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How the turtles would help you through a panic attack


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Your panic attack would come out of nowhere but Leo knew exactly what to do to calm you down. He put one hand firmly on your chest above your heart and one hand was on your lower back. His heart broke a little when he felt how fast yours was beating.

“(Y/n), calm down. Breathe.” He spoke softly and gently, knowing anything could send you over the edge right now. You looked at him with tear filled eyes and breathed with him. He could feel your body shake less and less with each breathe and your heart rate slowed to its normal pace.

“Thank you, Leo, I…I’m sorr-”

“You never have to apologize to me for this, okay? I love you.”


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Raph never really knows what to do except to hold you in his arms. He feels guilty though, that he doesn’t know what to do. He just wants you to be okay. Your panic attack would come out of the blue and you would just latch onto him and he would quickly wrap his arms around you, holding you tight.

“(Y/n), what should I do? Tell me what I should do.” Raph pleaded, feeling useless. You just should your head and buried your face into his chest.

“J-just hold me…” you said, barely above a whisper. He could barely hear you but he could still hear your voice shaking. So he did as you said and he just held you and stroked your hair as he spoke soothing words to calm you down.


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You and Donnie would be on the couch reading together when it would happen. He heard your book fall to the floor and you suddenly gripped his arm in a panic. He knew what was going on. He threw his own book down quickly and he turned towards you and put one arm around your waist. With his free hand he placed his two fingers on the back on your neck and pressed firmly. You don’t know why this always calmed you down so quickly when he did this, but somehow it worked.

You shook a little and breathed with him. “How do you do that?” you asked, slowly starting to regain your composure. He just smiled softly at you and kept his arm around your waist as he caressed your cheek, his thumb wiping away a couple of tears and laughed lightly.

“I’m a genius, remember?”


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Sweet, precious Mikey. He is honestly a mixture of all three brothers. He doesn’t know what to do right away when your panic attack starts but he figures out what to do pretty quickly and it never seems to fail.

He stared at you helplessly for only a second before unwrapping his hoodie from his waist and he gently placed it over your shoulders and pulled you into arms. Once you started to calm down a little you pulled his large hoodie over your head and that immediately comforted you. It smelled just like him and it was surprisingly warm and soft. (He must have finally washed it.)

“You okay angelcakes? ….Did I help?” he asked gently. You smiled and placed a kiss on his snout.

“You did. Thank you Mikey.” you said sweetly. He blushed and held you tight. “…And good luck getting your hoodie back by the way.”

TMNT Summer Short #1 Review

Ok so I don’t normally do this but I just had to do it fot this.

So the first Summer Short just dropped and it’s called called “"Teenaged Mecha Ninja Turtles”.

Yup you read that right.

Ok so it takes place in the future and it’s all standard fare. The Turtles are giant robots.

It’s pretty standards TMNT fare, they don’t work well as a team and they learn to do so at the end. Normal stuff.

That is until the last minute.

We see that they’re suits! And they’re controlled by…

This adorable kid called Kusana…

Basque (a POC! Played by Cyborg! That Cyborg!)

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Jackson (I started laughing cuz he looks like a generic blonde anime boy)

And Frida! Look at that diversity!

Not only that…

Mikey’s the Sensei! How fucking cool is that???

Overall this was a giant AU and I loved it.

(https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1400958896609704&id=115965091775764&__tn__=C) YouTube link: (https://youtu.be/ijgRyNeeF5I)

Imagine: Watching a Studio Ghibli movie with your favorite turtle.

(This is my very first post on this account to please go easy on me! ^^ Thanks and enjoy some sweet turtle fluff~)

Leo: Spirited Away

Leonardo loves this movie so much. He has always had a love for Japanese culture and this movie has got it. He made a special request to watch Spirited Away for their movie night, well, more like begged.

“But Leo we’ve seen this one so many times! I have others, you know.” you said with a small laugh. Leo just shot you those gorgeous ocean blue eyes and your heart instantly melted. I mean, he saved the world…again. Let the guy watch his favorite movie! You sighed and gave in, giving Leo a peck on the lips. “Okay, okay. Go put in the movie and I’ll get started on the popcorn.” Leo smiled and pulled you in for a tight hug and a sweet kiss on the forehead.


Leo would turn off all the lights and pull you close to him as the movie started. By the end of the movie he was laid down on the couch with you sleeping contently on top of him, and of course, he stayed awake and watched the entire movie. He looked down at you sweetly and smiled, rubbing your back. He felt so lucky to have you…and your Ghibli collection!

Raph: Kiki’s Delivery Service

No. No way. Raph was definitely not going to watch that stupid witch movie. When you told him that you guys would be watching a Ghibli movie he was thinking more along the lines of Princess Mononoke or something. You know, something with lots of action and blood! But no. it had to be this.

“C’com Raphie! This is actually a really great movie!” you said as you sat next to him. He was being a grump on the couch again.

“Whatever, let’s just get this over with.” grumbled Raph. You rolled your eyes and smiled, handing him some popcorn.


You and Raph were both hot messes. It was actually kind of entertaining, in all honesty. You were both crying at the movie and were holding onto each other for dear life.

“Sh-she lost her powers?! Kiki nooo!!” wailed Raph. Your head was on his shoulder as you were wiping away some tears. God, this movie was actually really getting to him!


“Okay, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad movie after all…” admitted Raph as you both got up to stretch.

You smirked and replied, “Told ya so Raphie~”

Donnie: Castle in the Sky

Donnie actually isn’t much of a movie watcher honestly. He would much rather be in the lab tinkering with who knows what or working on the Shell Razor. But when you showed him the movie and begged him to watch it how could he say no? Besides, this is what good boyfriends do, right? Plus, the movie did look kinda cool, even if a floating castle was scientifically impossible.

He would watch the movie and actually really enjoy it and would talk a lot about the gadgets and guns they were using. Maybe he was getting some inspiration for future weapons? Who knows. You two watch in comfortable silence with his arm draped around you and you sat close to him, your head on his shoulder.

Mikey: My Neighbor Totoro

Mikey loves movie nights. It was a great excuse to cuddle with his Angelcakes in the dark. Plus he always ended up loving every movie you would bring over. His baby’s got good taste in film!

“Mikey I just got this super cute movie we have to watch ittt!!” you ran up to Mikey and shoved the movie in his face while giving him the puppy dog eyes, even though you knew that you really didn’t have to. Mikey would never ever say no to you. He loves you way too much for that.

“Yes ma’am! I’ll get the soda, popcorn, pizza, condo-”

“Mikey! It’s movie night! Not you-know-what night!” you scolded him with plenty of laughter in your voice as you lightly hit his shoulder. He laughs and kisses you sweetly then runs to get the snacks as you set up the movie.

Mikey ends up loving My Neighbor Totoro. He normally likes to watch action or horror movies but anything his girl likes, he likes too. He seriously teared up when Satsuki cried about her mother being sick and squealed at the cat bus, saying “OHMYGODTHATISTHECUTESTDAMNTHINGIHAVEEVERSEEENNNNN”

Imagine: Turtles trying to help you with Homework

Except its a subject they can’t even begin to understand

Leonardo: Science. Oh gods, of all the subjects his SO has, Science is his Achilles heel. If he can help it, he’s gonna low-key avoid them if a test is coming up. Or send them to Donatello.

Donatello: History. Yes, he’s very book smart, but history makes him falter. He usually has to sneak a tablet or shell-cell in when his SO asks for help.

Raphael: English. What the heck is grammar? Spelling? Huh? What?! The poor guy can’t tell Poe from punctuation. He is as lost as his SO. They barely finish the assignment, finishing less than an hour before it’s due.

Michaelangelo: Math. His SO hasn’t heard Mikey curse prior to introducing him to their algebra homework, but this poor turtle won’t stop the ‘WTF’ moments. Why is this a thing?! Why do teachers make you do this?! It’s cruelty! Mike is more stressed then his SO!

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Perhaps draw the turtle boys with their favorite pokemon starters? Hope you're feeling better and keep on drawing~

That was an awesome idea, Anon! Thank you, it really helped and I had lot of fun sketching them! I couldn’t choose between two starters sometimes so…

I picked Chimchar for the energy that would fit Mikey, and Mudkip just… because I thought it’d fit too and because yes, I love Mudkip =P

This one is dedicated to my dear @feujenny because she loves Raph, and we talked several time about how Incineroar is literally Raph’s pokémon version. =P Also, Raph does great with pets, and I was thinking about the episode of 2003 where he befriends a blind lady and  her cat.

Leo also has two starters. Rowlet will evolve in Decidueye which is basically a Ghost of the Jungle/Forest? =P But a Greninja partner would be simply perfect for him also so have a Froakie.

And finally, I couldn’t pick a starter for Donnie but I immediatly pictured him with a Magnemite, I wanted him to have an Electrik partner. But Rotom would be a good idea too, since he can fit into different machines, so I guess it would be a useful partner to power all of Donnie’s differents machines!

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

The Hashi

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Reader

You immediately knew something was wrong when you walked into the lair for lunch and none of the guys are to be seen. It’s daytime, so it’s not like they’re up top. But you also brought pizza, and Mikey would have sniffed it out the moment you got within a hundred feet of the Lair.

A faint tapping sound resonates from just past the kitchen, and you frown a bit. You walk towards the kitchen and set the five pizza boxes down on the counter before continuing your search. The tapping noise leads you to a room just down the tunnel from the kitchen, and your eyes widen when you realize just what room it is.

The Hashi.

You sigh and push open the door, stepping into Splinter’s form of timeout. Mikey is balanced tentatively on top of the unicycle, knitting a neon orange sweater. Raph is balancing on a board while bouncing a ping pong ball back and forth to himself (which explains the tapping sound). Leo is next to him doing a handstand on a chair, and finally, Donatello is in the splits on two cinder blocks, balancing eggs on chop sticks.

“What did you guys do now?” you ask, exasperated.

”(y/n)!” Mikey yells, looking over his shoulder at you with a grin. He holds up the sweater for you. “This is for you, babe!”

Just as the other three Hamato’s all chorus “Shut up, Mikey!”, a tail shoots out and hits Mikey’s unicycle. The youngest turtle gasps as he shoots forward, and barely regains his balance in time to remain upright. You look over at Splinter, who lounges in a lawn chair in the corner, a glass of what seems to be lemonade clutched in his paw.

The rat smiles at you gently. “Good afternoon, Ms. Pelini.”

“Hello, Splinter.” You smile and walk over to him. You cross your arms and regard the guys. “So…the Hashi, huh? They haven’t been here in months.”

Splinter chuckles. “Yes, well, they are still boys, no matter how much they act like they aren’t.”

Raph groans and Donnie yells, “Come on, Master Splinter!” Splinter gives him a pointed look, and the genius clams his mouth shut, looking away from his father and attempting to seem innocent.

"How long will they be in here?”

"They’ve been here for four hours, and they will stay here until one of them decides to confess.”

You nod, ignoring all of the guys’ faces, which plead for help. Unfortunately for them, you can’t do anything when it comes to Master Splinter. You respect him too much, and…well, you want to stay on his good side. “Alright.” You push yourself off of the wall. “I’ll be in the main room watching TV. You guys have fun in here.”

You walk towards the door with the guys chorusing “No’s” and pleas for help behind you, and you smirk. You turn around once you get to the door. “Oh!” You feign innocence. “And when you guys are done…I brought pizza.” You grin at their protests and Splinter’s gleeful laugh and shut the door behind you

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Screenshot redraw I did of a scene from Half-Shell Heroes! It took me a good six hours or so, but I really like to way it turned out. Click on it for full detail!

If you like this, please reblog. It lets me know people enjoy my hard work!

Batman/TMNT Adventures tribute to Matthew K Manning and Jon Sommariva.
After Carlos D'Anda cover for the first issue of the Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover.


How do you get into the character you are portraying?

I don’t have a set way of getting into a character. I find it is important to run scenes with another person before performing. I’m really lucky because my fiancé Layla Alizada is also an actress, so we get to coach each other on every part we play. Other than that, I make sure to read the script over and over and over. That’s the biggest part for me. I go into most scenes knowing the other lines almost as well as I know my own. Kind of helps me be able to let it all go and just trust. It’s like a cheat code. A trick that helps me be ok with just being there and listening. That might be the most important aspect of the whole process for me. Doing the work with the goal of allowing myself to let it go and just be present.

Turtles Imagines :First Date

Leonardo: Near midnight, walk though central park. Not close enough to be holding hands yet, but sneaking a few glances at each other as they walk though the quiet night. Is there a kiss at the end? Oh no… but he gets to hold their hand. And that’s more than enough for him.

Donatello: Dinner inside an old abandoned train station he found last week. You’d think it be gross and dusty, but in one week, this guy went all out. Marble was scrubbed clean, the lights rewired, and not a speck of dust to be seen… Never before was cleaning a romantic gesture, but this guy managed it!

Raphael:Shoos everyone out of the lair, orders pizza and chills with his SO on the couch, about a foot apart from one another. Its awkward, but sweet.

Michelangelo: Instantly after picking them up, Mikey literally picks them up, holding bridal style, and telling them to hang on. Then, the turtle is off across the rooftops, maybe doing a few flips, despite his SO protests. Their both laughing by the time he puts them down, which is a sucess.