We've lost a George, a Prince, a poet named Cohen, a man made of stardust, and are getting Trumps. 2016 proves that we need time machines.

… No, seriously, what year is it? It’s Sunday night and I’m watching Justin Chatwin live a double life. … I’ve been here before. … Y’all, even “Doctor Who” didn’t want this much to change since 2013, and especially not in just this year alone.


“The lady wore black, its the sign of her prisoners lives”… I dont know what it is about that line, but it brings so much imagery to mind, its such an awesome song! 

Regarding Geoff Tate..


“How can anyone like Todd over the voice of QR?”


“Because Geoff Tate died sometime around 1992 and a fat bald asshole gigolo in a sleeveless vest burst Alien-like from his corpse and assumed his identity.”

tankermottind via Youtube

“The stand-out performance is Penelope Wilton’s magnificent Gertrude. I have always thought the part underwritten but, by the simple expedient of always living in the moment, Wilton fills in Shakespeare’s gaps. Wilton charts precisely Gertrude’s transition from serene queen to appalled, unwitting accomplice in a royal murder.” - Michael Billington

Penelope Wilton and Jude Law in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ (2009)