Michal, you’re our Featured Designer for July! Thanks for sitting down with us and letting us get to know the man behind the earrings. We’ve been super keen to have a chat with you since you joined the MyMiniFactory community back in June 2015. We were impressed by your many fantastic entries into our Silver Jewellery Competition..and since then, they haven’t stopped coming! Your bold designs capture the perfection and exactness found in organic life, but they also express something of the spirit of our digital age and the will of the craftsman to adapt and find new tools to describe life as it is today. I wanted to start by asking you …

What inspires your very unique designs? 

My main source of inspiration are different geometrical structures. I look around in nature, in industry, in different textures, in blueprint hatches. Or I open a sketchbook and draw in pencil what comes into my mind or I even do an automatic drawing and take that as a basis for the design.

Heart Pendant, Michal Fanta, MyMiniFactory

Now I know you have your own 3D printer, but can you tell us which type it is? And does having your own printer effect the way your design? 

Actually, I don’t have my own printer yet. We share a printer Prusa i3 in my office at work. Sharing the printer with my colleagues means I keep in mind the printing time when finalising the design and make the design easy and fast to print.I am planning to purchase Prusa i3 MK2 soon.

Flower of Life 1, Fruits of Life 1, and Seed of Life 1, Michal Fanta

You won the Earring Category for the silver jewellery competition and your Theta Maze 1.1 have now been cast in sterling silver. Have you had any previous experience working with precious metals?

No, I haven’t. I’m experimenting with casting my earrings in tin.

That’s awesome..please keep us updated. You’re from the Czech Republic, which I know has a rich culture of art, architecture and design.. but what’s the scene like there for 3D printing? 

There is a handful of companies producing rep rap printers in the Czech Republic; Prusa, Rebel and others and I suppose there’s a community around these printer producers. However, they are mostly fans of 3D printing. Some of my friends use 3D printing for architectonic models.

Pentagon 1 and Octahedron 2, Michal Fanta, MyMiniFactory

Speaking of Architecture, would you say there’s a structural or aesthetic relationship that translates into your jewellery?

I wouldn’t say there is a link in structure or aesthetic. I needed to express myself in creating something real. What I love about 3D printing is the short way from design to real thing.

Theta Maze 1.1, Michal Fanta, MyMiniFactory

You’ve recently joined the MMF Studios team! What’s that been like? 

Very virtual, but I enjoy being a member of MMF studios. I have never been a member of such a community and I plan to contribute more with my ideas.

We’re sending you your Sterling Silver earrings very soon, will you give them to someone special..or keep them hung up like a trophy!? 

I have contemplated having my ears pierced… but I’ll rather give them to my wife.

Lol, how very romantic of you…please send us some pictures whatever you end up doing..ok, what are you designing at the moment?

Earrings… of course! But apart from that, our team at work won an IoT (Internet of Things) company challenge with our toilet monitor. I designed all printable parts.

Theta Maze 1.1, Sterling Silver, Michal Fanta

Are there any technologies that you’re really excited about with regards to 3D printing or jewellery specifically? 

My second printer will be DLP. The level of detail it can print is amazing. I am also interested in laser cutting and engraving.

Good man!..Well thanks for chatting to us Michal..and obviously congratulations on winning the Earring Category of our Silver Jewellery competition. Michal’s Theta Maze 1.1 Earrings were printed on the B9 Creator in castable Yellow Resin and the sterling silver version is available in the MMF Jewellery Shop. His latest entries into the Elodie Ortisset Jewellery competition are equally awesome, check them out here… and his Etsy Shop is also well worth a look too, with great 3D printed designs available to buy in a range of awesome colours and at very affordable prices.