I have been asked a few times by blog followers on Tumblr if I ‘know any good books on witchcraft.’ That is a question that could prompt dissertations. So, I will simply share some books I discovered many years ago that I consider to have been influential on my personal path within traditional witchcraft. (personal collection/photos by me)

  • Mastering Witchcraft, Paul Huson (1970). Controversial for its time and a classic
  • The Pillars of Tubal-Cain, Nigel Jackson and Michael Howard (2000). Highly recommended. I consider it indispensable for its broad but cogent array of topics.
  • Call of the Horned Piper, Nigel Aldcroft Jackson (1994).
  • Masks of Misrule, Nigel Jackson (1996).
  • Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, Charles Godfrey Leland (2010 printing above, originally published in 1899). This book, although not as impactive on my youth, was influential to the others on this list, especially Huson.

Note that this list is just a sample of reading and these are recommendations I personally found useful. Depending on one’s interests and direction, others may not.