She said she 
wanted a poem

I told her 
it doesn’t work like that
with a poet rolling stone

But then I broke it down in the backseat 

When I’m alone 
your the one I miss

Your soft skin
sends me to
candy store bliss

Your ChapStick
sticks on me
Mmm your kiss

Your the genie 
and I only need
one wish.

— Vintage

Hyenas and Lions

When I found you 
you were in a position of weakness
you were walking with your tail between your legs
you were broken

Yea, I noticed
Kind of surprised huh

You see
I figured it best
we not talk about
your brokenness 

True lions never pounce
on the helpless

I could have eaten 
you alive 

I could have made you my

I could have

But you see
vicious lions
also have hearts
deeper than the
deepest sea

I didn’t eat you
and then
you ate

— Vintage


As I descend
through the trees

My mind relives 
multiple eternities

There was me and you
back in 1452

We had a child
and our love was true 

When you died
I drank myself to death

My one & only till
my last breath

And then we
meet again

Introduced by a
mutual friend 

You said 
“If feels like I know you”

And then I smiled
“Stranger things have been true”

And before we made love
in 1952

That’s why I said…

“My Goodness this old soul has truly 
    missed you”.

— Vintage