5sos ships!

What you have to do:

Reblog this.

Must be following me.

Ask me a question/mlt/wyr/tell me about your day/anything exciting happening.

Have a face/about page.

What you get:

Ship: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

Best friend: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

Drunk hook-up: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

Who you go for advice: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

Drinking buddy: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

Secret admirer: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

Who wants to cuddle the most: you  | him   |  both

Who sings the most: you  |  him   | both

Who says “i love you” first: you  | him  | both

Who steals food from the other: you  | him  | both

Who takes the most sneaky pictures: you  | him   |  both

Who introduces the other to the family first: you  | him | both

Who uses pet nicknames more: you  | him  | both

URL: ?/10

Icon: ?/10

Theme: ?/10

Overall: ?/10

Follow: no but ily | I am now | hell yeah | (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Forever

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Relatableclifford’s 2k Ships!

So I’ve reached 2k followers (woohooo!) so I’ve decided to do some ships (sail them ships Hannah) I’ll also be making a follow forever in the next week for you cool people ;)

What you got to do:

  • Ask me stuff/tell me about your day/ship me/talk 5sos to me ;)
  • Have a face/about page if not describe yourself 
  • Like/reblog this post

What you get:

Ship: ashton | luke | calum | michael

Bestie: ashton | luke | calum | michael

Drinking buddy: ashton | luke | calum | michael

Secret admirer: ashton | luke | calum | michael

Random gif of ship (not mine):

Fake tweet:

If you want..you can have one with your own twitter instead so it would look like this (just tell me your @):

no notes…this didn’t happen