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Luke Blurb:

Imagine if Luke was your best friend’s brother:

- as the two of you got older you would develop feelings for Luke

- always wanting to go to your best friend’s house in hopes that Luke was home

- when your best friend was in the shower Luke would hang out with you

- the first time the two of you hooked up you both agreed it would be the only time

- however you two couldn’t keep your hands off each other

- “we have to be quick,” Luke would whisper while his lips brushed against yours 

- he would kiss you roughly the both your ran your hands over each others bodies

- his fingers would slip under you clothes and he would finger you until you came 

- you would pull your leggings and underwear down as Luke would pull his black skinny jeans down to his knees

- the sex would be rough with lots of moans from the both of you

- the both of you would reach your high at the same time

- “Until next time,” Luke would say as he pulled his pants up and left the room before his sis came down 

Cocoon- Calum Hood fluff

“I fell straight into your arms like a drunk who’s been on it all morning and the suns up and my heads fucked”

Waking up to see her typing something up on her computer, blinds wide open. Squinting I sat up rubbing my eyes and feeling sick, “How about breakfast bubble boy?” She asks.
“Ugh, how the fuck are you not hungover?” I hear her giggle next to me and I can’t help the smile that spread over my face.
“Because I didn’t drink as much as you and I drank water, something you refused to do last night.” I roll my eyes at her, as she shuts her laptop and gets up, I look her up and down realizing that she’s dressed and ready to go.
“You look nice today.” I mumble, enjoying the light dress she had on.
“Thanks babe, now get dressed so we can go, I’m hungry” Dragging myself out of bed I begin pulling on whatever clothes are on the floor, putting on shoes and grabbing the sunglasses before she drags me out the door.
My world spins at the sight of her, stumbling over myself I fall into her arms my sunglasses falling off of my face exposing my sensitive eyes to the sun. She giggles as she pats my head, groaning I bury my head into her neck and lean all my weight into her hoping that will relieve my headache. As she almost falls she tightens her hug on me, giving me a rush of happiness.
“Cal please your heavy” I smile into her neck and straighten myself out still keeping my tight grip around her waist.
“I’m sorry, it’s just you look so good and I want cuddles.” I mumble against her skin.
“You want cuddles I want food, I say I get food you get cuddles after.” She says before pushing me lightly away from her, leaning down I picked my glasses off the ground and back on my face.
When we got to the restaurant I felt like my head was gonna explode, I tightened my grip on her hand and whined. “You should have listened to me last night.”
“You should have forced me.”Rolling her eyes she laughed.
“It’s a lot harder than you think, you are a pain in the ass when you’re drunk.” I looked her in the eyes and smirked.
“I love you.” I say as she scoffs and opens the door to the restaurant.
“Whatever man, doesn’t mean you aren’t a pain in my ass.” The waitress sat us down at our booth.
“Did I just get friendzoned? By my girlfriend?” I say refusing to sit down just to embarrass her.
“Yes you did, now sit down Calum, before you start a scene.” She says while flipping through the menu.
“What’s up babe? You never call me Calum unless you’re mad.” I say while sitting next to her in the booth.
“It’s nothing Cal, just wanted you to sit down that’s all.” She says while smirking at me and winking. I groan and lay my head on her shoulder, her hand finding it’s way to my scalp picking at my curls.
“What do you want bubs?” She says massaging my scalp.
“Coffee and hash browns.” I mumble before I lay my head on her lap closing my eyes. When the waitress comes back she orders and I smile, two blueberry pancakes, too much for her but just enough for me to eat the rest.
“Your coffee is on the table, you gotta sit up if you want it.” Sitting up I grab the coffee and begin nursing my first cup.
“You really need to stop drinking so much Cal, you aren’t nineteen anymore.” She says as she traces my tattoos.
“I know, I just get caught up in the party, it’s fun until the sun comes up.” I mutter looking over at her, wishing we were home in bed.
“Go easy next time? For me?” She mumbles rubbing her thumb over her mug.
“Okay babe.” I say rubbing her arm, before I wrap my arm around her as I yawn.
“Jesus Hood, got any other moves up your sleeves?” I laugh at her questions rolling my eyes.
“Come on why you gotta put me on blast?” She smiles poking my cheek.
“Because you’re kinda hot, eyyy!”Rolling my eyes I look up to see the waitress bringing our food. The second it’s on the table I start shoveling hashbrowns In my mouth without a second thought.
“Hey Cal you want my second pancake?” She asks already setting it aside for me, I smile at her before going back to my food.
When we finished I payed the bill quickly and drag her out of the diner, feeling my hangover fading and wanting to get back home.

5sos ft. alex gaskarth

so im playing around in audacity and you can hear alex in the harmony of longway home (i saw fivesosaudios said something about it on the hidden vocals post so i played around until i found it)

Please - Michael Clifford

Warning: A little smutty

A/N: I haven’t written in so long, so its a little rough.

Requested: Yes - Picture above

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The air is thick with suspense. The words on Luke’s lips begin to pour out. “I dare you… to show Y/N, your dick,” Luke lets out a girly giggle. And this is why you never played truth or dare with the boys. Although fun at times, it always became risqué. And usually, being the only girl in the circle, it had something to do with you.

When Micheal had invited you over you thought, ‘Hey, why not?’. You and the other boys (Calum, Ashton, and Luke) had been friends, mostly because you were best friends with Micheal. You and Micheal had been close since a couple years ago when he spilt coffee on you. It had been like a bad fanfic, but you only ended up being very close friends. Although you wouldn’t mind….

“No Ashton,” Micheal says, placing a hand on Ashton’s hand that was gripping his waistband, ready to pull. You squeal, coming back to reality and realizing what was just about to happen. You quickly cover your eyes and begin to yell on repeat, “Ashton, No. NO. no. No. NO.”  

Luke and Calum lets out a hearty laugh and Ashton looks at everybody in confusion. “What’s the matter?” He slurs, having consumed the most alcohol in the group. You uncover your eyes to glance at Micheal who is glaring at Luke and Ashton, his eyes flirting between the two of them repeatedly.

“Okay, Micheal, your turn,” Luke announces with a devilish smile on his lips. Michael perks up at the mention of his turn. “I dare you to grab Y/N by the pussy” Luke says, probably not realizing he’s quoting Trump.

You might have demanded Michael not to if you weren’t so drunk, if you didn’t actually like him. Plus, Micheal has accidentally touched you before, just a slip of the hand. Michael agrees, staggering to a stand, and motions sloppily for you to stand also. You get up.

Michael plunges a hand, down your pants and into your underwear. He is still standing about six inches away from you. His thick padded fingers worked gently over your folds, and then two slipped into you. You barely register what is going on. Nobody has touched you like this in ages. He makes a ‘come hither’ motion with his fingers while still inside of you, causing a low moan to leave your lips. You stumble forward, your head pressing onto his chest. You can hear his heart beat racing, then he lifts your head up with his other hand. He fits your lips onto his, his fingers pumping into you. You gently buck your hips onto his fingers, desperate for more friction.

“Whoa” Calum moans, causing you to quickly pull away from Micheal. Calum’s dick is slightly propped up into a semi. Micheal slips his hand out of your pants. “Sorry,” He mutters.

“Don’t be” You whisper back. You both sit down and the game sadly continues.

Its about three weeks later and you and Micheal are hanging out in your bed. Michaels hand is resting on your upper thigh. You are concentrating on the movie that is playing between you on your laptop when Micheal’s hand slips a little. His hand is now resting on your inner thigh. You glance over at him, but he looks like he is concentrating on the movie. You don’t question what he is doing. Your eyes run back over to the movie when you feel a pressure on your lower region. You look down to see Micheal’s hand and then back to Micheal.

“I know you remember,” he whispers. Your about to deny knowing what he is talking about when he presses down. It’s just a little friction, but you have the urge to moan. “That night when we played truth or dare. And I touched you. and you loved it.” Your about to deny it again, but he starts rubbing circles. “And I know that you like me,” He says, and once again you are about to deny it, but he presses harder into the circles he’s rubbing and you let out a small whine.

“Just say the word,” Micheal whispers into your ear.

“Please” You beg.

When there is shit going on in my fandom.