💕 alright, so the time has come for me to do my second follower forever bc I just reached 3k (???????) honestly, i can not begin to say how baffled I am by this and how thankful i am for all of you. you guys deal with my constant yelling over michael and my sub par writing, so thanks for not getting sick of me yet.  💕

my ride or dies:

lasshton - alexia, honestly I cant believe how quickly we became friends but I honestly feel like we’ve known each other for years and I’m so thankful that youre in my life. you inspire me with your writing and make me laugh so hard i snort. you’re my meme queen and i love you so much and i dont know what i’d do without you. ps. youre a calum girl (-;

suburbanbluesmichael - mariah, you are such a big support in my life, and sometimes I feel like youre the big sister I never had (no offence to my actual sister oops) I love you and your writing and your intense need for me and michael to get married and you just make me so happy, i always smile whenever i text you. idk man idk, just thank you for being in my life, i love you so much.

hemmnerd - rachele, my lil donut, youre on your way to europe right now and idk when you’ll see this but i hope you have an amazing time and met a cute european boy and fall in love bc you deserve to be happy and worshiped by a pretty boy and to be happy and loved bc youre so so wonderful. i love you, and its gonna suck not texting you but its worth it bc youre out making memories. 

suckeyangel - okay Kat, you are a legit angel and I cant wait for josh dun to hit you up bc i ship you two so hard. seriously tho, we haven’t talked too much but the little bit we have made me really happy and every time i see your selfies i smile bc your pretty smile is infectious and it kills me. i love you and you deserve to be happy and loved and to be treated like a princess bc you are one. 

the libra hoe squad:

 ashleyfrangiqane, iamhalseys, shittylucas, glttrpixie, (and unfortunately our crowning member doesn’t have her blog anymore but shout out to halsey for being the libra queen) anna, gabby, you two are so cool and so pretty and I love talking to you both a lot. leah, lucy, i haven’t talked to you guys much but I lowkey am in love with your blogs and you guys are just so nice. i love u guys  💕 💕

my faves forever: (bolded means im lowkey in love with you and your blog)


ashfuckwin, accioirwins, assholelukey, ashtermelon, aumichael, aussirapbbyirwie, blazeluke, bluhairalex, californianluke, calstupid, calum5sos, calumblonde, calumfood, calumhoodes, calumspiercedhood, cashtans, calumthomasofficial,​ caulm5sos, celmmings, chilirwin, classifiedluke, clemmogram, cliffordchill, cliffyluke, clinicalum, cuntmichael, defcliff0rd, dimplelashton, dopelucas, drunkmichaels, dudeitscyan


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ughyesmuke, unpopularkarlee, veinmichael, vintageafi, wanksclifford, yascuteboys, year6michael, zenonspice, ziouis

and I guess I should thank the guys that have given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. 5sos-official, you guys are lame as hell but i love you with all my heart.  

✨♡ OH MY GOODNESS GUYS!! I hit 13k the other day & I can’t thank you all enough seriously ♡ ✨

so I decided to make a very overdue follow forever, which include (alot) of my mutuals and my very special faves, {which will be bolded} 

(also, I'm super sorry if I miss you out, love you all♡)

✨  #-10 ✨

05sos, 5hmichael, 5secondsoffranta, 5sos-5ever, 5sos-official, 5sos-unofficial, 5soseductive, 5sosfam-army

✨ abc ✨

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✨ hijk ✨

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✨ pqr ✨

panicinthehood, perfhood, perksofhemmings, peroxidehearts, primestyles, qeneva, quarmi, queenhalsxy, reflectiontour, relaxlouis, reysbans, rookiehemmings

✨ stuv ✨

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✨ wxyz ✨ 

warpedlrhwhiskeyirwins, wintermings, woahbrien


ok so i’ve been saying for forever i wanted to make another follow forever (haha banter) and i just hit my next k like 2 days ago and i’m almost at my next .5 so yeah w/e anyways everyone i follow makes coming on here pretty decent so top job fam pat on the back love you all long time!! and thank you to everyone who follows me and messages me nice things or comes and talks to me about michael or music or bees or whatever and tries to cheer me up and likes and reblogs my things like i love you all a lot thanks for sticking around despite all my shitposting and idiocy!! (sorry this is such a long post i hate myself)


ashleyfrangiqane: anna my peach i love you so much you are the funniest and cutest and weirdest person i have ever spoken to and i’m so grateful for you to be my best friend and be the calum to my michael like i couldn’t ask for a better person to send me dumb vines and take the piss out of my accent and freak out about literally everything halsey does and admire my tiddies etc etc i probably don’t appreciate you like you deserve but you stick around anyway and i love u bith i ain’t never gonna stop loving you bith hoe cakes 4eva

celmmings: noa i was gonna be like you know how much you mean to me but you probably don’t cos i don’t tell you enough but i love you so much and knowing that i can talk to you always and i’ll without a doubt end up feeling 100% better is so comforting to me i love being ur hoe wife you’ve never been anything but amazing to me mrs hoebama my one and hoenly space hoe the love of my hoe life hoenestly being a part of double hoe seven with you makes me so happy hoe i love you

also cos i am a slave to the system iamhalseymusic ma thank you for blessing me with your music and i hope you make an appearance at my funeral when badlands finally lays me to rest and 5sos-official i fucking hate all of you i want a refund on the past few years of my life also michael i am free any time any place if u wanna chill or whatever 

also i’m too lazy to write full paras at this point i’m sorry but halsrenamy we hardly even talk but when we do it’s my fave cos we just go off about good music and i love you and if it weren’t for you i probably would have missed out on getting my halsey tickets but you hooked me up and i owe you my life thank you i love you i hope you are gifted with a halsren / frangregui seflie in the very near future / fvesos nyoom i love you more than life itself you’re so beautiful and you always make me so happy and i always think about you whenever i see any picture of luke i’m like nyoom would love this and i can’t listen to the weeknd anymore without thinking tiddies and  the other day i saw this vine of ducklings on a water slide and i was like nYOOM!! THE MIGHTY DIVING DUCKS!! like idk what made you ever want to talk to me cos you’re so cute and funny and amazing but thank you i love you / sadaboutmichael ur super funny always and i dig it keep doing u kale / julyxvi you brought catb au michael into my life and honestly tbh i cannot thank you enough / narryh may i just love you tbh / airguitars i will never get tired of the mutual thigh thirst i love bee queens so much already i love u / shiversofhappiness i love talking about michael’s armpits with you lmao / space girl whoever you are i love you and i hope you’re doing good!!

bolded are faves i guess :-)
a - e
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Special Shoutout to #Michaelskids: YOU KEEP ME YOUNG :.)

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Special shoutout to my IRL Friends: calumpy & ashurchin

Bolded: ULTRA FAVES Bolded & Italicized: Pls marry me?

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First, I want to say: THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for 1k! I can’t believe I hit 1k honestly?! To celebrate this I will do my first follow forever and ships! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Follow forever


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