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5SOS Throwing Shade at Abigail

Because its just come up in a recent interview(and because I think its funny) here is a bunch of times where they threw shade at Abigail because of the song she wrote call You Suck about Michael. 

When they were on with Kyle and Jackie O(Ashton said it btw)

Playing thw Yes/No game with Smallzy

Again with Smallzy

On the Shazam-A-Hang with Angus and Ash

And we can’t forget Michael’s tweets

Why don’t we add Luke and Calum in their as well?

And just for fun here is some shade that us lovley fans and friends pf the band had to throw 

And lastly my favorite of them all

Anyway I love this fandom and I greatly dislike Abigail Breastmilk.

Have a nice day.

Dating Michael would Include:
  •  Waking up before him, which would still be pretty late in the day
  • Trying everything humanely possible to wake up your sleeping boyfriend
  • Eventually pouring a bucket of water on him gets him to wake up
  • “What the hell Y/N”
  • Him holding your waist from behind as you make breakfast
  • Or lunch depending on how you look at it
  • Eventually deciding to order pizza
  • Spending the rest of the day in baggy clothes watching movies            surrounded by empty pizza boxes
  • “We’ve literally done nothing today Michael”

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You Fight But Get Sick - Luke

Requested: Yes

Summary: Luke and you get in a fight but you get ill.

Warning: None.

Originally posted by hemmingslip

It was bound to happen. With him busy with the new album and the tour rehearsals and you busy with your upcoming exams you both were on edge and it would only take one small petty little thing to set you both off.

You both had managed to take some time off your hectic schedules and has planned a date. You supposed to go and watch a newly released movie together. You got ready for your date and went the lounge and waited for him to get back from the studio, he was supposed to get back any minute now.

He was 10 minutes late but you weren’t really angry or worried yet as you kind of expected this, he wasn’t really known to be punctual. So to pass time you decided to watch t.v.

He was 30 minutes late. By now you were starting to get angry at him, if he was going to be late the least he could do was text you to tell you he wouldn’t be able to get there on time.

It had almost been an hour now. By now you were extremely worried and mad at him. You had tried calling him and messaged him multiple times but he had yet to call or text back, this made you worry something bad at had happened to him. What if he got into a car crash? or maybe he got robbed or something on his way back? but before you could worry too much the sound of the door opening pulled you out of your train of thoughts.

You stood up to see your boyfriend quietly entering your shared apartment. When he saw you standing there, all dressed up, he was surprised. “Hey, what are you doing up at this time?” He asked.

“What am I doing up at this time?” You repeated his question in disbelief, all your worry for him was turning into anger. It was obvious he had forgotten about your date, and normally you would’ve understood considering how hard he has to work at the studio writing and composing new songs but right now you were angry to think about that.

“You know what, I can’t believe you,” You growled as you watched his eyebrows furrow into confusion and then raise as he remembered.

“I’m sorry, I really am. I got really busy at the studio, we were recording some new song for the bands next album,” He apologised feeling tired and exhausted.

“Its always about the band isn’t it, it’s always about the next tour or the next album your going to release or the song you have to write for the band,” You hissed at him.

“Well, if you haven’t noticed it is my job. You haven’t got idea of how hard me and boys have to work, it’s not like I want to stay away from you and my family I have to make sacrifices,” He defensively snarled back.

“You don’t think I work, do you think it’s easy for me to study and keep a job at the same time? I could been studying for my exams but I was here waiting for you to show up,” You argued back.

You both were throwing vicious words, that you would never say normally, at each other. This kept going on until finally Luke spoke, “You know what I’m tired of this, I need get away.” As you watched him get his car keys and jacket you felt a strange bad feeling in your stomach.


When Luke finally got back from his 30 minute drive around town he was a lot more calm and relaxed. He thought about the argument you two had and he understood why you were so mad at him but he was slightly mad at you from not understanding things from his point of view.

When he got home it was strangely quiet, he expected you to come and ask him where he had  been but you were no where in sight. Starting to panic he ran to the kitchen just to see that it was empty. When he saw that there was no-one in the bedroom he had thought that you had left him however before he could do anything else he heard noises of  retching coming from the toilet.

When he opened the toilet door he was met with the sight of you throwing up into the toilet. He ran to your side and held your hair back as you threw up, grimacing when the smell of the vomit hit his nose. He gently rubbed your back trying to comfort you. After you cleaned up he led you to your bedroom and lied down with. Pulling you up to his chest, he rested his on yours and softly sighed. And even though he hadn’t said a word to you, this was his way of telling you its going to be okay 

the day after tomorrow - ii

michael clifford & y/n
word count - 5080
rating - nc-17
warnings - language, sexual content

read part one here


Your eyes shot open at the sound of his voice. The street light outside the window provided the only source of illumination into your bedroom, and you could just about make out the shape of your 3 year old son’s frame standing beside your bed: tightly clutching the slightly tattered, stuffed lion that he couldn’t sleep without.

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Never Be  (Royal! Luke) epilogue

Originally posted by cliffordsgirls

A/N: Okay i haven’t proofread this and I don’t want to so here it is! This is the final piece I hope you enjoyed this series! Ha my first series completed! 

Warning: none  





After a week of nonstop rain, the sun had finally come out. The sun was streaming down down the rolling hills of the country side. The large picnic blanket felt soft against your fingertips while William rolled down the hills with giggles erupting from his lips. “Mumma! Play with me!” He gave you a smile with a proud display of his missing front teeth. “I can’t roll down the hills baby, but I’ll watch you. Okay?”

“Okay.” He answered, getting up and running to the very top of the hill. Two years have past since you got kicked out of the family that had now claimed you had “wanted time for yourself and William.” Luke’s mother didn’t visit, the mere contact your received from her was a birth card and large check that arrived every month. She was very clear about you not talking to the press, and not making any more noise for the family. The Hemmings made the only comment that they thought was safe, “The rumors that have recently been fabricated were nothing but fake.”

As for you, you kept to yourself for the most part. You made only a few friends since most people thought of you of ungodly names, but you still kept your love for Luke a secret. It was something that you wanted to hold close to yourself since most of it had been blasted out there. However, you wanted to keep the soft touches, meaningful gazes, and nights that went into the early morning. Those were the parts that meant something to you.

“Mumma! William exclaimed, bustling towards you. “Mumma!” He yelled once more, jumping into your lap. Quickly wrapping your arms around him, his soft hair tickled your jaw as he couldn’t keep still. “Mumma!”

“Yes, my love?” You pressed a kiss to his head, and gently rested your head on his.

“Mumma, can you tell me about Daddy again?” He asked, hands pulling at the grass. This was a popular story that William always wanted to hear. It started when he asked why he didn’t have one, and since then he only wants to hear about him.

“You’ve heard this story so many times, Will,” you reasoned with him.

“But Mumma!”

“Okay, okay,” you obliged. “He lived in a big castle,” you began. “And one day a princess came to visit and-“

“That’s you!” He irrupted.

“That’s right, bub. I was the princess.” You gently rocked him back and forth, his body calming down from all his playing. “He was tall, and he had eyes just like you. He had such a heart that held all the love in the world. However, the princess was suppose to marry someone else.”

“No!” He commented, a foot stomping the ground.

“Now the princess did love this someone else, but the princess’s heart truly belonged to Daddy,” you explained to him. “But the princess couldn’t do anything about it, so she married him.”

“You should have married Daddy,” William mumbled.

“Honey, I can’t finish if you’re going to comment on everything, okay?” He quickly nodded up at you. “Thank you. Now, she married someone else, but she still with Daddy. Now Daddy loved this princess so much, but he couldn’t stand seeing her without him.  Then, you came. The princess was so happy that she was going to have a little baby to hold. So the princess told Daddy that good news. He loved you more than anything, but he was so sad because  could never have you,” you say in a low voice. That was the part that you kept out of the story…usually.

“What do you mean?” He asked in a confused tone.

“The princess had promised her heart to someone else. She couldn’t just leave him William,” you inform.  

“That’s stupid!” Another stomp on the ground.

“We don’t use those words William,” you quickly scold. William sinking lower into your lap.  “Now, Daddy left. Far way William, but he did come back to see you.” You readjust William so he’s facing you. “William your father did love you.” You tilt his head so he’s looking at you and not at his hands. “He loved you so much, and because of this he left.”

“What happened to the person the princess married?”

“Well he died.” You got quiet for a second.

“So why can’t you be with Daddy now?”

You took in a deep breath. “William it’s a lot more complicated than that.”

“No it’s not! You should be with Daddy!” He was quick to stand up and stomp off. “William get back here!” He just kept walking away, so you ran after him. “William you can’t run off like that ever again.” You say in a stern voice that can really scare a young boy.

“But it’s not fair!” His arms crossed over his chest, as he pouted. “Yeah I know, but it’s okay.” You smile down at him, pushing a hair out of his eyes.


“She’s so beautiful Luke,” his wife declared, looking down at their daughter. A few hours old, but there was so much love surrounding her.  She was a beauty, and Luke loved her as well. He stood at his wife’s side, as nurses were coming in and out. His mother was demanding that Luke find a wife and escape all those allegations. It was hard to find someone after what had happened, but he did eventually meet his wife. She held traits that were similar to you, but she was still wasn’t you. He loved his wife, and now Y/n was apart of his past. A past that needed to be forgotten and never remembered of what had happened. It did pained him that he had to let his son go, but it was a feeling that wasn’t new. His mother had made it very clear that he would never go near William or you. According to her, it would look very bad for the family. What really hurt Luke was the fact that it was permanent. He had to let him go, and now there was no hope. No hope that maybe there would be a happy family with Luke, you, William, and maybe a few other babies. 

Luke was quick to lock all that stuff away. It would go into a box that would never be opened. This was his new life. A beautiful wife and a newborn daughter. “Can I hold her?” He asked, opening his arms for her. His wife nodded and placed her gently in his arms. “Hey sweet pea. I love you so much, and you already look so much like your mum which means you’re beautiful.” He paused for a moment and placed a kiss to her forehead. “You are one that I will not let go, I promise that.” He said in a very low voice. He began to rock ever so gently to sleep. 

“I want you to name her,” his wife stated to him. She looked up at him with loving eyes. “I think the father should name his daughter.”  The bundle in his arms, squirming around, as she was only a few hours old. Luke said the first name that came to his mind. “Y/n.” 


| Halloween | Michael Clifford |

Prompt: This is the first of the AU stories im gonna do, I thought it would be fun to start off with the Halloween ones so here we go

Request: No, But they are open :)

Warning: I think there’s some swearing, jic you don’t like that

Boy: Michael

Words: 2.1k

A/N: lmao this isn’t scary at all it’s so fluffy

Masterlist // Request // Imagine Instructions


My family and I moved to this house about 2 months ago, but it’s only been the past week that I’ve noticed weird things happening. Like lights turning on without me turning the switch on, or me knocking things over but they somehow stop in mid-air and go back in place. I never really thought much of until half an hour ago. My parents are still at work, so im home alone, I got hungry and decided to go and get a snack but once I reached the door of the kitchen I saw a transparent tall figure drop something and run away. Causing me to loudly yelp, suddenly not feeling hungry anymore, so I ran back up to my bedroom and hid under my blanket. So here I am; still hiding underneath my blanket. The urge to get something to eat growing by the second, it felt as if my insides were caving in on themselves. I popped my head out the top of my blanket to see of the coast was clear, I couldn’t see anything. So I decided to go for a second try. This time everything went smoothly and I dint see a strange figure standing by the fridge.

“You shouldn’t eat before dinner,” I heard my mum’s voice behind me, causing me to scream and drop the cookie on the floor, “Jesus y/n, anyone’d think you’d seen a ghost.” She said referring to my eyes that were wide and unfocused.

“i-i- think I did…” I whispered, it coming out as more of a croak than clear English. She just looked at me with a raised eye brow, begging to laugh as she walked over to me to press her hand on my forehead.

“I know you hate this house, y/n, but there’s no need to try and tell me that it’s haunted.” She told me rolling her eyes and opening the cupboard to start dinner.

“What’s y/n done now?” my Dad asked as he walked into the kitchen, loudly dropping his keys onto the table.

“She reckons she’s seen a ghost.” Mum said, sarcasm lacing in her voice.

“Oh right,” he laughed walking over to ruffle my hair, “You’re seeing things, and you’ve been looking at those screens far too much.”

“Right yeah, you’re probably right.” I quickly retorted. Deciding now was a good time to go back up to my room.

“I defiantly saw something though..” I mumbled to myself once I was in my room, I was pacing back and forth trying to recollect what it could have been.

“You did see something.” I heard a male voice say, but there was no one there. I scanned the room frantically, beginning to breathe quickly

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5SOS find out Your ticklish 4/4.. Request

Being Ashton’s Girlfriend came with it perks, including being able to travel all over the globe with him. Today was no exception, you were travelling to the US for the last leg of their tour.

“Babe cuddle with me.” whined your boyfriend beside you, giving a dramatic sigh making him chuckle you turned to him. He opened his arms and wrapped them around you pulling you close to his chest. Ash nuzzled his face into the crook of you neck, you could feel his hands making shapes in your skin slowly moving up towards your rib cage.

You tensed trying not to sequel out in an airplane full of strangers and friends who would tense you endlessly about this. Ashton just repeated this action before whispering into your neck “Why are you so tense love?” The combination of his warm breath and his fingers at your rib cage, you could not help but giggle.

Realizing what you have done your eyes widened knowing that he heard you, you felt him smirk against your neck “You ticklish babe?” 

“W-what? No, nope not at all” you said hoping that he would leave it.

“Are you sure…” before you could react you felt his fingers at you sides tickling you. You could help but burst into laughter as you tried to get away from him.

“A-Ash stop, I-I cant breathe.” you said in between laughs but Ash just laughed as he continued to tickle you.

“Oi Love birds keep it down!” Mikey said before throwing some jelly babies at both of you.

You and Michael have been living together now for  about a year now and you liked keeping a certain secret from him, You were ticklish, extremely ticklish. You knew if Mikey found out well he will forever use this against you to get his way. 

While Mikey was at the studio with the boys, you were in one of Mikey’s Band shirts and shorts laid out on the sofa playing Halo, one of your favorite games on Xbox.

You didn’t hear him come home, well you did but you were so into the came you didn’t take you on. You were in the zone, with the mission on legendary the highest difficulty, you almost finished the mission when Mikey came home. 

Once Mikey walked into the living room and saw how sucked into the game you were, he knew that you were going to ignore him until you were finished. But he wanted cuddles and he wanted them now.

Mikey walked over to the sofa you were sitting on and plonked down beside you. he planted a kiss on your cheek trying to get your attention but failed. pouting he began to poke at you. You didn’t move or react until his finger grazed or a certain spot just below your ribs. Mikey smirked letting out a low chuckle “I think my princess is ticklish..” whispering into your ear. He watched as your eyes widened.

Before you could protest Mikey pinned you on the sofa as hands dig into your sides ticking you. The biggest grin was placed watching you smiling and laughing. “S-stop Mikey” you squealed under him.

“Say I’m Sorry Mikey for being a big meanie for ignore you and will repay you with lots of hugs and kisses.”

“Never!” you shouted as you tried to escape before giving up “Fine! I’m Sorry Mikey for being a big meanie!” you shouted he stopped looking at you with the biggest grin on his face 

“And?” he teased

“i will repay you with lots of hugs and Kisses.” you said with a pout on your face.

The one thing you probably loved as much as you loved Calum was Sleep. Being a heavy sleeper meant it was very difficult to wake you, and you were awake you probably would leave bed for at least an hour. This made things difficult when you and Calum had to be somewhere and you refused to wake up.

This morning wasn’t any different, you were snuggled up into the bed with no sign of leaving. Calum had a whole day planned for the both of you and he was not going to let your love to sleep ruins his plans.

Cal crawled over to you planting little kisses over your face, your hand reach up and lightly hit his face before mumbling “just 5 more minutes.” 

“come on babe, i have so much planned for us, come on get up.” he watched as you rolled onto your side. Cal look at you, trying to think of a away to get you up, he looked around the room and noticed your foot peaking out from under the covers. he shrugged, “Might as well try.” he thought to himself.

Cal made his way slowly to the end of the bed before tickling your foot, he could help but laugh as you squealed and scrummed trying to get away from him resulting in you falling out of bed.

“Well if i new if that would of worked i would of started doing that sooner.” 

Everyone was hanging out in you and Luke place, playing intense games of Mario cart. You were about to win when Luke went ahead and betrayed your trust by throwing a red shell hitting you causing him to win. After you threw your controller in anger, everyone laughed at you. Luke tried to give you a kiss but you pushed him away, still very angry at his actions.

It been an hour since the match between you and Luke and you were still ignoring him, to went into the kitchen to fix yourself a drink. Before entering the kitchen at the comer of your eye you could see your best friend whispering something into Luke’s ear. Brushing this off you continued on.

As you filled a glass with water you heard someone walk into the kitchen you put your glass down and turned around to see Luke standing there with the biggest smirk on his face.

“What do you want traitor.” you said but Luke didn’t say anything but ran up to you and started ticking your sides. You laughs filled the room and he refused to stop.

“IM SORRY LUKE”  you shouted, you were both breathless as he stopped looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes before planting a kiss on your lips

“im still mad though”.


“Just please. Just this once. Let me in again in those walls of yours.” Michael pleaded as he sneaked the both of us in the back of the tour bus.

“Correction, this is the second time.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. But, just please.”

“Michael, I put all my trust on you when you knew I had a hard time of doing so. And you broke it.” I crossed my arms.

“Fuck, yeah I know. I regret it up to this very day. Just, please.” He begged to the point he was kind of kneeling in front of me.

“I work as a makeup artist for you guys. And none of them knew what happened between us except the both of us. Don’t you think it’s finally done? After two years?”

“Come on, it never was Y/N. Now please?”

“Let me think.”

“You don’t think Y/N. You act first.”

“Ah. Still got it now Mikey?” I teased.

He gasped before excitedly saying, “You called me Mikey!”

“Don’t want me to?”

“What? No! The fuck? Sh- I still want you to call me that!” He rambled.

“Sure, Mikey.”

“So. Does that mean we could, you know, be back on the way it was?”

“When you cook good, then we’ll do it.”

“What? You’re kidding right?” His face turned more pale than ever.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“Great. Another pot or four to be burned.”

Pick a number and a boy! http://five-sauce-preferences.tumblr.com/post/145536857660/number-stuff



Michael finally getting ready to leave  your house after staying there for three days. Even tho he doesn’t want to leave, you walk him to his car and practically force him inside. As you shut the door and turn around Michael reaches through the car window and grabs your hand, he continues to make excuses as to why he can’t be without you and before you know it you’re strapped into the passengers seat on the way to Mikey’s house.

Late Night Michael

Ok, so late night Michael would smell really nice because he’d already have had his evening shower. He’d never dry his hair properly even with a towel, so the back of his shirt would have lines of water down it. He’d use your strawberry scented shampoo just to fuck with you because he knows it bothers you. But he’d like get a beer out of the fridge and join you on the couch where you were watching Chopped on Food Network, and be like “Baaaabe, can we play Halo?” And you’d have to give in becaue if not he’d get all whiney and pouty which you found adorable, but as soon as you got the controller in your hand, he’d put his down, climb on top of you and start sucking on your neck, and you’d try to keep playing but knew it was pointless. But that wouldn’t even lead to sex, just Michael eating you out on the couch because he wants to pleasure YOU. And after he made you cum, he’d cuddle you so tight and the two of you wouldn’t even bother going to bed because what’s the point? So you’d just lay there in bliss together until the angry sun made its presence known through the curtains.

Mornings 4/4


-You squeeze your eyes shut as your mind groggily wakes you up, the room you were in was much to bright for your liking.  You blink a few times before opening your eyes.  You felt the crust around them and cringed.  You tried to bring your hand up to rub it but it was stuck.  Suddenly you felt more awake then before.  You sat up a little, looking around to see that you were in Calum’s room.  You looked down to see his red flannel adorning your torso, the only thing on underneath was a lace thong that you had left at Calum’s one time.  You looked beside you to see Calum curled into a ball, his back facing you and you arm tucked under him.  Besides the aching of your arm that was numb from his body weight, your lips curled into a smile as you felt his fingers loosely tangled with yours.  You squeezed his hand, using your other hand to wipe the crust out of your eyes and run your fingers through your hair a few times.  You laid back down, spooning your boyfriend once again.  He stirred a little, turning over and putting a pulse back into your arm.  He opened his eyes a little, just enough to meet yours.  You smiled lazily, he returned it with his eyes closed.  “good morning” you whispered.  Calum mumbled something incomprehensible, resting his hands on your bare hips and moving his hands up your shirt.  You squirmed giggling and telling him to knock it off.  He broke a smile, still refusing to open his eyes.  He tugged your chest towards him so it was pressed against his and then squirmed his head in the crook of your neck and pressed a slow kiss to your jaw “good morning”


-“y/n”…. “y/n”…..”y/nnnnnnnnnn” you groaned pushing away however was all up in your grill this early in the morning.  You turned over on the bed, clinging onto the sheets even harder than before.  “y/n” at this point you realized it was Luke, being the little shit he is.  You felt him poke your cheek and then scurry to his side of the bed, his giggles trailing behind him.  You felt him crawl back over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing small kisses onto your shoulder.  “get off me Luke” you groaned, wiggling in his grip.  “good morning princess” you mentally roll your eyes, but you couldn’t help but let a smile fall onto your lips.  You turn around to face him, his head is resting on the pillow beside you, his hair sticking out in every direction possible.  You let out a small laugh, lifting your hand to brush it to one side.  His big blue eyes innocently peek up at you, he looks like a small child that is waiting for you to get up so you can get on the plane 8 hours to early to go to Disney Land.  You let your hand fall back to your side and stare at him.  The two of you have a silent starring contest until he blinks and you smile widely.  “I win” He scrunches his nose up, suddenly pouncing on you and throwing you onto his back.  “Luke!” you laughed clinging onto his neck as he gallops, literally gallops, into the kitchen and sits you on the counter.  He’s dressed in blue boxers with little sailor boats on them, and a plain black tee shirt.  You couldn’t help but stick your foot out and kick his butt as he turns to the fridge to find something to eat.  He turns to you with a playfully shocked look on his face.  “how dare you” you bite the inside of your cheek, trying to look as innocent as possible. He stands in-between your legs and places his hands on the small of your back.  He leans in so his lips are just barely touching yours “I love you” you make the rest of the way to touch his lips, a smile pressed against his.  You poked his nose “I love you too”


-Your eyes fluttered open at the sound of loud music.  You stayed in the same position, your face pressed into a pillow and your limbs sprawled across the bed, for several minutes until finally you felt awake enough to get up.  You threw on one of Ashton’s shirts that was folded on the dresser and waddled out of the room tiredly.  The music was coming from the kitchen where you figured Ashton was.  Sure enough, there was the attractive shaggy haired boy, standing over the waffle machine, his shirt no where to be found.  The new 21 pilots album was playing, and Ashton was humming along.  You walked over to him and slid your arms around his waist.  You felt his pulse jump against your chest.  “hey (y/nick/n), good morning babe” He spun around kissing the corner of your mouth.  “I didn’t wake you did I?” Ashton frowned turning his music down a little.  “No you’re good, I just got hungry” You know that he did wake you but thats like telling a little child that spilled milk is a big deal.  You plopped yourself up at the bar and watched him cook until we turned around to look for you.  “Oh look at you, not going to help?” he joked and you shook your head with a smug grin.  “no I’d rather just watch my personal chef make me his personal waffles” Ashton brought the spatula he was holding up and pointed it at you, his other hand coming up on his hip “you better watch it missy, mind you that this is an unpaid job and I am a very high class chef who works for kisses and love” you snorted, getting up and walking towards him.  Placing a long kiss on his tan face, you stand on your tippy toes “I’ll take 2 waffles and a side of strawberries and bacon please”


-You woke up feel your boobs being crushed against a hard surface.  Huffing your hair out of your face, you placed both hands on either side of you, trying to figure out where you were.  You looked down to see Michael laying underneath you, squeezing his eyes shut and slowly opening them.  Your face relaxed a little.  He stretched his arms up over his head, his eyes going up to you and then immediately down to your boobs which were tightly covered by a spaghetti strap tank top.  His sleepy face turned into a smirk.  You laughed smacking his arm and letting yourself fall back onto his chest.  His hands came up to your hips as he kissed your forehead.  “morning” His voice was laced with sleep and it was the sexiest thing ever.  You hummed, turning your head to look up at him. He was still looking at you, his hand came up slowly towards your face, his fingers played with your hair, his other hand slowly rubbing your back, his nails running chills down your spine.  You both stayed like that for a long time, not really saying anything.  His hand was tangled in your hair, his eyes focused on the ceiling and yours focused on the back of your eye lids. It was probably about 11 in the afternoon when Michael finally lifted his hands under your butt and propped himself up.  You whined, throwing your arms lazily over his neck and letting your head dangle on his back.  He held onto you, standing up and going towards your closet.  “c’mon baby girl, lets get dressed on we can get pancakes” you kiss his lips as he sets you onto your feet and runs his hand through your hair

Hanging by a thread (Drowning part 2)


Word count: 1000



“Y/N!!” You heard Luke’s familiar voice call out, but you couldn’t open your eyes.
The last memory you could recall was going to the restaurant, but for the life of you couldn’t understand what was going on.
It was like you were trapped in your own head, running in circles, but not going anywhere, standing in the same place still.
“Oh god, Y/N what did you do? Holy shit baby please open your eyes.” You heard him beg again.
You could feel hand connect with you face in efforts to wake you, but it didn’t.
“Please for the love of god please wak-” You could tell something had caught his attention and interrupted his sentence.
“Holy shit Y/N, did you take these?” He asked, obviously referring to the bottle of pills lying on the floor.
“Oh my- No, No, No, Please don’t leave me.” He pleaded.
You could feel him lift your body up so you your chest was leaning over the tub, shoving his finger down your throat at an attempt to clean out what might have been there and
your body reacted to his actions, making your stomach contract and immediately throwing up the contents.
“There you go darlin, come one now, wake up.”
He coached.
As if on cue you felt your eyes flutter open and you were faced with a disheveled looking Luke.
“Holy shit Y/N you scared the hell out of me. What happened? Why did you take so many of theses?” He asked with concern, and your brain began flooding with memories.
“I-I was hurting.” You started,. “Everything was hurting.” He looked down at you sympathetically. “Did I make you hurt Y/N? Did you do this because of me?” Almost instantly you remembered how and why you were here. It was because of Luke, he told you he told you he didn’t need you and treated you like crap.
You pulled his grip off you and he looked shocked, almost as if he didn’t know why you did it.
As silence filled the room you finally took in your surroundings, realizing that you were fully naked in front of Luke, so you moved your hands to cover your breasts.
“Get out.” You spoke, your voice trembling terribly as you tried to regain control of your body.
“I’m not gonna just leave you by yourself baby.” He spoke, he tried to rub your cheek but you backed away.
“Don’t call me that. You don’t get to call me baby.” You frowned angrily.
“You said you didn’t love me Luke, hell you even ignored me for half the night!! What did I do to deserve that?” You voice cracked mid way through your sentence, but you knew the effect was still the same.
“Y/N” He spoke carefully.
“Please, let’s not argue. You need to get cleaned up and I’ll take you to the hospital.” His stern voice let out.
“No.” You replied, “Stop fucking acting like you care.”
“I do care!! I walked blocks trying to find you..”
“Why Luke? So the guys wouldn’t think you were that much of a heartless basterd? He sat there quietly, so you took that as a sign to get out.
“Can you just get out? I have to get out.”
Without arguing he stood up and left, closing the door behind him.
Shakily you stood up, depending solely upon the edge of the bathtub for support.
You picked up your undergarments and slipped them on, immediately grabbing the hot pink tooth brush and brushing your teeth.
Once you had finished you stepped out of the bathroom. Noticing Luke’s shirtless frame sitting on the bed.
You turned out the bathroom light and crawled into bed, ganging Luke’s attention.
“Please talk to me Y/N” He asked from the other side of the bed.
“Are you fucking insane? You treated me like I wasn’t anything, you didn’t talk to me, you hardly wanted to look at me… Then you say you don’t love me.”
You could here him sigh loudly as he turned so his stomach was facing your back.
“You know I didn’t mean that. I just… I was just angry.”
“Why? What did I do?” “You didn’t do anything, I just saw you talking and laughing with Ashton that day and, I got pissed.”
“Seriously Luke? You fucking embarrass me and treat me like a dog because I was taking to Ashton? Do you know how dumb you sound?” You yelled widely. You were now beyond pissed and Luke was the cause.
“Please calm down.“ He pleaded, rolling over and grabbing your legs.
“I’m sorry!! What I did was dumb and I lashed out on you for no reason. Please don’t break up with me.” He spoke, his normally rough voice now barley above a whisper.
You pushed his hands off your thighs, roughly.
You felt bad about it but it’s what he did that caused this.
“You made that decision when you acted like an ass. Luke. You can’t treat people like dirt because your pissed.” You spoke, rolling onto your side.
“But…. I love you Y/N. I know what I did was wrong. But don’t forget that I do love you okay? Please? Even if you hate me for what ever else I did. Don’t forget that I love you.”
His words came out like a poem, and you turned back to face him.
“Luke?” You called out into the darkness, and he turned around.
Even in the pitch black you could make out his facial features, and without warning him your crashed your lips onto his.