A lot of people have [Fetishes] ranging from kinky sexual fetishes to random, bizarre fetishes.  I’ll leave you to decide which Bundy’s main fetish (aside from necrophilia) was.  Bundy was obsessed with clean, White Socks.  Yes, really.  He notes in the book, “Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer,” that “Socks are such a serious part of my life.  They’re so very important to me.”  Bundy loved the fact that he “possessed” so many clean white socks that he was proud when his possessions were read out in court & his socks were mentioned during the proceedings.  In fact, the movie, “Ted Bundy,” (starring Michael Reilly Burke), has a shot of a sock drawer full of white socks, rolled up & in perfect order. Bundy often changed his socks 3-4 times a day.  He constantly purchased new socks with stolen credit cards.

From prison, Bundy also said, “I’ve got a sock fetish.  No question about it.  I must have six or seven pairs right here with me in my cell.”  What’s really interesting about this obsession is that Bundy enjoyed the “possession” of the socks, which is a word he often used when describing his victims.  Bundy needed to possess, he needed something to own.  People were objects to Bundy, just like socks.  Sure, that’s a simplification of something much more complicated, but I don’t think it’s difficult to make the connection.  Clearly this fetish was a substitute for the possession of a woman’s corpse.  Everything about Bundy was based on the idea that what he wanted he deserved to have.

#125:  The Collector, 2009.

This is a very Saw-esque horror film; a man who intends to rob a family, is forced to face a murderer known as the collector.  The house is riddled with torturous and murderous booby traps and the robber then has to decide whether to leave or try to save the family.  In my opinion, this sort of horror film is a bit of a cop out; struggling to find a new way of scaring people, film makers have instead resorted to pointless torture and violence to disgust the audience.  

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But in fairness the film wasn’t too bad; I mean the concept was a bit more original than the last Saw film was.  Whilst I still don’t approve of this sort of horror, I didn’t hate it.  However, I hold a bit of contempt for the ending of the film; one of those when you think the hero has escaped, the murderer returns to get him anyway sort of things.

In short: Another sadistic horror film on the same lines as the Saw films, with some ingenious ways of killing, but a poor and irritating ending.