It’s true - we all know each other, and a lot of us even get along and actually like each other.  I.  KNOW.  SEE IT TO BEWEAVE IT!

Prince of grunge says all signs point to yes. Coming soon to NIKKILIPSTICK.COM!

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Check out these Doctor Couture knock-offs, one of my loyal readers, F.D., sent me this morning.  The smiley face one is a little close for comfort, but the pizza one is a dead ringer!!!!  At least they took the time to flip the pizza, haha!

It kinda bums me out, but it is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, so I’ll try to take it as a compliment.  I’ve had some really amazing designers that even I am a fan of copy some of my designs in the past, but it seems to bother me a little less and less each time it happens.  

You can pick up my “Brainwash Smile” tee HERE and my “Evil Pizza” Pullover or Tank Top HERE on the Doctor Couture website.

Would it make you mad if another designer blatantly copied your work, or would you be able to take it as a compliment?

Hey you guys, just in case you may have seen my rant about the “Luna” Cat Sweater and any resemblance it might have to the new Wildfox x Francesca Lia Block “Galaxy Cat” T - Wildfox AND Francesca both reached out to me and were so very kind and professional about the situation.

We have shared our inspiration photos behind both of our creations (mine is pictured above) and I can safely tell you, our inspirations were completely different.

So now, I want to apologize publicly to Kim Gordon, the Wildfox team, and Francesca and her team for not emailing them first with my concerns before being so quick to react publicly.  That was very immature and bratty of me as a young designer, and I am sorry.  As you all know, Wildfox and it’s creations have inspired me as a designer and as a customer for years, and I should only be so lucky to have them imitate any part of my designs - but they did not and I NEED everyone to know that.  

Both are amazing brands, and I do not want to do anything to tarnish either of their wonderful and hard-earned reputations.  This was just a cosmic coincidence, like I wanted to believe.

You can purchase the “Galaxy Cat” T at WILDFOXCOUTURE.COM in their pre-fall collection soon!

At New York Fashion Week, Proenza Schouler debuted their new collection which is inspired by Tumblr!  Being an avid Tumblr user, I found this to be very cool.

I can’t wait to show you guys the theme of my new collection for Doctor.  The 1st round of samples came in this week and we’ve already started shooting the new short film which will accompany the collection.  I have such a great cinematographer, band, and model.  You guys are just going to love everything, I know it.

Sneak peeks coming soon :D

x x x x