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I'm USA based, so I don't know how far-reaching the craft store Michael's is, but I found a variety of slow-rising squishies for $1-3 dollars. It should be a fairly inexpensive stimulation for those on a budget who have access to this store!

Squishies! In an offline retailer!

I’ve said before, I think, how odd it is that squishies hadn’t made it to offline stores, since … well, they’re awesome. I am so glad, though, that there’s now a source for folks who can’t purchase online, even if only US folks. If one store starts, usually the rest follow, so I consider this a good sign for international folks as well.

I couldn’t find a listing on their website. However, while I was searching, I did find an amazing selection of stimmy keychains, silicone spinners ($5 USD) and rainbow 7-point spinners (also $5 USD). I’ve shown the silicone spinners below:

[image description: three tri-shaped rounded-end spinners made from silicone with white circular central caps. The top-most spinner is light pink with streaks of white, yellow and blue; the left-hand spinner is green with streaks of blue, yellow and turquoise, and the right-hand spinner is light blue with streaks of red and purple. All three have a mottled, marbled effect.]

Note: I wouldn’t recommend chewing on the silicone spinner. There’s no listing about safety information, meaning the silicone could contain BPA-containing dyes. This is for folks who like the tactile feel of silicone, not for folks who want to spin and chew.

Thank you so much for letting us know, @afrostycatblr!

- Mod K.A.

Halloween 2016

Parts of musicals that make my heart feel Full™ Part 2

* The very end of 96000 where everyone is singing Lin Manuel Miranda is just amazing
* “Cosette… I love you very much”
* The high note at the end of Worst Pies
* “Viva! La vie! Boheme!”
* Man, just, all of That’s Rich. By far the most iconic song in the entirety of Newsies imo
* when they get faster and faster at the end of We Both Reached for the Gun
* The back and forth in Crazier than You
*“We loathe it all!–ooooOH WHAT IS THIS FEELING”
* The crap players yelling in the back of Luck be a Lady
*The high note in Requiem it kills me every time
* The very last “I hope that you… burn” in Burn
* Heather Chandler’s bit after she shoves Heather Duke in Candy Store
* Michael in the bathroom I CRY
* One of my favorite lines from all of musical theatre: “ I CAN’T BELIEVE JESUS CALLED ME A DICK!”


Photo by Kelly Jo Smart/NPR

Grocery stores in America have changed from neighborhood corner markets to multimillion-dollar chains that sell convenience — along with thousands of products — to satisfy the demand of the country’s hungry consumers. What caused this transformation? And what will our grocery stores be like in the future?

Award-winning food writer Michael Ruhlman examines this phenomenon through the story of the Midwestern grocery chain Heinen’s. His new book, Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America, not only offers insights on how we produce, distribute and buy food, but seeks ways of understanding our changing relationship with what we eat and how we get it.

Visit the local Harris Teeter with Ruhlman and NPR’s Ari Shapiro.

– Petra

Ever have trouble finding boots in the right color? Tried spray-painting them and ended up with a dry, cracked mess?

A fantastic friend recently advised me to paint leather boots (and any other leather goods) with floral paint. This is a spray paint that is light and flexible enough to use on live flowers. Above are the Poison Ivy boots I painted for a friend, which turned out fantastic.

One thing though: Wear them while you paint them, and maybe stretch your foot around in between coats. I didn’t think of this, and while the paint did not crack at all, it started to split where the boots were stretched from walking. Next time I paint some boots, I’ll let you know if I was able to fix this problem.

The paint I used is called Design Master, and you can find it at Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. In the stores near me, Michael’s had a better selection of colors and a slightly better price, but that may not be true everywhere. This color is “Holiday Green.”

Witch Tip!

I had some inspiration based on Witch tip posts. If you have old or broken crayons melt then down and make candles out of them. Wicks can often be found at craft stores like Michaels. Use old glass dishes (that you don’t plan on eating from), maybe add glitter, herbs, or essential oils, you can even use certain crayon colors in a candle for a certain intention, spell, or holiday. The possibilities are endless so get creative. It’s also a great craft project to do with kids.

When I’m bored I go to the RT store even though I have no money because one of the most entertaining things ever is looking at Michael modelling things

I mean just look





and it’s better when he’s with another person


look (side note, power couple ^^^)