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Fast Food

*Warning there's some strong language and sexual themes lmao, but yeah feel free to make requests*


“M! to the C! to the D! to the onalds!” You sing, dabbing ridiculously on each letter.

“Baby-we’re going, we’re going…” Luke grumbles, pulling on his shoes.

“Thank yooou,” you sing to him, dancing around only wearing your shorts a sleep tank top.

“Are you a little drunk?” He mused, his eyes lit with subtle amusement. Luke loved when you were drunk, he claimed it’s one of his favorite versions of you. You get more sassy, saucy, and spontaneous. He loved watching you be able to just be yourself without any barrier, even if you were kind of foggy.

“Maybe a little…” you giggle, tugging on his arm to get him to move faster.

The night has started with a few drinks with your friends before Luke came home from the studio, but being a lightweight you were feeling pretty good right now.

“Baby you’re not wearing any shoes,” he noted.

“I am well aware Mr. Hemmings,” you wink, instantly giving him half a boner. He shakes his head chuckling to himself.

“Get on my back, I’ll carry you to the car.” He directed, crouching down for you to climb on.

You giggle, struggling to keep your balance while trying to wrap your legs around his waist.

You finally get yourself situated, your hands in his long curly hair.

“You know you’re kinda smelly?” You state matter of factly, inspecting his blonde locks.

“Oh am I?” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Very much. You need a shower,” you proclaim, giggling.

He groans playfully, responding “you better be careful missy, I am the one getting you fast food.”

You giggle, knowing he’s just messing around with you.

He sets you down and you climb into the passenger seat and put on the seat belt.

“So… we’re getting Taco Bell, right?”


“Honey! Im home!” Ashton yells, using his man voice. You smile, loving the feeling of him being around. He had just gotten back from touring only a week ago, and you still couldn’t get used to the fact that he was actually physically here.

“I’m in the bath!” You call back, hoping he hears you.

You hear his heavy footsteps clomp up the stairs, where he opens the bathroom door and peeks his head in.

“Oh, there you are.” He smirked, his eyes lit up.

“Here I am,” you flirt, batting your eyes at him.

“I have a surprise,” He announces, still not having fully stepped in the room yet. You raise your eyebrows, waiting for him to show you.

“Drum roll please!” He announces. You start tapping your hands on the white porcelain of the tub, grinning at him. Suddenly he kicks the door the rest of the way open, showing chinese take out containers from your favorite place.

You squeal excited while shimmying in the bath.

“Okay I’ll be out so-”

“No!” He cuts you off abruptly. “I am coming in with you.” He winks, setting the food on the sink and pulling of his clothes. Every time you see him naked it’s like the first time. Your hands get sweaty, your face hot. Your eyes drink in every detail they can, from the curve of his neck to the trial of light hair from his bellybutton down…

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Ashton states, wiggling his butt at you. You groan at his lame joke.

“You know how old that joke is right? It’s not even a burn anymore.” You laugh, moving to the side of the tub to let him in.

“I know, but it makes sense-Jesus how hot do you keep the water?!” He exclaims, making weird faces as he sinks into the molten water.

“Toughen up,” You retort. Ashton pulls the food out of the bag, handing you yours along with a fork. You still hadn’t quite mastered how to use chopsticks, no matter how many times ashton tried to teach you.

“Hey, it floats…” He set his styrofoam dish in the water, looking amazed with himself. You giggle, stuffing food into your mouth.

“Thank you, for bringing home dinner.” You smile at him, your head tilted to the side.

“Of course love, anything for you.” He smiles back. You lean back in the tub, closing your eyes and counting your blessings.  


“You know you looked stunning tonight, right?” He whispers in your ear, nibbling on the edge. You were both currently in the back of a black SUV, on your way home from the VMA afterparty. The boys had won, and Calum had mentioned you in their acceptance speech. That wasn’t even the best part, after the show you got invited to Miley Cyrus after party. You even met Beyonce. BEYONCE.

“Are you going soft on me Hood?” You giggle, running your manicured hand up his thigh as he moved down your neck.

“No baby… I am rock hard…” He murmurs against your collarbone. You gasp as his teeth graze your sensitive skin.

“I really wanna do this babe, but I need to eat something.” You gasp, pushing back and looking at his sweet face.

“Oh thank god you said it!” He instantly sits up and looks into your eyes, “I am starving but you were giving me sex eyes and I wanted to give you what you wanted-”

“Cal, I didn’t give you sex eyes!” You exasperate, looking at him with amusement.

“You totally did! But that doesn’t even matter right now, I am so hungry. Excuse me buddy- could you maybe pull through… wait what do you want? Taco bell?” You nod your head in approval. You driver-whose name happened to be Eric- approved and adjusted your course.

“God baby… I love it when you take control.” You growl in his ear, loosening his tie.

“Oh honey, just wait until I have a quesadilla powering me.”


“You may now kiss the bride!”

You’re immediately engulfed in Michael’s arms, his soft lips on yours as you share your first kiss as a married couple. He has always swept you off your feet, and this kiss was no different. He sets you down to seen, but keeps your face close.

“I love you so much…” He mumbles, his arms still around you. You wink back, knowing everyone’s eyes are on you. You both turn and face all of your family and friends, and walk down the aisle, finally married.

You all stand outside the chapel, greeting everyone as the file out of the church. You had been planning this for over a year now, and it was going as smoothly as possible. Your drunk uncle had decided to make a scene when his ex wife showed up, but it was handled by your three favorite groomsmen.

You sighed once you and Michael had a moment alone for the first time today. Everyone was standing outside, rice ready to be thrown.

“You ready?” You ask, looking up into his forest green eyes.

“After you, Mrs. Clifford.” He winks, grabbing your hand and opening the door. You walk outside, letting everyone celebrate your love with you. You and him make it to the car, laughing.

“Did you see luke get hit in the eye with a grain of rice?!” You giggle while Mickey pulls away from everyone, the tin cans attached to your car jingling behind you.

“Of course! He screeched like a little girl!” He chortles, reaching for your hand.  

“Mikey! Let’s go get Subway!” You say, your eyes lit up with a brilliant idea.

“You wanna go like this?” He asks, motioning to your larger tulle ballgown.

“Yes! It’ll be so fun- come on I promise.” You give him your favorite puppy dog eyes and you can see him cave in.

“Okay, let’s go to subway.” He says pulling into the parking lot. He gets out of the car before coming around and opening your door for you. You grab his hand and walk in together, knowing that you are his princess.

Feelings Are Not A Choice Part 2 M.C.

I got some requests that told me to write a second part of Feelings Are Not A Choice, so here you have it. Tomorrow, if everything goes well, I’ll post a Luke Hemmings one shot. Hope you like it (:

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

Time worked in strange ways. Every time I wanted time to stop, the minutes seemed to pass at an amazingly fast speed. But when I wanted time to go faster, it did the opposite thing.

After the party, I spent a lot of the time alone and the time worked agonizingly slow. The amount of nights I spent in my room crying, where the lines between reality and fantasy had blurred, had been long enough for me to think about a lot of things.

The first month all I could think about was how lonely I was. Michael and I stopped talking, well he stopped talking to me, and the other boys ignored me as well. It hurt not to have Michael, but it was harder facing it all alone, with no one there.

The following weeks, I decided to stop. My life wasn’t going to stop because four guys had cut me off of their lives. I started to read all the time. The stories made me escape reality and jump into new worlds, new ways of living. My favorites were the romantic ones, not gonna lie, but when I felt overwhelmed with all the romanticism I ditched them for a suspense novel.

I read everywhere. In bed, in class, sometimes even in the hallways. Until, of course, I bumped into someone. Dave Dollan, more exactly. A guy from the movie club. We apologized to each other, as the situation was a little awkward, but then he invited me to the movies.

We got to know each other better and he was the person I hung out every day with. We became inseparable, helping and trusting each other. At first it felt weird to me, I used to hang out with the boys since we were all born, but I had to move on.

Never once we thought our relationship would change from friendship to something else, although one night, after having some beers and watching some movies, we kissed. It felt good. I didn’t see fireworks but I felt something in my stomach. We talked about it and decided to try. I finally had someone and I didn’t want nothing or no one to fuck it up.

But, fast forward to the end of the school year, Dave and I were going strong and I had made some new friends. Graduation was around the corner and everyone was excited. Everyone was buying dresses and suits. But I couldn’t feel the excitement as the others did.

I loved my experience in high school, I mean, spending four years with your best friends was something good. Even if we had stopped talking, I cared about them. I didn’t want to forget about them nor them to forget about me. So saying goodbye to high school meant saying goodbye to them and, truly, I wasn’t ready.

Once again, they were the only thing I thought about before falling asleep. I didn’t see them much around school, I didn’t know if they were going to attend the graduation. The only thing I knew is that I wanted them to be there.

My mom helped me to get ready for the big day. She zipped my dress while I was putting my heels on. I looked at my reflection in the mirror; I was wearing a high neck, white lacey dress with no sleeves and a pair of white strappy heels. I let my hair loose and my make up was simple. My mom told me that I was ready. Deep inside me I didn’t feel that way but nodded my head at her, anyway.

“Dave is downstairs, honey. Hurry up. You don’t want to be late, now do you?” She seemed happy, a huge smile never leaving her face.

“Mama, do you think I’ll ever forget all of this?” She had begun walking out of my room but my voice stopped her.

“Sweetie, you’re never going to forget it. Don’t worry.” She put her hand on my shoulder as she tried to calm me down.

“But, mama, I-I feel as if I am already forgetting everything.” Choked sobs tried to leave my throat but I didn’t want to break down.

“Darling, is this about Michael and the other guys?” My mother knew all about my problems because she saw that I was not hanging out with them anymore. Not trusting my voice at all, I only nodded. “If you want my opinion, I’ll tell you this. Sometimes, there are relationships that no matter what they have gone through, they always get back together. You and the boys were so good together. Every single time I watched you together, I could see genuine smiles. I am sure that you will get back together. But, even if you don’t, you have a whole life ahead of you. You’ll meet new people and you’ll have to say goodbye, but that is life. And you’ll always have me here, for you.”

I shed a single tear, trying not to ruin my make up.  She hugged me tightly, none of us wanting to break it but we had to when we heard my dad telling us that we were running late. We made our way downstairs as fast as we could, but running with six inch heels was not easy.

Dave and my father were already in the car. After some compliments, we drove straight to our high school. The same route I did every morning, but this was going to be the last one. I couldn’t help but remember all the times Michael and I had walked through those streets, laughing and talking.

We finally made it on time and my parents said goodbye before going to where they were going to sit. Dave took my hand and led us to where we were supposed to be all the ceremony. Two hours after and we were finally graduated.

Everyone was celebrating so they didn’t notice me running back to the building in which I spent four years of my short life. The hallways were empty and the silence was kinda suffocating, but I just wanted to remember what it was like to be there one last time.

A new chapter was starting, and I was excited to see what the future would bring me. Though, I wasn’t totally ready to let go. It didn’t feel right. Like, something was off. But I understood what was it when I saw the person who I had once loved.

He walked slowly to me, his eyes fixed on mine. I felt chills going down my spine, although I stayed still, waiting for him.

He stopped in front of me. None of us spoke for what it felt like eternity. We just examined each other, not knowing what the next move would be. All the nights I had wished to be in this position, telling him millions of things, and now I couldn’t even make a sound.

“Y/N…” His low voice broke the silence first. I thought I missed him saying my name, but I didn’t feel anything. “Take a look at us. Graduated and not talking to each other. This wasn’t the way we had this day planned.” He laughed, though it didn’t feel as a happy laugh.

“I’ve learnt something this year and that is that life is to live it because the plans you make won’t happen.”

“Wow. That is deep. I actually have no response to that. All I wanted to tell you is that I am sorry, I guess.” He shrugged, trying to play it cool, but his eyes showed all the emotions he tried to disguise with his façade.

“You guess?”

“Not like that. God, I am sorry for reacting the way I did and for leaving you alone. You didn’t deserve that-you don’t deserve that. I don’t know why I treated you like that. I am so sorry.” All made sense. Everything was good now; all that I needed to move on was an apology.

“It doesn’t matter now, Michael. But thanks anyway.” For once, I felt genuinely happy and I knew what I was going to do next. “Now, congratulations, you made it to the graduation. I really hope you have a great life. Goodbye, Michael.” He placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me from going away.

“No, but like, I thought that we could give us a chance.” I looked at him confused and he looked down, he played with his fingers with nervousness. “You said you liked me” he mumbled.

“I did, eight months ago.” With him I used to feel something that I haven’t felt again, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

“You could do it again.”

“Like I said in that party, feelings are not a choice. I no longer have feelings for you. You can’t come to me after eight months of not talking and ask me to love you again.” The normal thing would have been me being annoyed, but all I felt was a calming peace.

“So, that’s it?” Hopelessly he asked.

“Yes. Goodbye, Michael.” It wouldn’t have been a proper goodbye without a hug. We held each other, holding on to the feeling for the last time.

“Goodbye, Y/N.” He whispered in my ear and I pulled away. I looked at him one last time and then, I went to where my family was.

Shortly after, I broke up with Dave and then I went to study to Spain, not knowing that I left a heartbroken Michael Clifford back in Sydney.

5SOS Throwing Shade at Abigail

Because its just come up in a recent interview(and because I think its funny) here is a bunch of times where they threw shade at Abigail because of the song she wrote call You Suck about Michael. 

When they were on with Kyle and Jackie O(Ashton said it btw)

Playing thw Yes/No game with Smallzy

Again with Smallzy

On the Shazam-A-Hang with Angus and Ash

And we can’t forget Michael’s tweets

Why don’t we add Luke and Calum in their as well?

And just for fun here is some shade that us lovley fans and friends pf the band had to throw 

And lastly my favorite of them all

Anyway I love this fandom and I greatly dislike Abigail Breastmilk.

Have a nice day.

Preferences #117 Detention buddies


Your palms were sweaty as you sat on the desk waiting for the teacher to get in the room for detention, this is one of your first ever detentions. Your teacher was in a bad mood and decided to pick on you resulting in you staying behind for an hour. The door banged open and you jumped, looking up to see Calum walking in. Your eyes widened, your mind going crazy. Calum Hood, he was the bad boy of the school. Everyone knew him, even you had a little bit of a crush on him but you didn’t do anything about it because you never thought you were going to be in the same room with him for an hour. He sat down behind you, chewing his gum loudly making you cringe. ‘He doesn’t show up you know?’ Calum spoke after a minute of silence, you turned round a confused look on your face. ‘What?’ You asked and he smiled, ‘He always forgets. Got other stuff to do.’ He smiled at you making your heart flutter ‘Then why are you here?’ you question him and he smiled leaning forward, ‘Heard you were here. Wanted to get to you know you.’


 ‘Luke Hemmings.’ You stated loudly, pointing at him, ‘Don’t you dare.’ You whisper and he laugh his tongue against his lips ring. You had gotten a detention and get who shows up? Luke Hemmings the boy always in trouble. The one who doesn’t is the teacher, leaving you playing around in his room. ‘Or what?’ he says and you stand up next to him so your faces were inches away from each other, ‘Otherwise I’ll do this.’ You whispered and you saw him close your eyes giving you the opportunity to steal your book he was going to rip out of his hands and run to the other side of the room. He opened his eyes seeing you laughed, ‘I got there Hemmings!’ you shouted victoriously spinning around but once you looked at him again his face was inches away from yours. ‘Not for long.’ He said before planting his lips on yours.  


‘I am leaving the room for exactly five minutes, if I see anything wrong in this room when I get back it will be a detention for a month. And don’t even think about running away.’ He said before leaving the room, you looked round only seeing Ashton now getting his phone out. He looked up at you, giving you a bright smile making you blush and turn back round. You continued to do your work, not knowing what else to do. ‘You’re doing work? Even when there’s not teacher around?’ Ashton asked in shock and you moved so you could see him clearer, ‘What else is there to do?’ you asked and he smirked standing up, walking over to you. ‘Lots.’ He smiled before running round the room, smashing throwing books off the shelves. ‘Ashton!’ you screamed and he turned round. ‘What?’ he asked his bandana falling down on his forehead a bit. You strode over to him, the bad boy of the school who was now in a room alone with you, a stern look on your face and he froze. You stood opposite to him, lifting your arm up you push up his blue and white accessory around his forehead smiling, ‘There, now you could do it in style.’ You whispered making him laugh, ‘C’mon let’s get out of here.’ He snaked his arm round your waist. ‘Ash, we’re going to get a years’ worth detention.’ You screamed as you ran through the exit. ‘At least it’ll be with you.’ He smiled making you laugh.


His hair changed every week and you loved it, you always wanted to dye your hair but you never had the confidence. He had his eye brow pierced which made you fall in love with him even more, each asset he added made you fall a little deeper for him. When you found out you would be sitting detention with him, you felt butterflies in your stomach. ‘Oh my God I have a detention friend.’ Even his voice made you tingly. He sat next to you, the teacher talking outside to a colleague. ‘I guess so.’ Your voice was high and quiet. He smiled at you, ‘I like your hair.’ He complimented and you looked up, ‘Thank you. I like yours. I’ve always wanted to dye mine but I’ve never had the confidence.’ You spill and he laughs, ‘Tell you what, why don’t we get out of here and you can come round mine and I’ll dye it for you?’ he asks and your eyes widened. ‘What will happen to us?’ you question standing up grabbing your bag. He shrugs, ‘We’re just going to have to find out.’ He states before grabbing your hand and quietly tiptoeing out. 

How You Met

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*** Warning of sexual themes and some language. Hey guys! Let me know if I should continue one or all of these? Or as always feel free to make requests!***


Your feet moved below you at a quickened pace while the wind in the streets blew your hair into your face. It was late January, and the snow on the streets had turned a grungy grey/black combination. The temperature was below freezing and your jacket didn’t do much to help. You pulled your scarf tighter around your neck, feeling your nose turning red. You were just about to your bus stop when you heard,

“Excuse me?” A australian accent quipped. You turned around, seeing a tall boy with golden curls jogging towards you, not wearing a coat. He comes to a breathless stop in front of you, rubbing his large hands together. “Hey, I locked myself out, could I borrow your phone?”

“Oh, uh sure…” You stutter. Your heartbeat quickened as your anxiety quirked. What if he just started running the minute you handed it to him? What if he’s a murderer? Your mind races with the thoughts of everything that could go wrong.

He takes the phone from your outstretched hand, quickly dialing an unknown number while you mentally slapped yourself. You were so naive, why didn’t you ask him where his phone was? Everyone has a phone these days. Also, why no coat?

“Hey, Calum- No this is Ashton, dude I’m locked out I need you to come open the door for me… Shit. Okay yeah I can wait. See you soon.” Ashton swears under his breath, hanging up your phone and handing not back to you. You stayed silent, not sure what to do next.

“Thanks,” He smiles politely at you, dimples appearing on both cheeks.

“Y-yeah no problem.” You reply, trying not to overthink. He nods in your direction, rubbing his arms and turning back towards what you assumed to be his apartment.

“Hey!” You yell, jogging towards him, “Do you, maybe want to get a coffee? You look a little cold.” You joke, looking up at him.

“Uh, actually sure. That’d be great,” He replied, giving you half a smile.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” You say while leading him the direction you were just walking from.

“Ashton,” He states, reaching out his hand to shake yours. He looks down at your, his face curious. You smile back, slightly amused.

“So Ashton,” You affirmed, “What happened to get locked out of your apartment, with no phone, and no coat?”

He chuckles, the warmth of his breath creating vapor in the air.

“It’s a good story, I promise.”


You crack open your eyes to the sound of an alarm going off somewhere. You sit up slightly and your head pounds warning you that your hangover is worse than you anticipated. You groan, laying back down and rolling over. You feel a warm body next to yours and cuddle closer. Your eyes snap open and your scream, realizing you were not in your bed and you had no idea who that was. You scramble out of the stranger’s bed quickly realizing you were naked. You start pulling for the bed sheets just as the boy does.

“Who are you?!” You project, still playing tug of war with him.

“Who are YOU?!” He yells back, winning the game and wrapping himself in the blankets. You do your best to cover all of your lady parts with your hands, finally taking a look around you. You were definitely not home, the whole place was screaming bachelor pad. The walls were painted a dark grey, and the floors a deep cherry wood, littered with clothes and a few empty beer bottles.

Your eyes searched desperately for your clothes, trying to locate them in this mess of a room.

“Uh, I think they might be in the living room,” The boy rasps, a look of amusement set on his face. This instantly made your face hot as your blood boiled. You stopped trying to cover yourself and gave him a confident smirk, along with the middle finger. You walk out his door and down the hall into the living room.

“Hell-oh shit,” Another boy yelped. You took a quick survey of your surroundings, seeing the boy that screamed and giving him a flirty wink, you look over to a red leather couch and see your bra and shirt. You look over towards the open kitchen, and see your pants and panties on the ground by the counter.

You are suddenly hit with a quick flashback of his head between your legs and your body laying on the kitchen counter. Your face turns hot and you quickly walk over to gather your clothing.

“Excuse me,” The first boy comes out with a pair of pants that hung low on his hips, “Who are you?”

You grabbed your panties, quickly pulling them up and on.

“I am Y/N,” You state blandly, pulling your pants on after.

“Do you… uh, remember what happened last night?” He asks, rubbing the base of his neck. You quickly shake your head no, with a sharp pain you remember you have a hangover. “Shit, uh, I’m Luke. Do you maybe want to stay for breakfast? I can fill you in.” He offers with a sheepish grin.

You pause, looking at him with caution.

“You should stay,” the other boy pipes up from the couch, turning his head from you to luke and back to you.

You take a deep breath before deciding, “Okay…” You slowly agree, “But please tell me you used a condom.”


You sat down in your favorite booth in the back of your favorite cafe, your legs crisscrossed below you and the smell of coffee comforting your every bone. You took a sip of your latte, feeling it travel down your throat and settle in your belly. Your favorite book was opened in front of you, and the sounds of espresso machines drown out any other conversations going on.

You dove into your book, letting it take you away from reality, even for a short moment.

“Hello,” A loud boy slides into the booth across from you. You slowly look up from your book, annoyed that anyone had the nerve to interrupt you. The moment he sees your face, his contorts to a joking cringe.

“I need your opinion.” He states matter of factly, giving you a confident smile. You wondered who in their right mind did this kind of shit. You raise your eyebrows at him, silently telling him to continue while he has your attention.

“Who do you think would win in a fight, me or a black bear?” He asks, his face dead serious.

“Depends on when you’re fighting the bear. If it’s the middle of hibernation you might have a chance but if it’s the middle of summer and you took his honey, yikes…” You state smirking at him. He was kind of cute, with his hair swept to the side and his sparkling green eyes. Maybe if he wasn’t so obnoxious, you might actually want to date him.

“I asked for a helpful opinion, not… whatever that was,” He laughs loudly, drawing attention from other people in the cafe. Your face turns a little red with embarrassment.

“Well if you wanted helpful you should have asked someone who cares.” You laugh with him.

“I’m Michael,” He reaches across the table to shake your hand.

“I’m Y/N” You slowly reach out and shake his hand.

“Can I buy you another cup of coffee?”


You stepped out of your shower delicately, wrapping yourself up in a warm towel. You quickly wiped down the mirror over the sink and looked at yourself, another sob coming up out of you. Your nose was bright red and your eyes were bloodshot. Your wet hair clung to your neck and the bruises on your skin had turned into a deep purple blue color. You walked out of the bathroom, going into your room and changing into sweatpants and your favorite sweatshirt. You piled your damp hair on top of your head and made your way to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine, your hands shaking as you poured yourself a glass.

Calum sat in bed trying to keep his attention on the book in front of him, but he kept hearing the girl next door to him sobbing. He knew her bathroom was right next to his bedroom, he could hear her electric toothbrush every morning at 7AM. The walls were extremely thin and he could hear everything. He had heard her crying every day for a week now, and couldn’t stand the thought of not helping in some way. He gathered all of his courage and started getting dressed to see if she needed a knight in shining armor tonight.

He walked into the hall nervous, his hands fidgeting. He stood outside her door for a few minutes before finding the courage to knock three times.

You jump, letting out a small yelp when hear three loud knocks at your door. Looking at your clock on the wall you wonder who would be knocking on your door at 10:30 PM. You pad over to the door, looking out your peep hole and seeing a boy with dark hair and his hands stuffed in his pocked waiting outside. You couldn’t see his face, but he didn’t look dangerous so you unlocked the door and opened it slightly.

“Hello,” You acknowledge. His attention quickly turns from the floor to you and he gives an awkward smile.

“Hi, I’m Calum,” He claims, “And, uh… Listen we have really thin wall, and I hear you crying in the shower like every night, are you okay?”  He blurts, looking at you with concern. Your face turns a deep crimson with embarrassment.

“I-uh fuck, I’m sorry.” You expressed, not knowing what to do.

“Can I come in?” He asks boldly. You look at him quizzically, trying to decipher his demeanor.

“Are you a murderer?” You ask, trying to look at him in a way that would convey that you could totally fight off a murderer.  

“No,” he chuckles, “Look, this is the key to my apartment,” he fishes it out of his pocket, showing you one that looked just like yours but with apartment number painted on it.

“Okay… I’m Y/N by the way.” You say letting him step in. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

the day after tomorrow - ii

michael clifford & y/n
word count - 5080
rating - nc-17
warnings - language, sexual content

read part one here


Your eyes shot open at the sound of his voice. The street light outside the window provided the only source of illumination into your bedroom, and you could just about make out the shape of your 3 year old son’s frame standing beside your bed: tightly clutching the slightly tattered, stuffed lion that he couldn’t sleep without.

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Luke Hemmings: Nerd

Pairing: Nerd!Luke and Y/N

Word Count: 970+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Nope

(Nerdy Luke and cheerleader Y/N)

I walked through the narrow hallways, like any other day. I had my red and white cheer uniform on and my team water bottle in my hand as I made my way back from practice and to my locker before I go home to probably just watch Netflix and fall asleep.

Sighing, I got whatever text books and folders I needed for homework that night. I headed down the hall, to the exit to leave that was until I heard the faint sound of a whimper. I furrowed my eyebrows following the sound.

A gasp left my lips as I found Luke Hemmings, the school nerd, with a bloody nose against the lockers.

“Luke! What happened?” I quickly got down to my knees to get a better look at him.

“N-nothing, I..um..fell” He strutted, making it obvious that he was lying to me. I decided to let it go and I stood back on my feet, holding out my hand to help him up.

“Come with me, I’ll get you cleaned up” I gave him a soft smile and he took my hand, standing up.  He dusted himself off, running his hand through his hair.

“I’m okay, really” Luke looked down at his feet them back to me.

“I’m not letting you go home like this, just come with me. I don’t bite” I giggled, pulling him towards the door.

Once we got to my car, I could tell that he was confused but I just unlocked it, getting into the driver’s side. He didn’t say anything and only got into my car. I started the car, driving towards my house.

“I thought you were going to get me cleaned up?” He questioned.

“Yea, we’re going to my house” I looked over to him before turning on the radio to whatever song was playing by ‘Clean Bandit’. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him nod and bite his lip.

I had to admit, for a nerd he was pretty hot. Even with the glasses he was really good looking.

When we got my house, I got out and went to the door, unlocking it and motioning Luke to follow, which he did.

“Come into the kitchen” I waved him over, as he followed me into the kitchen. I turned my back towards him, bending down to get the first aid kit. I grabbed it and came back up to face him, smirking to myself when his face was cherry red. I knew he took a peek under my skirt.

I took the box and hopped onto the counter, calling him closer. I watched as he gulped, standing in front of me so our faces were only inches away.

“This might sting” I warned softly, taking a wipe and running it over his busted lip, earning a hiss from him.  I cleaned the dried blood from his nose set the wipe down. I let my eyes travel down to his lips, leaning closer to connect our lips.

I felt him tense in shock but quickly kiss back, in less than a few seconds the kiss became heated. The kiss became quick and needy, pulling away to catch our breaths.

“Let’s go to my room” I breathed out earning an eager nod from him. I took his hand, walking through the house, swaying my hips. I could practically feel his eyes on me until we reached my bedroom. I opened the door and pulled Luke in.

“Sit on the bed, baby” I purred and he quickly did. I positioned myself on the floor in front of him. My hands immediately went to his pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them down around his ankles. I could already see through his boxers how hard he was.

Teasing him, I found the tip of his cock through the fabric and placed a kiss on it.

“P-please y/n” Luke groaned, shifting on the bed slightly. I pulled his boxers down to his ankles and gave him a long lick from his base to his tip. A string of curse words left his lips as I wrapped my lips around him, taking him half way and pumping the half that wasn’t in my mouth. I bobbed my head faster, enjoying the sweet sound of how needy he sounded.

“F-fuck. I-I’m not gonna-nggggh- last long” He managed out as I forced myself all the way down earning a moan from him then coming up. I looked up at him, seeing him red faced and dizzy only made me more eager for what I had planned next.

I stood up and crawled up to him, straddling him. I couldn’t help my soft sigh as I looked at him biting his lip, trying to hide the grin on his face.

“Ready?” I asked, smirking as I positioned his tip with my entrance.

“Fuck yes” He breathed, moving his hands to guide my hips down as I felt him fill me up. I let out a whine as I sunk to the bottom, loving the feeling of fullness. I began rolling my hips down on him, letting moans leaving my lips as they pleased. I practically screamed his name as he thrusting his hips up to meet my grinding. I actually did scream when I felt him hit my g-spot perfectly. He had no mercy as he began abusing this spot.

I soon felt the bubbling in my stomach grow and I knew I was so close. All it took was one more thrust into my g-spot to send me over the edge into a moaning mess. Luke came soon after, his thrusts becoming sloppy as he screamed my name before collapsing.

After catching our breath, I felt him pull me into his chest,  I willingly cuddled into him, drifting to sleep in his arms.

Dating Michael would Include:
  •  Waking up before him, which would still be pretty late in the day
  • Trying everything humanely possible to wake up your sleeping boyfriend
  • Eventually pouring a bucket of water on him gets him to wake up
  • “What the hell Y/N”
  • Him holding your waist from behind as you make breakfast
  • Or lunch depending on how you look at it
  • Eventually deciding to order pizza
  • Spending the rest of the day in baggy clothes watching movies            surrounded by empty pizza boxes
  • “We’ve literally done nothing today Michael”

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“Do You Regret it?”

Originally posted by 5sospicturesque

*** This is kinda super sad, but I hope yall like it! Let me know what you think!***

You sat on the couch, staring out the bay window. The world was blurry and you could feel holes starting to burn into the back of your head from Michael’s gaze. Your shaking fingers fidgeted with the sleeve of your sweater, while the whole room was filled with unspoken words and tension. The sky was colored a tired grey, the rain had slowed to a drizzle that tapped on your windows; reminding you that life was still going on even when you felt frozen. You thought about what happened between them. When he grazed her thigh with his fingertips, did it send shivers down her spine? Did he kiss her like he kissed you; warm, hungry, and filled with belonging?

You felt the atmosphere in the room grow more tense. Michael moved around your small body, coming to crouch in front of you. He stared at your blank face, searching from some part of you that he might recognize. He didn’t find the warmth that usually seemed to radiate off of you. All he saw was… Nothing. Like a shell of a person he once knew like the back of his hand. He turned his attention to your hands, the only part of you that was moving. He took notice of how they trembled, like they did on your first date. He had invited you over for dinner at his house, when you showed up in that red dress he instantly couldn’t imagine not knowing you. That night, after you continually told him you don’t usually do this, your fingers shook as they searched over his naked body. That was a different tremble. An excited tremble. He loved knowing how nervous you were, because he was nervous, too.

“Say something…” Michael begged, desperation clear on his face. Everything seemed to be spinning around you, you couldn’t quite seem to figure out if all of this was real or just a dream.

“Do you regret it?” Your voice was quiet, but didn’t waver. You finally turned and looked into his eyes. His face was cautious, like if he moved to fast you would run away.

“Every second of every day.” He says slowly. You cringed at the sound of his voice, turning away again. It took every bone in your body to make yourself not forgive him. You understood he was sorry, you understood this love was once in a lifetime. If he understood that, he wouldn’t have touched her.

“You ruined it.” You hiss, staring straight out the window. The storm had picked up, the rain was pelting against the window while lighting cracked the sky in the distance. In the midst of it all, you suddenly felt calm. It was as if you couldn’t process anymore emotions, so your body shut them all off. The weather was raging, so you didn’t need to.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… I know I messed up and you never deserved this, but I need you,” He pleads, reaching out and grazing your hand. Your head snaps to where he was touching you, your eyes lingering on his chewed up nails. You slowly pull your hand away from his, still not looking at him.

“You should go.” Your monotone voice projects. He watched your eyes turned their attention back to the storm outside, watching the trees sway in the wind. The sky lights up for a split second, illuminating your features in pale light.

“Can I come back?” He asks weakly. Out of the corner of your eye you see his hands run through his hair, his sign that he would soon be crying. You had only seen him cry a few times, once when your dog died, and during the Notebook. He had never cried over you before.

“No.” You continued to watch the thunderstorm, finding comfort in it. You soon heard Michael’s footsteps disappear, and the front door close with a slam.

As you sat and watched the sky cry, you let yourself cry, too.

Hanging by a thread (Drowning part 2)


Word count: 1000



“Y/N!!” You heard Luke’s familiar voice call out, but you couldn’t open your eyes.
The last memory you could recall was going to the restaurant, but for the life of you couldn’t understand what was going on.
It was like you were trapped in your own head, running in circles, but not going anywhere, standing in the same place still.
“Oh god, Y/N what did you do? Holy shit baby please open your eyes.” You heard him beg again.
You could feel hand connect with you face in efforts to wake you, but it didn’t.
“Please for the love of god please wak-” You could tell something had caught his attention and interrupted his sentence.
“Holy shit Y/N, did you take these?” He asked, obviously referring to the bottle of pills lying on the floor.
“Oh my- No, No, No, Please don’t leave me.” He pleaded.
You could feel him lift your body up so you your chest was leaning over the tub, shoving his finger down your throat at an attempt to clean out what might have been there and
your body reacted to his actions, making your stomach contract and immediately throwing up the contents.
“There you go darlin, come one now, wake up.”
He coached.
As if on cue you felt your eyes flutter open and you were faced with a disheveled looking Luke.
“Holy shit Y/N you scared the hell out of me. What happened? Why did you take so many of theses?” He asked with concern, and your brain began flooding with memories.
“I-I was hurting.” You started,. “Everything was hurting.” He looked down at you sympathetically. “Did I make you hurt Y/N? Did you do this because of me?” Almost instantly you remembered how and why you were here. It was because of Luke, he told you he told you he didn’t need you and treated you like crap.
You pulled his grip off you and he looked shocked, almost as if he didn’t know why you did it.
As silence filled the room you finally took in your surroundings, realizing that you were fully naked in front of Luke, so you moved your hands to cover your breasts.
“Get out.” You spoke, your voice trembling terribly as you tried to regain control of your body.
“I’m not gonna just leave you by yourself baby.” He spoke, he tried to rub your cheek but you backed away.
“Don’t call me that. You don’t get to call me baby.” You frowned angrily.
“You said you didn’t love me Luke, hell you even ignored me for half the night!! What did I do to deserve that?” You voice cracked mid way through your sentence, but you knew the effect was still the same.
“Y/N” He spoke carefully.
“Please, let’s not argue. You need to get cleaned up and I’ll take you to the hospital.” His stern voice let out.
“No.” You replied, “Stop fucking acting like you care.”
“I do care!! I walked blocks trying to find you..”
“Why Luke? So the guys wouldn’t think you were that much of a heartless basterd? He sat there quietly, so you took that as a sign to get out.
“Can you just get out? I have to get out.”
Without arguing he stood up and left, closing the door behind him.
Shakily you stood up, depending solely upon the edge of the bathtub for support.
You picked up your undergarments and slipped them on, immediately grabbing the hot pink tooth brush and brushing your teeth.
Once you had finished you stepped out of the bathroom. Noticing Luke’s shirtless frame sitting on the bed.
You turned out the bathroom light and crawled into bed, ganging Luke’s attention.
“Please talk to me Y/N” He asked from the other side of the bed.
“Are you fucking insane? You treated me like I wasn’t anything, you didn’t talk to me, you hardly wanted to look at me… Then you say you don’t love me.”
You could here him sigh loudly as he turned so his stomach was facing your back.
“You know I didn’t mean that. I just… I was just angry.”
“Why? What did I do?” “You didn’t do anything, I just saw you talking and laughing with Ashton that day and, I got pissed.”
“Seriously Luke? You fucking embarrass me and treat me like a dog because I was taking to Ashton? Do you know how dumb you sound?” You yelled widely. You were now beyond pissed and Luke was the cause.
“Please calm down.“ He pleaded, rolling over and grabbing your legs.
“I’m sorry!! What I did was dumb and I lashed out on you for no reason. Please don’t break up with me.” He spoke, his normally rough voice now barley above a whisper.
You pushed his hands off your thighs, roughly.
You felt bad about it but it’s what he did that caused this.
“You made that decision when you acted like an ass. Luke. You can’t treat people like dirt because your pissed.” You spoke, rolling onto your side.
“But…. I love you Y/N. I know what I did was wrong. But don’t forget that I do love you okay? Please? Even if you hate me for what ever else I did. Don’t forget that I love you.”
His words came out like a poem, and you turned back to face him.
“Luke?” You called out into the darkness, and he turned around.
Even in the pitch black you could make out his facial features, and without warning him your crashed your lips onto his.

You Fight But Get Sick - Luke

Requested: Yes

Summary: Luke and you get in a fight but you get ill.

Warning: None.

Originally posted by hemmingslip

It was bound to happen. With him busy with the new album and the tour rehearsals and you busy with your upcoming exams you both were on edge and it would only take one small petty little thing to set you both off.

You both had managed to take some time off your hectic schedules and has planned a date. You supposed to go and watch a newly released movie together. You got ready for your date and went the lounge and waited for him to get back from the studio, he was supposed to get back any minute now.

He was 10 minutes late but you weren’t really angry or worried yet as you kind of expected this, he wasn’t really known to be punctual. So to pass time you decided to watch t.v.

He was 30 minutes late. By now you were starting to get angry at him, if he was going to be late the least he could do was text you to tell you he wouldn’t be able to get there on time.

It had almost been an hour now. By now you were extremely worried and mad at him. You had tried calling him and messaged him multiple times but he had yet to call or text back, this made you worry something bad at had happened to him. What if he got into a car crash? or maybe he got robbed or something on his way back? but before you could worry too much the sound of the door opening pulled you out of your train of thoughts.

You stood up to see your boyfriend quietly entering your shared apartment. When he saw you standing there, all dressed up, he was surprised. “Hey, what are you doing up at this time?” He asked.

“What am I doing up at this time?” You repeated his question in disbelief, all your worry for him was turning into anger. It was obvious he had forgotten about your date, and normally you would’ve understood considering how hard he has to work at the studio writing and composing new songs but right now you were angry to think about that.

“You know what, I can’t believe you,” You growled as you watched his eyebrows furrow into confusion and then raise as he remembered.

“I’m sorry, I really am. I got really busy at the studio, we were recording some new song for the bands next album,” He apologised feeling tired and exhausted.

“Its always about the band isn’t it, it’s always about the next tour or the next album your going to release or the song you have to write for the band,” You hissed at him.

“Well, if you haven’t noticed it is my job. You haven’t got idea of how hard me and boys have to work, it’s not like I want to stay away from you and my family I have to make sacrifices,” He defensively snarled back.

“You don’t think I work, do you think it’s easy for me to study and keep a job at the same time? I could been studying for my exams but I was here waiting for you to show up,” You argued back.

You both were throwing vicious words, that you would never say normally, at each other. This kept going on until finally Luke spoke, “You know what I’m tired of this, I need get away.” As you watched him get his car keys and jacket you felt a strange bad feeling in your stomach.


When Luke finally got back from his 30 minute drive around town he was a lot more calm and relaxed. He thought about the argument you two had and he understood why you were so mad at him but he was slightly mad at you from not understanding things from his point of view.

When he got home it was strangely quiet, he expected you to come and ask him where he had  been but you were no where in sight. Starting to panic he ran to the kitchen just to see that it was empty. When he saw that there was no-one in the bedroom he had thought that you had left him however before he could do anything else he heard noises of  retching coming from the toilet.

When he opened the toilet door he was met with the sight of you throwing up into the toilet. He ran to your side and held your hair back as you threw up, grimacing when the smell of the vomit hit his nose. He gently rubbed your back trying to comfort you. After you cleaned up he led you to your bedroom and lied down with. Pulling you up to his chest, he rested his on yours and softly sighed. And even though he hadn’t said a word to you, this was his way of telling you its going to be okay 

5SOS find out Your ticklish 4/4.. Request

Being Ashton’s Girlfriend came with it perks, including being able to travel all over the globe with him. Today was no exception, you were travelling to the US for the last leg of their tour.

“Babe cuddle with me.” whined your boyfriend beside you, giving a dramatic sigh making him chuckle you turned to him. He opened his arms and wrapped them around you pulling you close to his chest. Ash nuzzled his face into the crook of you neck, you could feel his hands making shapes in your skin slowly moving up towards your rib cage.

You tensed trying not to sequel out in an airplane full of strangers and friends who would tense you endlessly about this. Ashton just repeated this action before whispering into your neck “Why are you so tense love?” The combination of his warm breath and his fingers at your rib cage, you could not help but giggle.

Realizing what you have done your eyes widened knowing that he heard you, you felt him smirk against your neck “You ticklish babe?” 

“W-what? No, nope not at all” you said hoping that he would leave it.

“Are you sure…” before you could react you felt his fingers at you sides tickling you. You could help but burst into laughter as you tried to get away from him.

“A-Ash stop, I-I cant breathe.” you said in between laughs but Ash just laughed as he continued to tickle you.

“Oi Love birds keep it down!” Mikey said before throwing some jelly babies at both of you.

You and Michael have been living together now for  about a year now and you liked keeping a certain secret from him, You were ticklish, extremely ticklish. You knew if Mikey found out well he will forever use this against you to get his way. 

While Mikey was at the studio with the boys, you were in one of Mikey’s Band shirts and shorts laid out on the sofa playing Halo, one of your favorite games on Xbox.

You didn’t hear him come home, well you did but you were so into the came you didn’t take you on. You were in the zone, with the mission on legendary the highest difficulty, you almost finished the mission when Mikey came home. 

Once Mikey walked into the living room and saw how sucked into the game you were, he knew that you were going to ignore him until you were finished. But he wanted cuddles and he wanted them now.

Mikey walked over to the sofa you were sitting on and plonked down beside you. he planted a kiss on your cheek trying to get your attention but failed. pouting he began to poke at you. You didn’t move or react until his finger grazed or a certain spot just below your ribs. Mikey smirked letting out a low chuckle “I think my princess is ticklish..” whispering into your ear. He watched as your eyes widened.

Before you could protest Mikey pinned you on the sofa as hands dig into your sides ticking you. The biggest grin was placed watching you smiling and laughing. “S-stop Mikey” you squealed under him.

“Say I’m Sorry Mikey for being a big meanie for ignore you and will repay you with lots of hugs and kisses.”

“Never!” you shouted as you tried to escape before giving up “Fine! I’m Sorry Mikey for being a big meanie!” you shouted he stopped looking at you with the biggest grin on his face 

“And?” he teased

“i will repay you with lots of hugs and Kisses.” you said with a pout on your face.

The one thing you probably loved as much as you loved Calum was Sleep. Being a heavy sleeper meant it was very difficult to wake you, and you were awake you probably would leave bed for at least an hour. This made things difficult when you and Calum had to be somewhere and you refused to wake up.

This morning wasn’t any different, you were snuggled up into the bed with no sign of leaving. Calum had a whole day planned for the both of you and he was not going to let your love to sleep ruins his plans.

Cal crawled over to you planting little kisses over your face, your hand reach up and lightly hit his face before mumbling “just 5 more minutes.” 

“come on babe, i have so much planned for us, come on get up.” he watched as you rolled onto your side. Cal look at you, trying to think of a away to get you up, he looked around the room and noticed your foot peaking out from under the covers. he shrugged, “Might as well try.” he thought to himself.

Cal made his way slowly to the end of the bed before tickling your foot, he could help but laugh as you squealed and scrummed trying to get away from him resulting in you falling out of bed.

“Well if i new if that would of worked i would of started doing that sooner.” 

Everyone was hanging out in you and Luke place, playing intense games of Mario cart. You were about to win when Luke went ahead and betrayed your trust by throwing a red shell hitting you causing him to win. After you threw your controller in anger, everyone laughed at you. Luke tried to give you a kiss but you pushed him away, still very angry at his actions.

It been an hour since the match between you and Luke and you were still ignoring him, to went into the kitchen to fix yourself a drink. Before entering the kitchen at the comer of your eye you could see your best friend whispering something into Luke’s ear. Brushing this off you continued on.

As you filled a glass with water you heard someone walk into the kitchen you put your glass down and turned around to see Luke standing there with the biggest smirk on his face.

“What do you want traitor.” you said but Luke didn’t say anything but ran up to you and started ticking your sides. You laughs filled the room and he refused to stop.

“IM SORRY LUKE”  you shouted, you were both breathless as he stopped looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes before planting a kiss on your lips

“im still mad though”.

R U mine?(Michael Clifford)


For almost the third time this week, Michael  had come home drunk.
He was a stumbling, discombobulated, toddler like mess; and you were tired of it.
“Why can’t you just come home sober for once?” You asked as you tried to help him sit and calm down.
“I am capable of coming home so-so-sober!!” He stuttered. “I just don’t want to.” He added.
“That’s your fucking problem Michael!! You don’t want to do anything that’s good for you. Now put your arms up.” You said as you tried to undress him, but he stuck his hands down to his sides.
“I’m not a child Y/N.” He whined.“ “Well stop acting like it then.” You retorted as you began unbuttoning his shirt.
“You know what I don’t need your help.” He spoke, pushing away from you coldly.
“Oh come on stop acting like a fucking brat and put your arms up.”
“No!!” He yelled as he pushes you off of him again.
“I don’t fucking need your help and I damn sure don’t fucking need you.”
You knew Michael was drunk, of course you did, but his words still hurt.
Your eyes stared to burn as you felt tears begin falling on to your round cheeks.
“Fine then.” You spoke harshly, but Michael didn’t looked bothered.
“You can stay down here until you decide to sober up.”
Without another word, you left him to stand alone in the middle of the living room.
“Have fun sleeping without me!!” He yelled before you slammed your bedroom door.
You got into your side of the bed quietly, even though you could have taken advantage of the fact that you were alone, it didn’t feel right; it didn’t feel the same without Michael.
After a few hours, you just stopped trying to go to sleep and you began thinking about Michael, the way his face looked as he slept, or how his hair would stick to his face when things hot heated between you two. Before you knew it you were crying, your loud sobs loud hopefully not enough for Michael to hear.
You threw a pillow over your face in an attempt to hide your sobs. There was no doubt about it, you were now a full blown mess; which is probably why you didn’t hear Michael knock on the door until he was already in the room.
“Y/N?” He called out, and you took the pillow off your face.
“What?” You hissed.
“Are-are you crying?”
“What? No, I-I had something in my eye.” You lied.
“Are you crying because of me?” He asked, his voice low with regret.
You nodded your at him through tearful eyes and he began crawling into bed.
“Michael what are you doing?” You asked as you tried to wipe your face.
“Move over.” He spoke.
He pushed you back onto the bed lightly and immediately pulled you into him, his breath tickling your neck.
“I’m sorry Y/N…. for what I said.” He started. “I didn’t mean it babe, really I didn’t. I definitely do need you.”
As much as you might not have wanted to believe that he was sorry right now, you knew he really
“I know Mikey, I know.”
“Baby?” He asked, his lips just grazing your ear, sending waves of hot breath down your spine.
“Can I show you how much you mean to me?”
He asked as he began placing open mouthed kisses on your neck, causing you to let out a little moan.
“Y/N?” He asked again, obviously waiting for your approval.
You nodded rapidly and he instantly crawled on top of you.
He pressed his lips into yours, bringing a hand up to cup your cheek. You slowly began to relax onto the bed as he hovered over you. He swiftly pulled your shirt off, then kissing his way down to your neck and unclasping your bra; exposing your chest to him.
“God your beautiful, so fucking beautiful.”
He continued until he got down to your pajama bottoms, pulling them down slowly and throw in the pile of clothes somewhere in the room.
He started massaging the inside of your thighs beige without warning, he placed his thumb on your clit, making your immediately arch your back.
He began rubbing in small circles over your panties, his other hand rubbing your left breast.
“Mikey please.” You moaned, your arms frantically searching for something to hold onto.
“What baby? Tell me what you want.”
“I-I want you to touch me. Please.”
Without having to say anything else, Michael removed your underwear and slid a single finger between your folds, massaging your walls softly.
“Baby your so wet for me.” He added cheekily before attaching his lips to your bundle of nerves.
“Oh god,” You moaned loudly as you pulled his hair, you could feel that familiar knot building in your stomach rapidly as he inserted two fingers and began pumping into you.
“Mikey I-I.” You nearly screamed, you could feel your hips begin to arch off the bed and Michael laughed as he held your hips down, the vibration sending you half way off the bed.
“Come on baby, come for me, I got you. Are you gonna come for me Y/N? Huh?.”
With Michael’s fingers plus his dirty talk, you detonated around his finger, your toes curling as you shook violently, the feeling more then anything you’d ever experienced with him.
You started to catch your breath slowly, your body heaving as you tried to process what had just happened.
Michael pulled his finger out and gave a small smirk,
arousal dripping from his fingers.
He licked his fingers clean, causing you to cover you face in embarrassment.
“You taste like cupcakes.”

He spoke, and you laughed wildly. Michael started to cover you up with the blankets, but you pushed them back. “I can’t leave you like that.” You spoke, referring to the bulge forming in his pants. “You-you don’t have to-” Before he could finish, you had already started undoing the button on his pants, “Your turn baby boy.” You spoke, and he left out a large gulp as he bit his lip.


Michael finally getting ready to leave  your house after staying there for three days. Even tho he doesn’t want to leave, you walk him to his car and practically force him inside. As you shut the door and turn around Michael reaches through the car window and grabs your hand, he continues to make excuses as to why he can’t be without you and before you know it you’re strapped into the passengers seat on the way to Mikey’s house.