Imagine the squad meeting Holt and Jake at the airport terminal and Amy’s ahead of the group and tackles Jake in a hug first, ofc but Charles and Rosa and Gina catch up with her and all pile onto the hug, and the Hitchcock and Scully joon too, and then Gina yanks Captain Holt in and he goes “very well, just for a moment -” but that’s right when Terry decides to just grab the whole group in a hug, pinning Holt in between Gina and Rosa and nearly lifting everyone off their feet

I’m crying,

“I’ve heard a number of things, been called the sellout, the ‘Chris Rock’ of the art world (I like that one by the way). And people accuse me and question my blackness - they accuse me of making paintings that deal with these images because 'white folks want to see these images’ And I’m saying to myself, 'Boy, I don’t know,’ in that white folks wanted to see these images to laugh at?”

(Forever Free) Hello I’m Your New Neighbour - Michael Ray Charles (1997)