Michael Jacobs has one of the most authentic voices in television today. He and the entire ‘Girl Meets World’ team will not only continue to entertain families but also help kids discover who they are and who they want to be in this world.

Disney Channels Worldwide EVP of Programming Adam Bonnett 

AKA “Guess we’re not moving to ABC Family any time soon.” 

I’m really looking forward to see how they will play serious high school issues on Disney. We’re all taking a risk here by letting this be pulled off on Disney, GMW being our life force and all. Don’t make this into another cliché, stereotypical, cheesy high school drama/comedy Disney. Remember, you’re about to attract more number of older audience, so don’t let let them label GMW as ‘another tween show on Disney that doesn’t know that high school isn’t a High School Musical’ from this season. 

I understand that there are boundaries, but let GMW be close as you can get to those lines. GMW is girl’s POV of BMW. There are things that could be addressed that do not cross/is close to the line such as: 

  • mind numbing stress 
  • seriousness of exams and education 
  • pressures of college selections, applications, preparations, interviews and entrance exams
  • types of teachers and how to deal with each type
  • student expectations in high school
  • volunteering
  • bullying from upper class girls 
  • realm and realism of popularity 
  • hacking
  • Driving (Lucas will turn 16 next year)
  • realistic dating 
  • dating someone due to their reputation/wealth
  • inter-racial dating
  • realism and seriousness of marriage (most girls think marriage is the culmination of an epic love story and it’s a happily ever after. Some marriages happen without a love story and for some it’s the end of their love story. Corpanga isn’t the case with everyone.)
  • body image 
  • media’s effect on young girls and young boys
  • being put in unhealthy competition against your own gender (cat fights)
  • stereotypes
  • feeling invisible and being an outsider
  • feeling too old to be beautiful (sounds like a job for Topanga and Katy. Many women lose self worth (not confidence) because we’re told that beauty is everything in a women and if you got wrinkles and saggy skin, you’re not beautiful enough and that you’re ‘time’ is over. This happened to someone I love dearly)
  • cliques 
  • high school parties
  • racism
  • feminism and equalism (doesn't this scream like a job for queen Rowan?)
  • suicide
  • murder (yes suicide should be addressed separately)
  • cheating and temptations to cheat on significant other
  • temptations as a whole
  • truth about the portrayal of life, women and men in movies and on tv
  • double standards faced by women
  • puberty and hormones 
  • love triangles (we already have this going on, so kudos. Some may not like it, but this is very natural and real.)
  • Police involvement in school

However, there are soo many other things that girls (including myself) go through in high school and I’m still highly doubtful whether you could even address them on the channel. Here are some examples of sexual/intimate realism girls face in today’s world. Yes, they cross your borders but they are real. These are serious things I’ve seen and heard happen.

  • peer pressure into sex from boys/bfs
  • peer pressure into losing your virginity, whether boy or girl
  • virginity-shaming
  • sexuality (This is here because have you heard what happened to the girl who played Charlie on Good Luck Charlie?)
  • inter-faith dating (this is hardly EVER seen on a tv show, but it does happen and is common in countries with high diversity (like the country I’m living in currently). I have plenty of real stories (plural) that has happened in my very own class itself, to my very own friends and myself.)
  • abuse (sexual or otherwise, abuse is abuse)
  • Sexual double standards faced by women
  • dressing provocatively just to keep the guy 
  • teachers hitting on student (I believe this was covered in BMW so I’ll give it a pass if it’s not addressed) 
  • alcohol and drugs
  • po*n and its addiction (this territory is mainly for the guys and some girls. This is 99.99% something that high school students go through these days with advancements in technology. This something that definitely needs to be addressed.)
  • how the above mentioned word affects guys’ expectations and mentality (such as sleep deficits/prone to anger and violence/mistrust in significant other/addiction), thereby affecting his idea of sex and girls. (Lady parts and guy parts don’t always look like that!)
  • teen pregnancy (yes this happened to a 11th grade girl)
  • Cat called continuously on streets by men (I wanna see how Cory and Shawn would react to this so badly. I think this is something that just crosses the Disney border.)
  • Harsh break-ups and threats (There was someone who had broken up with her bf and the guy constantly threatened her and even cut his hand until she gave into his requests. I’m not kidding).
  • Threats through social media (not cyber-bullying as in making derogatory and offensive remarks, but like asking for photos of certain uncovered body parts.)
  • Actually just bringing up the subject of sex (and not just in the context of reproduction)
  • Actually having the guts to go to the police to report in any case of threats, harassments and domestic/sexual violence (and be thankful that you’re not living in Rosewood where the police is useless as a gun without a trigger. PLL anyone?)

I will applause if above subjects are even lightly touched (using an innuendo for example) during their high school experience. If you could put a warning sign or some sort of content advisory, I’ll salute you. Let this be the show that changes everybody’s view of Disney.

Yes, my expectations are quite high because I’ve devoted soo much time for this show, (no wait, I mean universe) and I’m still holding on tightly because important issues are brought up and talked about as far they were allowed (example cyber-bullying). But I’m lowering the bar a little bit because I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations, with GMW still being a Disney show. That doesn’t mean that I underestimate the writers ability, I just have low-very moderate hopes on how far Disney will allow. I mean, they didn’t air certain episodes of BMW. Here’s what it says on wikipedia:

“Disney Channel edited many episodes that contained scenes with suggestive content deemed inappropriate for the channel’s target audience of 7- to 14-year-olds. All 158 episodes aired during the series’ initial run on the Disney Channel, however due to the adult subject matter and complaints from parents, Disney Channel omitted three episodes from later airings: season five’s “If You Can’t Be with the One You Love…” (due to its depictions of underage drinking) and “Prom-ises, Prom-ises” (whose main storyline involves Cory and Topanga contemplating losing their virginity on the night of their prom), and season six’s “The Truth About Honesty” (due to its sexual references).”

I still truly truly hope that GMW moves to ABC Family after the 4 season limit. Those subjects mentioned above are 100% real and cannot be ignored. Which other show will actually address those topics maturely and give Mr Feeny level lessons about it? BMW was a phenomenon because it touched real life, mostly from a boy’s perspective. Now show the girl’s perspective on real life. 

I’m giving you a big chance here Disney, so DON’T mess it up. :)

 17 year old fan, in her senior year of high school, really hoping that high      school on GMW is relatable, realistic and accurately portrayed. 

PS: I’m proud of you Michael and the entire team of writers, you truly are a legend. Thank you for all your efforts.

PSS: I’m sorry for this being so long and if you have to scroll past for a mile or two. This is the most serious thing I’ve written and it took over three and a half hours to type, but it was worth it. 

GM a Christmas Maya Live Taping
  • MJ: We resolved this triangle last week.
  • The audience claps.
  • MJ: Yeah, me too. *claps too*
  • MJ: Yeah, that absolutely resolves everything. We did this episode in where I begged the audience not to say any spoilers.
  • MJ: The taping wasn't over when spoilers were already posted. I was expecting that. I wanted a reaction out of you guys and I got it.
  • MJ: Spoilers were out, the death threats flew in. I even got pictures of a puppy holding a knife. You know what.... I don't care.
  • MJ: I told this story the way I felt it was right and honest and if you disagree, I don't know what you've been watching.

for my gmwbingo card // gmw au: future

feat. farkle & lucas’s son michael, smackle & zay’s son (rafael) and daughter (nevaeh), and riley & maya’s never ending love for each other

*clears throats* why are people acting like the characters, especially the girls of Girl Meets World are idiotic and need to be told what to say and do? Josh Matthews didn’t tell Maya she wasn’t interested in Lucas. She said that with her own mouth and conviction. And she’s not some fool child who doesn’t understand the words “eventually” and “someday”. The idea that Maya was torn from Lucas, who according to some bloggers is the only one who knows Maya, better than her own mother (GIMME A BREAK!!) and was coerced and brainwashed into nunnery by Josh Matthews is so disgusting, stupid and disrespectful to her character. Maya Hart is not a fool. Maya is not confused. Maya is not a clueless victim in her own story.

Onto Riley Matthews because MAN OH FUCKING MAN, do people live–and I mean, get up in the morning, brew their coffee, double-double it and open up their laptop–to gaslight Riley Matthews. Everything she does is wrong. She’s delusional, she ‘must have forgotten [insert subjective thing]’, her opinion is always bad, she thinks she knows but she doesn’t know, she’s being too sensitive/too soft, she’s not a good enough friend/“a real friend would…”, bad things are gonna happen if she doesn’t get with The ProgramTM (ie. the wants of the most aggressive group). It is disgusting!

I am aware that this is a coming of age show. I’m aware Maya and Riley are fictional girls, but seriously, guys, what are you really teaching each other? That your feelings are not valid? That your opinion about anything is automatically wrong? To question all your choices and words? That girls are so stupid and mindless a 17 year old boy can “make them” believe their feelings are wrong and poof them away? Because they cannot stand by their own feelings and relationships? ‘They are WEAK until they end up with the guy I want them with.’ THESE ARE NOT LESSONS.

This fandom is toxic for alotta reasons (and I’m apart of some of those reasons, ngl) but the way the fandom belittles the female characters’ intelligence and agency…in front of other young girls, is one that REALLY grinds my gears, as a feminist—and someone with a younger sister who is bright and not a delusional and helpless puppet.


being erica | 1x01; dr. tom.
Tell me if I’m getting warm, okay? It’s not just that today was bad, it’s every day. It’s the feeling that nothing seems to work out for you. Still single; all those nights, alone with the cat. All your successful, married friends feeling bad for you. Am I getting warm?