Dating luke would include

-spooning him despite being 5 miles shorter
-him being such a boobs guy like fr
-you loving that he’s a boobs guy
-him jealous af because you’re perfect and he swears everyone can see it
-him just grazing his hands across your stomach slightly when his arms around you
-matching shoes
-matching clothes in general
-not making out a lot but when you do ohhh fuck
-posting cute instagram a of said make outs
-you playing with his hair
-him playing with your hair
-hair pulling during sex from both of you

I’ve always wanted to do one of these and what better time then when I need to be up in 5 hours for school

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I know you've done 2 with ash but do you think you could do it with a girl this time please xx

Yeah, totally. ^-^ Sorry it took so long

“Could you please keep it down? I’m trying to fuck my (girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/friend).”


Ashton began kissing down my neck and held my hips tightly. “Moan for me princess.” I did as he said and moaned his name loudly. He smirked against my hot skin and unclipped my bra, exposing my upper body to him. He started sucking and nipping at my newly exposed skin, making my fingers entangle into his hair. “Ash….don’t stop…” I was caught up in the feeling of his lips and tongue that I didn’t even hear Calum and Michael imitating my moans in the room next to ours. Ashton growled angrily and banged his fist on the wall. “Shut up!” I sat up. “Ask nicely Ashton!” They yelled back, giggling. “Could you please keep it down? I’m trying to fuck my girlfriend.” There was silence until their giggling started up again. “You keep it down! We’re trying to play!” Ashton started to leave the ro0om, but I got up from the bed and pulled him back into the room. “Baby, let’s just ignore them. Just focus on me…” He looked down at my eyes, to my hickey covered neck, to my hardened nipples. “Okay….” He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me against the door as i ground my hips into his. “Fuck…” I began to moan louder than I had before, and Ashton caught on, doing the same. Soon we heard groans of frustration from the boys. We both just smirked in victory as we continued our act all night long.

oml but i have major calum feels rn and im watching Beyoncé perform so im imagining you watching the VMAs with calum and you are dancing around singing Queen Bey bc who isnt and then calum is looking at you fondly bc he can’t believe he is with such a crazy person and then you pull up calum to dance and he ruffles your hair when Bey sings “better call becky with the good hair” and im

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Number 4 with Calum 😇😌💚

Here ya go ^-^

4. “So…..you wanna do anal?”


I loved Calum. Probably more than anyone, but one thing I could not stand, was when he was drunk. He turned into a total asshole when he drank. It was like he resorted back to his animalistic instincts, and I always refused to be around him when he was drunk. But tonight, I couldn’t avoid it. It was his birthday, and as his significant other, I was required to be there. Everyone was drinking, especially Calum, I tried to keep myself with some of the more sober people, but it was all for naught when Calum stumbled towards me. “Baaabe…I’m horny as fuuuuck!” He yelled in my ear. I took a deep breath to keep myself from pushing him away from me, or punching him in the face. “Calum, not right now.” The group of people I was chatting with awkwardly smiled and turned away from us. “B ut it’s my birthday and you’re my girlfriend!” I stepped away from him and made my way into the kitchen with Calum close behind me. “Two coincidences. Not a right to sex.” he groaned in frustration. “Come on. I know that you want to….I know what you want.” I rolled my eyes. “If you truly knew what I wanted, you would leave me alone right now.” “You’re being a bitch.” I looked down and turned to him. “No I’m not. I’m just not drunk, like everyone else.” He pouted, with nothing to say. After a few moments of silence, Calum spoke up. “So…..you wanna do anal?” “No! Calum!” He frowned and sat down at the dining table. I sighed and gave in slightly to my birthday boy. “Later, after everyone leaves. And if you sober up a little bit.” His face lit up and he kissed my cheek, heading back out to the party and yelling. “I’m getting laid tonight!”

He’s Sick

Calum: His loud, dry cough rang out throughout the quiet bedroom. You rolled over and sighed out softly when you saw that he too was awake. “Just take some medicine Cal,” you murmured, placing a hand on his chest. “Fine…” he sighed in defeat, letting you get out of bed and grab the medicine from the bathroom. You brought it back to him, the cold and flu medicine in one hand, a glass of water in the other. Calum sat himself up, sniffling loudly and taking both of them from you. Once he downed the pill, he fell back into the bed. You crawled back in beside him, kissing his temple gently. “Try and get some sleep… wake me if you need anything…”

Ashton: You sat next to him on the bathroom floor, your arm around his shoulders tightly. Playing with his hair, you stayed quiet, letting him catch his breath and relax. He couldn’t stomach much, and you were worried that if this kept up, he would become dehydrated and a hospital visit would be necessary. “Do you want to try some orange juice?” you asked quietly. He thought for a moment before nodding his head. “Okay,” you gave him a small smile and got him up off of the floor. He sighed out softly. “Can I stay here?” he asked quietly. “Just in case…” “Yeah, Ash, of course,” you replied softly. “I’ll be right back.”

Luke: You pulled his sweater around him, standing in your front entrance. “We’re just going to the clinic (Y/N),” he chuckled softly, his nose all stuffed and his voice barely there. “I know but I don’t want this getting worse Luke,” you raised your eyebrow at him, pulling on a sweater yourself and pushing the front door open, grabbing onto his hand. He followed you out of the house and you got him into the car. “Thanks,” he smiled softly. “Shh, don’t talk babe,” you smiled softly, turning the heat up as you pulled out of the driveway. He sighed softly, grabbing onto your hand gently. “We’ll get you all better love, promise.

Michael: You sat next to his bed, the I.V. in his arm so he could finally get the fluids that he had otherwise been unable to get. His skin was cool and his face was so pale. You held onto his hand gently, brushing your thumb repeatedly over his knuckles. “I hate this,” he sighed out, looking down at you. “I know Mikey,” you frowned, kissing over his hand. “But this is going to help a lot you know? And you don’t have to be here for long,” you explained, his bottom lip jutting out. You chuckled quietly and scooted your chair closer to him, brushing some of his hair off of his forehead. “We’ll get you better, and then we’ll go home… it’ll be okay babe, just relax.”

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23 with Ash?

yep! ^-^ This may start out a little gross….so i’m sorry

23. “Are you pregnant?”


I stared down at the toilet at the puke that floated in the disgusting water. It must have been something that I ate. That was at seven this morning. A few hours later, I was in the same position, staring down at puke in the dirty toilet water. I must be getting a bug. Later that night, when Ashton came home, I was cooking dinner, but I had run to the bathroom for another puking episode. Lucky for me, I forgot to turn the stove off, and the dinner I was cooking burned, during my long trip to the bathroom. “Babe?” Ashton came running into the bathroom. “Are you okay?” I was sitting down on the cold tile next to the toilet, trying to catch my breath. “No. I’ve been sick all day. I thought it was something I ate, or maybe I’m getting sick, but I feel completely fine when I’m finished.” Ashton knelt down next to me. “Are you pregnant?” My eyes widened. The one possibility that I hadn’t thought of. “Fuck.” I literally face palmed and looked shook my head. “I didn’t even think about that.” Ashton rubbed my back lovingly. “It’s okay babe, we’ll go to the doctor tomorrow, and we’ll eat lightly okay?” I nodded and flushed the toilet. Ashton helped me to my feet and took me back to the kitchen to clean up with him. We then had breakfast for dinner, to keep my stomach from churning too much from spices. “If it means anything to you…I hope you are pregnant. I’d love to have a tiny you or me living with us.” I smiled at the thought and cuddled close to him as we laid down for the night.

5sos working out probs
  • ashton:im going to look so sexy aw yeah
  • mikey:ew uhm im sweating??? gross???
  • calum:guys omg look you can roll on medicine balls
  • luke:guys stop fooling around omg
  • ashton:shut up luke do you even lift *high fives himself*
  • mikey:im hungry
  • calum:omg guys look im running back wards on the treadmill
  • luke:ashton doing the worm in the middle of the gym isnt working out
  • mikey:*sits on a bike and pulls out laptop*
  • ashton:*walks up to a woman* ill have you know that i can bench 5 pounds wait why are you walking away
  • luke:calum how'd you end up naked i hate this band
mikey on da daily probably
  • Mikey:lol should i dye my hair again
  • Mikey:food yas
  • Mikey:*sits at computer for 23 hours*
  • Mikey:Ash you so sexy
  • Mikey:Wait why am i talking to myself
  • Mikey:what do you mean i cant color my hair again
  • Mikey:lol lets look up super dick will Calum pop up
  • Mikey:wait oh my god i regret this abort abort
  • Mikey:food
  • Mikey:im going to dye my hair rainbow
  • Mikey:wait is that gay
  • Mikey:wait it doesnt matter because my whole band is gay for each other
  • Mikey:where is everyone
  • Mikey:computer you my only friend

I love him, I love him more than anything and anyone in this world. He makes me so fucking happy, he is all I need to be happy. He is the reason I smile most of the times and it makes me so sad that he doesn’t realize how amazing he is. He is my world, my sunshine and my everything. He is a work of art and he is incredible. I love him so much. The world doesn’t deserve a person like Michael Clifford.