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#well then i hope you don't throw it away for a one pump chump like you did at nationals

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lol this gif?

i’ll never forget what happened at nationals. i’m sorry, but you go out with kurt and have this amazing revelation that broadway and NY is where you want to be and nothing and no one’s going to stop you… and then you throw the competition you (and the team you lead) out the window for some guy? the fact that she was fixed on everything after her date with kurt, then tossed a years worth of hard work for a kiss? then say that it was worth it? yeah. 

i’m sorry, but that sort of makes me worry for those dreams. there’s no amount of forced pastry that’ll make me forget the horribleness that was throwing away nationals.

michallingasm replied to your post: This is really old but I’ve never read this before, I was going through the Lea Michele thread on gleeforum and in a topic about Mark and Lea someone who went to the New Moon party said Mark’s hand was all over Lea’s butt at the party!! I know there were rumors she sat on his lap and they were flirting but I’ve never read that before, not that it surprises me in the slightest, still true to this day in fact!!

Don’t forget they were feeding each other while she was sat on his lap

& this is why you are my Lark Guru, you remember all the thing I don’t :) :)