Bryana’s trending on Twitter..seriously? that much hate?! If you don’t like them together, stop complaining your are in no way part of their relationship and if you do, stop telling people to stop hating on her bc that’s gonna make others comment more. She’s an actual human being not some robot without any feelings. I’m not saying I like her but I’m also not saying I don’t. My opinion obviously isn’t going to matter nor effect anyone’s point of view but grow up, it’s not the fans’ decision..if their happy together, so be it

And if anyone is going to go against me on my opinions then you might as well ignore me and move on with your life like the rest

Prince!5sos (Part VI)

“You leave in a few days, I want to spend as much time as I can with you,” he gave shy grin. You smiled back, nodding. “I really like spending time with you.”


it’s time for you to spend a few days with Prince Michael. 

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Michael jackin himself while your away
  • Michael jackin himself while your away
  • moans made by cuntmichael

Michael misses you while you are away and can’t wait any longer, so he results to porn but doesnt forget to send it to you for “those lonely nights ;)” 

made by me | audio download


Not even Luke understands Michael


Funnny 5 Seconds of Summer part 43♥