OH HEY YES IN OTHER NEWS i got our trek exhibit photos today!!!!!!!!!!

and ok we only actually ordered/paid for the first two but they emailed me the third one as well?? SO THAT WAS REALLY NICE

but yeah holy shit that was such a great thing SITTING IN THE KIRK CHAIR PLEAASEE MY LIFE and then the tng bridge and then reboot transporter room :“”’)

The Best Damn Queue Tags On My Dash:


  • #My queue thinks your queue is hot
  • #My queue is starting to get uncomfortable with your queue’s advances
  • #My queue is getting a restraining order
  • #My queue has found someone new
  • #My queue is secretly pregnant and it’s yours
  • #My queue fell down some stairs and lost the baby

consortroyal: #roses are red violets are queue

Maddie: #the queue is talking for me

Muta: #I would queue 500 posts and I would queue 500 more

Stephanie: #stephanie posts from a queue

rickystroker: #queueing it up on the barry gibb queue show

Erin: #queued UP

Kieran:  #i’m not fucking cool enough for an awesome queue tag


(It’s all Harvey/Mike btw, for anyone who’s interested. sO.)

EVERYTHING by Closer, but you already knew that because I told you and yes good.

magpie4shinies: Extenuating Circumstances (PG)

Donna and Rachel are both upset with the situation. Rachel ran into a red-eyed Mike in the ladies’ room. They may or may not draw the right conclusions. It works out. ~19,877

BlackEyedGirl: Trust Graded on a Curve (PG-13)

Harvey asked for Mike’s loyalty, but doesn’t know what to do with it now he has it. Mike wants someone to trust, but can’t see what Harvey’s offering. Louis manages to takes advantage of both of those things, but only for a little while. ~5,078

Hover: Real Life Version (NC-17)

Having an associate who is actually an android certainly complicates things, especially if you fall in love with him…er, it. ~14,690
WiP WARNING: not updated recently

VampirePam: Save the Last Dance (PG-13)

When Harvey refuses to take Mike to Pearson Hardman’s Yule Ball because he’s convinced their relationship is only physical, Donna decides to take Mike instead. Jealousy, fancy dancing, and hijinks ensue as some members of the firm show up with surprising dates. ~14,004
(this is the weird one i talked about a while ago with suddenly doctor who, but there is christmas and donna in teal, so you can judge for yourself)

o-contrary: Getting It ®

For all Harvey’s lectures on getting it, it’s possible he’s missing a few things himself.

jonius_belonius: Gag Order (NC-17)

Louis set his hand on Mike’s shoulder and gave him a firm shake. “Get command of yourself. You can do this. Just remember: whatever Sandor wants, Sandor gets. Be accommodating. Get this guy signed.” He waved a hand in front of Mike’s face. “Hello. Did you hear what I just said? What are you going to be?” Mike blinked. “Accommodating?” “That’s the spirit. Now, get on that chopper. I’ve got to get back to the office.” ~35,214
WiP WARNING: updates fairly regularly (…also lots of other warnings, but you can see for yourself. very intense, but VERY good)

MajaLi: Caveat Quaestor ®

Mike has a tattoo. Harvey needs to know what it is. ~8,236

grim_lupine: Disturbing the Peace (NC-17)

Harvey has a new strategy for dealing with this thing that isn’t really a thing, because it’s not like it’s planned or regular or something he’s attached to in any way (though he has to admit that this can’t happen again is a resolution that hasn’t exactly held): just don’t talk about it. ~2,900

copiloting  asked:

chris did you get a wand at wwohp
did you try butterbeer

did i get a wand SURELY YOU JEST

and YES i have been having fun with it

and yes i had butterbeer it was surprisingly good also i had pumpkin juice and YUM i usually don’t like pumpkin flavored things but that was VERY nice also i want every candy they sell???? lots of stuff i seem to remember from either zonko’s or weasleys’ wizard wheezes like U-NO-POO and stuff

and fantastic journey was SO good we would have ridden it a bunch but the wait was two hours so lol nope but STILL also flight of the hippogriff was cute and fun but sob i don’t like big coasters so i didn’t do the dragon challenge

BUT i also got a ravenclaw tie

and hell you already see my kickcass avengers shirt

plus also i got comic books!!!!

and omg avengers #1 was good and i know #2 is out i just need to figure out if i’m gonna find a nearby shop or if i’ll just cave and order it online

and i haven’t started man out of time yet but i know i’m just gonna sob because steve feels

oh wait this was supposed to be a harry potter post OOPS

michaeljfoxy replied to your post: I don’t get why people just don’t always make…

why can’t people use the singular they more often? like my english teacher always writes “he/she” or “him/her” but he could just as easily write “they” or “them”


well assuming that there are only two genders is incorrect ALSO, plus saying “they” is easier i mean damn

copiloting  asked:

i feel like brantley and marty would just run around fucking shit up together

“hey is that thing a time-traveling machine”
“uh, yeah”
“can i go in it”
“… why”
“i need to go back fourteen years so i can win a spelling bee”
“please mcfly”
“c'mon mcfly you know you want to”
“you’re crazy you’re going to make the universe explode”
“that’s what makes it so fun!!!!!!”
“…………….. ok" 


so omg

went to the pne tonight w/ sophie, elizabeth, and erin and we went on a bunch of rides and felt sick (except erin cos she only went on like 3 and none of them were spinny (and bc of this she thinks she “’‘won the pne”“ sigh erin SIGH)) and ate a bunch of food (CURLY FRIES I FINALLY GOT CURLY FRIES I’VE BEEN WANTING THEM FOR A MONTH and lemonade and mini doughnuts)


they had a bunch of screens playing st:xi while we were in line to get it and we showed up right in time for DO IT DO IT DO IT and i sat in the tos captain’s chair guys MY BUTT AND SHATNER;S BUTT TOGETHER IN SPIRIT ON THAT CHAIR and we got a picture there and on the tng bridge and in the reboot tranporter room and we bought copies of the first two i’ll post them when they get emailed 2 me anwrkld/msl;f;d there were costumes and models of ships and i got a stupid magnet in the giftshop (pictured above) and erin and elizabeth got tribbles and sophie got vulcan ears and !!!!!!!!!! HOORAY A GOOD NIGHT