michale grimm


Townie update! Jenny hooks up with Reynaldo; Felipe and Adelaide are apparently no more as he is now dating Annette; Garth and Sonja’s whirlwind romance has come to an end; Tameka and Ruben tie the knot; Luna and Michale are expecting and it’s kinda gross

Background: A story came out earlier this week alleging that Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) and a female friend recently had sex in a Brooklyn wine bar bathroom. The encounter allegedly lasted 17 minutes.

Tactic: Within a day of the story breaking, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched the 17MinuteGrimm Tumblr  which shows photos of the congressmen and highlights things that he could have done with those 17 minutes. The majority of the suggestions  highlight questionable highlights from his congressional voting record. 

Such a great use of social media for political advertising.