a person id kinda be into (boyf riends)

hi ok im guilty, i originally thought “a guy that id kinda be into” was basically michael singing to christine or something about how gay he is for jeremy 

so here it is;

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It’s just a kiss. Those four words were the same ones she repeated to herself throughout the day. It was the last scene of the day and Casper hoped the time would ease her worries but they just got worse and worse as it drew closer. It’s not like she ever cared about such things- but the thought just made her panic silently, her eyes absentmindedly glued to her sandwich. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she barely heard the person calling her name. “Yes?”


Casper’s right leg shook restlessly under her left leg that rested over it, her eyes shifting tirelessly between the outside to the counter, to the entrance. She had been waiting for a bit, but it was mostly her own motivation to come ten minutes earlier than the time he had texted her. It was still a surprise to her really, that she had gotten the part. The brunette was basically sure that he’d disregard her - she was visibly annoyed throughout the process, sighed when he made her repeat certain parts of the script, and rolled her eyes at most everything that happened (even if she was the only one that ran through lines with him). And yet, there she was - tugging softly on her purple dyed ends as she sipped on her matcha latte, waiting for one Michael Sai to meet her to talk about her part as the main female lead in his short movie. Was Cas that good? Or were the other girls just horrible?