Cannes Film Festival - Palme d’Or Winners: 2010-2015

2015: Dheepan (dir. Jacques Audiard; France)

2014: Winter Sleep (dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey)

2013: Blue is the Warmest Color (dir. Abdellatif Kechiche, France/Tunisia)

2012: Amour (dir. Michael Haneke, Austria)

2011: The Tree of Life (dir. Terrence Malick, United States)

2010: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand)

Winter Wonderland - Michael Clifford Imagine

Today was yours and Michael’s date night.  It’s December 4th, which means there’s a bunch of snow on the ground outside, which is great because winter is your favorite season.  You’re currently upstairs getting ready and dressed but instead of dressing up all fancy, you and Michael were keeping it simple.  So, you just wore black leggings, a Y/F/B/N tee shirt, a worn out leather jacket, and combat boots.  You threw on a black beanie and ran downstairs excitedly and met with Michael at the front door.  He was dressed in his usual attire and you sent him a wide smile and kissed his lips lightly.  “Come on, babe.  We’ve got an awesome night ahead of us."  Michael exclaimed, pulling you out the front door.  You giggled loudly and you both got into his car and quickly drove away to the unknown date spot.

Michael made you cover your eyes down the street from the unknown area and you excitedly obeyed.  When you two got to the spot, he uncovered your eyes for you and you saw a cute park in front of you.  You and Michael kept things pretty simple, never too fancy, but he made sure to be spontaneous at certain times to make you happy.  You got out of the car and admired the cute little area in amazement.  "Awe, Mikey, it’s gorgeous!"  You squealed.  He laughed quietly and grabbed your cold hand and you two began walking through the park.  You guys just talked and acted like a cute couple basically.  By the end of date night at the park, you both went home and drank hot chocolate.  While you were making the hot chocolate, Michael was fixing a fire in the fireplace.  Little did you know, he was preparing for something big. 

You finally finished making the hot chocolate so, you made your way into the living room happily.  You came in and only saw the lit fire and heard some light music playing in the background.  "Y/N, can we talk for a moment?"  Michael nervously asked.  You nodded and handed him his mug before he started talking.  "Y/N, I love you so much.  We’ve been together for 2 years and I’m so happy when i’m with you and I don’t know what I would do without you.  You’re my special little snowflake and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."  He pulled a tiny box out of his pocket and when you caught on to what he was doing, you felt a tear fall down your face.  Michael got down on one knee and opened the tiny black box to reveal a single diamond ring.  "YES!"  You shouted before he could say anything more.  Michael let out a loud laugh and said, "Wait, let me finish!"  You let out a sob and a small laugh before he continued, "Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"  You nodded your head quickly and Michael stood up and shakily slid the ring on your finger. 

You pulled him in for a passionate kiss and when you pulled away he smiled and said, "I love you so much, Y/N."  "I love you so much more, Michael."  You mumbled while pulling him in for another kiss.


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Mayor forced to return gift of eagle feather to Blackfeet Nation

The mayor in Great Falls, Montana, returned an eagle feather that was given to him by the Blackfeet Nation.Mayor Michael Winters received the feather at last week’s Memorial Day ceremony in which 162 names of Blackfeet warriors were added to the Montana Veterans Memorial. He was also given a Blackfeet name that translates to “Brave Eagle,” The Great Falls Tribune reported.

an ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

dir.: chad stahelski, david leitch (uncredited)
action / thriller

keanu reeves as john wick
michael nyqvist as viggo tarasov
alfie allen as iosef tarasov
willem dafoe as marcus

some facts:

  • according to keanu reeves, he did 90% of his own stunts in the film.
  • keanu reeves learned & memorized the nightclub fight sequence the day that the scene was filmed.
  • director chad stahelski was keanu reeves’ stunt double in the matrix movies.
  • john wick is intended to be a trilogy franchise.
  • the red circle bar is a clear allusion to 1 of the main influences for this film: le cercle rouge (1970).
  • according to the directors’ commentary, when they shot the top-level nightclub fight sequence keanu reeves had the flu & was running a 104°F fever.
  • john wick is referred to as “baba yaga”. in slavic lore, baba yaga is usually portrayed as a witch that lives in a house standing on chicken legs. she is often portrayed in a scary way but tends to act more like a trickster. even so, she has been known to be helpful to those who are pure of heart.
  • the filmmakers took into account keanu reeves’ native hawaiian ancestry for john wick’s tattoo. “fortis fortuna adiuvat” (fortune favors the bold) is the motto used by 3rd battalion 3rd marines based in marine corps base hawaii, kaneohe bay. suggesting that john wick was once a u.s. marine in hawaii.
  • john wick smoothly transitions between several shooting styles depending on the situation. during close-quarters battles & while moving through tight hallways, he employs a center axis relock stance. when moving & shooting at longer ranges, he changes into more traditional weaver & isosceles stances.
  • during hand to hand combat scenes, john wick shows himself to be a judoka & use japanese traditional jujutsu. judo is a japanese martial art emphasizing throws. specifically, wick repeatedly uses head throws and arm throws. on the other hand, his rival assassin, ms. perkins, uses brazilian jiu-jitsu (employing a kimura shoulder lock, the crucifix position & using her leather jacket as a gi to perform a wing choke in her fight against wick in the hotel room).
  • the film reunites actors keanu reeves, daniel bernhardt, randall duk kim along with producers-directors chad stahelski & david leitch, all of whom were involved in the matrix trilogy.
  • the character of john wick is also a playable character in the video-game payday 2 (2013). he was added to the game 2 days before the movie’s wide release.
  • while chad stahelski is the credited director & david leitch is the credited producer (due to dga & pga regulations), the 2 produced & directed together as a team.
  • keanu reeves’ 6th time playing a role named john.
  • the logo with the 2 arrows seen on the van from the cleaning team is the symbol for the german recycling system called green dot (grüner punkt).
  • american muscle cars in movie are 1969 mach 1 mustang, (mistaken for a 429 boss mustang), 1970 ss396 chevelle a 2011 dodge charger ld & the 1968 dodge charger in aureilo’s garage.
  • the pistol john wick primarily used in the beginning of the film is a heckler & koch p30 with a silencer or compensator.
  • gregori is playing dust 514 (2013) at the safe house, a first person shooter only available on the playstation 3 system. yet he can be seen playing it on xbox 360.
  • during the dust 514 (2013) scene, the mobster can be seen shooting an enemy with the name point break (1991), another keanu reeves title.
  • the shotgun john wick uses towards the end of the film is a keltek ksg.
  • bridget moynahan, who plays john wick’s wife, has only 8 seconds of screen time.
  • derek kolstad had no actors in mind when “john wick” was a spec script. the writer only had non-living action stars in mind before it was produced.
  • the book on the coffee table is a monography of alvaro siza, a portuguese architect, considered to be one of the best in the world.
  • derek kolstad’s grandfather, 88-year-old john wick served as an inspiration for the movie’s title & character name.
  • daniel bernhardt played an agent in the keanu reeves vehicle matrix reloaded (2003).
  • marilyn manson (matrix’s soundtrack) is also in john wick’s soundtrack.
  • 2nd movie where keanu reeves drives a black dodge charger, the first being los reyes de la calle (2008).
  • this movie reunites 2 actors from the hbo tv series the wire (2002). although they don’t share screen time, both lance reddick & clarke peters appear in the continental. reunites 3 actors from the hbo tv series oz (1997). although they don’t share screen time, lance reddick, clarke peters, & dean winters appear in the movie.
  • bacon grease was placed on keanu’s face to attract his dog to jump on him when he wakes up in bed.
  • kevin nash plays a large russian henchman. he also played 1 in the punisher (2004), though in that film his lines were cut in post-production.
  • 1st time that keanu reeves & willem dafoe have acted together on film, both were in the speed franchise: reeves was in speed (1994), & dafoe was in speed 2: cruise control (1997).
  • bridget regan, who played addy the bartender at the continental, played the confessor in the legend of the seeker (2008) tv series.

spoilers (the trivia items below may give away important plot points)

  • the body count is 119 in this film.
  • the security guard who waves wick onto the airport runway is reading the 1970s thriller novel “shibumi” by rod whitaker, under the pen name trevanian, also about a retired master assassin dragged back into the game. the story viggo tells about how wick killed three men “with a pencil” alludes to a crucial scene from the same novel.
  • both producer basil iwanyk & keanu reeves reference the number 84 as being the total number of kills by john wick.
  • according to the directors’ commentary, their first cut of the movie was 2 hours & 20 minutes long. they didn’t reveal much about approximately 39 minutes of footage that was cut out of the movie but they did mentioned that ending fight between john & viggo was longer but was cut down after they both acknowledged that viggo shouldn’t really pose a big physical threat to wick. also, david leitch said how “there’s a ton of great shots on the cutting room floor that’s just keanu reeves walking in cool environments.”
  • the red shirt henchmen are an homage to star trek (1966).
  • iosef (alfie allen) is shot in the genitals before being killed. in game of thrones (2011), allen’s character was castrated.

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Dirty Water TV from Winter’s Birthday at Umbria.mov (by DirtyWaterTV)

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