Timeless Love (Calum Hood)

Hey y'all! So inspiration just kinda struck and i wrote this Calum blurb, hope you enjoy it!

A.N: Each decade starts over like they aren’t just chronologically aging if that makes sense. It’s like each new year is a new life between them. Sorry if thats confusing lol

Warnings: Mentions of drug overdose in the 1979 part but nothing too detailed

Word Count: 1k+


I remember him.

I remember him in 1914. My father was being shipped overseas for the war and my mother and I were sending him off at the docks. I remember being heartbroken to say goodbye. I couldn’t tell if my slightness of breath was due to my nervousness for my father’s departure or because of my ridiculous corset, but after seeing him I realized it was because I had just seen the man of  my dreams. He was tall, over 6 feet at least. He had dark raven hair that was short, but long enough to be parted and gelled to the side. We had only held eye contact for a split second as he was boarding his boat, but that split second was enough. That was the last time I ever saw him.

I remember him in 1926. I was walking down the street with my mother. We were walking past the Hawthorne Inn when we saw a black car come around the corner and unleash gunfire on Capone’s alleged headquarters. Mobsters.  My mother immediately grabbed me and told me to get on the ground and cover my head, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the man driving the vehicle. He had piercing chocolate colored eyes and held my gaze so intensely it’s like he was burning right through me. He sped away that day and it wasn’t until 3 months later that I saw him again. We met again at a speakeasy. We immediately fell madly in love and were married only 3 months later. After 5 months of wedded bliss, he was killed in an armed raid that went south. I was left widowed at age 22. I never married again.

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Burnt Christmas - Michael Clifford [FLUFF]


Summary: Michael suggests using real candles for the tree this year despite you being unsure and things don’t go as planned…

Word Count: 917

The week before Christmas was always incredibly festive for you and Michael. Of course, all of December was festive for you, but the week before Christmas was pretty intense.

You always made it your mission to do as much as possible to make Christmas even cooler than the year before. For example, this year you delved into the wonderful world of christmas cookies. Not normal christmas cookies though. You and Michael decided to have a cookie making competition which resulted in fighting over who won and calling your neighbor over to judge the cookies you made. (You won of course.)

You’d never been into most of the apartments in your complex but the two of you were positive you had the best christmas decorations in the entire building.

This year, christmas was on sunday and you two decided to decorate your tree on thursday while watching your favorite christmas movies. A bit of an argument came from that as well but you decided to let Michael watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

After a few trips to and from the storage closet in the basement, you had all of your tree decorations ready and you began taking things out. 

Michael sat on the floor unraveling christmas lights before widening his eyes and looking over at you, “I have such a great idea.”

“Oh god,” you sighed, turning your attention to him, “is it an actual good idea or a Michael good idea?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he pouted, gently throwing a plastic ornament at you. 

“Let’s just say you don’t always come up with the best ideas…” you murmured.

He rolled his eyes before speaking, “I think we should put real candles on the christmas tree this year!”

“Michael that’s…. that’s the stupidest idea ever” you responded, “the tree could catch on fire and there’s no way we’re going to find another one before sunday”

“No trust me I got this,” he said getting up, “I’m going to find candles I think we have some in the storage closet from last christmas” 

You got up as well, stepping in front of him, “ Michael.”

“Y/N” he responded, crossing his arms.

You sighed, “you’re not going to listen to me are you?”

“Nope” he smiled, opening the door and walking out.

“Fine,” you called after him, “ but if you burn this building down it’s your fault!”

He continued walking as he gave you a thumbs up causing you to roll your eyes again and walk back into the apartment. 

You continued to pull ornaments and tinsel out of the boxes and began to put them on the tree. 

Michael came back about 10 minutes later with a box and you groaned, “there isn’t anything I can say to talk you out of this?”

“No way this will be great” he answered, pulling candles out and setting them on the thicker branches. 

You sighed and sat on the couch, pulling your knees to your chest and pre dialing 911 because at least you had some common sense. As you watched Michael put the last candle on the tree you bit your lip, “okay but we’re not going to light them right?”

“Wrong” he replied as he grabbed a lighter from the kitchen and lit one candle. 

You held your breath, feeling yourself become more anxious as you took the lighter away from him “okay you lit one now put it out” you stated, putting the lighter in one of the kitchen drawers. 

You turned back to see him facing you and your eyes went wide, “Michael the tree is on fucking fire” you yelled, scrambling to find a dish towel in the drawers. 

“Oh stop messing with me Y/N it’s fi-” he was cut off as soon as he smelt smoke, “shit shit shit” 

“This is why I don’t listen to your ideas, Michael” you yelled, hitting the tree with the dish towel until the small fire finally went out.

Moments later you were both sat at opposite sides of the couch, your arms crossed over your chest as you stared angrily at the television and Michael staring at his hands while fiddling with his thumbs as he tried to think of something to say.

It was silent for about 5 more minutes before he sighed, “okay I’ll admit I guess that wasn’t my smartest idea ever”

“Yeah, you think?” you murmured bitterly.

“Y/N I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking you know we both get crazy every year trying to top the year before sometimes we don’t think” he rambled, now completely turned toward you.

You were silent for a moment before biting your lip and exhaling, “I guess it was kind of funny…” you said softly, smirking a bit.

“I have a better idea now,” he said, getting up as you glared at him, “no it’s not stupid. I’ll be right back” he laughed before leaving the room, causing you to be alone again. You quietly watched the movie on tv for several minutes before Michael came back out with a piece of printer paper and a christmas tree printed onto it.

“What’s that?” you asked, getting up and laughing slightly.

“It’s our tree, duh.” he answered before taping it to the wall and walking back over to you to look at it from a distance.

“Remind me why I love you again?” you laughed.

He laughed with you before wrapping his right arm around your shoulder and laying his head down on yours. “Merry Christmas, Y/N”


Masterlist // Request

"I'm open to the possibility."


Michael frustatedly mumbled under his breath, rubbing his eyes from watching you across the table, slamming his hands down and standing up.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

You looked up fron your plate that you were playing with to your boyfriend.

“What do you mean what’s going on?”

Michael’s face twisted in confusion, “This! Things — things are not the same anymore! You love mac n’ cheese, you scold me when I play with my tood. But you’re doing them! Oh my god, this is just driving me crazy.” He said all in one breath, pacing around the room.

“Of course things changed. You’re at home now.”

You lightly smiled, knowing well that he’s back home from tour. He’s at home with you, instead of being out frequently to the point where you’ve already given up.

And of course, Michael knows exactly what you meant.

“That is the point. You’re here with me. I’m home.” He hesitated at the last part, his previous crankiness wearing down.

You chuckled, “You’d think I’ll warm up quickly? You’d think that I’ll forgive you when you didn’t even say sorry to me in the first place?”

You stood up from your seat, crossing your arms over your chest while yoy neared towards Michael.

He scoffed, crossing his arms too.

“What, you think you’re the only onein this relationship? The only one who exerts efforts in everything?”

You were taken aback by his statement, your jaw almost dropping as you felt your heart take a little jab from his choice of words.

“I’m open to the possibility.”

Michael felt and looked twice as what you’re feeling right now.

“Possibility? What? The possibility of what?” He rambled, being frantic as he has a feeling on what you’re about to say.

“I’m open to the possibility that you don’t love me anymore.”

Michael’s heart dropped, feleing the first tear roll down his cheek. He was at a loss for words, the kno in his throat tightening as he managed to bear the pain.

“How could you think of that?” He croaked out, looking to you that had your eyes closed. You didn’t want to accept that the both of you are suffering from this, especially Michael. Swalling the fact that he barely cried and this is one of those rare times, and it had to be because of you.

“I just feel like you don’t show it anymore. And I’m the one who suffers.” You said, your voice wavering as you looked down the floor.

“How could you even?” Michael’s emotions conpletely transitioning, raising his voice as his previous sadness almost being replaced with slight anger.

“Look, I may not say it as much but goddamn it, I love you.” He added, his eyes widening.

You acknowledged what he was saying, a really light smile appearing on your face.

“I know.”

“I told you, I love you.” He repeated, frowning before he rushed over you, kissing you immediately.

The kiss wasn’t rushed nor slow, it didn’t even have the slight hint to sex and all you could avoid thinking was of how your lips along with Michael’s moved in a rhythm with both of you with your eyes closed.

You haven’t had that for months.

He pressed his forehead with yours, looking at you with adoration, slightly smiling.

You smiled, no apologies were needed. Deeply knowing that Michael comes back to you, and always will.

Doctor!5SOSx Gang!5SOS

A/N: I was lying in bed at trying to get some sleep, but I’m sick and can’t sleep at all. So I started to think up new ideas for writing and came up with Doctor5SOS x Gang5SOS. There are all these gang member writing going on but no doctors coming in. I’m thinking about making this a series maybe?


Warnings: cursing, threats, blood,

Word count: 3K

“Make sure that Mrs.Robertson doesn’t get anything else to eat after midnight. Her surgery is at 7am.” I advised the nurse, handing her the clipboard after signing the bottom of the paper.

“I will make sure of that Doctor Hood, and Miss. Xavier thinks she is well and good to be released.”

Letting out a sigh of annoyance, while taking  Miss. Xavier clipboard walking to room 345C. Reading her chart, as I opened the door with my back I walk in on Miss. Xavier getting dressed again for the 30th time this week. “Ahh Doctor Hood, I think I’m feeling better.” She told me tugging on her sock, struggling though when her hand started to shake some more. Rachel Xavier was has been a patient here at Sydney Hospital for a little over 3 weeks, she has Breast Cancer. She was diagnosed with it just a couple months ago, and it was taking it’s toll on her. She was at the moment in denial about having it, but she has started to slowly lose her long brown locks.

“Miss. X-” She interrupted me this time around, “No..Call me Rachel.. Don’t call me by my last name. Don’t tell me that I need to rest, too..too lie down. I don’t want to lie down, I want to leave this place. I don’t want the treatments give it to someone that DOES need it and want it. I’m not going to do this all over again for the third time around.” Rachel babbled her hands flying every which way as she spoke more about how she wanted to go travel. That she has never in her 35 years of living been to California or on a plane. Holding up my finger, she feel silent again walking out of the room again for the 30th time.

“I need discharge papers for Miss…Rachel.” Informed the nurse, her face held confusion opening her mouth, quickly closing it when I shot her a look to keep her mouth shut. “Make sure to give it to her. And tell her to have a fun time in California.” Nodding her head as she got the papers ready for Rachel. My beeper beeped three times, telling me that I was needed in the emergency room.

“God I hate the graveyard shift sometimes.” Muttered underneath my voice, the nurse nodded her head in agreement before standing up delivering the papers to Rachel. Speed walking to the elevators since the beeper wouldn’t be quiet; pressing 1 at least three times thinking that if I kept doing so it would make the elevator go faster. The doors opened to full blown mayhem; nurses were running around with IVs in hand.

A girl no more than 18 was in a gurney blood on her face and on her left side of the body, another girl with gunshots wounds visible on her chest lay on a gurney, no one bother with her. Walking over to the maybe 20 year old girl putting two fingers on her wrist, counting to 30 though not feeling single heartbeat. “What happened?” I questioned one of the doctors who was being wheeled in from outside. He was on top of a patient performing CPR on a tall blonde guy, “A gang war again the Hemmings against the Irwins.” He hollered over the sirens of another ambulance speeding in. Running out of the hospital to meet the ambulance at the back doors, the EMT jumped out while telling us what was wrong with the patient.

“Female, no more than 20 years of age, multiply stab and gunshot wounds. She is still coherent,” EMT helped us wheel her in before return back to the ambulance, “How many are there left?” I asked the EMT before she left. “She was are last one.. I think. We delivered at least fifty people. At least twelve are dead.”

Wheeling the patient into the huge ER, the nursing holding gauze over the open major stab and gunshot wounds. “Miss? Can you tell me your name?” I questioned her, opening her eye slowly quickly closing them when the bright overhead light turned on. “I-It’s none of your business.” She hissed out before going into a seizure, “SHE IS HAVING A SEIZURE!” I addressed out loud to everyone, rolling her gentle to her side trying to have all the fluids sweep out of her mouth. After the seizure was over I checked her pupils, the nurses had tried there best to dress her wounds. “She needs to go into surgery for the bullet wounds. I will be the one to perform the surgery.” I ordered walking out of the room that the patient was in. Running over trying to help restrain another patient as he was trying to get out of the stretcher, his side of his face burned from what I was guessing acid. “IT BURNS! MAKE IT STOP!”

“Give him 15 mL of analgesic.” The nurse ran out the side double doors only to return with a needle. Almost stabbing him in the arm, though from the amount of scars that I saw on himself wouldn’t have hurt him one bit.

“Good though next time don’t stab him with it.” Advised has the patient began to kind of settle down, “Make sure to call the plastic surgeon to come down here and look at every one face that has burns.. Or just tell him to get his ass down here!” I grumbled out orders, my fingers itching to have a cigarette between them.  Walking to the next patient, than the next and the next till it the nurses and some other doctors who were called in could take care of it.

“Doctor Hood, how has your night been?” Doctor Clifford questioned blood smeared on his white coat and his shirt, blood stained hands after some washing. “What do you think Michael? From what I can already hear is that the rival gangs Irwin and Hemmings got into it yet again the tenth time this month. Though this time around it was bloody; Fifty people came in only ten  have minor  injures and ten more in surgery as we speak. We lost twelve people too this on either side, some of these victims are no more than 15 years old.” I ranted on signing death certificate one after the other, Michael nodded his head after my rant. “What I heard is that Luke Hemmings the youngest brother of the Hemmings was brought in and has been cursing up a storm for himself to be released.” Michael told me, disgust in his voice has he looked up at the clock.

“And it’s only 5am, god it went on for fours hours?” I asked baffled, it felt like eight hours it lasted this mayhem. Finally after the finally death certificate, took a look around the ER. There was puddles of blood on the white floor, hand-prints on the walls, a bullet hole in the far side of the wall. One of the guys from one of the gangs came running in holding his bloody side aiming at what I could was a brunette guy a little older than myself. Lucky for us all the security was right behind him tackling him to the ground, startling him into pulling the trigger.

“Come on you have a surgery to perform on that feisty patient of yours.” Michael commented as he stepped into a puddle of someone blood, “These are white shoes.. Hey when is someone going to clean this place up?!” He shouted throwing his hands in the air out of annoyance, chuckling while shaking my head. Making my way to the surgery room, putting on the scrubs and then washing my hands. The nursing helping put on all the gloves, walking over to the patient who was still wide awake on the table. “Okay everyone, this patient..will you tell me your name?” I leaned over her, raising one of my eyebrows up at her; her deep brown eyes narrowing as they looked at me. “Fuck you asshole..” she grunted out as a needle was pushed into her forearm, “Look either you tell me your name or I have someone take your fingerprint run it through the database and then I can see all your felonies and jail time along with your name.” I threatened my own brown eyes challenging her brown eyes.

“Its Y/N Y/L/N,” Y/N grumbled out before going under the medicine, a smirk formed on my face as I finally got her name. “Okay everybody we will be having a fun time doing this! Can you press play Veronica?” I asked nicely as she pressed play on the Radio/CD player, Green Day started to play in the background as I made the first incision in her adamion, noticing that the three bullets in her hadn’t hit anything that could not be stitched up. “Clamps?” I ordered holding out my right hand, feeling them being set in my hand I clamped down on the intestine pulling out the bullet and shortly after stitching it up.

It all took just under two hours and thirty minutes, though there was a few hick-ups when we all noticed there had been older bullets still in her and one had moved to her heart. Stabbing it, with the constant bleeding we had to call in a heart surgeon and have him step him for the heart, as I stitched up more of the wounds in her.

“How many bullets?” Michael spoke through a mouth full of lettuce, his pierced eyebrow raised. It still confused me how he was able to get away with having it pierced though when I brought it to the Chief of Staff he told me not to worry about it and how it wasn’t any of my business.

“Eight bullets total. Two were in her large and small intestine, two more behind the kidney, on by her heart, another was lodged in her rip bone.. Literally in it. The other three were just scattered everywhere, I have no idea how we got it all done in just two hours.” Yawned out stretching out my arms over my head, “Gentlemen, you are needed in room 12B.” Doctor LaHood advised us walking away with his nose held high, “God he gets on my nerves.” Michael looked in the direction LaHood had walked away, “Cut him some slack. He got bullied like a mother fucker in High School from what I heard.” Started are long walk to the room, “Who is even in this room?” Michael shrugged his shoulders too my question, opening the door to cops in uniform more doctors and two patient in the room.

“Clifford and Hood were two of the higher up doctors in the ER when all the patients started to roll in.” Chief of Staff told one of the cops as he started to write down his statement.

“You need to let us out of here!” A tall blonde guy roared out, his blue eyes holding a glint of mischief. His built was something that would intimidate anyone, even someone like me. I was 6’3 at the best, well built I started going to the gym more often building up my muscle. He had a broader frame compared to my own, wide set shoulders. “You better listen to him, he is the BABY brother of the Hemmings. He needs his brothers to always watch his ass.” The other patient commented, he was older than I as well. He had brown-blonde curly hair with hazel eyes, he was shorter than I and even the Blonde. Even if he was he did have a muscular built, maybe even better than I and Blondie.

“Shut the fuck up Ashton!” Blondie barked out, rising up from his bed but the hand-cuffs stopped him short.

“Aw, trying to be all big and bad Lukey? How cute,” Ashton taunted Luke, laying back even deeper into the bedding of the bed. “Can you two stop it? I’m gett-”

That’s when you heard the gunshots and shouting ring out through the halls, the high-pitched screams of the staff and patients. Perking up trying my best to mute out everyone else just to hear outside what was happening. “Where are they?!” A deep voice screeched out, “There they are.” Luke chuckled darkly, snapping off the cuffs in one fluid movement. The bobby-pin in hand as he dropped it on the ground, “JACK!” He screamed out as the cops all jumped towards him, for someone of his height he dodged all the punches and attacks with grace. Ashton let out a sigh and then stood up from his bed, patting Michael on the shoulder has he passed him a twenty.

“Make sure to come on by tomorrow bro.” Michael advised him, a smirk forming on his face as he pulled out a scalpel from his coat stabbing one of the cops in the throat. “M-Michael..What the Fuck?”

“Aw come on Calum you really thought I was a doctor? God I only was doing this to get some strong drugs for my boss.” He told me stabbing another person, Ashton swung open the door it slamming into the wall. “Look I’ll give you some time to get a head start.. Oh and get that pretty redhead from the recovery room. Might want to protect her before any of the gangs get too her.” Michael rushed out the door followed by Luke who gave me a once over before scuffing, “ Nice tattoo’s dude.” He whispered out then ran right into the chaos of the hospital, walking out into the hall. I was greeted with dead bodies on the ground, others injured even a couple faking being dead. Taking Michael advise to heart I ran to the room Y/N was in, what ever she got herself into I was going to try my best to protect her. As long as none of the guys kill me before I get too her.

“Hey! Calum. You may need this, you-” Michael got his answer when I clicked the safety off and clocked it back.

“Sweet. Be careful, get a hold of me when your somewhere safe.”

what would happen at a 5sos sleepover probably
  • Calum: guys lets watch porn
  • Ashton: yaaaaaaas boobs
  • Luke: no thats naughty
  • Michael: *stares at computer screen*
  • Ashton: omg lets call a stripper
  • Calum: how did i get naked oh well
  • Michael: *caresses computer screen*
  • Ashton: *makes 40 keeks*
  • Calum: i have a fantastic ass. fantASStic
  • Ashton: ... Calum you're a fecking idiot
  • Michael: computer you my only love
  • Luke: guys lets watch nemo
  • Calum: Luke are you like 12
  • Michael: *starts dying his hair*
  • Ashton: porn. boobs.
  • Luke: *calls Liz* the boys are being inappropriate mother. i need to be picked up and washed of my sins
  • Calum: *runs around neighborhood naked*
5sos trying to speed date probably
  • Calum: do you like food and are you willing to do anything for food
  • Mikey: my ideal date is sitting in my room in the dark playing video games what do you mean 'of course you're single' wtf lady
  • Ashton: goddayum you thick wait why are you walking away
  • Luke: you like to have a good time? me too! my idea of a good time is going to church and praising jesus amen
  • Calum: do you like to get naked and always be naked? what do you mean public nudity is illegal what are you talking about
  • Mikey: this is stupid no one will ever love me like i love my computer
  • Mikey: idk ma'am you seem nice and all but are you punk enough to date me?
  • Luke: yes of course my mother will always be my number one woman sorry

Michael is me on my period.

5sos during easter probably
  • calum: today is 4/20 lol
  • mikey: blaze it and praise hallelujah
  • luke: guys no weed is bad dont ruin your life
  • calum: can i go to church dressed as a bunny
  • mikey: dying my hair in pastels ok bye
  • luke: mikey your hair is literally going to fall out and CALUM BUNNIES ARENT NAKED WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  • ashton: *walks up to a girl* i gave up hotties for lent, thank god it's easte- wait where are you going
  • mikey: now she's just somebunny you used to know
  • luke: literally shut up jesus didn't die for this