My beautiful gf @wh0datgirl just turned 21 and I made her these silly paintings to as a gift! She’s been bugging me about Mickey and Minnie paintings since we started dating so here they are! #adventureskull #timelapseart #michaelsteinheiser #mickeyandminnie

My original pen and ink illustration for the new #swornin album. I looooove drawing this way and I can’t wait to get back to working with my hands instead of a computer screen. Email me if you’re interested in something like this for your band! Now I’ll be sketching all night till I pass out in the morning! #albumart #michaelsteinheiser #wakethedead #penandink

The way my prices are set up right now you could basically buy an Xbox One or hire me to design a shirt for you. While I do think my prices are fair for the established clientele I’ve built up over the years, they are pretty dang steep for the run-of-the-mill local band. These bands don’t tour, they play the same venues weekend to weekend, and for the most part make zero money from their band. So! I’ve been toying with this idea for a while and I think it’s time to start giving a lowered rate to the unsigned bands that are just trying to get by and play music. I miss making stuff for local bands because they are weird and take much bigger risks with design content haha. My prices are less than half across the board so email me and let’s get cracking on some cool stuff!! Michael.steinheiser@yahoo.com #adventureskull #michaelsteinheiser

Tarot cards designed a while back for sworn in. I believe these also ended up in the lyric booklet. Was themed around the album art which I also illustrated. So far I’ve only gotten to draw 2 tarot cards and I’m just dying to make a full set haha #tarotcards #adventureskull #michaelsteinheiser #swornin #theloversthedevil #penandink #illustration #weirdart #shirtdesign


My technology was fuckin up all night so I cooled down with a little early morning magic ink spellz JUST WAIT FOR THE DROP BRO!‘nn PLEASE STAND BY WHILE I FIX MY TECHNOLOGY ! Adventurereeeee skullllllll!!!!!!!!!! #adventureskull #adventureskull #adventureskull #adventureskull #inking #penandink #monsterart #michaelsteinheiser #harry