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I forgot that a month ago I did a sketch dump of Kakashi for practice, but my phone was dead and I had no reference photos, so this was the best I could do. This was practice so I could figure out how to draw him with a mask bc that’s literally the hardest thing for me to do, tbh. (Onsen Kakashi #2 is my fave. But Kakachibi turned out cute too omg???) 

Michael Mell x Reader + Aquarium

- he suggests it to you after his buddy Jared tells him about how he went to the aquarium with his boyfriend and it was a fantastic date
- you get super pumped up about it because it’s the a q u a r i u m who wouldn’t be excited
- Michael’s getting dressed and he asks you to toss him a shirt
- after admiring your shirtless boyfriend, you hand him the “world’s best grandma” shirt that Jeremy got him as a joke
- “Really?”
“You never take off your red hoodie. Nobody’s gonna know except us.”
- he wears it
- he drives and sings along to Bruno Mars the whole way
- you obviously send videos to the squad
- “Damn, Bruno Mars would treat me RIGHT.”
“So do I, Michael.”
“Says the person who made me wear a World’s Best Grandma shirt.”
- when you get there, the ticket guy (AJ, you read from his name tag) asks if you qualify for any discounts
- Michael pulls up his hoodie and says, “Will this shirt get me a senior discount?”
- the ticket guy is dying laughing and says, “Yeah, sure, dude.” And gives him the fucking senior discount
- Michael is like a little kid, running to see the Beluga whales
- he takes a picture of you with your hand on a “Do Not Touch” sign
- he buys matching squid hats for the both of you and he refuses to take his off
- a little kid splashes you at the touch tank and soaks your shirt
- being the generous boyfriend he is, Michael gives you his hoodie
- “I want a divorce.”
“I love you, Michael.” Credit for this one to @the-king-of-wasps
- you two must look weird, you in a hoodie that’s way too big and him in a World’s Best Grandma shirt
- he shows you the gay penguins he read about online
- “That one’s named Connor and his boyfriend is named Evan.”
“That sounds weirdly familiar.”
- you get lunch at the aquarium
- “They serve fish here? That’s not right, man.”
“Jared said they have some pretty bomb cookies here.”
“Let’s get those instead of real food.”
- at the end of day, you see the dolphin show
- Michael suggests going again sometime
- “Sounds great, baby.”
- when you’re about to go to sleep, he still hasn’t taken off the squid hat


S. Coups: Store Manager. Takes pride in his store. Treats his employees like family. Doesn’t have a real family.

Jeonghan: Goes to Target.

Joshua: Brings a recyclable bag. Buys Bibles. Leaves scriptures in the bathroom. Always has exact change. 

Jun: Shoplifter. Steals stupid things. Does it just because. Wants to get caught. Never does.

Mingyu: Loves the Outdoor section. Thinks that camouflage is a color in the rainbow. Has a new fishing pole waiting in layaway. 

Wonwoo: Cashier. Always has lane closed. Tries not to make eye contact with customers. Brings a burger to lunch every day.

Hoshi: Rides around on the motored baskets. Terrorizes little children. Gets escorted out by security.

Woozi: Door Greeter. Hates greeting. Stays in the break room most of the day.

DK: Has a million coupons. All expired 2 years ago. Acts like he didn’t already know. Sad when he doesn’t get a smiley face sticker. 

The8: Brings a list. Only buys Walmart brand. On a budget. Knows where items are better than the employees.

Seungkwan: Comes at 6 a.m. every morning. Wears slippers, hair rollers and a pink furry robe. Always wants to speak to the manager.

Vernon: Wants lottery tickets. Thinks he’ll hit it big every time. Only wins 10 dollars. Blames Walmart. Says he won’t come back. Always does.

Dino: Roams around the Music department. Looks for discount Michael Jackson albums. Settles for Usher’s greatest hits.

Broke while trying to attract a rich man tips

  • Make sure your hair fits you. If you’re lighter complexion try blond, if you’re darker wear black. Long hair always gets the most attention. Get nice weaves/wigs , they also have very nice classy wigs on wigtypes or hairsisters or eBay.
  • LOOK expensive. Find sales online and shop at classier sites. Venus has clothing that isn’t too slutty but still quite sexy. Buy the classier things on forever 21/fashion nova.
  • Purses give away how you view yourself. Don’t walk around with a beat up purse, buy discount Michael kors or second hand designer bags. If neither make sure your bag LOOKS expensive.
  • If you have a gut or body that isn’t to your liking/you don’t attract wealthy men with. …buy shapewear. Waist cinchers, butt lifters, arm toners. Get it all and make sure you start hitting the gym. Men don’t care if you’re big as long as your stomach is flat and your ass is fat lol.
  • Always wear heels. No wedges…they look tacky. If stilettos are uncomfortable wear chunky heels or low heels…also a nice pair of flats or boots is always nice as well with casual outfits
  • Keep everything done up. Get your nails done in neutral colors or French. Pink, red, mauve is fine too. Get your eyelashes done or wear fake but very natural looking ones. Keep those eyebrows trimmed. If you have extra money get facials, massages, go to saunas etc.
  • Eat healthy/less. No you don’t have to be skinny to attract a wealthy man but remember you are competing with GORGEOUS women so you might want to watch your diet and drink more water. Stop eating so much fast food…not only does it make you fat it gives you bad skin too!
  • Go places alone. Once you do all of the above go to bars/lounges by yourself or with a friend who is just as pretty as you…never go out with women prettier than you if your sole purpose is to attract a wealthy man.
  • Makeup: keep it neutral…and make sure it looks right. If you can’t do advanced looks right now try simple looks and build your way up. Eventually you’ll become a contour queen.
  • Groupon is also your best friend…sometimes there are coupons for surgery or body treatments/waxes/etc
  • And always remember to treat yourself how you want to be treated even on a budget. Always dress yourself as if you’re going out with a wealthy gentleman and you’ll be fine!

DIY Polaroid Frame!

This was a wedding gift I gave to my sister and is perfect for any kinds of polaroids! I stapled the strings to the back of the frame because the nail would strip the string instead of holding it up. I also used a wood burning tool to burn “Est. 2015″

I got the frame at Michaels (in the discounted section too! You only need the frame, not the glass, so it was perfect that I got a slightly damaged one bc I liked the worn look of it.) 

He’s Scary, but Cute - Michael 5SOS Imagine/Preference

You were sitting at home, Michael as at the studio. You were skimming through the mail, even though you knew it was nothing but junk. Your phone started ringing and you quickly picked it up, knowing it was Michael, “hey Mike!” He was clearly in a great mood, “hey y/n, we ended up finishing up a little early, so I’m on my way home!” You were so excited, you hadn’t been spending much time together lately. Chipper, you said, “great! Tonight dinner is on me! See you when you get home!” You both quickly said I love you and then hung up. You started getting dressed and doing your make-up.

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5SOS Preference #48 (Ex Troubles)
Anonymous asked you:Can you do a preference where you are dating and his ex says that he doesn’t love you or that you aren’t good enough for him idk something like that but at the end he shows how much care about u? Thank youuuu! :)

Ashton: You’re hiding under your covers for the day, just done with everything that’s gone on today. Lately, your boyfriend Ashton’s ex has been leaving you messages on Facebook about how much better of a girlfriend she was. From under the pillow you’ve covered your face with, you hear feet shuffle into the bedroom. “You left your Facebook open on the computer,” he says quietly. You hold your breath, hoping he didn’t see the messages. “I saw them.” He doesn’t need to be specific for you to know what he means. “It’s not a big deal,” you lie. You feel the bed dip from Ashton’s weight, and you feel his hand on the back of your head, smoothing down your hair. “Is this why you haven’t moved from this spot today?” He asks. “Maybe,” you muffle, knowing it’s impossible to lie to Ash. You feel him flop down beside you, and the covers are lifted to reveal your boyfriend in his Avengers muscle tee and his dingy navy blue sweats. His feet are icicles as they play with yours under the covers. “Then I’ll stay right here with you.” You stay silent for a while, until Ashton speaks again. “None of it’s true, you know. You could leave hair in the sink and drain every day. You could put too much pepper in dinner. You could be a skunk for all I care and I’d still love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else. That’s the truth.” All you can think to say is, “I put too much pepper in dinner?” “Only sometimes,” Ashton smiles. “Well you’re a smelly boy and your feet are freezing all the time,” you shoot back playfully. “You mean these feet?” He scoots closer to you, and wraps himself around you, his cold toes grazing your legs. “Can we really stay here all day?” You ask. “I’m not going anywhere,” Ashton stays, and you’ve never seen a more genuine grin on his face.

Calum: “Cal, this has gone too far.” The two of you are having coffee at the store where his ex-girlfriend works. You examine her Sharpie handwriting on the side of his Starbucks cup. Extra sugar, because you’re super sweet. Text me! “This coffee cup flirtation has got to stop.” “She does that to every hot guy that comes in,” Calum defends. “Well she can write on the cups of the guys who don’t have girlfriends. I’m going to go talk to her,” you say. You march over to the counter, where she stares with hearts in her eyes at Calum. “Excuse me, but I don’t appreciate the notes you leave on my boyfriend’s coffees.” “Well he sure seems to like them. You just know you can’t compete with me–that’s why you’re complaining.” “Please stop.” “Make me.” You don’t know whether to climb over that counter and shove her head into the espresso machine or burst into tears. But crying does not become an option when Calum comes over to you. “What’s going on over here?” “Hey, did you see the note? Why haven’t you texted me yet?” You look directly at Calum, wanting to know why. “Because I’m dating (y/n). I’m with her now, and I don’t think it’s okay for you to write notes on my cups anymore.” “Oh come on, who am I harming? Not my fault she can’t handle a little healthy competition,” she sneers. “You’re harming her, and there is no competition between you and her. (y/n) is my girlfriend because she’s way more caring and considerate than you ever were.” He pulls you away from the counter, towards the exit. On your way out you hear her call, “Don’t expect to get any more discounts!”

Michael: “You’re at an All Time Low concert with your boyfriend Michael. By chance, and to your dismay, you two run into his ex-girlfriend Moira in the crowd. She’s everything you’re not, and way more compatible with Michael than you’ll ever be. "Babe, I’m gonna grab a drink from the bar,” he announces and snakes his way out of the masses. Not a minute passes before Moira is on you like a moth on a porchlight. “You’re not even Michael’s type in the slightest. I would watch your back because someone’s gonna come and steal him away from you. My bets on me.” Michael is back already, with a drink for both of you, and like that Moira is gone. “I’m just gonna head to the bathroom real quick. I’m not feeling good,” you say and squeeze past Michael into the crowd. You barely get to the bathroom before you begin to cry. You close yourself in a stall so no one can see your mascara run horridly. “(y/n)??” You hear from somewhere in the bathroom. You sniffle and look up. It’s Mikey. “(y/n), what are you doing in there? The show’s about to start!” “I told you I wasn’t feeling good!” You call back. You’re startle by banging on the stall door. “Come out here and talk to me.” “Just go and enjoy the show with Moira," you jeer. "Did she say something to you while I was getting drinks?” “She might have said a thing or two.” “Will you please just come out so I can see your beautiful face?” “It’s not beautiful,” you counter, but unlock the door anyway. Michael sidles into the tiny stall, where you’re wiping your mascara and eyeliner furiously on your jeans. “(y/n), there’s a reason I’m not with her anymore. One, she lies constantly–still does. Two, she’s not you. You could have an extra head and I’d still pick you over her. Please don’t listen to a word she says.” The crying has ceased, and you can hear the sound of ATL wafting into the now empty bathroom. “They’re playing Love Like War,” you comment. “Yeah, we should go out there now. We’re missing your favorite.” “That is my favorite,” you smile. “I know.”

Luke: You’re sitting in history, your worst period as it is. Today’s especially terrible since you’ve been assigned new seats, conveniently next to your boyfriend Luke’s ex-girlfriend and her apostles. Every time your prof’s back is turned, she whispers something new to grind your gears. “Slut.” “Sloppy seconds.” “I had him first.” “Pity fuck.” Each one is followed by a slew of hisses and snickers. You try to return to your notes, but you can hear the words repeated every time you scribble. You hear them in the scratch of your pencil on the paper, in the squeaking of the chalk on the board. You decide to sneak your phone out and shoot Luke a few texts about how bad of a class you’re having. By the time history’s over, you feel like that class could be in the books you’re studying. You pick up your backpack and things quickly, hoping to sneak out the door and avoid another onslaught of the girls’ taunts. You jump when Luke greets you at the door. “What are you doing here? You’ve got class across the school.” “You texted me saying you had a shitty class. So I came to cheer you up.” “Yeah, well, it was nothing,” you lie, though just as this moment, the group of girls are passing by you. You’re in the clear until you hear her fake cough, pretending to cover up calling you a whore. “Takes one to know one!” Luke calls half-heartedly after her. He turns his attention to you, slinging his arm around your back. He leans his head in so it rests on top of your head. “That was the trouble?” You nod. Luke moves so he can press his lips to your cheek. “Sorry, (y/n), she’s got nothing better to do than be jealous of those who are prettier than her,” he says. He rests his fingers under your chin, pulling up slightly so you’ll look at him. “And smarter. And funnier. And nicer. And has a cute boyfriend.” You smile and as Luke kisses you, you’re thankful for having him with you.

Bend The Rules (20/?)

Summary: (High School AU) - Michael comes from a very strict and quite religious family, but that doesn’t stop him from having a somewhat of a normal teenage life. He still goes out, though he has an early curfew and rules to follow. He has the mouth of a sailor, but makes sure his parents never hear. He maintains good grades so his parents aren’t ever thrown off. It can be annoying, but he can handle it. But life only becomes too difficult when Gavin Free intervenes. 

Word Count: 5697

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“I think we should change the topic to things that are actually important,” Barbara said as they headed out of the cafeteria.

“Such as?” Lindsay asked.

“Such as,” Barbara stepped in front of them, causing them to halt in their tracks, “what we’re going to do on the night of graduation.”

They all exchanged looks and some of them shrugged.

“We could throw a party,” Gavin suggested.

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Tonight's Talking Dead made me want to punch out a window

Generally, I like Mindy Kaling but it’s clear she doesn’t really care about this show. She was a waste of space on that couch and (in my opinion) needed to STFU. Seriously…why was she there? What purpose did she serve?

Michael Cudlitz, IMMEDIATELY discounting Michonne as a surrogate mother for Carl and then implying that Andre’s death was possibly due to Michonne’s actions/negligence/poor parenting. What the absolute FUCK?

This episode was beautiful and they threw away an opportunity to have a great discusson about it. So much could have been done with this and all they talked about is Abraham is awesome, Daryl is hot, and Michonne doesn’t smile (which is untrue and stale…and pedestrian…and VERY played).

I love the comics…I love Abraham…but they’re acting like this is the Abraham show now. NO. Vicky angry…VickySMMmmaaasssshh!!!!!!