Because 5sos says that they’re coming back next year...

And because I miss them a lot, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite old moments/inside jokes. Feel free to reblog and add your own if I missed your favorite!

- “It’s a chocolate milk party, it’s a chocolate milk party!”

- “I do what I want, I’m punk rock.” “No, you’re not.”


-”Go left down the cliff, and then just tumble for a while.”

- “Can the two huge assholes get out of the playground?”



- “Oh my god, pUuUuUberty!”

- “Your hair is unquiffable,”

- “I really want to have sex with Michael Clifford.”


- “Days like this I can’t believe, we’re all piles of cheese.”

- “I’m DJ MC, here we go!”

- “Tadpoles are baby turtles.”

- “Hey, this is Michael and this is L–I’m Michael and this is Luke.”

- “This is why people call you asian.”

- “Yeah, it’s Jack Barakat. He wants his hair back.”

- “I can see your nipple.”

- “You’re a Don’t Stop.”

- “Michael, you are yelLING.”

So, there you have it! I definitely could add more but this post is already way too long. I just really love and miss 5sos a lot. ((There’s so many great moments so I’m really hoping people add some of their favs to this.))

“oh alright, that’s rough.” 

I’ve been watch all these old video’s of 5SOS on my laptop and now I’m in a crisis because they’re growing so fast and they look all different and I’m just in a sad predicament 

The Signs and What They Desperately Want

Aries: 5sos3

Taurus: 5sos3

Gemini: 5sos3

Cancer: 5sos3

Leo: 5sos3

Virgo: 5sos3

Libra: 5sos3

Scorpio: 5sos3

Sagittarius: 5sos3

Capricorn: 5sos3

Aquarius: 5sos3

Pisces: 5sos3

When you really want 5SOS3 to be released so you can have new music to listen too and new live performances to scream about but at the same time you want to respect the boys break and have them enjoy their time relaxing away from the stress of touring

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