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what books would you recommend to men that want to learn about feminism, patriarchy and the harmfulness of masculinity etc. i know of bell hooks' "the will to change" but that's about it

There are lots of books about Masculinity—which just proves how ignorant MRAs/Conservatives are. (+ PDFs):

& these are the books I haven’t finished:

There are many things men do to have the type of power we associate with masculinity: We have to perform and stay in control. We’re supposed to conquer, be on top of things, and call the shots. We have to tough it out, provide, and achieve. Meanwhile we learn to beat back our feelings, hide our emotions, and suppress our needs.
—  Michael Kaufman, “Men, Feminism, and Men’s Contradictory Experiences of Power,” Theorizing Masculinities

“I think Oscar Wilde is a role model for every thinking person. That is Wilde’s personal mission statement to invent one’s own life, which he in effect did. He is the first of the great sort of self invented media figures.

I think all of us, or particularly those of us who have chosen to live in the arts, have a hint at least of what it means to be an outsider. We’re still wrestling with issues of censorship, with issues of alternative lifestyles. The topicality of this play now is striking.”

- Michael Emerson on his role of Oscar Wilde in “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” (from video interview 1997 with director Moises Kaufman and Michael Emerson)