Motley Crüe . Soon after Sam started to manage them, they got signed to HOLLYWOOD RECORDS. With a full length album in the works, (THIS IS THE END OF CONTROL) they booked a bunch of gigs, even opening for well-respected bands such as: SMASHING PUMPKINS, STAIND, BUSH, FOO FIGHTERS, ETC,…

With their album debuting very well on Billboard, they went on festivals such as: READING & LEEDS, SOUNDWAVE, WARPED TOUR ‘12, ETC,… They were even featured on The Avengers soundtrack with their song SHAKE THE GROUND. They booked even more gigs after Warped, opening for Lost Prophets, Steel Panther, Buckcherry, Lit, etc,.. Everything seemed “fine” especially after announcing that they would be opening up for THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS on tour.

Little did people know, behind the scenes shit was going down. Long before The All-American Rejects tour, the girls were not getting along. And when I say girls, I mean three against one; miranda, rena, and nia, against julia. There were hints along the way, like the time they posted a youtube video saying this…

(***NOTE TO READER: Well, there use to be a video available where Miranda, Nia, Rena, and Julia were in a hotel room hanging out, where they decided it’d be a good idea to do a video stating, “if we ever broke up, what would we say…” as a “joke.” They played an acoustic version of “Better This Way,” a Cherri Bomb song, and concluded the video with a very interesting comment. “Don’t worry, we’re not breaking up… YET.” But unfortunately, Lovesick Riot, a band Ana Lovelis has signed to her label, claimed it for copyright reasons… which is odd considering Lovesick Riot had nothing to do with Cherri Bomb. I guess Ana thought it was too incriminating and needed it taken down. Hmmm?)

…Sure it seemed like a joke at the time, but knowing what happened to the band along the road proves they were being two-faced and including Julia in the joke while knowing that the joke was on her…

There is also many reliable sources who know the girls personally, who’ve said on various personal accounts that they had witnessed the girls fighting, specifically Rena bullying Julia. Now various tweets belonging to Rena on her Twitter back in 2012 make a lot of sense since they were mean spirited. Ana Lovelis, mother of rena and nia, even chimed in with her own vague/mean/bitchy tweets/statuses on various personal accounts, who we now know were directed towards Julia. That’s right, a 40-something yr. old against a then-16 yr. old. (We see where you get your charm from Rena, real name Pyrena Enea.) Around the same time, Nia was getting a lot of “anonymous” tumblr entries telling her how much they hated Julia because she was BIG HEADED, EGOTISTICAL, PRETENTIOUS, ETC,… some of the same sources also claimed that those “anonymous” entries were made by Ana on fake accounts, not only on tumblr but also on youtube, posting horrible comments specifically about Julia on their videos. It seems far fetched, but these claims are coming from close friends of the girls.

At this time pictures/videos on their CB facebook account starting surfacing w/out Julia. Fans noticed and asked where she was to which they responded, “Julia is sick.” More and more videos/photos surfaced and after a couple of months of Julia being M.I.A people started to worry, but the girls promised everything was fine and that she was just recovering.

Later they announced this…

Months had passed and Julia was nowhere to be found, she was “still sick”… Later they announced this…

Later Julia confirmed what the majority of the fan-base suspected, she never left…

Literally after Julia was KICKED OUT, Hollywood records dropped them..

Sam left them back in October because of the direction Ana and the girls were heading. 

Here’s the interview Julia Pierce did after the departure.

After all of that, they got CASEY MORETA to replace Julia. He had been jamming with the Lovelis clan long before Julia was kicked out… (this was confirmed on Miranda’s tumblr account.)

They continued to half-ass their live shows playing songs written by Ana from back when she was trying to make it as a solo artist.

They got an opportunity on Revolt TV but nothing came of it….

So here we are with “HEY VIOLET” riding 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER’S coat-tails, trying to achieve fame, not for the passion, but for the money and the celebrity status.

So these are the real reasons why Hey Violet shouldn’t be supported, because at the end of the day, they are MEAN people who bullied a girl out of HER OWN BAND (purely on the fact that they were jealous of her talent) denied the fact that they kicked her out and destroyed what CB stood for (an all-girl alt. rock band)

They took everything for granted and didn’t appreciate it, they are SPOILED BRATS with BITCHY attitudes…. real bands struggle and these girls had a tour bus w/ a working shower/toilet, a record deal, amazing gigs, and the biggest “struggle” they had as a band was which songs to keep on the album and which to omit (according to nia and rena.)

Seriously they had an easy ride than most bands starting out do and they didn’t give a shit about throwing it all away.

Lastly, tbh Julia had all the TALENT…


(Julia Pierce)

(Julia Pierce)


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(X) (X) (X) (X)


For all the people who keep asking if this is 100% the truth, I provided videos/photos to prove that these are FACTS not just MY OPINIONS. If you’re still confused or iffy, you can take it upon yourself to do your own research… go on their twitters/tumblr’s or more specifically their Hey Violet FB and Julia’s FB back in 2012 and so forth. And I’m pretty damn sure that the boys were not aware of their shady past, I mean think about it, I’m sure the girls weren’t like, “Hey so we had a band member we bullied out of the band ‘cus of jealousy. Oh and btw, she was the founder of the band. Do you still wanna sign us?” But seriously they probably just played it cool and brushed it under the rug like they have always done since they kicked her out.

If you have any questions, inbox me.

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