The Mutant Football League Kickstarter is a bit behind schedule, but to help rally the fans, Michael Mendheim has posted an episode of the mid ‘90s Mutant League cartoon series based on the original games.

A kid’s show about performance enhancing drugs? Ah, the '90s!

Also, check out the Kickstarter and spread the word to help it make a big comeback in the second half!

Kickstarter - Mutant Football League

Remember Mutant League Football and Hockey on the Genesis/Mega Drive?  They were arcade-style sports games that were somewhat like precursors to games like NFL Blitz, and they still have fan followings today.

Well, like many independent developers, the original creators have decided to turn to crowd funding to try to create a spiritual successor.  Unfortunately, with so many high profile Kickstarter campaigns going on right now, they seem to have gotten overshadowed.

It’s a shame because we really need more arcade-style sports games that are fun and accessible to average gamers, as opposed to the complex simulations that most sports games tend to lean towards these days.