Where is the be more chill merch that my soul craves?!?!! Fuckin,,,
-Michael mell jackets without the patches so people can customize their own
-player1/player2 shirts with mikey and jere on them
-i love play rehearsal stuff for the theater kids (shirt/ hat/mug etc.)
-t-shirts with the whole cast!!!!
-stuff that says squip/squipped on it!!!
-holy heck would I love anything with some quotes on it
-s t i c k e r s
- if there was literally a n y t h i n g for Michael in the bathroom i would spend every cent i have on it
-creeps shirts!!!
-don’t even get me started on a the stuff for pinkberry, richjake, boyf riends you could fuckin do
-creeps/Michael hoodie inspired beanies!!!!
-rich’s shirt !!!
-phone cases!!!! (One that says always be aware of auto correct!!)

super special thanks to @alaskancats for helping come up with some of these!!!!


Michael: I’ve liked him since what? Forever? I can’t just tell him, he probably doesn’t see me that way…

Jeremy: and risk ruining our friendship??? CHRISTINE ARE YOU INSANE??