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What Michael really likes about you, is your uniqueness. You’re quite different from everyone else, but that’s the reason why he fell for you. You and Michael’s love isn’t just some silly teenage love that’ll last a couple of months or when school finishes, you’ve been together for years, the love between you guys is so strong. You’re definitely Michael’s soft spot, like he could be mad as fuck, but when he lays his eyes on you they soften up. Michael is a bad boy, at least to the school, but outside of school when you guys are alone or if you are at either of your parent’s house he is the biggest dork and is so clingy. If you make a joke about it, Michael will gladly push you up against a wall and pin your arms against the wall, whispering in your ear, “do you really want to be saying that, baby girl?”

Surprisingly enough, your parents don’t mind him, they actually love him. At first they were a bit wary, because of you bring a heavily tattooed and pierced boy home, you’re gonna be worried. When they saw how he really is and how gentle and caring he is towards you.

Just because he’s gentle with you, that’s not to say you don’t make out in his car at lunch or in skipped periods. Everyone knows that if you’re not in a certain class or at lunch, you both are in the backseat of his car kissing. Him hovering over you, with your legs wrapped around his hips. Sometimes it lead,s to other things, because Michael just loses himself when he’s with you.

When you guys first met - being locker neighbours - he was such a fucking flirt. Even at that point you saw past his badboy persona and for who he really is, you kinda made it your mission to see the really Michael Clifford.

You both got invited to a part one night and you guys flirted the shit out of each other, you pressed against a wall and him completely pressed against you, with his signature smirk.

Another thing Michael is in love with is your musical talent, he is so amazed by it and finds it so cute on how concentrated you get. Michael loves watching you play and the sounds you create.

Michael can be super protective at time, always having his hands on you or at least near enough that he can touch you in a split seconds. It used to annoy you, but now you find it amusing and cute. Sometimes he does it to be annoying too, like he’ll put his arm around your waist and pull you in for a big hug, just to be a little of shit, also to show people that you are his.

When people first started noticing that you guys had gotten close, people asked you “how are you not scared of him?” “Don’t you find him a bit intimidating and scary?” You just shook your head and walked away, slightly laughing to yourself.

You would definitely get along and hangout with the other boys, Michael would be so happy to see his favourite people in the world all have fun. You all bonded over music and now you’re all music fanatics and giant dorks.

Michael loves you so fucking much, more than anyone could know, he’d be lost without you. You are the first person he has ever really opened up to, you make his worries go away.

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Michael would be the type of boyfriend who would constantly deny being whipped when the guys tease him about it but he would totally be whipped. To the point that you would think out loud, “damn…some chocolate sounds good,” Michael would be like “do you need to be to go get you some? what kind? Nuts or no nuts…never mind I know you hate nuts/or like nuts….” and you would laugh because of how adorable he was being. He would never hear the end of it whenever you would all hang out with his friends/the guys, and you would all go randomly shopping and you would complain that your fingers hurt so michael would gladly take all of your shopping bags because he doesn’t want your cute fingers to be in any form of discomfort and all the guys would laugh at him but you would kiss him because you loved him so much and he loved you so much. 

“Aw you didn’t fall in love with me while I was sleeping did you?”

Your best friend Michael had been to your house for the past week comforting you after some asshole broke up with you. Honestly, you weren’t even upset you lost your boyfriend you could live without him. However, the embarrassment of him breaking up with you and screaming all of your worst qualities at you in front of all your friends killed you inside.

Mikey knew how insecure you were already and promised to do anything and everything under the sun to your ex until you felt better. You knew getting revenge wouldn’t help your embarrassment, so you turned him down and just asked him to stay with you for a while. Michael gladly agreed and slept on the couch for a whole week. He became very worried about you and your sleeping habits, he had never seen you sleep so much in your whole life. You had lost motivation to see your friends and couldn’t face them so all you did was sleep when you weren’t working.

One day around lunch time he came into your room to check on you and noticed you were awake, just laying there. He gave you a small smile when you looked up at him. You turned your body towards him and just gazed at him and waited for the reason he came to you.

“The sleeping beauty is awake did you get enough beauty sleep?” It was clear Mikey felt like he was stepping on egg shells around you. He knew you were hurting and didn’t want to make anything worse.

You closed your eyes and nodded your head yes against the pillow. When you opened them again you made grabby hands towards Michael until he finally stepped close enough for you to reach his hand. You tugged him onto the bed until he was lying down and then placed your body half onto his. When your head was sufficiently nuzzled up into his chest, you grabbed his arms and looped them around you like a hug. You sighed happily and thanked him for staying with you.

He pecked your head and squeezed you even closer than before. “How do you feel about going out today? It’s completely okay if you don’t want to I just thought you’d might wanna get some food since my pb and j’s aren’t really meant to be eaten for a week straight.”

“But leaving means I have to stop cuddling my super warm and comfy best friend and I don’t know if I can ever part with that. All the cheese fries in the world couldn’t tempt me.” You felt his chest rumble with laughter and you looked up at him with a smile.

“How about this, we go get some food now and then after we come back you get to cuddle me all night? I know I’m oh so hard to resist but I think you might be able to last one meal.” Now it was your turn to giggle. You quickly jumped up out of his arms and ran down the hall towards the front door.

“Last one to the car has to pay!” You squealed when you heard him come running after you.

“You cheater you got like a thirty second head start that’s not fair!” He pouted and then grabbed the keys from you grumpily.

“Oh come on Clifford don’t be a sore loser now hurry up chauffeur I got three orders of cheese fries callin my name.” You both smiled from ear to ear happy that you can joke around like this again. Michael reached over and grabbed your hand squeezing it before he dropped it back in your lap.

“Aw you didn’t fall in love with me while I was sleeping did you? If you kissed me to wake me up I swear to god you’re going down.”