I wrote this really nice song

To see if I can make things right

I know you’ve been avoiding me

But I just wanna end this fight

Cause you’re the salt to my pepper

You’re the moon to my sun

We’re like Batman and Robin

When we’re out having fun

And we’re gonna be together

Till we’re old and grey

So all I ask of you is please don’t pull away

Please don’t pull away

Please don’t pull awa—-

Karma’s song to Amy. Can’t stop listening to it. 

Give ‘Faking it’ Another Season.


Faking it was a series that premiered on MTV on April 22, 2014. The series consisted of two best friends who pretended to be lesbians to gain popularity. The reason why it captured its audience so quickly because it represented so much the LGBTQIA+ community so quickly, more than any other show. We live in such a heteronormative world; there is still so much homophobia around because of the lack of education, because of the mistreatment of LGBT characters. But If these people get familiar with the subject or even learn to love these characters in shows like this, its a HUGE step forward, even if it’s just a minority of viewers, it’s still very important. Because of this show, young people - having confused feelings or knowing exactly who they are but being afraid to tell people - have gained courage/inspiration from this small TV show, to experiment, to come out of the closet, to embrace their many identities with pride. Not to mention that the story is fantastically written, as many of the characters (for example, one of the first brilliantly respected intersex female characters on TV up to date and a transgender character played by an actual trans person) If this show gets renewed, even for the second half of Season 3, imagine how many subjects the writers could play with and how many viewers they’d gain.


- Eli Hersey