never was there a shittier photoshopping job

okay so i really liked michaelique’s cas skellington art that she posted yesterday and decided to have a quick go at cosplaying it! sadly i do not own an orange tie or pin striped trenchcoat but this is the best i could do and i’m very please with the make up!! hope you enjoy my early halloween shenanigans 

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your top 5 favorite blogs uwu

omg there’s so many amazing blogs out there, it’s super hard to choose just five, but i’ll try. besides my baes (angels section of my updates tab go follow woop woop), i’d say

  1. huntingsammy
  2. gadree because her gifs are amazing
  3. michaelique, mostly because i’m in love with her edits go look
  4. enohcian
  5. lydiaswolf is hella

i know i’m forgetting so many but off the top of my head, these blogs are amazing

ask me for my top 5 anything

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1, 2, 3, 59, 60 *u*

  • Your most rewatched movie.

either brokeback mountain or american beauty… or the dark knight?

  • A movie you quote on a daily basis.

mh… i mean i quote movies all the time but i can’t pick out one specific movie! (although thanks to my stepfather i have entire dialogues of ‘the life of brian’ internalized)

  • Least favorite genres.

romcoms and horror!

  • Biggest movie pet peeve.

the movie death we have all seen at least once: [unintelligible mumbling] - [meaningful last words] - [head falls to the side]

kirkchester au → harry potter.

it was not like dean winchester’s ( the little solitary hufflepuff of hogwarts ) biggest idol was about to arrive any day at his school and he was excited about that the whole damn time, making benny regret being his only friend a little – yeah, nothing like that. james tiberius kirk, greatest seeker of all times, was about to breathe his same air and it felt as if dean’s prayers have been accepted – not like he would admit he had the biggest crush on said player, nah - never gonna happen. a shame, though, that this one would turn out to be just a jerk who likes to screw the precious fan’s mind with his smirks and grins and winks directed right at him —- he doesn’t remember to have prayed for that. he doesn’t remember to have prayed for james kirk to go everyday to the library —- and not for books, that is. even though – he did like the daily make-out session – not even to mention how fast his poor heart would go whenever the thought of his all-time favorite seeker having eyes only for him would hit him. yeah, not even to count when said one claimed the hufflepuff to be his date for the yule ball —- meaning he would have been at the center of the attention for the first ball, since james tiberius kirk didn’t even think twice about throwing his name into the goblet of fire. yeah, good life for dean winchester and this crush on the most jerk quiddich player ever.