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Warning: A little smutty

A/N: I haven’t written in so long, so its a little rough.

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The air is thick with suspense. The words on Luke’s lips begin to pour out. “I dare you… to show Y/N, your dick,” Luke lets out a girly giggle. And this is why you never played truth or dare with the boys. Although fun at times, it always became risqué. And usually, being the only girl in the circle, it had something to do with you.

When Micheal had invited you over you thought, ‘Hey, why not?’. You and the other boys (Calum, Ashton, and Luke) had been friends, mostly because you were best friends with Micheal. You and Micheal had been close since a couple years ago when he spilt coffee on you. It had been like a bad fanfic, but you only ended up being very close friends. Although you wouldn’t mind….

“No Ashton,” Micheal says, placing a hand on Ashton’s hand that was gripping his waistband, ready to pull. You squeal, coming back to reality and realizing what was just about to happen. You quickly cover your eyes and begin to yell on repeat, “Ashton, No. NO. no. No. NO.”  

Luke and Calum lets out a hearty laugh and Ashton looks at everybody in confusion. “What’s the matter?” He slurs, having consumed the most alcohol in the group. You uncover your eyes to glance at Micheal who is glaring at Luke and Ashton, his eyes flirting between the two of them repeatedly.

“Okay, Micheal, your turn,” Luke announces with a devilish smile on his lips. Michael perks up at the mention of his turn. “I dare you to grab Y/N by the pussy” Luke says, probably not realizing he’s quoting Trump.

You might have demanded Michael not to if you weren’t so drunk, if you didn’t actually like him. Plus, Micheal has accidentally touched you before, just a slip of the hand. Michael agrees, staggering to a stand, and motions sloppily for you to stand also. You get up.

Michael plunges a hand, down your pants and into your underwear. He is still standing about six inches away from you. His thick padded fingers worked gently over your folds, and then two slipped into you. You barely register what is going on. Nobody has touched you like this in ages. He makes a ‘come hither’ motion with his fingers while still inside of you, causing a low moan to leave your lips. You stumble forward, your head pressing onto his chest. You can hear his heart beat racing, then he lifts your head up with his other hand. He fits your lips onto his, his fingers pumping into you. You gently buck your hips onto his fingers, desperate for more friction.

“Whoa” Calum moans, causing you to quickly pull away from Micheal. Calum’s dick is slightly propped up into a semi. Micheal slips his hand out of your pants. “Sorry,” He mutters.

“Don’t be” You whisper back. You both sit down and the game sadly continues.

Its about three weeks later and you and Micheal are hanging out in your bed. Michaels hand is resting on your upper thigh. You are concentrating on the movie that is playing between you on your laptop when Micheal’s hand slips a little. His hand is now resting on your inner thigh. You glance over at him, but he looks like he is concentrating on the movie. You don’t question what he is doing. Your eyes run back over to the movie when you feel a pressure on your lower region. You look down to see Micheal’s hand and then back to Micheal.

“I know you remember,” he whispers. Your about to deny knowing what he is talking about when he presses down. It’s just a little friction, but you have the urge to moan. “That night when we played truth or dare. And I touched you. and you loved it.” Your about to deny it again, but he starts rubbing circles. “And I know that you like me,” He says, and once again you are about to deny it, but he presses harder into the circles he’s rubbing and you let out a small whine.

“Just say the word,” Micheal whispers into your ear.

“Please” You beg.

5sos ft. alex gaskarth

so im playing around in audacity and you can hear alex in the harmony of longway home (i saw fivesosaudios said something about it on the hidden vocals post so i played around until i found it)

I'm helpless

Friend: *Teases me*
Me: *Admits to murder because i think they’re being serious*
Me: *Digs a hole to live in for the next 10000 years*


Hey i finally made a mobile version of my masterlist, i know it was very annoying. 

It’s all smut ^^

You can request anything but I really don’t like boyfriend!5sos so i probably won’t do those, sorry boo!

Luke Hemmings

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Michael Clifford

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Ashton Irwin

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*I can’t walk part 2


When there is shit going on in my fandom.

“Do you want to know a Secret?..”

“do you want to know a secret?” Ashton whispered in your ear, as you lie face down in the middle of your bed. You could feel his hot breath flowing across your face each time he exhaled. 

“No ash I don’t. I want you to go to sleep, it’s 3 in the morning.” You muttered to your best friend “You’re drunk and you have already made me leave my bed to collect you from the stupid police station”, this making Ashton burst out into a fit of giggles.

Pulling the fuzzy blankets further up to your head, trying to grasp on to sleep before your bright and early wake up call of your alarm. you heard to sound of zippers and knew ash was following your orders to get into bed, followed by the bed dipping and Ashton getting underneath the cover into your warm cocoon of blankets.

After a few minutes of silence, just as you were finding sleep when you heard Ashton roll over and mutter “ well I love you”

It's the second day of 2017 and the drama still continues in this fandom

Michael and Crystal are not PR you guys. I know a lot of you don’t want to accept Michael being in a relationship and that’s ok but don’t try to make up shit. These boys said they control their own lives, they’re management or whoever doesn’t. I doubt they would use a relationship to get recognition. Michael is happy and that’s all that matters. As for the kiss though, dude is awkward as hell and it’s cute. Being in a band that big I bet he hasn’t had a proper kiss or relationship since before it started. Michael is not the guy we read in fanfics, he’s not perfect or skilled in romance, he’s a dork and sweet enough to show his love and I think that’s enough for Crystal to love him too. Let them be happy and you guys should be glad Michael cares enough about us to be able to share his private life like that.

Michaelclifford: alright, vacation for me is over. the past 12 months has been quite a life changing experience for me, I feel like I’ve grown into the person I was meant to be. if you don’t know, we (5sos) have taken the past 3 and a half months off to really gather ourselves, and to find where we sit in amongst a normal(-ish) life. as you can imagine touring for 5 years straight can take a toll on you mentally and physically. and it’s funny, because I even remember our own supporters were telling us that we needed to take a break, because you know us so well that you could literally see it on our faces. (and I do need to thank you all for being there for us throughout everything) 
anyway, a LOT has changed for me; I’m genuinely happy (as you can tell by the photo), I’ve had the courage to come out publically about my relationship, I’ve tried to be the best son that I can be, I’ve discovered my passions for things in life, a lot of my health issues are getting fixed, and I even learnt to DRIVE (watch out for me) and all of this has made me realize that there’s so much more to life than just waking up every day obliged and complacent in life about one thing or another, and really has taught me what is important to me in my life. as important as it is to follow your aspirations every single day, don’t lose sight of what makes you happy; I think it’s just as important to make a conscious effort to be intelligent, aware of your surroundings, and overall just a good person. I’ve made some incredible friends this year who I think will be my friends for a long time to come, and I’m honestly just excited to see what the rest of life (and this year) holds for me. 
BASICALLY, all I’m saying is don’t lose sight of what makes you tick, and never forget to feed your own happiness, whatever that is. 
To every single one of the people who support 5sos, I absolutely cannot be more excited for the future. I really do think that our third album is going to be the best of anything we’ve done before. 
again, to each and every person that’s been apart of my journey; whether you support my band, you’re IN my band, you’re my friend, or even my parents: thank you. I love you all ❤️

Okay so much is going on in this photo and I can’t even right now.
1. CALUM is shirtless
2.LUKE is shirtless
3.theyre on the beach… is there anything more romantic than the fucking beach!? THEYRE ALSO HUGGING SHIRTLESS CAKE IS REAL
4. Is calum wearing a bracelet?
5. Whoever took this photo was hardcore third wheeling
6. Unless the person who took this photo was micheal or Ashton which means they are ALSO shirtless
7. My heart can’t take this