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2x13 “Houses of the Holy” // 5x01 “Sympathy for the Devil”
5x10 “Abandon All Hope” // 5x18 “Point of No Return”
5x22 “Lucifer Rising” // 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)”

“You’re Chosen…” - Dean Winchester as Michael’s Vessel and the Thing about the Colt

“There was a gun that won the west. There was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive. A lightning bolt when he shot that Colt.”

- Lucifer in 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)

So after this episode I just felt the need to make a gifset on Dean’s ties to Michael as well as the Colt, because in this week’s episode both of these themes were directly brought together by the visual of Mary retrieving the Colt from a safe hidden behind the famous painting of Michael striking down Lucifer. And while I have little faith that the show will truly let Dean play an integral role as the one who is Michael’s vessel and should be perfectly able to wield the lance to get rid of Lucifer once and for all and rather think the possession allusions surrounding Mary may frame her possibly being the one heavily involved here , I keep holding on to a tiny bit of hope that probably is ridiculous to hold on to. But what can I say? Dean picking up the lance and taking it with him at least left room for possibility.

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12x12 “Stuck in the Middle With You” - dammit show

Honestly this is the worst and most painful pun the show has ever done

Castiel being “stuck in the middle” with “you” 

i.e. Cas being stabbed in his stomach (”the middle”) with the Michael spear, special weapon not only of the archangel Michael but his designated vessel Dean (”you”) 

I meta’d about this last night but the full force of the pun, which is also a gigantic metaphor for Cas being pierced with love/desire for Dean (”humanity”) hit me this morning. 

Bascially this image is infuriating conceptual art and should be titled “Brutal Cupid” 

dammit show!

More in-depth meta here:


I Thought You Were Gone

Characters: Sam + Dean Winchester x sister!reader. Also, two others that I don’t want to reveal yet, but they’re from the episode 5x16

Words: 3300 (I could have made it into two parts, but I didn’t really know where to part it so, yeah.)

[Angst, Sadness, Character Deaths, Blood, Comfort]

Tags: @evyiione, @daughters-and-winsisters, @samanddeanshotsis, @fabulouslycassie, @darkestgrungeuniverse, @delessapeace-blog, @mariairwin666, @1amluke

A/N: This is a bit spontaneous, as I didn’t finish the fic I wanted to post. I found this one instead though, but sorry if there’s any undetected errors :)

Also, this takes place in season 5.

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed and leaned back against the headboard of the motel bed. It was quiet except for the mumbling of the random show on the TV. You weren’t even watching, you just put it on to break the silence, as you weren’t really used to it. The other day, Dean won some extra cash by hustling pool, and you all decided to splurge it on a second motel room, since well, it gets kind of crowded when you’re three and share one room. You had expected Dean to take the room by himself and leave you and Sam to share, not that you would question it, it was his money. But, he didn’t. Instead, to your surprise, he decided to be generous and gave you the room.

Even though it was a lot more spacious and not as warm, you still felt a bit odd being alone. Although, you appreciated the act. You really did, it was sweet of him.

Soon, you lied down on top of the bed, not even bothering to take off your clothes. You were quite exhausted from today’s, well yesterday’s — since it was past midnight — salt and burn. And that was probably the only reason you were able to sleep in that empty motel room.

You jolted awake by the loud sound. It took you a split second to place it, your heart hammering against your ribs. Gunshot. It was a gunshot. You flew off your bed onto your feet, confused. The noise was so loud you could have sworn it was in your room, but no, you were still alone. You were practically trembling because of the adrenaline pumping through your system. You were confused about the empty room, until you remembered why. But then, you were confused where the sound had come from until your realized that it must’ve come from the room next door. And who camped out there? Your brothers.

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“You Have No Idea Who I Am, Do You?”

Summary: Sam and Dean learn they have a sister and she helps them hunt a siren. I’m already super great at summaries

Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, and sister!Reader

A/N: So this is my first ever attempt at writing fanfiction, so everyone please go easy on me. This is for @casbabydontgoineedyou​ ‘s 1K Follower Celebration. I’ve had the idea for this fic floating around in my head for a while now, so when I saw this prompt on her challenge I knew I needed to just take the leap. I’ve tagged her and a few of the other fic writers I follow just to get feedback. I hope that’s ok. Any feedback (but especially the positive kind) is welcome. Also, it’s kind of long. Sorry, my hand slipped. 

Warnings: Angst, language, canon-level fighting. Also no smut (sorry?)

Prompt: “You have no idea who I am, do you?” 

(gif from google) 

Sam’s POV

Dean pulled the Impala into the bunker’s garage. It felt good to be home after the long drive from North Dakota. You, Dean, and Cas had just finished up a run-of-the-mill vengeful spirit. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at the thought of a vengeful spirit being “run-of-the-mill.” What a weird life we lead.

“Cas, you’re welcome to hang out for a bit. I’m going to hit the sack,” you stretched out satisfyingly. The familiar halls were comforting, and your bed was calling you. You shuffled through the war room towards the library. The walk from the car to your bed always seemed laboriously long.  

Quickly and silently, a figure came out from behind the wall to stand at the top of the library steps, gun raised in a practiced stance. Behind the weapon was a (tall/average/short) (y/h/c) stranger. Just as quickly, you were awake again. We raised our guns in reply and Cas’s angel blade was in his hand.

Suddenly her shoulders softened as her gun lowered.

“Oh thank god you’re here,” she sighed. “I was in the hotel room when some grey suited guy came up to me and painted some crap on the wall. There was a bright light and next thing I know I’m in this Cold War hideout. I think we’re underground. Are we underground? How’d we get here? Where’s dinner?”

We exchanged glances again as our guns stayed up. A demon, maybe? But how did it get in here?

“Oh god –” the stranger’s voice wavered – “you guys have no idea who I am, do you?

“Enlighten us, kid,” Dean snorted.

A look of grief washed over her (y/e/c) eyes, “I’m your sister.”

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crankgameplays + supernatural au aesthetic

ethan nestor - angel

  • gabriel’s little brother and best friend
  • cast out of heaven by michael
  • been in his vessel for 2 years
  • still has his grace, though it was lost for a short while
  • can teleport, is about half as powerful as michael, confused by human tendencies, often cocks his head to the side when confused, likes the colour blue, even though his wings have much prettier variations of blue than any blue on earth
  • doesn’t need to eat but thoroughly enjoys pizza
  • helpful and loyal to mark and tyler (even when they make fun of him for not knowing earthly customs)
  • doesn’t understand sarcasm and is a bad liar

read the full au list of characters here
[au list of characters created by the lovely @another-tyler12-blog, along with a few ideas from myself, go check out their amazing blog.]

amy/signe/jack/bob & wade/marzia/felix/emma blackery/kathryn/mark/ken & mary/darkiplier/antisepticeye/chica/alt. amy/tyler

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12.10: vessel flailing

Is anyone else just… having emotions about how Cas described Benjamin’s vessel?

“She gave him everything.  She was his friend, he would never risk hurting her.”

This episode gives us not one, but TWO angels (Akobel and Benjamin) who knew Cas and who had functioning relationships with humans before Cas went rogue.  On the one hand, this makes him less unique; less of the one odd angel with a crack in his chassis.  On the other hand, this makes his choices mean so much more; because he’d been the hunter, he’d gone after angels that chose humanity.  And he still chose Dean and Sam.  (Also; ANYONE ELSE FLAILING OVER NAOMI’S LINE BEING ECHOED BY ISHIM???? AH!)

I’m going to go cry over Jimmy and Sam and EVERY SINGLE ANGEL VESSEL WE’VE EVER HAD.  Because HELLO, canon that Angels can care about their vessels and that the vessels normally maintain some contact with their angelic guests.  (You know, those nice functioning angelic/vessel relationships that we’ve NEVER gotten to see because we’ve only gotten insight into Gadreel/Sam, Lucifer/Sam, Lucifer/Cas, Claire/Cas, and Jimmy/Cas after Cas was ripped from Jimmy.)

And at the same time, this horrible horrible canon confirmation that most angels don’t relinquish their vessels ever.  Three angels, three that kept their vessels with them in heaven for more than a hundred years until they fell.  (Remember what Uriel told Anna?  “We’re not supposed to be down here, let alone take a vessel.”  That was the same vessel for Uriel, so somewhere between 1901 and 1978 there was a general ban placed on walking the Earth.  Maybe because of the Winchesters… maybe because of Akobel.)

I’m just… I am having so many emotions about Jimmy and Claire right now.  Because they had to trust Cas, and he doesn’t take trust lightly and he would have wanted to protect Jimmy as much as he could…  (Just imagine that whole day the first time Chuck brought him back.  Just this aching void where Jimmy had been, and Cas being so caught up in trying to deal with the Winchesters and Lucifer being free; not enough time to mourn, just the sense of loss and the ‘I let you down.  You trusted me.  And I’m the only one who came back.’)


Just.  *FLAIL*

“We lost the Michael sword.”  So Michael had a vessel and either gave it up or something happened to them.  Which makes me wonder about Lucifer’s old vessel… if originally both vessels were kept in Heaven for the showdown and something happened.

And what happened to Cas’ female vessel?  Did he let her go, did she get to live her life?  Did she stay with him in heaven?  Was she there when he was sent into hell to rescue Dean?  Did he lose her there…

Chip off the Block

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: Mention of parent death

Word Count: 1,503

Pairing: Dean x Daughter!Reader


Can I get a Dean thing, where the reader is his daughter, a result from a one night stand, and they only know she is his daughter because Michael tried to use her as a vessel? And the reader is learning how to hunt from Dean, like Dean from John? ½

And could it be super adorable with learning moments, like the reader learning the uses of salt, and that if she were to ever need help, to call for Castiel?

Also, piggybacking of my other posts, the reader would be about 17,making Dean about 21 years older than she


           On his twenty-first birthday, Dean got laid. This was not a significant event; he’d been sleeping with girls since high school. Nothing especially stood out about that girl on his birthday. He stayed until morning and remembered her name, same as always. Then he went on his way, thinking very little about that night. He had to hunt. In the grand scheme of things, what did a little sex matter?

   The seventeen-year-old sitting in front of him is proof that it matters a lot.

   “So Michael … tried to inhabit you?” Dean asks her. She already told him the story, but he can’t believe it.

   “Yeah. Said something about needing a vessel, and he told me it wasn’t possession, but it sure sounded like it. You said he’s an angel?


   “Is there a difference?”

   “Archangels are a bigger pain in the ass.”

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That ending tho {TVD 8x13 Review}

Hey guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time which means if I make a mistake in the beginning it may be fixed by the end. In this review there will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline sentiments, probable mentions of misogynoir, anti-blackness and racism, possible mentions of other TV shows, if you do not like it do not read. I did this on my phone so bear with me. OK ready? Let’s go!

1. Seriously, Cade seems like a really petty devil though. “Kill 100 people or your brother’s girl” like … why? Don’t you have some world domination plans going on or…? Like why the interest in Stefan and Damon, what about either of them are particularly special to the devil? It doesn’t make sense to me. At least with Supernatural, everything from season 1 was leading up to Dean and Sam being vessels for Michael and Lucifer, like every season, every plot point fed into that so it made sense, this is just fucking random.

2. I’m legit taking this opportunity to tell people to watch Goblin because it is so much more intriguing than whatever the hell TVD has become. You can watch it on: Drama Fever, Box Asian, Drama 4 U Viki, like so many sites, guys. I mean, I’m just saying, if you want a show that’ll make you cry and keep you in suspense and make you fall in love with characters then that’s it.

3. Yeah Bonnie’s scream of pain totally could’ve been better.
Why do I care about Matt again? His family made a bell that could kill sirens? Or witches? And that somehow makes him important?

4. Everyone is having like such lowkey reactions to things. Damon’s reaction to Bonnie telling him that Stefan is human is like “Oh. Damn. OK.” LIKE? Bonnie crying over Enzo is like … I mean I guess. I remember when she cried over Jeremy, that shit looked painful.

5. “Stefan, thank God” sound even less enthused, Caroline.

6. Seriously Candice has NO conviction in her voice.

7. Why are there never any cars on the roads they drive on?

8. Alaric and Matt, the two characters I care about the least in one room.

9. “I don’t think this is just colonial bling” did they seriously make Dorian say that? UGH. Also who says bling anymore? Are we in the early 00s?

10. Why are we acting like this history wouldn’t include the enslaved or First Nations populations?

11. Why is Damon acting like he didn’t kill Tyler? I find this actually unbelievably fascinating. He can stand there and lecture Caroline about how Bonnie wouldn’t answer her calls when he killed Tyler who was supposed to be Caroline’s first love and her childhood friend? LIKE THIS WRITING.
I don’t understand this, Stefan is human so he can’t be immortal anymore and therefore is out of the contract so Cade will kill him? Can’t he just make Stefan an immortal human? Like why does he have to be a vampire? He can kill people without biting them, there’s always good old fashioned weaponry. Like what powers does Cade actually have?

12. Cade, why can’t you just get the book yourself? You’re supposed to be the freaking devil.

13. So the cops knew all of these people Stefan killed over two months and we’re just now seeing their presence?

14. How did Abby get to where Bonnie is so quickly?

15. “But don’t worry, Damon’s on it” yeah that isn’t a sentence that inspires confidence, Caroline. Shit.


17. Damon’s hair is stupid.

18. Seriously Damon, it was that easy for Alaric to kill you? Why are you terrible at everything?

19. I’m sorry this “funeral” for Enzo is kind of ridiculous.

20. Like there are no side effects to turning human? You’re just human and that’s it. You don’t feel slower, weaker, you can just operate normally?

21. Damon is ANNOYING. Like I’m sorry but his “zingy” one liners just make me want to punch him. SHUT UP.

22. I also don’t get a sense of urgency at all. Everything is moving so slowly.

23. These costumes are TERRIBLE. We’re flashing back to the Maxwell and Bennett ancestors, Zach is playing his ancestor and this black woman is playing the Bonnie’s ancestor and the acting is just done so poorly.

24. Sybil does look good in period clothing though. Even if the period clothing is awful.

25. Lol Caroline and Stefan are so bad at being together.

26. I can’t believe I’m only 20 minutes.

27. “You know him by another name, the devil.” Guys, if people knew him as “the” devil, then they would know him also as Satan and Lucifer or any other religious name for the devil, you can’t just pretend like religion isn’t a factor.

28. Why would Sybil tell Ethan what the bell would do?

29. So Bonnie opened the door to hell with her scream, yeah this is Supernatural.

30. Wait, why does the cure make a human reject vampire blood? How does that work?

31. “Sirened to ring the bell” it’s just compulsion.

32. These flashbacks are actually so fucking awful.

33. Matt just die of a heart attack.

34. How can vampire blood cure a heart attack but not cancer?

35. Caroline’s “you’re going to live” speech is SO WEAK.

36. All they had to do was photocopy the fucking book to know how to kill Cade.

37. Seriously Caroline and Stefan just feel like really close roommates.

38. OH SHUT UP ABOUT HOW BONNIE IS BEING SO STRONG, let her CRY, let her GRIEVE, let her just fucking FEEL.

39. Matt kissing Bonnie on the forehead looks really weird.

40. And seriously he’s not even going to STAY with her? The supposed love of her life died and no one is going to just BE with her? Remember when I said she would grieve alone?

41. “Thank you for saving my life.” “Oh that, I do that because it’s Tuesday.” LMFAO OK, DAMON.

42. KAI KAI KAI KAI OMG IT’S KAI KAIAKAIAIoisno oaf oafn oang og osg ! And he shows up like a BOSS.

Yeah this episode wasn’t the worst episode of the season but it was still entirely boring. I wish we could’ve seen Stefan’s apology to Bonnie and also where are the twins, who would Alaric entrust to keep them safe when the last person he trusted was a siren who kidnapped them? Does Caroline know Alaric is back? Does she get regular updates on her kids? But whatever because KAI IS BACK AND I’M SUPER FUCKING EXCITED DESPITE MY BETTER JUDGEMENT.