After graduating from Vassar College in 1985 with a degree in biology, Lisa Kudrow aspired to follow in the footsteps of her father David B. Kudrow, a neurologist who researched headaches. Her career took a different turn, however, when her brother’s childhood friend Jon Lovitz encouraged her to enter the comedic world.

The early years of Kudrow’s onscreen career included small roles on the sitcoms Cheers, Life Goes On and Newhart. She unsuccessfully auditioned for Saturday Night Live and appeared in two ill-fated network pilots. After originally finding herself cast in the role of Roz Doyle on Frazier, she was ultimately replaced by Peri Gilpin during the filming of the series’ pilot episode.

In 1992, Kudrow secured her first recurring role as eccentric waitress Ursula Buffay on NBC’s Mad About You. She moved on from there to play Ursula’s arguably more famous sister, Phoebe Buffay, for ten seasons on the network’s extraordinarily popular sitcom Friends

For her portrayal of Phoebe, Kudrow won the 1998 Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as two Screen Actors Guild Awards. She became one of the highest paid television actresses of all time, earning one-million dollars per episode during the show’s two final seasons.

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 The amazing thing about Beth is that she doesn’t know how talented she is yet — and I’ve seen a lot of talented actresses. People here in Hollywood usually think that they’re better than they are. They think they’re stars and they’re not. Beth is somebody who is going to be a star — she just doesn’t know it yet.” Michael Patrick King about Beth Behrs


Variety - A Night In the Writers’ Room Panel (Featuring Mindy Kaling, Michael Schur, Dan Goor, Fred Armisen and Michael Patrick King)

Sex and the City (Sex and the City - The Movie)

Baseado na série de TV “Sex and the City”, exibida entre 1998 e 2004.

‘Sexo, paixões, loucuras e a cidade’ seria o nome que eu daria ao filme. Dirigido por Michael Patrick King e inspirado na série de sucesso, com o mesmo nome, Sex and the city não é um filme feminista, mas pode não ser o preferido de muito homens. 

Com 2h 25min, o filme que conta a história de quatro amigas e suas aventuras amorosas em Manhattan - NY, foi um sucesso por ser um dos poucos filmes que representam uma série ao pé da letra.  

Confira o Trailer AQUI  

As personagens marcantes, foram as mesmas que fizeram a série.

Sarah Jessica Parker como Carrie Bradshaw

Kim Cattrall como Samantha Jones

Cynthia Nixon como Miranda Hobbes

Kristin Davis como Charlotte York

e ele … Chris Noth como Mr Big

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) é uma escritora de sucesso obcecada por moda, que vive em Nova York. Assim como suas amigas Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) e Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie tenta equilibrar o trabalho com seus relacionamentos.” adorocinema.com

Bilheterias Brasil - 702.897 ingressos 

Orçamento de US$ 65 milhões

É de assistir entre paixões e corações partidos. Feminino, engraçado e, sem duvidas, apaixonante.

broke has never been this fun...


this new sitcom debuted it’s pilot episode last Sept 19 and it dares to poke fun at people who are trying to keep it to together while they pick the pieces up to get themselves back at their feet. it is not a big surprise that 2 Broke Girls got picked up for a full season last Oct 5 with Michael Patrick King as the creator & executive producer of the show – the same person who is also behind the success of Sex and the City tv & movie franchise and has worked behind Will & Grace.

Caroline, one of the main characters, whose recently shunned off of the social scene in the upper east side when news broke out that her billionaire father is an embezzler and ripped off all of Manhattan. Caroline sans her besties, ends up in Brooklyn & faces her new social status with very minimal resources and starts working in a low end restaurant where she meets a raging low self esteem waitress, Max. wackiness ensues while the two struggle the facts of life & fun begins once they start working up the ladder to realize their key to success, selling cupcakes.

2 Broke Girls is brilliantly well written. together with the supporting characters & recurring roles, it gives an effective effort in unravelling the depth of the characters as the show progresses. the show will give you a good laugh at the situation that the protagonists face & their lines will remind you of that good old Karen Walker spunk. here are my favorite memorable quotes from the pilot episode >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


back up jersey shore… you’re pathetic & that’s coming from someone who is homeless & wearing white after a labor day…” – Caroline Channing


oh no. this is not okay! we’re not keeping a mattress on the floor. we’re poor… not a crackheads!…” – Max Black

here’s one of the recurring characters that i love. the other 1 would be nick zano’s! now get a load of 2 Broke Girls’ resident Manhattan socialite diva 


“max, i need to tell you something because we’re family. now get me room temperature water & come over here…” – Peach Landis 

the show gives us a fresh taste of what tv entertainment is all about. go check it out. im sure y'all will enjoy it as much as i do ♥ 


spread the love!!! x ;0


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