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SEE MICHAEL ISN’T ACTUALLY A SPY!! i like to think he was recruited as a handler after hacking into university files and erasing student loans. he became a bit of a name on the deep web, successfully stealing shitloads of money and distributing it cleverly over various charities, never getting caught. well. almost. 

director Jenna Rolan basically breaks into his shitty apartment flanked by two scary looking beautiful individuals (aka agents Jake and Brooke). apparently he’s been put on a hitlist for being a high profile goodie goodie, and she offers him protection on the condition that he start working for them. Michael, not in the mood to die and kinda in the mood to being an awesome Q, accepts.

so he gets accepted under the handler division of the organization led by Chloe, and he does incredible work alongside other fellow handler Rich and weapons expert/lead equipment engineer Christine. he does a fantastic job yelling in brooke and jake’s ears about what to do while simultaneously hacking into cctv cameras and encrypted connections to keep his agents alive. no, michael didnt expect that hed end up with this job, but he helps put the bad guys behind bars and he does his job WELL.

ENTER JEREMY HEERE. the only son of a wealthy but evil woman looking to sell state secrets/nuclear launch codes/[insert evil thing] to the highest bidder.  suspecting that jeremy might have important intel, they convene at a dinner/auction/[insert thing rich people go to in spy movies]. michael is in a van outside with at least eight screens while brooke and jake are decked out in fancy clothes, shmoozing their way through rich people, until finally, they find jeremy.

it’s a classic honeypot maneuver, simple and straight to the point. or so they thought, because Brooke goes in for the kill only to get stammers and apologies. prepared for this possibility, they send in Jake who michael would gladly sleep with if rich wouldnt kill him, but Jake is turned down.

(“Think he’s ace? Does he ping on your acedar?” Michael asks Christine as he frantically hacks into CCTV, keeping an eye on Jeremy while Brooke and Jake figure out another gameplan.

“Acedar?” Christine says, unimpressed. “He could be. But, do you want my honest, professional opinion?”

“Go for it, Chris,” Chloe says, also on the line. “If we lose him tonight, that’s another month of nothing. Any opinions at this point are essential.”

“He seems–nervous,” Christine says. On Michael’s screen, he sees Jeremy by an extravagant potted plant downing flutes of champagne like it’s nobody’s business. “You know how Brooke and Jake are beautiful but a little intimidating? Yeah. I think he’s nervous.”

“We need this intel now,” Jenna sighs. “Do we have any beautiful, non intimidating agents who can take one for the team?” 

“I have–” Rich says. “An Idea.”)

which ends with Michael in a suit (”Why do we have this?? Why is it perfectly my size??” “You’re the one who always says to have at least seventy backup plans, M.”) tailing after Jeremy at a party thats more expensive than all the money Michael has stolen over the course of his life.

i dont want to go too much into this because then thatd mean id have to just buck up and write a fic, but by the time michael gets to jeremy, the poor kid is hammered. and a crying a little bit. they end up sitting on the floor of this fancy fancy bathroom while jeremy maybe pours his soul out to michael about how this always happens. he Knew brooke and jake were spies because this always happens. it’s always beautiful people who want to sleep with him not because he’s anything, but because his mom is gonna destroy the world. and he’s totally up for thwarting his mom!!! but his self esteem is just shit tonight and he couldnt take it and oh god, michael, im a bad person. im a bad person and i dont matter, really, and nobody would care at all. nobody.

(“Hey,” Michael says. His heart is breaking because Jeremy seems like an great guy stuck in a horrible life. “I’ve only known you for three hours, not including where I pulled up your entire existence from everything you’ve ever done on the internet, but. But I think you’re a good person. I care.”

“No you don’t,” Jeremy sniffles, head pillowed against Michael’s shoulder as he takes a swig from a bottle of champagne, though his nose wrinkles when he remembers that Michael had emptied it and replaced it with water. “You just want the intel. Which, you know what,” he fishes something out of his pocket. A USB. “Here. Take it. It’s what you guys are looking for and more. I’ve been compiling a record of every transaction my mother has made in the past year. Put her away, for fuck’s sake.”

“Shit,” Michael says. Everybody in his earpiece also says it. “Jeremy. Thank you.”

“Whatever,” he grumbles. “Time for you to go now. Go and save the world. Bye, bye.”

“Fuck that, do you have a phone?”)

and thus begins the friendship between jeremy and michael. so much more happens after this, but if i think about THAT. this will get so out of hand im going to need eight hands.


Jack: Hey Michael, guess what!

Michael: What’s up babe?

Jack: I just cleared out this casino. Legally.
Jack: Wanna see if we can blow 50 grand in one night?

Michael: That sounds like a challenge. I’m in.
Michael: Betting buddies?

Jack: I mean, if you know some good bets to put this on
Jack: How are you feeling on buying a private condo just for us?

Michael: Are you.
Michael: Asking if I want us to live together?
Michael: Because I’ll gladly bet on that.

Jack: Sort of? Maybe? If you’re interested?
Jack: Just… a space for the two of us to escape to when the crew gets too much, y’know.

Michael: I like the sound of that.
Michael: Meet you at the casino in fifteen babe. xx

Jack: Can’t wait :-*

Callout to Michael Wisner aka Deathlylogic

Michael Wisner (not his real name as he claimed himself in the TribeTwelve discord not so long ago) aka Deathlylogic is a manipulative, harmful and abusive person who is known to mole servers and skype groups to screenshot conversations, publicize private information, manipulate minors, threatened people who have outed him for his disgusting behavior towards others, stolen content and claimed it as his own, sent anon hate to anyone that speaks against him or his work and uses personal information to blackmail others.

In my previous post I have added screenshots of him stalking my blog during the month of August when I recieved around 14+ anons. Two people are responsible for these and No.1 is Michael as the stat counter proved.

He does own an iPhone as proven by photos he has posted on his blog.

Michael has been harassing me personally for THREE YEARS.

Keep in mind, this guy is around 20-23 years old or so and he wastes his life harassing someone who has a history with autism, depression, suicide attempts and anxiety.

Thanks to his and anothers little raid of my blog in August, i fucking relapsed after almost a year of not.

His little unproven claim of being “transsexual just for views” is obviously a personal attack. It just proves he’s doing this do get under my skin.

So, Michael, what you’re saying is, if someone is questioning their gender, they cant figure out what they feel comfortable as so they try for awhile until they have the answer, they’re just doing it for views? thats the single most stupidest, offensive bullshit I heard from you. That doubles you calling my former friends girlfriend a cunt.

Yeah, I was at a rough patch. I didnt feel comfortable as a boy and I didnt know who I was. I made my decision after a long time thinking and stayed as I am.

Thats my say against his baseless accusation.

to add to this talk of harassment,

Hes harassed a former friend who has a fucking heart condition.

Another who also has a history with attempts and more to add.

He threatened a former friend of mine after speaking out against him and to add even told him to kill himself.

Michael’s claim against this is that he was drunk.

Where is his cold hard evidence of that?

And even if there was, its not an acceptable excuse for saying such shit.

Examples 1 and 2 (from Davidlikestofilm)

His claim of me sending anon hate is again, false.

In his low res photoshop of screenshots, you’ll see a blacked out area where AUSTRALIA is written next to it.

Underneath is a monitor resolution which said 1600x900.

My monitor of the only computer i own, is 1366x768

Location traced? Pure Bullshit.

Yes I live in Clare, SA.

But due to me having a dynamic IP and after having two tech friends try their hardest to nail my IP location down, always pointed them in the wrong place.

My current IP points me at Flagstaff Hill which is still ways off from where I actually am.

And to add, I own a Motorola G phone which since April, hasn’t had the Tumblr App installed.

But how did he know my location?

Because of the 2nd person behind the anons I recieved in August.

My ex to be exact who he manipulated to hurt me. who he manipulated to give all the info he had on me.

And while I do have all the evidence in the world to call the ex out i.e faking suicide and sending me photos of him cutting himself t guilt me, he has deleted his account on here. This person also deals with problems which Michael gladly exploited.

Michael is not a nice, cool dood.

He isn’t this creative, original down to earth guy.

I’ve known this motherfucker since 2014.

He is a deceitful, harmful, cheating, toxic, two faced little fuck with no life who gets off from harassing others till they break.

He surrounds himself with minors because he thinks they’re easy to fuck with, easy to believe whatever he says. That’s what HE thinks.

He doesn’t care about you, your work or anything. He just wants to use you.

What did he have to say about others who worked hard in the original Arkn Mythos?

He will TRY and TRY to win you over to him with charm and bragging about his work. Trust me, he did this to a multitude of people that were close to me. Thankfully some knew well enough to stay away.

He will try to get into your head and act like he cares just so he knows what to use against you. He did this to me, to my ex, to others.

He will try to use the fact his series was featured by Night Mind to make himself look big and respected. If you look well enough, you’ll see Michael practically begged him to feature it. Not because it was good enough but because he begged enough.

He will try to use The Arkn Mythos as an example to his “success”.

Keep in mind, two of the main co-creators LEFT the mythos and made it public of how Michael treated them.

He will try and try over and over again to play victim.

He will try to seem like this wounded innocent little saint.

He isn’t and he never was.

Has he ever, EVER confessed to any of his behavior?


He has and always will try to find a way to get out of it.

He will point fingers at someone else (in this case, me) and will play victim and keep at it for hours and hours and months and months.

I’ve spoken to a quite few people who’ve known him for even longer than I have, one claimed they feared Michael was like this and a quick look at his blog proved his fears correct.

Another who was the co-creator of the mythos they founded together left after he got fed up with Michael’s behavior and treatment of others.

Another who has been in the Verse for a long ass time who knew of his shitty behavior only kept him as a friend to see how bad he was.

This person also just recently called him out.

Please, take this as someone who has been dealing with this person for years,

Do not interact with him, don’t follow him, don’t acknowledge him if he contacts you and tries to play victim. 

Report him and Block him.

One last screenshot of him stalking my blog the DAY it was created.
Obsessive behavior? yes.

The Cage in heaven Part 2

So after a quite long break, due to my finals and stuff, I finally decided to make part 2 , so please enjoy! :)

Read Part1 here  and Part 3 here   and Part 4 here and Part 5 here  Part 6 here and Part 7 here :)

Plot: Before the Apocalypse happend, god/Chuck started to overthink this whole Situation.  To avoid direct contact with his sons he decided to create one last Angel which he let grow up with humans and is actually more like human then Angel.  When she’s 18 god sent her to heaven.  He tells Joshua that she’s Michaels soulmate.  At first everything seemed perfect but then his plans didn’t went as they probably should.


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After the discussion with Michael you were sent to your room with your not-so-well-liked babysitter Zacharriah which was pretty much the last thing you needed right now. At least he didn’t bother to talk to you quite much, so you had plenty of time to settle your plans on leaving heaven. It wouldn`t be easy but if you wanted to save human kind and your soul mate you had to be successful, that much was clear.

You rememberd what Gadreel told you about an archangel who fleed from heaven before. His name was Gabriel and he was the youngest archangel as far as you knew he was the only one to ever flee from heaven and survive. Gadreel also told you about how he probably had done it. You didn’t know much about Michaels youngest brother but you knew enough to hope that he might help you.

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A Tangled Web to Weave-Alfie Solomons and Michael Gray Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some sensuality and mentions of drugs

A/N: I had this idea in my head pretty much since I started watching Peaky Blinders. I’m writing the reader as a young black woman just because I feel like I don’t have enough dedicated to readers who look like me even though I do my best to make people of every race fit into the reader in all my stories.

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“Good night, London!” Octavian and Y/N Y/L/N yelled into the mic.

 The people in the nightclub burst into applause at the twins’ words, giving standing ovations and demanding encores. The two tall, attractive, dark-skinned siblings basked underneath the bright lights at the Onyx Club. Their song-and-dance act was famous throughout all of Europe and they were well-received in every city they stopped in on their three-month European tour. They had shimmied in Spain, Charlestoned on top of the Eiffel Tower, did back flips and back handsprings in Berlin, performed acrobatic stunts in Austria, and belted their hearts out in Rome. Now, they were back in their hometown of London where they thought it was best to end their tour and it sure felt good to be home.

  Octavian and Y/N took a bow together before Y/N began to curtsy to the audience and blow kisses at her admirers while Octavian winked at the women who were screaming for him. Finally, they held hands as they scampered off stage to the sound of the all-black jazz orchestra playing them out. Once they were off stage, they let go of each others hands and breathed hard.

   “We didn’t do too bad tonight, sis,” Octavian said.

   “No, we didn’t.” A passing server handed Y/N a towel so that she could dab away the little beads of sweat on her forehead. “The women practically worship you.”

  “As they should.” Octavian adjusted his silver and ivory cufflinks and stuck up his chin with pride.

   Of course, Y/N could see why Octavian was so popular with the ladies: he was tall, athletic but still quite muscular, charming, and handsome. His hair was shaved close to his head and his skin was the color of freshly brewed coffee. His smile was so white that it could blind someone. Plus, Octavian was one of the best dancers in the world. However, Y/N grew irritated with some of the women Octavian would bring home since they were all mostly dim.

   A petite redhead waitress approached the twins with a bouquet of red roses in her arms. “Excuse me, Y/N, these are for you.” 

  “Thank you.” Y/N grabbed the roses from the woman and smelled them. Then, she grabbed the card.


  You are a brilliant, shining star.

  The redhead nodded her head before hurrying back to serving the nightclub guests. 

   “Which one of your admirers is responsible this time?” Octavian asked with a hard edge to his voice.

   “You sound angry, Octavian. Is it because none of your women gave you presents?” Y/N laughed at Octavian’s glare. “Besides, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious by the way it’s written.”

   “I don’t like this.”

   “You don’t like anyone who tries to woo me.”

   Octavian shook his head. “I have to go make my rounds.”

   “Have fun.”

   Octavian brushed past Y/N and headed towards the dancefloor. Not a second later did a busty brunette sidle up to him before Octavian swept her onto the dancefloor. He was easily the smoothest male dancer on the floor but his partner was much more interested in keeping as little space between them as possible. Octavian used this to his advantage as he slipped a small plastic baggy of white powder from his pants pocket between the woman’s breasts. Then, he returned his hand around her waist while dancing to the high tempo jazz music. At the end of the song, she slipped him a roll of cash before kissing his cheek. 

   Not only were the Y/L/N twins one the biggest entertainment acts in Europe but they were also the biggest drug traffickers in Europe. The entertainment act was a cover for them to move their product. Sure, they had suppliers from the Carribbean and had all the means to hire peddlers to do the dirty work, but the twins were raised to do everything by themselves. In fact, they inherited the business from their parents after they were shot and killed by coppers leaving church of all places. At eighteen years-old, Octavian and Y/N were borderline billionaires who were running a large and risky operation which was why Tommy Shelby approached them for business. Five months ago, Tommy had approached Y/N and Octavian at their London townhouse to propose the twins ally with the Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons. Tommy could give them more coppers on their side as well as muscle and protection while Alfie provided a more sophisticated route of getting the twins’ product to buyers as well as more money. The agreement was that the twins would give Tommy and Alfie a cut of their profits and Tommy and Alfie would do the same. Octavian and Y/N harballed for about two weeks before agreeing with Tommy’s deal. Now, everyone was happy for the most part.

   Y/N smirked at her brother, straightened out her silver flapper dress, and made her way towards the small round tables that took up most of the nightclub. Everyone who wasn’t dancing was sitting at one of these tables underneath the flashy crystal chandeliers. Sitting at the table in the darkest corner of the room was Tommy, John, and Arthur Shelby and their cousin, Michael Gray. Tommy, John, and Arthur were all drinking whiskey whilst Michael smoked. He blew a long stream of smoke when Y/N got closer.

   “Hello, boys,” Y/N said in her deep London accent-laced voice.

    “Y/N,” Tommy greeted with a nod.

   “Y/N, you were smashing tonight!” Arthur announced.

   “Thank you.”

   “Absolutely brilliant,” Michael said.

   Y/N looked down at him and sat on his lap. She didn’t hesitate leaning down and kissing him fully on the mouth in front of his cousins, earning a lot of hoots and hollers from John and Arthur. “Thank you for the flowers.”

   “You gave the bird flowers?” John asked.

   “Obviously,” Michael said.

   “He’s a gentleman, John, and a gentleman knows exactly how to treat a lady,” Y/N said as she draped her arm around Michael’s shoulders.

   Michael smiled as he tightened his grip around Y/N’s slender but curvy waist. Shortly after her alliance with the Shelbys and the Solomons was sealed, Y/N began flirting with Michael. He was polite but tough underneath his polished suits. He could fight with the best of them and match wits with her. Plus, Michael was the most interesting boy Y/N had met that was the same age as her. Octavian was furious when he found out about their arrangement but Y/N assured him that they had gone nothing farther than some kissing which was the truth.

  “Yeah, you could learn somethin’, John Boy,” Michael said.

   John narrowed his eyes at his cousin as he took a long swig of whiskey. Before he could say anything, Octavian interrupted as he walked up to the table. 

   “I’m surprised you all came from Birmingham to see us,” Octavian said as he clapped Tommy’s shoulder.

  “It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to talk properly,” Tommy said.

   Octavian had a chair brought over and ordered drinks for Y/N and himself. “So, do you want to get straight to business or this whole thing supposed to be casual?”

   “I suppose we can talk a little business,” Tommy said.

  A waitress came back with Octavian’s and Y/N’s drinks. Y/N grabbed her glass of champagne and downed it in one gulp. The men were surprised when she jumped up and set her flowers on the table.

  “Octavian, why don’t you and Tommy talk business while Michael takes me for a dance?” Y/N said.

  Octavian cast a side glare to Michael but masked it with his megawatt grin. “Gladly.”

  Michael put out his cigarette and let Y/N lead him onto the dancefloor. The band began playing a mid-tempo tune that allowed the couple to simply sway together around the floor. Y/N smiled and rest her head against his chest.

  “You’re not bad, Michael,” Y/N said.

  “Well, you are a good teacher,” Michael said.

  “I could stay like this forever,” Y/N said. 

 “I missed you when you were gone.”

 Y/N smiled. “I missed you too. That’s why I wrote you so much.”

 “Was France really that fun?”

 “Yeah, they love black people; it’s actually a little unsettling.” Y/N laughed. “So, have the girls been all over you since I’ve been gone?”

 Michael shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, only one girl has my eye.”

 Y/N smiled and looked down guiltily. She couldn’t tell whether Michael’s words were genuine or whether he was hinting at a certain cockney Jew who was also trying to win Y/N over. Alfie had been attempting to woo Y/N since Octavian and Y/N agreed to be partners with him and the Peaky Blinders. He didn’t keep it much of a secret since he would insist on Y/N visiting the bakery for private meetings, during which he would give her the best of his alcohol. Where Michael was more polished and proper, Alfie chose to flaunt his brute strength in front of Y/N to win her over. Sometimes, he would treat his bakers worse than usual just so she could see how tough he was. Sure, Y/N admired him for his strength since she too used physical force whenever one of hers and Octavian’s men seemed to step out of line, but the man for her had to be more than just strong. But Alfie was handsome and older. He was also extremely demanding and he hated that he was competing with Michael for Y/N’s affections.

  “Sometimes, you’re so sweet that I forget who you really are,” Y/N said.

  “Is that a bad thing?”

  “Not at all. It’s refreshing. I needed a man like you in my life for the longest time, Michael, and I’m thankful that you’re still around.”

   “Nothing could keep me away from you, not even your brother.”

   “Don’t let him hear that.”

   They danced for four more songs before making their way back to the table. Octavian was glaring holes into Michael’s charcoal gray suit while Tommy, Arthur, and John couldn’t look more proud of him. 

   “Were you able to sort that all out?” Y/N asked as she and Michael sat down.

   “Yes, we were. It was good doin’ business with you, Tommy,” Octavian said.

    “And you as well.”

    Y/N grabbed her roses and played with them. Red roses were her absolute favorite flowers and she was touched that Michael remembered. She knew that she would eventually have to choose between him and Alfie and it seemed like Michael was winning in that moment.

   Later that night, Michael and Y/N laughed as they walked down the dark street. Michael was laughing because Y/N was drunk off all the champagne she’d had and Y/N was laughing because she happy and drunk. Michael pulled Y/N into an alley, gently pressed her against a wall, and kissed her hotly. She laughed as she kissed back as well as she could. His arms tightened around her waist as he brought her closer while Y/N ran her hands through his hair.

  “I bloody love you, Y/N,” he whispered.

  Y/N pulled away from nibbling his neck and looked at him. “Really?”

  “Yes.” Michael cupped her face in his hands. “Now the only question is how you feel about me.”

  She stared into Michael’s eyes as he searched her own. The alcohol was slowing her cognitive abilities as she tried to reason her emotions. Sure, Y/N cared for him but she also cared a lot about Alfie. Alfie could be sweet in his own way when no one else was watching. But Michael wasn’t afraid to be open with his emotions.

  “I care about you…a lot.”

  Michael’s lips pressed into a thin line. “All right, let’s get you home then.”

  “Michael?” Y/N frowned as he stepped away from her.

  He didn’t respond as he began walking away. The walk back to Y/N and Octavian’s townhouse was silent. Michael made sure to keep an eye on Y/N and make sure she didn’t wander anywhere. Y/N felt awful the whole time especially since she was seeing double or triple of everything. Plus the fact that Michael didn’t kiss her goodnight made her feel even worse. She really wanted to make a decision between him and Alfie but she didn’t know what was wrong with her.

   The next morning, Y/N woke up with a killer headache and the need to empty her stomach’s contents. She felt even worse after recalling the look on Michael’s face. He had confessed his love to her and she couldn’t do the same. She knew that she cared for him deeply, she might even love him if it wasn’t for Alfie.

 Y/N spent at least three hours in the bathroom alone and took her even longer to get ready. She managed to bathe before combing her unruly, chin-length curls and changing into a silk drop waist wine-colored dress. She slipped on her favorite long string of pearls before padding downstairs where Octavian was enjoying brunch in their lavishly decorated dining room with none other than Alfie Solomons.

  “Look who came to see us after our long tour,” Octavian said with a wide smirk.

  Alfie stood. “’Ello, Y/N.”

  “Hello, Alfie. How have you been?” Y/N sat at the table.

  Olivia, the maid, rushed over to her. “What can I get you, ma’am?”


  Olivia nodded before rushing back to the kitchen.

  “So, what brings you to our home, Alfie?” Y/N asked.

  “Like Octavian said, I wanted to see the two of you after your tour.”

  “You would’ve been able to see us sooner if you had come to the Onyx Club last night.”

  Olivia returned with a coffee pot and poured some into Y/N’s china teacup. Y/N thanked Olivia as she poured some sugar and milk into the cup.

   “I don’t really like nightclubs,” Alfie said.

   “Really, because the Blinders seemed to really enjoy themselves. Especially their cousin, Michael.”

   Y/N hid her smirk behind the mug as she took a sip of coffee. She knew it was a bad thing to antagonize Alfie but he deserve it. He expected her to just choose him because he was attracted to her. Alfie had to put forth at least a little effort.

   “Oh, really?” Alfie leaned forward.

   “It wasn’t that lively, Alfie, you didn’t miss much.” Octavian shot Y/N a glance telling her to relax.

   Y/N cast a side glance at him as she grabbed a piece of toast from the large plate of toast in the center of the table. She slathered jam all over it before nibbling on it. 

   “Sure, it was your average night out. Michael insisted on dancing with me all night.”

   Something lit behind Alfie’s gray eyes. “Y/N, we need to talk.”

   “We are talking.”

   “That’s enough, Y/N,” Octavian said.

  “No, I need to speak with your sister in private.” Alfie stood, walked around the table, and yanked her up from her chair.

  “Don’t grab me like that, you brute!” Y/N yelped.

  “Alfie, you can talk to her without snatching her up like that.” Octavian spoke calmly as he stood.

  Alfie grunted something under his breath but eased his grip on her arm before dragging her into the foyer. Y/N was fighting him the entire time but it didn’t help since Alfie was so much bigger than her. When he finally let her go, she slapped his arm.

   “If you grab me like that again, I will claw your eyes out,” Y/N hissed.

   Alfie laughed spitefully and leaned over her. “Try it, love.”

   Y/N narrowed her eyes at him as she lunged at him, but Alfie quickly grabbed her hands before pressing his lips against hers harshly. It took everything in Y/N’s power not to moan into Alfie’s mouth. She refused to give him that satisfaction. Finally, he pulled away and stared at her intensely.

   “What did you do that for?” she muttered.

   “To show you why I’m the man for you,” Alfie said. “You bein’ gone for three months gave me a lot ‘a time t’ think. I hated you bein’ gone since there was no one crackin’ jokes or tryna make me dance with ‘em.” 

    “So, without me, there was no one to entertain you. That’s just brilliant.” Y/N tried to walk away but Alfie snatched her right back to him.

   “I didn’t finish. There was also no one fightin’ with me or tryna make sure I took care of m’self,” Alfie said. “I know ‘m not the most…affectionate man but I do care a lot for you.”

   “If that were true than you would’ve come to see me as soon as I was back in town.” 

  Alfie rolled his eyes. “Would you forget about the bloody club? I’m tryna tell you I love you an you won’t let me.”

   Y/N’s eyes widened. “Alfie…”

   “Now do you love me or do you love that Brummie more?”

  “Don’t call him that!” Y/N snapped.

  “Well, that’s what he is. You’ve gotta choose between us because ‘m not goin’ to be as civilized about it like I am now any longer. It’s me or ‘im,” he griped.

   Alfie was right. This messy love triangle of theirs had gone on long enough. Y/N had to make a decision between the brutish crime boss and the polite but tough Peaky Blinder. No matter who she chose, the consequences she would reap from it were frightening.

Hair Color pt. 5 (Soulmate!Michael)

Requested: the idea came from this sweet anonstein here

Words: 1255


Summary:  Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

PART 1! - PART 2! - PART 3! - PART 4! - PART 6! 


You’d got a text that day with an address. Since you were already living in sweet California, LA it didn’t take you a long time to get to the place. The house was way too big for one person. It was centered in the centrum, a weird place to center a house. But as soon as the curly-haired drummer answered the door, it kinda made sense.

“Hi. “ You said waiting for Ashton to invite you in.

“Hey. I’m Ashton. “ He almost did a little bow and gestured you inside. He shook your hand and let you stand in the middle of the entrance. Walking behind Ashton, he pretty much introduced you to a giant living room.

“Wow. “ You mumbled and Ashton turned his attention towards you with a small smirk. “This is some kind of studio? I’m just guessing? “

“Yeah.  “ He chuckled moving his way around the living room. “We stay here for a while for work, you know. “

You looked up. High ceiling and full of windows. The kitchen was open and to your left. There was a staircase looking fancier than ever, and a glass door to the coolest garden/porch. On the floor there was shirts and empty red bull cans flooding around, making it clear that it was four boys staying in the house. You couldn’t read Ashton’s face, whether he knew you were invited or not.

“You’re not here to see me, are you? “ Ashton laughed at your confused expression. You stood in the behind a white sofa, being the awkward you.

“Uhm, no? Not exactly. “ You answered, not knowing what to say.

“What a disappointment. “ He said, ruffing his curls. “The guys are upstairs. Second door. “ You nodded and walked upstairs, thinking about the meeting with “the guys”.  Ashton walked into the kitchen, probably finding something to eat or drink. When you stood in front of the second door, you didn’t know whether to knock or not. So instead, you just barged in.

And yes, three guys sat in an old, brown couch that were standing in front of a large TV. The room wasn’t big, but there was a table behind the couch. Luke was the only one to look away from the screen though, since Michael and Calum was very busy with the controllers in their hand.

“Mikey, she’s here. “ Luke mumbled, looking down on his phone. To be honest, you were expecting a more formal hello, but the loud noises from the TV made the silent not awkward.

“Just a sec. “ Michael still didn’t look away from the screen. “Sit down, Y/N. “ Calum glanced at you, but was quickly focused on the game again. You sat down in a chair matching to the sofa cushions. Ten minutes went by before anything really happened.

“We need more food. “ Ashton closed the door behind him and placed two beers on the table behind the couch.

“Sorry to ask, but what the fuck am I doing here? “ You sat with your found, scrolling through twitter, but stopped when clearly none of the boys acknowledged you. Then when the words rushed out of your mouth, they all looked at you and for the first time, Michael did too. A small smirk was planted on his face and you almost lost your breath knowing he was your soulmate.

“Yup, she’s yours, mate. “ Calum chuckled and gladly killed Michael who was not paying attention to the game.

“We weren’t playing anymore! “ Michael exclaimed, throwing the controller on the coffee table. He sighed and an awkward silence hit the room.

“We still need more food. “ Ashton mumbled as he opened the beer can and took a slurp.

“We’ll get some. “ Michael got off the couch and walked pass you. You didn’t know why he didn’t walk out of the room yet.

“You coming, Y/N? “ He asked. You looked at Luke who was smiling all over his face. Then you rushed up from the comfortable chair and towards Michael. Michael opened the door for you, like a true gentleman, and did a little bow as you walked out.

“I’m thinking we’ll just go to the nearest fast food restaurant. “ He said, closing the door behind. He grabbed you by the waist and led you down the stairs, before he realized where his hand was.

“Seems fine. “ The sun was shining outside, making you remember that you should be in class. But what you won’t do for love?

“Little piece of advice, “ You started as Michael and you got outside, the sun shining in your eyes. “Video games don’t write songs. “

Michael laughed and put his hands in his pockets as he walked down the street. It was rather early, so the streets weren’t crowded as usual.

“We got here a couple days ago. We have ‘bout three weeks in the house. “ Michael looked down on you. “We’ll produce music at times, but right now we’re playing xbox. “

“Fun. “ You commented as you walked beside him. You had to hurry up a bit more than usual, because of his long legs.

“What do you want to be? “ He asked, clearly referring to your college.

“Lawyer. “ You said without hesitation. It had always been the plan. Your parents used to ask you the exact same question repeatedly, until you answered “lawyer”. So it had become a routine whenever somebody asked you that question.

You would go on with the small talk, till you found a small pizza restaurant. Michael ordered 5 pizzas and you waited. You were craving for lunch since you didn’t get breakfast. Even though you were “living” in LA, you had to get up early to get to the address – so you didn’t wake up your bestie, Sally.

When the pizzas were done, you walked back to the gigantic house. Michael told you about the band and how they got started.

“Are the good guys? “ You asked, regretting instead the suspicious question. “The band? “

“My band? “ Michael looked down at you, making your stomach twist. “Yes, they are. They can be scary because of abnormally huge they are though. “ He laughed at you walked towards. You were close to the studio-house now.

“You all are abnormally huge. “ You whispered to Michael as it was a secret. You both went upstairs to the “gaming room” and Michael placed the pizzas in front of the abnormally huge guys. They quickly dug in and in a matter of seconds the pizzas were gone.

“Done any work yet? “ Michael asked his three bandmates.

“Nah. “ Calum said, stuffing his mouth with the last piece of pizza.

“What are you stud-“

“I’m gonna be a lawyer. “ You interrupted Luke before he could finish his sentence.

“AND SHE’S SMART! “ Ashton yelled in genuine excitement.  “DUDE, you got lucky! “ Ashton padded Michael’s shoulder, but Michael wasn’t enjoying his mate’s yelling voice.

“She has a boyfriend though. “ Luke eyes widened as soon as he realized the words he said. Calum looked at you with furrowed eyebrows like he couldn’t believe it while Ashton’s law just dropped to the ground.

“Nooo? “ Ashton said in denial. “You were perfect for Mikey? “

“Oh my god, this is awkward. “ You tried to get Michael attention, but he just ruffled his hair, looking at the ground. “Maybe Michael and I should just talk… alone? “

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You'll Be The Death Of Me (Ashton Irwin Daddy Kink Imagine)

A/N: Okay I’m so so so so sorry it took me so long to finish this. Like I can’t apologize enough. I hope you guys like it :)


His eyes never left her the entire time she was on the dance floor. Ashton watched as his girlfriend danced with his best friend, the anger and jealousy that bubbled inside him was red hot. He knew it was his own fault, she had asked him to dance first but he had declined saying he’d rather just sit and drink his beer for the time being. So she turned to Michael and he had gladly obliged.  

He let his gaze travel down her body. The tight black dress she had chosen was not leaving much to the imagination and Ashton was kicking himself for allowing her to wear it outside of her apartment when he picked her up. All the stares she was receiving were doing nothing but adding fuel to his fire. Taking one last sip of his beer, he stood from the booth and strode over to Y/N. He placed his hand on her hip and pulled her into his chest before slowly starting to grind on her. She pulled away though and turned to face him while she pressed her back firmly into Michael’s chest.

“You said you didn’t want to dance,” she said as she wound her arms up and around Michael’s neck. She rolled her hips against him and pressed her body tighter to his.

Ashton saw Michael’s jaw tighten and his posture stiffen and knew exactly what was happening; his girlfriend was giving him a boner. That was what did it all in. Ashton grabbed Y/N’s arm and roughly pulled her away from his friend. He leant down so that she would be able to hear him over the pounding music, “We’re leaving. Now,” he growled before pulling her off the dance floor and through the mass of sweaty bodies.

They swiftly walked through the parking lot and upon arriving at Ashton’s car, he roughly yanked the passenger door open and ushered Y/N inside. The drive back to his place was completely silent save for the radio softly droning on. Ashton was gripping at the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles began to turn white and when Y/N noticed, she had to bite her lip to suppress the excited grin that was growing on her face.

Once in the parking lot of the apartment complex, Ashton quickly pulled into a parking space and jumped from the car. Just as Y/N had unbuckled her seat belt and went to reach for the door handle, the door was ripped open. Ashton reached in and picked her up out of her seat with ease. He set her down on her feet before slamming her back against the now closed car door. He leaned in slowly then all at once and smashed his lips to hers.

With one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her lower back, he pulled her impossibly closer to him. He easily pried her lips apart so that his tongue could slide into her mouth. Y/N moaned into the kiss and threaded her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. As he pulled away, he took her bottom lip between his teeth and let it snap back. Taking one last ravenous look down at her, he roughly grasped her hand and tugged her up the steps to the entrance of the complex. The pair quickly rushed into the elevator and Ashton roughly pressed their floor number.

The elevator ride up ten stories had never seemed to take so long before. Neither of them said a word the entire ride up. When the doors finally released them from their tension filled prison, they all but sprinted towards the door of his penthouse apartment. Ashton fumbled with the keys for a bit before he was finally able to get the door unlocked.

The second the door slammed shut, Ashton had her pressed up against it. Both of them were breathing heavily from the fervent kisses he was placing on her lips and exposed neck. His hands gripped harshly at her hips, pulling the black fabric of her dress up ever so slightly. Ashton ground his hardening jean clad crotch against her causing her to let out a throaty moan and her head to lull to the side.

He leant his head down and began to work at her neck, leave hot wet kisses trailing up to Y/N’s ear. Ashton kissed the shell of her ear before pulling her earlobe into his mouth and nibbling on it slightly. “Did you honestly think you’d be able to get away with that shit you pulled back there?” he growled after resealing her earlobe.

The only reply he received was yet another moan from his girlfriend. He quickly stepped back from her and spun her around so that she was facing the door. Ashton jerked her dress up over her ass before quickly drawing his hand back and bringing it down firmly onto her backside. She let out a small noise, a mixture of a whimper and a moan, at the contact of his hand on her ass.

He began to rub soothing circles on the reddening spot as he leaned in closer to her, “Now I asked you a question; did you really think I’d let you get away with that shit Y/N?”

“N-no,” she stuttered out, shaking her head. The truth was she hoped to earn this type of reaction out of him; she absolutely adored it when he was rough with her. While they were at the new up-scale nightclub the idea of making him this angry and what he would do to her as punishment had her practically dripping with excitement.

“No what Y/N?” he said, the annoyance clear in his voice.

“No, sir,” she breathed out, her voice still shaking ever so slightly.

“That’s what I thought you said,” Ashton said smoothly.

Ashton’s hands slid from her ass, around her waist and into her panties where his fingers slowly began to rub up and down her folds. With his thumb, he pressed hard on her clit while middle finger teasingly circled her entrance.

She threw her head back on his shoulder and whimpered, “Ashton, please.”

Letting out an almost sinister chuckle, Ashton leaned down to her ear, “I’m not ‘Ashton’ tonight baby. Tonight, I’m ‘Daddy’.”

As soon as the words left his lips, he rammed two fingers inside her causing her to cry out. For what felt like hours, he didn’t move his skilled hands at all. Then ever so slowly, he began to pump his fingers in and out of her, curling them in just the right way to make her scream each time.

“Please, faster,” she begged.

“Y/N, please what?” he breathed out against her neck, his movements now halting altogether.

“Please daddy,” she breathed out raggedly.

Smirking against the damp skin of her neck, he obliged her request and began pumping his fingers at a furious speed. Y/N was writhing in his arms as she neared the brink of her orgasm.

“D-Daddy, I’m going to cum,” she panted.

“The fuck you are,” Ashton growled before abruptly pulling his fingers out of her.

He quickly spun her around before stepping back from her so that he could unbuckle his belt and then jeans. “On your knees,” he commanded as he shoved his jeans and boxers down to his ankles.

Y/N quickly sank to her knees before him as Ashton gave his half hard member a few quick jerks.

“Here, let me,” she said, looking up through her eyelashes.

Ashton smirked down at Y/N before running his hand through her hair and saying, “It’s all yours baby girl.”

She wrapped her small, nimble hands around his shaft and began to slowly pump him; his cock sufficiently hardening under her grip. Y/N leant forward and licked the throbbing blue vein that ran the length of his cock before placing a tender kiss on the tip. A deep moan slipped from the back of Ashton’s throat as she finally inserted his length into her mouth. She hollowed out her cheeks so that she could fit even more of him and pumping the bit she couldn’t take.

Ashton ran his hands through her hair, pulling it back to make a make-shift ponytail for her. Looking up through her lashes, Y/N began to bob her head, slowly at first but then quickly building up her speed. The grip Ashton had on her hair got tighter as he started to rock his hips forward, his tip brushing the back of her throat. At the feeling of her deep-throating him, Ashton decided to take control. He quickly began snapping his hips forward, fully fucking her mouth now. Y/N’s eyes began to water and her hands flew to his thighs, her nails digging into Ashton’s flesh.  His cheeks flushed and his breathing labored, he looked down at her and panted, “I’m about to blow. Are you gonna be a good girl for daddy and swallow?”

Y/N nodded her head just as Ashton started to cum. With one hand on the door to brace himself and the other still fisted in his girlfriend’s hair, Ashton shot his load down her throat. She had to swallow a few time to get it all down, but she managed to swallow all of her boyfriend’s cum. Taking a deep breath Ashton slowly pulled himself from her mouth, leaving a tiny smudge of cum on the side of her mouth. He took her chin with his forefinger and tilted it up to look at him before slowly swiping away the residue from her face with his thumb. Taking hold of his hand and holding his thumb up to her mouth, Y/N slowly wrapped her tongue around it and licked it clean. Ashton bit his lower lip as he watched her, her actions turning him on all over again.

“Stand up,” he whispered gruffly.

Y/N did as she was told and rose to her feet. She didn’t even bother to fix the skirt of her dress that was still rolled up above her hips. Ashton looked her over and bit his lip. As pissed as he was just a few moments earlier, there was no denying that he loved her. Just one look at her made him weak in the knees. Y/N had him totally wrapped around her finger, but tonight, she was in for it. She had given one of his best friends a hard-on, on purpose, right in front of Ashton. That wasn’t going without punishment.

Cupping her cheek in his large hand, he tilted her face up and pressed a much gentler kiss to her lips. His hand slid from her cheek to the back of her neck as he pressed her even closer to him. With his unoccupied hand, he brought it up to squeeze her thigh. Pulling his lips away from hers, he told her to jump up.  She gracefully wrapped her legs around Ashton’s waist, her still soaking heat pressed firmly against his abdomen. 

Stumbling out of the jeans that still pooled around his ankles, Ashton walked them farther into his apartment. Y/N leaned down and attached her lips to Ashton’s sweet spot, the place just below the hinge of his jaw. The grip he had on her thighs tightened as Y/N went from kissing and softly nibbling on his skin to harshly biting and pulling at it.

When he finally reached his bedroom, he kicked the partially opened door fully open. With one hand, he fumbled along the wall in search of the light switch. Warm fluorescent light flooded his spacious bedroom as he stumbled towards his king-sized bed. Tossing Y/N down onto the mattress, he ripped his flimsy t-shirt from his torso. Y/N sat up from the bed and pulled her black dress over her head and tossed it to the floor. Ashton crawled over her and ducked his head down to suck at her now exposed clavicle. Threading her fingers through his hair she pulled him away from her collar bone and up to her lips.

Ashton’s hands went up and untangled her fingers from his hair. Upon receiving an adorably confused pout he chuckled darkly and said, “Nuh-uh baby girl. Daddy is in control tonight.”

Taking both her wrists in one hand, Ashton pinned them to the bed above her head. He looked down at his still pouting girlfriend and smirked.

“No touching Y/N,” he said breathily.

He reached over into his bedside table and rifled through the top drawer. She knew exactly what he was looking for and it had her core throbbing in anticipation. There was no hiding the excited glint in her eyes as Ashton pulled out a pair of silver handcuffs. He clapped one of the cuffs on her before looping them around the head board and onto her other wrist. 

“Just for good measure,” he smirked after she was locked in place.

Ashton then turned his attention to her chest. Reaching underneath her, he quickly unclipped her bra and threw it to join the other articles of clothing on his floor. Making sure he held eye contact with her, he leaned his head down to her breasts. He placed kisses on the tops of both her breasts before turning his full attention to her left nipple. Ashton circled it with his tongue before taking it fully in his mouth and tugging on it before doing the same to the other nipple. A whimpering moan left Y/N’s mouth as she arched her back off the mattress.

“Daddy,” she moaned bucking her hips to get some sort of friction.

Ashton’s head snapped up and his eyes grew so dark she almost swore they turned black. “Say it again,” he growled as his hands flew to her hips in order to keep her pinned down.

“Mmm,” Y/N moaned again.

“I said to say it again Y/N,” Ashton growled while pushing her knees up to her chest. He drew back his hand and slapped her ass. “Now say it damnit.”

“Daddy!” she cried out just as another slap was landed on her backside.

“That’s my good girl,” he purred as he rubbed over the growing welts on her cheeks.

Pulling her legs down he spread them wide and held them down before he began to massage her inner thighs, placing small, wet kisses here and there. Ashton worked his way up to her throbbing core and placed a lingering kiss over the crotch of her black lace panties. She whimpered at the slight contact and bucked her hip into her boyfriend’s face.

“Be patient love,” Ashton chided softly before moving her panties to the side. He licked up her slit before his tongue landed on her swollen clit; giving it a few swipes before licking back down her and circling her entrance and then plunging in. Placing the pad of his thumb on her clit, he began to rub in slow figure eights. Y/N cried out in pleasure, her hands straining against her confines. She wanted nothing more than to grip on to his hair or shoulders or just any part of him in general.

Ashton continued to rub her clit and curl his tongue up inside her, hitting the right spots every time. Y/N felt the familiar knot growing in the pit of her stomach and her toes curled towards the soles of her feet.

“D-Daddy,” she stuttered, “I’m so close.”

Ashton nodded his head, his hair tickling her thighs a little as he did so. He started to rub faster and flick his tongue at lightning speed, sending her hurtling into her orgasm. Ashton moaned at the feeling of Y/N’s walls clenching around his tongue. As she slowly started to come down from her high, Ashton began to clean up all of her juices.

With one last lick up her slit, Ashton slowly began to kiss up her body. “So fucking sweet,” he mumbled, “You always taste so fucking sweet.”

She moaned as he placed a kiss on her lips. Y/N was still able to taste herself on his tongue as he slipped it into her mouth. Ashton let his hands trail down her body, caressing every one of her curves. He again took her legs and folded them up against her chest.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked after aligning himself with her entrance.

Y/N nodded vigorously and Ashton thrusts in with full force. Without giving her time to adjust, he began thrusting quickly. Snapping his hips in a rhythmic motion, Ashton quickly found her g-spot and began to relentlessly pound into it. Y/N became a whimpering, moaning mess beneath him and Ashton used this to drive him forward.

“Daddy!” she cried out at a particularly sharp thrust, arching her back and pressing her sweaty chest to his.

“I’m almost there,” he grunted.

“M-Me too,” she said breathily, noting her own impending orgasm.

With a few more thrusts, Y/N started clenching around him, her vision going white. The feeling of Y/N’s walls tightening around his cock was all it took to send him into his own orgasm. He tried as hard as he could to milk their orgasms out as much as he could, but his thrusts were sloppy and sporadic. When the two of them finally descended from their highs, Ashton collapsed on top of Y/N, panting to catch his breath.

He carefully pulled out of her, being mindful of her sensitive state, and then went to unlock her wrists from the handcuffs. Quickly pulling her hands from the cuffs his eyes widened. Y/N had dark red rings all around her wrists. Ashton brought her hands up to his mouth and gently pressed kisses all around her wrists.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were too tight?” he mumbled against her skin.

Smirking up at him she said, “I liked it Daddy.”

Ashton’s eyes grew dark again when she called him ‘Daddy’. “Keep calling me that and I’ll end up fucking you into next week,” he growled.

“I’m perfectly okay with that,” Y/N mused, fluttering her eyelashes and biting her bottom lip.

Ashton kissed her lips and nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. “God you’re going to be the death of me Y/N,” he mumbled into the skin of her neck.

(This is set right after Ray runs away from home)

Ryan was furious. He didn’t like the idea of anyone harassing his family, least of all Ray. Ray was without a doubt the baby of the family. He was the youngest, the smallest and the scrawniest (he had looks practically malnourished when they had first met).  Ray was also very placid. When faced with a confrontation, Michael would meet it gladly. Even Gavin would get into a fight if the situation called for it. But Ray was much more apathetic than his brothers and far less likely to cause a fuss. Which had led to all of his bottled up emotions exploding in his recent outburst.

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#52: Boyband VS Girlband | AU | Part 12


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“Good afternoon Calum.” You greeted, sending him a smile. He just rolled his eyes by your sweet behavior, crossing his arms. “Y/N was actually here to compliment on our music.” Luke snapped towards Calum making him change his face expression to soften more. “Yeah. You guys did well. Rocked out as always, I’m very impressed and inspired. You’re a wonderful bassist Cal.” Your compliments made Calum’s cheeks blush into a reddish shade of tomato red, his mouth opening wide but no words came out. He had no idea what to say, for so long he had treated and misjudged you for so long and you were just a really caring person. “I uhm..” He mumbled out trying to compose himself, Luke chewing on his bottom lip to try to prevent the smirk. “Thanks.” Was the only thing he said, not really coming up with something better and you could only nod your head, looking back up at the stage, the last band of the camp performing now. “You’re really a cool girl Y/N.” Michael announced, tearing your eyes back to the boys and you send him a smile shrugging your shoulders as the other boys nodded in agreement. “So everything is approved?” You asked, referring to an impatient Luke standing a little further away from you. “I guess it is.” Calum spoke, watching Luke as his eyes lit up. “Can I kiss her now?” Luke almost whined, looking over at Calum and the boys for approved. “I’m surprised you haven’t done it tonight already.” Calum spoke, pointing his head towards you which made Luke break out into an award winning smile before he took the smaller steps towards you, pulling you into his embrace and placing his plump lips on yours. “So for how long are we going to stare at you before you guys realize that the winners of this year’s competition are revealed at any second now?” The sound of Amia questioned making you guys pull away from each other, looking to see the girls standing next to Calum, Michael and Ashton. “Sorry.” You mumbled, turning around and having Luke wrap his arms around your waist from behind, embracing you into his chest and looking up towards the stage. Mrs. Walden walked onto the stage making the camp student crowd scream up, her letting out a laugh by the applause. “Hello you guys!” She greeted, holding a hand in front of her eyebrows to cover the sun. “This is both the best, and also the saddest part of the camp. Today is our last day. You all have to remember to clean up your rooms, clean the beds and under them, and remember to take all the trash out. You can decide whether you will pack tomorrow or today, as long as you all are out of your cabins and they are locked at 11AM. But let’s not talk about the sad part. How about we go find out who’s the winner of the competition this year?” She questioned and everyone started to scream up. “I have the winner, right here.” She mumbled, fishing out an envelope, starting to unlock it, some crossing their fingers, other just having smiles on their faces. “The winner is.. Converse Conclusions. The eight of you just shrugged looking at each other, clapping your hands together for the mixed up band that was on the stage now, receiving their trophy. Both of your bands had one a trophy before, now it was all about enjoying and playing music. “I was about to say there’s always next year, but that doesn’t work anymore.” Michael said making the other chuckle as well, Luke placing a kiss to your cheek. Even though none of you had one, he could always remind himself of how lucky he was of getting you instead.


“Okay boys and girls, there’s no backing down now, I’m announcing the winners of this year’s camp competition.” Mrs. Walden cheered into the microphone, everyone going crazy. “So let’s see who it is then.” She smiled, fighting the urge to open the envelope, taking the paper out and reading the winner’s band name. “This year’s camp competition winner is..” You and the girls crossed your fingers together, the same thing happening with the boys, you and Calum sending each other a wink. “Devilish Angels!” You and the girls’ eyes went wide by the mention of your name; you guys hadn’t won since the first time you were at this camp 4 years ago. “Come up on stage, don’t be shy!” She invited, you and the girls standing up in surprise, the boys clapping their hands together even though they knew they would be cleaning for two bands tomorrow morning - meaning they would have to wake up an hour earlier. You and the girls approached the stage, Mrs. Walden giving out the microphone to Hero. “Thank you so much for this trophy. It’s probably the best way to end the camp since this is our last year here. We really did practice hard, and it’s paying off by letting 5 Seconds of Summer clean our rooms tomorrow morning since we had a bet and they clearly lost.” She smiled, pointing towards the trophy Emma was holding.” Everyone started to laugh and you guys bowed down, ready to walk down the stage and when you were down on the field again, you were met by the boys. ”Well well well what do we have here.” Calum smirked, looking down at you. ”I told ya we would be great this year.” You chuckled, pointing your head towards the trophy in Emma’s hands. Calum looked over at it for a second before looking down at you again. “So you don’t think you deserve another price than that huh?” Calum smirked, reaching his hands out. “Yes. In the matter of fact, I do.” You snickered, approaching him and taking him by surprise, placing your hands on his defined cheekbones and placing a soft kiss to his lips. Calum could barely register what was going on, just having his eyes wide open as he felt your lips work against his none moving ones. “Calum for god sake, for once you guys are actually kissing and not faking, how about you actually show her what you can do with those plump lips of yours.” Luke yelled towards him, making him realize the reality and take action, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you in so he could embrace you, taking you by surprise by actually moving his hips against yours. “See. I knew he had it in him.” Luke smirked, nodding his head. You pulled back dazed by the kiss, panting lightly as you glared up and Calum down, his eyes still closed. “I never in my life thought that would happen.” He chuckled making you laugh as well, ruffling a hand through his hair. “Please, no more love then, I will puke.” Michael stated, the others starting to laugh at his comment. ”Let’s see how much you guys will puke tomorrow when you have to clean our room.” Willow stated, making the boys snort in disgust. ”Please don’t remind us.” Ashton moaned, you girls starting to laugh as you walked back to your blankets, ready to hear for the last time ever Mrs. Walden thanking speech and the usual rambling about where the cleaning stuff were and how the cabins should look like at exact 11AM.


You guys walked fast up towards the stage when you noticed Mrs. Walden wandering towards the microphone ready to announce the winners. “I hope all of you had a great camp this summer.” She started out which earned a holler from the crowd. “Should I have the normal speech about cleaning your cabins?” “Dear god no.” Michael yelled from his position on the field, Mrs. Walden and the crowd starting to laugh. “Without further ado then..” She mumbled, opening the envelope in her hands, reading what stood on the paper inside it. “And the winner is..” Mrs. Walden said into the microphone. She looked confused and puzzled for a second, before breaking into a smile. “Devilish Angels featuring 5 Seconds of Summer.” The 8 of you cheered out in a big holler as the crowd did the same. Hugs mixed in between you guys making sure to hug each one, you ending at Michael as he grabbed you by the waist, swinging you around shortly as Mrs. Walden dapped on the microphone trying to get the attention back again, Michael still holding his hands on your waist as you leaned your head against his neck, everyone looking up at the stage again. “The judges must admit that this was something very extraordinary. And especially since you guys have seemed like enemies the whole 4 years you guys have been here each summer at this camp. We’re very impressed and sad that you guys are too old now to even attend anymore. We wish that you guys will get a good future with music involved.” When she finished her speech, she waved you guys up, indicating that the 8 of you should approach the stage. Mrs. Walden reached out the microphone to Michael which he gladly accepted, lifting it to his mouth and taking a look out at the crowd. “Thank you so much to everyone who liked our performance. And we gotta be honest, all of us have hated each other for more than 4 years now, but suddenly we realized each other’s talents and used it to gain both our performances.” Mrs. Walden came back from backstage again, giving out the usual camp competition winner trophy, giving it to you. “And we’re very proud to say that we have both won as solo bands but also now won as a whole group together. Thank you!” Michael yelled at last, the crowd going wide instantly. Michael returned back the microphone to Mrs. Walden, ready to leave the stage again. Michael placed his arm around your waist again as you walked down the stairs and headed back toward your blankets. ”I can’t get myself to even think about the cleaning we have to do now. The cabin has never looked so much like a mess than this year.” Luke groaned, running a hand through his hair. ”A good thing that already collected and organized everything so we can just put our stuff into our luggage and then vacuum the cabin.” You smirked from behind, the girls, Luke, Calum and Ashton walking in front as you and Michael was walking furthest behind. ”Just shut up already Y/N.” Luke groaned back, sending you a wink. You could just laugh by his statement, looking up at Michael who was already looking down at you. “Well, I told you this would be a great idea.” You hollered, lifting the trophy into his head. “Yeaah. I’m sad we had that dip down period.” He apologized but you could only lift yourself up on your toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Apologize accepted Clifford.”


”Good to see that we haven’t lost our drummer to some other.” Adelaide beamed, looking back down at you and grabbed the drumsticks, ready to play. ”Don’t worry so much.” You laughed into your microphone, her sending you a wink. ”Okay, so the song we’re going to play is usually played with a lot of effects. Yet we’ve transformed it into a more instrumental one. This is DNA by Little Mix.” Adelaide explained, the crowd going inside and Hallie starting out with some smaller chords, you guys following behind into the song. Saying drumming was harsh in the heat of the sun was an understatement. You and the girls had tried everything from storming weather to rain and to normal temperature weather but this were absolutely mindless. The sun was hotter than ever, just walking up on stage was a death by heat itself. But Ashton managed to do it and so did you. Drumming out to the Little Mix song, everything was amazeballs and at some point, you had forgotten how hot it actually was, just floating around with the music together, showing off the passion that had been there since you guys were young. When you guys had finished and bowed down, you could barely walk on your feet due to the heat hitting you, barely seeing where the steps were before your feet landed on the field, Ashton and the other boys greeting you guys with water bottles. ”How did it go?” ”Amazing!” Ashton beamed, smiling down at you as you dried off some sweat from your forehead, dazed by the lack of water. ”Here.” He smiled, giving you a water bottle, both of you turning your attention towards the stage where Mrs. Walden was about to walk up on it again, ready to say something. ”Okay, you guys ready to hear the winners?” Mrs. Walden smiled, starting to open the envelope. You grabbed Ashton’s hand tight feeling him almost shake in nervousness, but he seemed to calm down when your palms touched each other. ”5 Seconds of Summer!” Ashton’s mouth felt open and eyes wide by the mention of his name. He had no idea how to react or what to do at the exact point, barely registering everything that happened or when the boys pushed his back, pulling him up on the stage. He looked out at the crowd amazed before receiving the long waited trophy in his hand, getting a microphone in the other. At first he had no words to say, but when he looked around at the boys, a smile came to his lips. ”I can’t believe we finally did this.” He said looking down at the microphone. ”It took us 4 years to beat those girls. And today, it finally happened.” He said amazed looking down at you with a smile. ”And I couldn’t be more proud of the boys and myself.” ”You guys deserved it!” The sound of you girls screaming made the boys look down at you with blushing smiles, looking out at the again. ”Just thank you very much. But we couldn’t do it without a smaller help from the girls over there. I think we can finally say that the rival is finally over.” Calum explained, Mr. Something mumbling out a thank god into his microphone, everyone starting to laugh. ”Again thank you very much, we really appreciate this.”

5sos Preferences (First Kiss)

Ashton: You and Ashton were walking home hand in hand from your very first date. The cloud above were starting to turn grey, which you knew wasn’t a good sign. You heard thunder in the distance and tensed up a little. “You okay?” Ashton asked. “Yea. I’m fine,” you reply, smiling at Ash. “You sure?” “Yes I’m sure.” Just as you reach the end of you street, rain starts to fall. And not a light rain, it starts pouring. The water felt cold and refreshing against your skin on that hot summers day. You and Ash started to run to your house. Before you walked up the path to your house, Ash stopped dead and pulled you into a passionate first kiss. You will definitely never forget this.

Michael: “Don’t you dare Clifford!” you yelled at Michael as he pointed to hose in your direction. It was a nice summer day, so your mom asked you to wash the car. You and your boyfriend, Michael, gladly washed it for her. “What are you going to do if I do spray you?” he asked with a smirk. “Take the hose and spray you back,” you replied. “What if I would like that?” “Don’t spray me!!” You yelled before he pulled the trigger and sprayed you with I’ve cold water, soaking you. You screamed. Once he finished, he dropped the hose and ran away. Forgetting the hose, you simply just ran after him. He turned a corner and you followed. He had stopped at the corner and grabbed you by your waist. “You’re pretty wet,” he laughed. “Oh gee I wonder why,” you said. He chuckled before pulling you in for your first kiss. “I have wanted to do that for a long time now, but I never had a good opportunity,” he said after the kiss. “We’ll now is perfect,” you said before pulling him in for another.

Calum: Calum walked you up to your front door after your amazing date. “I really had a lot of fun tonight Cal,” you said to him. “I did too,” he said. “How about we do it again tomorrow?” Calum added. “I can’t. I have tests to study for,” you answered, rolling your eyes. “I’ll help you study.” “No you don’t have to.” “But I want to.” Calum was two years ahead of you in college, so he knew his stuff. “I guess if you really want to, you can come help me,” you said. “Great. I’ll be here around 4 tomorrow,” he said hugging you. “Sounds like a plan.” The two of you stood awkwardly in the doorway for a while. Then, out of nowhere, Calum grabbed your face in his hands an attached his lips to yours in a blissful first kiss. Man you loved him.

Luke: “Are you enjoying the game?” Luke asked you for the fifth time. “Of course I am Luke! My favorite team is playing!” you replied. Luke had taken you to see your favorite hockey team play. It’s was the end of the second period, and your team was winning by 2. “Hey look (y/n), they are doing a kiss cam,” Luke said. “I really hope they don’t point it at us,” you said. Luke chuckled. “Why not?” “I think I’d just feel uncomfortable.” “Oh okay.” Luke wrapped his arm around you and you watched whatever was going on on the ice. “You’re on the big screen,” said the woman behind you. You looked up. Sure enough, there the two of you were, on the kiss cam. “I guess you have to do it now,” Luke said smirking. “You’re such an idiot,” you said before placing your lips on his. The people around you awed. The two of you pulled away. “Best first kiss ever with the best girl in the world,” Luke said smiling, making you blush.

5SOS Preference: You Cheat With Another Member Of The Band (Muke)


It was the biggest mistake you could’ve possibly made. You, the other guys and a few of your friends went to this huge party and Luke ended up getting sick the night of. You wanted to stay home with him but he wouldn’t allow it, he said that you needed to go out and have some fun, and convinced you that he didn’t need you there. So you eventually left with hesitance.


When the party first started everyone went their separate ways, mingling in the large crowd of young people. Michael found his way back to you, though, telling you he ran into his ex and her new boyfriend. You wanted to cheer him up because sad Mikey just wasn’t as much fun to be around. It was supposed to be a night of fun and relaxation from all the work they’ve been doing, not sulk over seeing your ex time. So you lead him into the kitchen and poured shot after shot for the both of you. A couple hours into the party you were stumbling around and talking everyone’s ears off. Michael lingered near you the entire time, smiling all the while.

You two had eventually made it to a darker room out of curiosity and there was a group of people sat around on the floor. One girl was passed out on a bed and another laid in the middle of everyone laughing at the ceiling. You two joined the circle for some unknown reason and a guy held his hand out towards you.

There were two little capsules in his palm and it was like some voice in your head just kept egging you on, telling you to take them and not think about the consequences. So that’s exactly what you did. You took both of them and handed one over to Michael, who gladly accepted and you downed it along with a gulp of the screwdriver you’d been drinking.

It wasn’t long before the drug hit you and you were absolutely positive that you had never felt this good. The smile on your face grew as looked over at Michael, you knew it was hitting him too. After basking in the pleasure of feeling like you were floating for a few moments you jumped up and grabbed Michael’s hands, hauling him back into the main room of the house. You were both giggling away as you made it to where loads of people were dancing.

You started jumping around and just going crazy to the music that was playing and Michael didn’t think twice before accompanying you. Not long after, Michael was dragging you with him to that room again. This time he passed everyone sat around and pulled you into another door, which happened to lead to a bathroom.

You were both sweaty and breathing heavy but you couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation. The drugs were still violently pumping throughout your body and it didn’t feel like they were wearing off anytime soon. Michael’s body got closer and closer to yours until you were backed up against a counter and he was pressed against you tightly.

You leaned up and his lips grazed across yours, tauntingly. You giggled and pulled his face down to yours, licking into his mouth and evoking a groan from deep within his chest. His hands squeezed at your hips while pulling you flush against his body before sliding around to meet just above your jeans and underneath your shirt. He felt his way up your shirt before tugging it over your head.

Just as your fingers were unbuttoning his pants the door came open and Calum quickly turned.

“Shit, I’m sorry I didn’t…” When he took a double take and realized that the half naked couple with their tongues down each other’s throats were really his bandmate and his other bandmates girlfriend, he looked absolutely stunned.

“What the fuck is going on here?”


You threw the picture frame against the wall next to Michael making him even more angry than he already was.

"Are you fucking crazy?!” He yelled not moving from his place across the room from you.

“I am Michael, I am fucking crazy because I have to put up with you! You make me crazy!!” That was the last thing you had said because really, you didn’t think you could handle it if the fight went any further. It was the 3rd major fight just this week. Usually he’s the one that left and went to stay with one of the boys, but this time you left on a spur of the moment decision. Which meant that you had absolutely nothing with you. No money for a cab, no cell phone to call anyone, nothing.

Tears were streaking your face no matter how many times you tried to dry them. The person that lived closest to you and Michael was Calum, so that’s where you decided to go. Even so, the walk was still a pretty good ways. After about thirty minutes, even though it felt like hours, you finally made it to Calum’s door.

He opened the door with a smile, which immediately fell when he seen you standing there. He invited you in and you just stood beside him until he closed the door and let you fall into him crying. He just kissed your head and rubbed your back until you calmed down, knowing it was probably you and Michael fighting again.

"C’mon, let’s get you settled in.” He mumbled leading you over to the couch and pulling you down with him. He pulled the blanket over you and held you closer. It was meant to be a friendly gesture, but it had been so long since anyone showed you this much affection and it felt good. This was all you wanted from Michael but he was just too busy for you. You turned your face to see that Calum was already staring down at you. You gave him a small smile in appreciation and he smiled softly back at you.

“I’m gonna kick his ass for making you cry, I hope you know that.” He said the smile not leaving his lips.

Instead of saying anything back you just stared at his lips in concentration. The longer you stared the more you wanted to feel them against yours. It seemed like he could tell because he leaned in after a while. Just close enough to give you the opportunity to either lean in too or push him away. He was expecting the latter but to his shock your hands cradled his face and your lips caressed his within seconds. It felt nice just to feel something this tender and passionate after all this time.

The kiss deepened but didn’t lose any of it’s gentleness. He leaned into you making your body move backwards so that you were laying down on the couch with him above you. His fingers trailed from your forearm down your elbow and all the way to your waist. His body gently laid onto yours with more pressure. It was so sweet and gentle and loving and nothing had ever felt this incredibly amazing.

When you both realized that if someone didn’t stop the kiss you’d both die from lack of oxygen, you both pulled away. The look he gave you said that he had so much to tell you but nothing would come out at that moment, so he just kissed you again, and again, and again.

His lips lazily traveled down your neck and his hands greedily skimmed everywhere underneath your small tank top. When your hands slid under his shirt on his back he leaned up and grabbed the neck of it, shucking it off without a second thought. He pushed up your tank too and his lips fluttered over your stomach, easing down lower leisurely.

You let out a sigh when his breath was just above the hem of your pajama shorts. He stopped, making sure you didn’t want him to stop. When your fingers ran through his messy hair he pulled down your shorts, tossing them to the side and settling himself once again. His kisses brushed all over your thighs while his fingers toyed with the sides of your underwear. You wanted to tell him to go faster so bad but at the same time it was just so fucking incredible how passionate everything was.

His breathe fanned over your underwear before he started tugging them down. All of the anticipation was making this so much more exciting and you were embarrassingly wet from it all. Calum didn’t waste anytime in leaning back down to you. He looked up at you and grinned making your heart beat quicken. He let his tongue glide over your lips, tasting you. His tongue pressed harder once it was over your clit and you were just about to let out a loud moan when someone started banging on the door.

“Calum, it’s Michael, open up!”

Calum jumped off of the couch and looked down at you with wide eyes. You just sat there in shock, processing everything. Calum had made you completely forget about Michael. Calum scrambled around for the missing pieces of clothing, just as he had tossed you your shorts and underwear the door opened. You covered yourself with the clothes, not having time to actually put them on.

“Calum have you-” Michael eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Here you were half naked on the couch, with Calum standing shirtless next to you. Not to mention the highly noticeable boner in his sweatpants. Michael’s eyes traveled back and forth, not believing that this was actually happening.

“Mike, we can-” Michael cut Calum off by walking out and slamming the door behind him.

A Labor of Love

Pairing: Ashton x Y/N
Word Count: 2173
Requested: Nah

A/n: This started out as a preference. I don’t know what happened. This has the shittiest ending probably.

“You absolutely suck, Irwin.” The words left your lips, your hormones getting the better of you. The pains in your lower stomach felt like your uterus was trying to rip itself apart to push this child out.

Ashton only sat next to you. He laughed at your insult. “I know, babe, I know you’re tired. You can hate me all you want.” He grasped your hand weakly in his own, already half numb from how much pain you’d put him in. “Just think of our little baby!”

You tightened your grip on his hand, screeching in pain as another contraction tore through you. Ashton bit his lip, almost drawing blood from how hard he was gnawing at it.

You sat back against the pillows once the contraction was over. The nurse left to get the doctor. You had to be close to fully dilated by now.. right? It’d only been 22 hours since you’d come into the hospital.

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The Almost-Something

Summary: Gavin likes Michael, and he’s 99% sure Michael likes him too. The problem is, Michael won’t make the first move - so Gavin takes matters into his own hands. Of course, it all backfires spectacularly.



t/w: one incident of fairly aggressive harassment

The thing is, desperate times call for desperate measures, and Gavin is growing very fucking desperate.

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"Thinking Out Loud: Mystery" (Michael)

Inspired by “Thinking Out Loud“ by Ed Sheeran


You, Michael, and the rest of the gang had gotten together for the weekend. You spent Friday night at a club, surprisingly sober, and just dancing crazily, getting high from the adrenaline rush. All of you struggled to stay upright. Your legs were sore from jumping up and down and your voices were going hoarse from yelling over the music and screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs. 

Sitting next to Michael in the passenger seat of his car you continued to screech out the window the lyrics to every song that came on the radio. You were best friends, not quite together, but you both knew your friendship was more than ordinary. 

You were both just fifteen years old, having only met just a couple years ago. You had been friends with Luke and Calum and when the band began you met Michael and since then you’d been inseparable. 

It took a while though for the two of you to become close, a few months in fact. You’d joined the boys for the making of their youtube videos and you were there for late night pizza runs. Somehow, in some strange way, you and Michael had a connection. It was mysterious. No one knew exactly what it was that made the two of you perfect for each other, but all everyone knew, all the two of you knew, is that it was meant to be. 

The late Friday night carried on till the early dawn of Saturday morning. You all were exhausted, but refused to close your eyes for sleep. So to pass the time, you hit the local grocery store in hopes of getting loads of junk food to feed your energy hunger. 

You hopped into the carriage part of one of the shopping carts and the group laughed. 

"Mikey, be a dear and push me.” You said with a teasing grin. Michael mirrored your smile. 

“Gladly, madame.” He replied with a clumsy bow. He grabbed the handle bars and pushed you down the aisle. 

“COOKIES!” Calum shouted, grabbing the first box of oreos he saw. He threw it at you and you dropped it in your lap, the junk food piling up. The group rounded the corner leaving you and Michael alone in the cookie aisle. You looked around you at the bags of chips and boxes of cookies and laughed softly to yourself. 

“What?” Michael questioned, hearing you giggle to yourself.

“Nothing…I’m just thinking about who’s gonna pay for this shit.” You responded. Michael laughed and stopped the cart. 

“Maybe you should get out so we can just run for it.” He joked. You laughed a little louder and nodded.

“Help me out would ya?” You said reaching for his hands. Michael shook his head and reached across the bars to help you. But instead, you looked him in the eye and quickly kissed him. You broke the kiss moments later and looked at Michael wide eyed. 

“We should totally do that again.” He said, his voice cracking a bit from the surprise. A small smile crossed your lips and you met him halfway, your lips meeting again. 

“FUCKING FINALLY!” You heard Calum’s voice call from the end of the aisle. You and Michael broke the kiss and laughed to each other, while your cheeks burned. 

“DON’T FUCKING SWEAR!” Another voice yelled. You and Michael sighed. He still didn’t help you out of the ca rt, but just continued to push you down the cookie aisle, his lips meeting yours once more. 

Somehow it happened. All those talks, all those small glances, laughs, and hand touches led to that. People fall in love in mysterious ways, people told you. Still, you and Michael didn’t know how it happened, but it did. You fell for each other. You fell in love.

(Luke) (Ashton) (Calum)

Michael would be the type of boyfriend who would constantly deny being whipped when the guys tease him about it but he would totally be whipped. To the point that you would think out loud, “damn…some chocolate sounds good,” Michael would be like “do you need to be to go get you some? what kind? Nuts or no nuts…never mind I know you hate nuts/or like nuts….” and you would laugh because of how adorable he was being. He would never hear the end of it whenever you would all hang out with his friends/the guys, and you would all go randomly shopping and you would complain that your fingers hurt so michael would gladly take all of your shopping bags because he doesn’t want your cute fingers to be in any form of discomfort and all the guys would laugh at him but you would kiss him because you loved him so much and he loved you so much. 

“Aw you didn’t fall in love with me while I was sleeping did you?”

Your best friend Michael had been to your house for the past week comforting you after some asshole broke up with you. Honestly, you weren’t even upset you lost your boyfriend you could live without him. However, the embarrassment of him breaking up with you and screaming all of your worst qualities at you in front of all your friends killed you inside.

Mikey knew how insecure you were already and promised to do anything and everything under the sun to your ex until you felt better. You knew getting revenge wouldn’t help your embarrassment, so you turned him down and just asked him to stay with you for a while. Michael gladly agreed and slept on the couch for a whole week. He became very worried about you and your sleeping habits, he had never seen you sleep so much in your whole life. You had lost motivation to see your friends and couldn’t face them so all you did was sleep when you weren’t working.

One day around lunch time he came into your room to check on you and noticed you were awake, just laying there. He gave you a small smile when you looked up at him. You turned your body towards him and just gazed at him and waited for the reason he came to you.

“The sleeping beauty is awake did you get enough beauty sleep?” It was clear Mikey felt like he was stepping on egg shells around you. He knew you were hurting and didn’t want to make anything worse.

You closed your eyes and nodded your head yes against the pillow. When you opened them again you made grabby hands towards Michael until he finally stepped close enough for you to reach his hand. You tugged him onto the bed until he was lying down and then placed your body half onto his. When your head was sufficiently nuzzled up into his chest, you grabbed his arms and looped them around you like a hug. You sighed happily and thanked him for staying with you.

He pecked your head and squeezed you even closer than before. “How do you feel about going out today? It’s completely okay if you don’t want to I just thought you’d might wanna get some food since my pb and j’s aren’t really meant to be eaten for a week straight.”

“But leaving means I have to stop cuddling my super warm and comfy best friend and I don’t know if I can ever part with that. All the cheese fries in the world couldn’t tempt me.” You felt his chest rumble with laughter and you looked up at him with a smile.

“How about this, we go get some food now and then after we come back you get to cuddle me all night? I know I’m oh so hard to resist but I think you might be able to last one meal.” Now it was your turn to giggle. You quickly jumped up out of his arms and ran down the hall towards the front door.

“Last one to the car has to pay!” You squealed when you heard him come running after you.

“You cheater you got like a thirty second head start that’s not fair!” He pouted and then grabbed the keys from you grumpily.

“Oh come on Clifford don’t be a sore loser now hurry up chauffeur I got three orders of cheese fries callin my name.” You both smiled from ear to ear happy that you can joke around like this again. Michael reached over and grabbed your hand squeezing it before he dropped it back in your lap.

“Aw you didn’t fall in love with me while I was sleeping did you? If you kissed me to wake me up I swear to god you’re going down.”