Regarding Geoff Tate..


“How can anyone like Todd over the voice of QR?”


“Because Geoff Tate died sometime around 1992 and a fat bald asshole gigolo in a sleeveless vest burst Alien-like from his corpse and assumed his identity.”

tankermottind via Youtube

August 14th 2015 - Hotel Mayfair “Downton Abbey Finale Series Junket” by AFP found here (X).

It seems the cast came back the day after the 13th for more interviews and maybe a meal at the same hotel (or they changed clothes the same day on the 13th). I came on this by chance and Hugh Bonneville plus Elizabeth McGovern wear Phyllis Logan’s gift. Click the link to watch the whole interview with the rest of the cast: it is funny, especially Rob James Collier. I wish we could hear Hugh Bonneville’s interview though.