New Family - Requested

Requested by @tanovic54321 :  Can u do a fluff Sherlock imagine where his gf accompanies him to a family thing & she brings her sons for the first time his family (& him)meet them & slowly people realizes that the two little boys are tiny versions of Sherlock & Mycroft?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,169

Warnings: This is mostly focused on the kids.

A/N: As someone who has lived this kind of situation (as in the kid’s point of view) I figured it would be too much to have many people there, so I reduced it a bit.


It was a big step – a huge step, more likely – for Sherlock and (Y/N)’s relationship. They never expected to get that far and so they decided to keep the kids out of it.

She had two young boys, smart and sympathetic, highly functional kids. Sherlock knew about them and even liked them in spite of having met them only two or three times maximum.

“Are you sure about this?” She stuttered. They were outside her home and the kids were inside. Sherlock wanted to take them all to a family thing.

“Of course I’m sure,” Sherlock assured, acting offended by the question. “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

“I’m sure the correct word is ‘surer’, Sher.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Surer sounds stupid.” Sherlock beamed, “Now call the boys and let’s go.”

(Y/N) hesitated but eventually called them. Sherlock noticed how the oldest one was clearly bigger than the other, not only in height but also he was chubbier. The younger one had a curly mess on his head, and he seemed to be skinnier and shyer.

“Michael, Shepherd, remember Mister Holmes?” (Y/N) asked as she pushed the two boys out.

“How do you do?” They both asked in mechanical voices.

“Nice to see you again, lads.” Sherlock greeted back.

“Mommy, is he going to take us to jail?” Shepherd, the younger, inquired.

“No, not at all,” Sherlock replied.

“Obviously,” Michael snapped, “he only takes criminals to jail. If you knew how to properly read, you’d know.”

“Enough, Michael.” (Y/N) warned. The kid shut his mouth but he kept the superiority pose.

“Where are we going, Mister Holmes?” Shepherd continued.

“I’m taking you to my country house to meet my parents and my brother,” Sherlock explained calmly.

“Why?” Shepherd asked.

“Because he’s mommy’s new boyfriend!” Michael huffed.

Shepherd gasped and tried to act surprised. Before (Y/N) could reply, Shep punched Michael’s arm.

“We had to keep it secret!” Shepherd cried.

“Enough!” (Y/N) split them. “Are you sure you want to take them?”

Sherlock giggled warmly. “Yes, my mother will love them.”

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Hackney Empire II- Michael Gray

Hackney Empire pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | alt. ending - Michael Gray

Michael was at your house the next morning. Before the sun had even risen he was knocking on the door of Sabini’s penthouse, calling your name. Sabini had left shortly after he’d brought you home, he was headed down to Brighton for the week because his wife was giving birth. You were grateful that you were alone and you wondered for a minute if Michael knew you would be. Why else would he risk coming to Sabini’s looking for you. 

“H-Michael, what are you doing here? Did anyone see you come up?” You pulled him into the house by his sleeve, checking the hallway for any sign that someone may have spotted him.  

“No one saw me, calm down.” He walked further into the penthouse, taking in the lavish design of the living area.  

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Michael x Reader

You’d met Michael through Tommy. In fact, everyone you knew was because of Tommy, not that you didn’t appreciate the almost obsessive protection, it was just that you didn’t feel for Tommy the way he felt for you.


You often felt like you were deceiving him, in a way you were, you’d once told Arthur how you felt and he’d told you to never tell his brother for fear Tommy might go mad. But that became more difficult when Michael came along.


“You’re thinking again.” Michael observed when he came into the kitchen and found you staring into space, a teacup in your hands, waiting to be sipped from once you’d snapped out of it.

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Bad Reputation (Song Preference)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,301

Requested: Yes

A/N:I hate that i’m making you all wait so long for stories but, I promise i’m trying my best here. Today i’ve dedicated the whole day to writing and emptying my inbox sooo wish me luck. Hope you all enjoy :-)

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

All my friends have seen her naked

Or so the story goes

The cafeteria was abuzz with gossip and mindless chatter of the hormonal teenagers. It smelled of leftover pizza and stale fries. The room was so overcrowded the fire marshal would have a stroke at the large amount of student all squished into the small space.

Michael sat and observed the busy place. Person after person passed by his bored eyes as they all went to their designated places. Michael’s people watching was interrupted but a slap on his shoulder.

“Right, Mike?” he looked up to see his friend Calum smiling at him mischievously.

“What?” Michael asked with a confused expression.

“Luke was just talking about how he got some sick nudes from that Y/N chick” Calum chuckled.

Luke was seated across from Michael and looking at his phone triumphantly. “Yeah man, I was talking to her last night and she sent me this super hot snapchat” Luke beamed.

“Eh that’s not that impressive” The fourth member of the group, Ashton, interjected. “I mean hasn’t like everyone seen her naked?” He inquired.

“I mean duh” Luke replied “But she’s still hot” He finished.

Mistakes we all make them

But they won’t let it go, no

She got a bad reputation

But I know what they don’t

Michael simply rolled his eyes as his ignorant friends. He had known Y/N and he knew that she wasn’t the type of girl they thought she was. She was smart, funny, generous, and kind. He could remember when they used to be best friends up until eighth grade. High school was when everything changed.

Michael began getting closer with Calum, Ashton,and Luke and soon they had started their band together and that began to take up majority of his time. Meanwhile, Y/N had met her former boyfriend, Blake. They were together for about six months until she finally broke it off after the incident.

In the beginning of their relationship, Y/N and Blake were very sexual and were known to show more PDA in the halls at school. They were inseparable and constantly had their hands on each other. Pretty soon, the two would exchange sexual pictures back in forth, sometimes even in class. On their half year anniversary, Y/N went to surprise Blake at his house since she knew that his parents were gone for the weekend. When she had arrived she caught him in the bed with another girl. She was absolutely heartbroken by this and broke up with him immediately to much of Blake’s dismay.

By this time Blake had a nice collection of Y/N’s “pictures” and out of anger he showed them to all his friends and his friend showed them to their friends and so on until the whole school had seen them. Not only was Y/N embarrassed but she was also hurt. She would’ve never expect someone who she trusted so much to betray her in such a way.

She got a bad reputation

Nobody gets too close

A sight of a soul when it’s breaking

Making my heart grow cold

After all of this, Y/N’s friends didn’t want to be seen with her any longer which left her alone in the big school. She was mocked and teased constantly. Michael pitied her and tried to reached out to her, but she became introverted and withdrew from all social interactions.

He soon began to miss their youthful friendship and he couldn’t figure out what kind of a guy would do such a thing to her.

Pretty soon after the incident more people started to say that she had sent them pictures as well or she had performed sexual acts. At this point Y/N was weak and beaten, so she simply took all the hit to her reputation.

Michael knew better than to listen to the harsh rumors. He wanted so badly to pick her back up and place her back down on her feet again so she might have a fighting chance again. He had wished that he would have kept in touch with her throughout the years.

And I don’t care what they say about you baby

They don’t know what you’ve been through

And trust me, I could be the one to treat you like a lady

Let me see what’s underneath, all I need is you

The school’s bells rung signaling that classes had ended for the day. Michael walked out in the parking lot to his car. He hopped into the driver’s seat and turned on his radio to a deafening volume. Loud music would drown out the rest of the world and help him think. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove when he looked out his side window to see Y/N walking all alone.

Michael pulled up next to her and slowed down so he could go the same pace as her.

“Hey Y/N” He said to her.

She didn’t even look up. She kept her head down and shoved her hands in the pockets of her skinny jeans and continued walking.

“Are you on your way home? I can give you a ride home if you want”. When she remained quiet he continued speaking “Y/N, you okay? If you want to we can talk. Just get in the car and I can drive you home,you look tired”

The girl halted her steps causing Michael to step on his brake pedal which made him stop as well.

Y/N looked up at him “Why do you suddenly care, Michael? You haven’t talked to me in years. Why now are you concerned for me? Do you pity me? I don’t need your pity. I just want to walk home. Alone.” with that she tore her eyes away from his and walked at a faster pace, trying to get away from him.

Michael started driving again but didn’t leave her side “Look, I don’t pity you. To be completely honest, I miss you. I miss our fun times and our friendship” he confessed

Y/N scoffed “If you really valued our friendship so much then why did you ditch me?”

“It’s complicated” he explained. “I was a dumb freshman and I didn’t know any better, but you have to believe me. I changed as a person since then”

“Yeah, well, I’ve changed too.” Y/N stated simply.

Michael sighed at the stubborn girl “Y/N, i’m sorry. I really am and I want to move forward. I know that you’ve been through alot in the past year but I do not pity you. I’m trying to reach out to you but you keep pushing my away. It’s not healthy and I love you and I don’t want to see you suffer anymore”

Y/N covered her face with her hands and soon he saw her shoulders shake as sobs racked her body. Michael quickly pulled his car off of the road and ran to her side. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her.

When he had eventually calmed Y/N down enough he lead her to the passenger side of his car before getting back into his own seat.   

“You’re right Michael” Y/N sniffled. “I push people away. I can’t help it though, imagine if the people you trusted the most had hurt and abandoned you. It pains me so much. So, I lock everyone out. I don’t want to. I just want to be normal again.”

Michael reached over and grasped her hand and gave it a light squeeze. “I’m here now, and I can see what’s underneath all those ugly rumors. I see you as the beautiful, intelligent, sweet, funny person you are and I promise I won’t leave you again.”

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

New Girl // Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

“Hey AJ, who is that?” Matthew asked as he stared at you from afar. You were bustling around dressed in a high-waisted black skirt with an old Halloween t-shirt despite the fact that it was mid July. His eyes landed on your worn out converse and he grinned at your whole ensemble. He watched as you nodded as one of the writers from the show spoke to you, quickly jotting things down on a tablet you held in your hand.

“I think her name is Y/N. She’s the newest writer’s assistant. You should ask Kirsten though, she knows,” the blonde replied as she noticed who Matthew was staring at. He nodded as he went to go find her.

“Kirsten,” he called as he found the other blonde across the room.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked as she looked up from her script.

“AJ was telling me that we have a new assistant? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah! Y/N! She’s such a doll,” Kirsten gushed. “Really talented too. I can see why Michael hired her.”

“What’s she like?” Matthew asked as he turned to look at you again. Kirsten followed his gaze and found you seated and on your phone while you waited for the rest of the crew to set up.

“She’s quirky. She’s really funny and easy going. She actually reminds me a lot of you,” Kirsten said in realization. “You should go talk to her,” she encouraged. Matthew stared as he debated whether to approach you before the director interrupted his thought and called all the actors to the set.

Matthew spent the next few weeks keeping an eye out for you. The writers didn’t tend to spend too much time around them and that meant neither did you. He found that he enjoyed your outfits whenever he did catch sight of you. You always wore something odd- whether it was a cat necklace or a jack-o-lantern shoulder bag. It only made him think that Kirsten was right when she had said you two were alike.

Matthew was surprised to see you in the middle of the set that morning. You chewed on your pen as you looked over the newest script that had been sent out, making sure it was perfect. You had been in charge of editing and you were a perfectionist to say the least.

“Hey, uh Y/N, right?” Matthew asked as he approached you. You looked up at him with a smile as you immediately recognized him. He was your favorite actor of the bunch although your interactions had been incredibly limited.

“Yes. Hi, I know I’ve been working here for a while now but we never got to introduce ourselves,” you said as you outstretched your hand. “I’m Y/N.”

“Matthew,” he replied as he shook your hand eagerly. You smiled as he shook it for a little too long before sheepishly pulling away.

“What did you need?” You asked curiously.

“Oh. Um, right,” he mumbled as he pulled out his script. “So in this scene I’m supposed to be seated next to Thomas but I think it would make greater impact if I was standing.”

“Well, I’m sure if you ask Michael he’ll agree,” you replied as you referred to your boss.

“Right. Right. Thanks,” he said as he looked down and began to walk away. “Actually,” he started as he turned back to you, “how about you accompany me and we ask him?”

Matthew was hopeful in his request as he waited for an answer. You grinned and nodded.


You led him through the set, making small talk.

“So do you live around here?” Matthew asked as he fell into step with you.

“Yeah, about ten minutes away.”

“Do you like working here?” He asked as he attempted to take you in without you noticing his glances. You were dressed in black jeans with what appeared to be a vintage Wonder Woman t-shirt. You looked comfy but still cute, something he found you always were.

“I do. The early call times can be a bitch sometimes but a good cup of coffee always gets me through the day,” you laughed as you spotted your boss.

“I know this really great coffee shop that’s not too far. We could go sometime,” Matthew tried to sound casual as he suggested it although inside he was panicking. He didn’t want to scare you off.

“That sounds great. I’ll be sure to take you up on that,” you replied with a smile. The two of you arrived in front of Michael and stopped.

“Hey Michael. Matthew here has some suggestions,” you said as you gestured towards him.

“Let’s hear them Gube,” your boss replied as he set his own cup of coffee down.

“Oh. Well, I just think that I should be standing in scene 3, not sitting,” he replied as he looked at you nervously. Michael stayed quiet as he observed the two of you.

“Matthew, are you fucking kidding me? You know I don’t care about things like that,” he said with a small laugh. “Next time you need an excuse to talk to Y/N, try not to drag me into it.”

The man laughed as he walked away from you both- leaving Matthew red as a tomato in embarrassment and you with a red tint in your cheeks at the realization that he had looked for an excuse to talk to you.

Hold your breath; M.C.

The lovely @we-mightaswell requested I’d do a Michael one for a change.. So here you go!

“God damn it you fucking prick.” Michael mumbles as he glances at his phone while a shiver rakes down his spine. Calum and he were supposed to meet up tonight to have a talk about some personal things considering the band, on Calum’s proposal. Michael knew Calum had been having trouble with certain decisions and was desperate to talk about them.

That’s why it actually blew Michael’s mind that Calum was the one to cancel their plans for this evening. Michael on the other hand, was actually looking forward to having a drink with his mate, away from all the stress that came along with the band, touring and fans.

“Well fuck it.” Michael groans before he turns around and pushes the door open to the local bar where they were supposed to meet. Michael’s eyes scan along the perimeter in search for a free spot in the crowded bar. Friends were chatting with one another, laughing, and Michael’s face contorted in a grin when his eyes fell on the open spot near the end of the bar.

“Excuse me, is this spot taken?” Michael addresses the girl who has her gaze trained on her half full whiskey glass. Michael sees her body twitch, probably not expecting someone in such close proximity addressing her, but when she turns her head to meet his gaze, her face remains rather stoic.
“Oh, no. Please, have a seat.” She motions to the empty bar chair besides her and her black nail polished finger traces the rim of her glass absentmindedly.

Michael orders a beer with the bar tender and at first, he occupies himself by glancing at the different alcoholic beverages displayed behind the man who is mixing up cocktails. At least four meters of glass is covered in diverse bottles in a broad variety of colours and shapes. His attention is drawn back to the female in a long, black dress when her arm raises her empty glass to silently direct the bartender to make her another one.

“I’m Michael.” He speaks up, both of his hands cupping his beer bottle as he shoots a genuine smile in the mystery girl’s direction. She raises his head and gives him a tight lipped smile before responding. “I know; I think everyone knows who you are.” Her answer is so brisk and dismissing Michael’s cheeks taint with a bright red hue, embarrassment taking the upper hand.
“I’m Y/n.”

Michael doesn’t know what to say, and so he decides to keep quiet. Somehow, he had expected this woman to be a bit more open, seeing her occupation of the evening. But her gown, as well as hair and make-up show that she was supposed to be somewhere completely different tonight. It intrigued Michael.

“Why is a rock star like yourself out all by his self?” Michael can hear the smirk without even looking at Y/n, and it kind of enjoys him that she is such a straight forwarded persona.
“My bassist bailed on me. Why is such a lovely girl all by herself, with whiskey, none the less?” Michael’s head motions to the full glass in front of Y/n and she shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, as if the words she was about to speak were of no matter. But you could she see was hiding something.

“To forget.” Her answer is yet again brisk, but emotion is laced through the simple words. She brings her glass to her lips without glancing at Michael once, eyes trained on the same bottles of liquor Michael had been observing recently. He waits for her to elaborate on the matter, but when she doesn’t he decides to take the rest of the conversation in his own hands.

“Forget what – “ Michael starts, but stops himself almost immediately when he sees Y/n turn her head and subtly glaring in Michael’s direction. “ – Never mind. Need someone to help you forget?” At his words, the tiniest of smiles forms on her nude coloured lips. “I’d like that.”

“I guess we’re going to need a few more drinks then; don’t you think dear?” Michael winks at Y/n and a goofy smile makes his way onto his lips when he sees the pinkish colour her cheeks get. He orders her a cocktail that’s easier on the stomach than the whiskey she has been consuming for god knows how long, ordering himself another beer.

“What’s it like to be internationally famous?” Her lips suddenly blurt out the question which had been pondering through her mind as soon as Michael had walked in. He isn’t really surprised to hear her voice her curiosity, because it was something he had to explain on a daily basis.

“It’s amazing – enthralling, but also exhausting. Constantly eyes are watching our every move, but seeing all those people coming to our shows and blaring our lyrics along with us makes it all worth wile.” Michael sighs dreamily as he thinks back of the last show they had done together before their break, just over two weeks ago.

“That sounds like a real thrill. Which I had such an exciting life.” Y/n lifts the tip of her veil and Michael can’t help but to be intrigued. “Then what do you keep yourself busy with in your daily life?”
“I work in a music store.”

Michael’s lips take on the shape of an ‘o’ before he grins. “So you’re on the opposite side of my world!” Y/n lets out a scoff and Michael brings his beer to his lips while he waits for Y/n to respond.
“More like two worlds colliding right now. All I get are ten year olds wanting to buy their first guitar and then realising it costs more than twenty dollars.”

Michael laughs loudly at Y/n grumbling out what she might be dealing with on a daily basis. “Watch it Y/n, I was once that ten-year-old.” It draws a tiny chuckle from her lips, her hand raising to cover her mouth.

“Okay, let’s have one more drink.” Michael winks at Y/n while he raises his arm to catch the attention of the bartender, and when Y/n speaks up Michael stills in shock.
“And then we’ll leave?”

“Well – I mean,  I – “ Michael stutters as he feels the heat crawl all the way to his ears. His gaze flicks from Y/n’s eyes to the floor, the ceiling, the bottles behind the bartender, anywhere as long as it isn’t on her face. When he does peak a tiny glance, he sees her face contort into something that resembles sadness.

“Don’t you want to? I’m sorry, I got the vibe that you –“ Y/n abruptly stops her sentence while shaking her head, chugging the last of her cocktail down her throat, ready to leave. Michael knows she’s feeling embarrassed right now and stops Y/n’s leaving with his hand on her fragile arm.

“I want this more than you think dear. But I am scared that you and I might not be thinking clear.” Her movements still before she slowly backtracks and lets her bum rest on the bar chair once more. “Does it really matter?” Her head tilts just the slightest bit, her gaze filled with wonder and Michael can’t help but to be completely smitten by her beauty.

“I guess not.” Michael smiles, which brightens when he sees Y/n sink her teeth into her bottom lip. “Then let’s leave. Fuck that last drink.” Y/n’s fingers slip between Michael’s, resting on his lap, and she gives it a subtle, small pull. Michael’s stomach flutters with her eagerness and he believes the grin he sports because of this amazing, enthralling female will be permanent.

Michael throws a few bills in the direction of the bartender, who winks in acknowledgements as Y/n raises to her feet and tugs Michael up as well. “Someone’s eager.”
“I’m curious to see what I will learn.” Y/n simply states as she pulls Michael through the mass of people, fingers still intertwined. As they both stumble outside, Y/n loses her footing on the few steps as her heels slips, Michael coming into rescue as fast as humanly possible.

His arms are around Y/n’s waist and he holds his breath when he hears the beautiful girl he had spent his whole evening talking to, carelessly laughing for the first time.
“You’re amazing.”

 Let me know what you think! xox

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oh my god I found this i love it

okay and but so egocentrifuge, who is the headcanons-and-fic-ideas-at-six-in-the-morning light of my life, brought up Plan G and how it would factor into gta au


mostly because of course there’s the concept of a Very Drunk gavin and geoff sitting around and gavin launching into hypotheticals and inevitably he says something along the lines of, “alright, but what if– what if we need to make a getaway.”

and geoff is like uh, we literally walk out the door like we always do.

but gavin’s got this terrifying I-Have-an-Idea look in his eye, and he says, “no, a real getaway. no evidence.” he makes a little explodey gesture with his fingers. “kill switch.”

and because geoff is Very Drunk, he’s entertaining the idea. “kill switch?”

gavin grins dangerously. “Plan B. Plan G.”

and so they design it, and they do it, the most apocalyptic, literal cleansing by fire ever to exist within two feet of their beds, and they don’t tell jack because jack would rightly kill them both, and it is awesome.

and so i’m very pumped about that, but i’m also adoring the concept of michael–wonderful, observant, shoot-first-ask-questions-never michael–finding The Button one day because of course he does, and he calls out, “the fuck’s this button for?”

and geoff freezes and very calmly says, “did you press it?”

yeah,” michael says, like duh, like obviously. “what’s it do?”

“uh,” geoff says, and then the air catches on fire.

(he and gavin try to get by with golly gee i had no idea that would happen, but jack just says they’re gonna fucking wish they died back there, and michael laughs about it for ten years)

Diet Coke & Ray, a Raywood fic

Ryan didn’t have favorites, but he had Diet Coke, and he had Ray.  (read on ao3)

Everyone seemed to realize Ryan didn’t have particularly strong pulls towards a ‘favorite’ thing separately, but they all came to the same conclusion eventually.  fahc Raywood, fluff, ignore that Christmas was ages ago, based on the fact that Ryan gets annoyed if you ask him what his favorite anything is, ~6k aka much longer than I intended sorry, (also juggey because who doesn’t have those feels at this point) ((also also im not sorry for all the run on sentences and overuse of the word observant))


Michael pulled Ryan’s name for Secret Santa and threatened to rage quit Christmas immediately after seeing the name.  Fortunately Geoff was the only person in the room at the time, because Michael had immediately begged, “Can I switch with Ray?” and Geoff had frowned at him, beginning a Dad Lecture™ about honor and responsibility.  That’s when Michael knew he was screwed.

What the fuck did Ryan even like?  Besides murder?  Michael slowly realized he knew the least about Ryan than anyone in the crew.  Ryan was out with Ray four nights a week doing jobs. The other nights, he was on the couch with Gavin, Jeremy, and Ray playing any pretty much any video game. Geoff and Jack knew everything there was to know about the crew and Los Santos.  Michael didn’t know shit.  Michael was fucked.

Even though Geoff had strictly forbidden Michael from seeking help from anyone else (even the B-team! What kind of bullshit rule was that??), Michael still thought maybe Ray would accidentally (or not) let something slip about what Ryan might want for Christmas.  Everyone knew Ray and Ryan were the closest of anyone, and Ray and Michael were good friends, right?

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Years Long Past - Pt. 2

Requested: yes the idea came from this genius!

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Summary: Y/N finally awkwardly bumps into an old friend of hers, Calum Hood. She is surprised how talkative he is and the conversation keeps going. But who know where it’ll go?


Paid to be Popular

Hair Color

Part 1

“Just so you know, we’re staying at a hotel,” Calum said after minutes of awkward silence. You nodded slightly as the weak sound of Blink-182 played. Calum definitely hadn’t changed his music taste, since he was drumming his thumb against the wheel in the rhythm of the song.

“That’s fine.” You mumbled, not knowing if you should take your phone out and pretend that you were texting someone or if that was actually a mean move.

“How long is the ride?” You asked impatiently. Calum briefly let his eyes gaze towards you as your stare might have been weirder than you wanted it to be.

“About fifteen minutes,” He answered and smiled. You knew his smiles. That smile wasn’t showing fun, just plain boredom. But what could you do in a car? The Blink-182 song stopped, the next one began, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the All Time Low song now playing.

“What? What’s wrong?” Calum questioned with a confused look plastered on his face, barely looking at the road. You chuckled at Calum’s furrowed eyebrows.

“You’re exactly the same, aren’t you?” Calum still looked confused, “Blink-182? All Time Low?”

Calum chuckled as if he was relieved, “I like to think that. But don’t pretend you don’t love them too!” He said, turning up the volume of the song. You licked the bottom lip and hoped that the both of you would spontaneously burst into song, but that only happened in movies. God, you wished your life was a movie. Instead of singing until your lungs hurt, you sat and listened to the music. No words were exchanged in a long time.

Sometimes you’d looked at Calum, just to admire him. His personality hadn’t changed, but god his look had. When you knew him, he was a simple and thin kid with dreams he only told you. Now he was muscular and with a much more complicated lifestyle.

“I don’t think Luke’s home,” Calum stated, turning to the left. You twisted your head to watch Calum. You then nodded, wondering what you were doing. It was a school night and you were heading to a childhood friend’s house because he offered you.

“Okay,” You whispered. Calum observed you as you stared out the window. You were right in front of an enormous, poorly kept hotel where Calum parked the car. It wasn’t a good-looking hotel as you expected it to be. You were even wondering if it could be called a hotel since one of the windows seemed to be broken. But Calum didn’t think much about your scared facial expression as you stood out of the car. He walked towards you and stopped very close to you.

“That hotel literally scared the crap out of me when we first arrived,” Calum squinted his eyes, looking up at the tall building. You nodded and followed Calum when he started walking towards the entrance. You were meet by an old lady who was standing with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Hello, Mrs Henderson. We’re just going to our room.” Calum said to her and was already walking up the stairs. His tone was completely different as he spoke to the elderly woman.

“But who is this, Calum? Is she your girlfriend?” Calum sighed as you had stopped in front of the lady. He ran down the stairs again to try to push you away from Mrs Henderson, but you resisted on moving before you had said hello to her.

“No, she’s a friend, Mrs Henderson,” Calum spoke before you could say something. You nodded with a friendly smile as Calum looked rather tired.

“Oh well. Nice to meet you, dear. Will you be staying with Calum?” She asked and you were about to say no before Calum interrupted again.

“We don’t know, Mrs Henderson. Now excuse us, we have to go.” He then succeeded in pulling you away. In situations like this, you would be mad at Calum for his actions, but his last words just made you puzzled. What did he mean with ‘we don’t know’? You didn’t think that you would stay the night, but now you weren’t so sure. Unless that was his plan all along. He just wanted you to have sex with him. You could feel the anger blushing up in your cheeks as you followed Calum up the stairs. It was a long staircase and you didn’t know whether to ask him about the meaning behind ‘we don’t know’ or just let it slide.

“We’re almost here, I promise,” Calum revealed, as your legs were sizzling. He suddenly stopped to open a random door and walked in without telling you. You hurried in before the door closed as Calum was already ten meters in front of you. You grunted and galloped to his side where he was opening the door to room 122. You waited patiently as he fumbled with the key, grunting every time it didn’t work.

“I still don’t believe Luke’s home,” Calum repeated and barged in with you following quietly. You looked around and saw three guys sitting in front of the turned on TV, but none of them really watching it. Luke and Michael was sitting with their phones as Ashton was reading what looked like a very boring book. Ashton was the only one who looked up at the loud sound of the door smashing open and raised his brows when he saw you.

“Uh, do we need to leave, Cal?” He asked with a smirk on his face, but in a serious, Australian voice.

“Fuck no, you’re staying,” Calum raised his voice as Luke and Michael turned away from their phones and stared at you with a wonder, “I ran into Y/N. And she’s not some random girl I picked off the streets.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Michael laughed and returned to your phone as your face changed rapidly from awkward to scare. What did he mean? Ugh, you probably could never get the boys’ mind.

“Ha ha ha,” Calum said in a dead and sarcastic tone with crossed arms, “Very funny, Mike.”

Ashton had returned to his book, too. You took a glance around the great hotel room. Against the wall stood two king-sized beds on a smaller kind of platform. On the left, you could see the light from the bathroom. On the opposite wall of the beds hung the small TV with perfectly placed couches and chairs around it. You looked back at Calum and the boys and noticed the stare from Luke.

“Haven’t I seen her before?” Luke pointed to you, but talked to Calum, as if you were deaf. Calum nodded with a frown, still mad about Michael’s comment.

“We went to school with her,” Calum said, not looking at you. Ashton closed the book and stood up, “Why are you here, Luke?”

“Mum’s mad,” Luke answered shortly before following Ashton’s actions and standing up to present himself. It was weird to see Luke and Michael again. You didn’t expect them to be that attractive. Luke was the classic kind of attractive; broad shoulder, plain black shirt and nice brown-blond hair sticking to his face. Michael was the more the cute kind meets the bad boy kind of attractive; random tattoos, dyed hair and grey eyes that could melt every girl’s heart. Then there were Ashton. You hadn’t seen him before and you definitely did not expect the drummer to be adorable as him. Ashton’s curly head and the cute glasses he was wearing didn’t seem like a drummer in a band. You watched him as he walked towards you and shook your hand.

“Hi, I’m Ashton. Nice to meet you.” Calum stood behind you as you gazed into Ashton’s eyes. He smiled and all the small, cute dimples.

“Y/N.” You mumbled with a smile and wide eyes. Ashton seemed nice and sweet - wonder if he was single?

“Beautiful. Shame that we didn’t go to school together.” He chuckled as Calum coughed and Michael looked behind him to see what was going on. Luke was standing awkwardly behind Ashton and as soon as you noticed him, he shook your hand too.

“Nice to see you again,” Luke smiled slightly before stepping back behind Ashton. Michael was still observing the awkward meeting, “Didn’t you come from Germany?”

“Uh, yeah, I did. Still do,” you chuckled and looked back at Ashton who was watching with awe.

“Really?” He asked and ruffled up his curls a bit. “Beautiful country with beautiful people.”

You didn’t know if it was aimed at you, but you felt your cheeks starts flushing. A smile spread across your face as you stared at your feet. You couldn’t hold back the small giggle escaping, but didn’t have time to respond before Michael yelled from his seat.

“Ash, stop flirting with her! Cal doesn’t look too happy ‘bout it either!” Both you and Ashton looked at Calum who was frowning with red cheeks and a heated look in his eyes. Michael smirked, knowing that his words made the conversation more dramatic than it was supposed to be.

“Thanks to Michael Clifford, who is going to leave the room…. Immediately.” Calum said, crossing his arms and sending Michael a death glare. He was obviously getting on Calum’s nerves today. Michael jumped up from his chair and took a couple of wide steps, before stopping and looking at the small gathering.

“Luke and Ash, you better come with me or…” Michael stated with an unfinished sentence, “Or I’ll tell Y/N your deepest, darkest secrets.”

“Aaaaand, we’re going,” Luke responded with a smirk and Ashton in his heels as he walked out of the door. Michael was the one to close the door, but he stopped his action and turned his head towards you and Calum, standing awkwardly close suddenly.

“By the way, Y/N, it was good to see you again. And you do look very hot. Can’t really blame Ashton… or Calum in that case. But Calum always had a thing for ya, didn’t he? Oh well, better be going. Hope I didn’t make it awkward!” Michael words were so hurried that it took you a couple of seconds to digest them. But as soon as the last lines popped into your head, you turned around on your heel to see Calum, standing with a clear blush.

“What?” You asked, waiting for an explanation, “You always had a thing for me?”

Calum sighed and walked away from you. He twisted his long fingers as he walking around the couches.

“Well, Y/N, what did you expect?” He laughed slightly, but you didn’t get the joke. “That a sixteen-year-old boy would just ‘casually’ hang out with one of the hottest, mysterious girls in school?”

“Yes,” you murmured under your breath, not looking Calum in the eye. He wasn’t furious, just confused with a loud voice.

“I always thought I had a chance. I still think I have. Well, that was until Michael ruined it.” He expressed, turning around himself for a second before catching your eye.

“You do.” You asserted before thinking about your words. Calum dropped his jaw as you realised what you had said. You’d never thought about Calum in that way, but sometimes things just work out that way.

“Huh?” Calum said with furrowed eyebrows. You didn’t notice him moving closer to you until his chest was against yours. A big lump had formed in your throat as you stared into Calum’s thoughtful eyes. It was like he didn’t know if he should just kiss you or let the whole thing slide. Chances were that you never saw each other beside this night.

“I’ve missed you, Y/N. You have no idea.” Calum then stated as you stared at his plump lips forming the sweet words.

“I’ve missed you, too.” You mumbled, wondering if you should just make the move. His breath was smelling like mint gum, the same exact mint-gum you loved as a kid. It brought you back to your childhood, making it clear that Calum made the best memories. And you never wanted to leave him again, you never wanted to walk away. Calum exhaled as you felt your heartbeat getting louder and stronger for every passing second. You never wanted to leave Calum. You inhaled and closed your eyes as you stood on your toes to reach Calum’s soft lips. He was in no way surprised as he kissed you back with his lips. His hands were quickly on your waist as yours filtered in his curls. His body was moving in the same rhythm as yours and you almost couldn’t pull away from the heated kiss.

“We can’t drift apart again, Cal.” You mumbled, waiting for Calum’s reaction.

A/N: I’m a little slower at getting stuff written now because I don’t want it to take all my time, but I will still be posting WEEKLY - probably more than once a week. I hope that’s okay. And trust me; your requests are taking care of! Also, this was a long one and I didn’t have time to proof-read it… Hope you like!

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xxsuperstar7xx  asked:

Lost your contacts Michael?

Geoff: Observant little fuckers, aren’t they?

Michael: Nah, I’ve just been lazy and haven’t been putting them in. It’s no big deal, sometimes I prefer my glasses anyway. Also don’t mind Geoff, he’s been full of vinegar so he’s acting like an asshole.

Geoff: Oh, I’ll show you full of vinegar, Ragequit.

Michael: If I didn’t respect you and if you weren’t in charge of my paycheck, I would have already started beating the shit out of you. Don’t push me.

absolutely nothing | part one

part two / part three

luke + reader
word count: 1084

writing masterlist / request/ask/feedback

summary: you call luke after a breakup and someone else answers


your finger hovering over his name on the screen for the 100th time in the 24 days since the breakup, you weighed the pros and cons in the list you’d gradually compiled in your head on whether to call luke.

the two bottles of beer you’d downed just moments before might have had something to do with it, but that night, you were feeling uncharacteristically bold. 

your finger landed on his name and the screen switched to show that you were calling him. with shaking hands, you brought your phone up to your ear, your heart pounding so hard in your chest you were sure it was going to explode as it rang once.. twice..

“hello?” you froze, unable to even open your mouth to form a coherent answer.

“hello, is anyone there?” you quickly brought the phone down from your ear, shoving your finger right onto the ‘end call’ button. 

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Michael Soulmate AU

Yes, hello there! I’m a bit rusty at this writing thing, but I’ve decided to post this. It’s a soulmate AU, where you have no physical feeling until you touch your partner. If you can make it to the end of this I’ll give you a sticker. 

Contains blood/gore, violence, assault, explicit language, and hetero smut 

You can read my Calum Soulmate AU here

“Alright. First things first, we have to find Ashton.”

“Um, no. I needed a drink in my hand 10 minutes ago; lover boy can survive a few seconds without you, Lu.” And with that you grab the hand of your friend to drag him towards the other side of the club.

The bright strobe lights periodically blind you, making your trip through the dense bodies on the dance floor that much more difficult. Luke is plastered to your back, his long legs getting tangled up in your own, causing you to stumble every few steps. Luckily, you both make it to the bar in one piece.

The blonde slumps against the black countertop, still facing toward the mass of people, searching for the mop of curly hair that belongs to his boyfriend. “Why is this place so busy?” He groans out.

You look at him in amusement. “It’s a friday night, idiot, of course it’s packed.” But he’s not listening to you.

Shaking your head, you lean forward, hoping to catch eyes with the bartender. As usual, Luke has chosen the absolute worst spot to stand when it comes to getting a drink in a timely manner. A pair of dark eyes connect with yours, so you lean back, hoping they caught the message.

The song blasting through the club turns to one you recognize just as the bartender stops in front of you. His smile is surprisingly soft for someone that holds such a dark outer appearance.

Holding up four fingers, you shout out your order before he even has a chance to ask, “Four shots of Patron please!”

Luke groans again, finally turning to face you. “You know what tequila does to me.”

“Yeah, Hemmings can’t handle shots very well.”

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