The Project Twins aka James and Michael Fitzgerald (Irish Twins, based Cork, Ireland) - A-Z of Unusual Words series:                                                             1: Tarantism: A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance.
2: Jettatura: The casting of an evil eye.
3: Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.
4: Ostentiferous: Bringing omens or unnatural or supernatural manifestations.
5: Infandous: Unspeakable or too odious to be expressed or mentioned.
6: Cacodemonomania: The pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit.
7: Ktenology: The science of putting people to death.


Best Buy gets serious about omnichannel.

The idea in omnichannel is to reach customers wherever they are—in a store, online or via their phones—and use technology to turn costly physical stores into an advantage. One deceptively simple step Best Buy took was to add a “Store Pickup” button to its online shop. It turns out many shoppers like to browse and pay online but prefer to actually pick up that TV themselves—they just had no way of doing that before.

(via Best Buy Adopts an Omnichannel Strategy, Mixing Stores and Online Sales | MIT Technology Review)

Bad Dad | Mamalode

I heard someone once say kids are equipment-intensive sports. After they got here, I furiously re-prioritized. Made an offer on a house we couldn’t afford, started a 401K, bought a $400 baby jogger. A hobby, computer programming, which we considered a joke that supported my wife and me while we wrote novels, suddenly became an incredibly attractive career. I no longer thought of myself as a writer. I was a “software engineer.” I introduced myself as a software engineer. Software engineer who buys shit for his kids. Overnight, I became the cliché my father had been suggesting all along. Then the second child arrived and it was like watching doors rust shut. Everything was officially over. No more writing. No traveling. Go to work and earn college tuitions, repeat, forever. But, as we all know, it’s not that, right? We come out the other end. They get out of diapers. Our lives are infinitely richer. In fact, life becomes more punk rock than ever. You do everything you were doing before but you do it without having slept. You do it broke. You do it with mac and cheese in your hair. You do it with little barf stains on your shoulders. It’s so much more punk rock. People without kids suddenly look like amateurs. Writing software (or a novel) is nothing compared to writing software with a 2-year-old jumping on you from the top of the couch covered in peach yogurt.


Imagine: Being Sam and Dean’s half-sister and they meet you on a case (But you still have the last name, Winchester..).


WinchesterBrothers x Teenage!Sister!Reader

Your hair kept falling in your face while walking on the hot pavement. You look up to see an Impala sitting in a parking lot.

‘Who care’s who owns it, I’m messing with it.’ That was the only thing you were thinking about. You jog quietly over to it and dig a pocket knife out of your pocket. You pull your arm back, aiming the tip of the blade towards the tire. 

“Hey! Get off my car!” A deep voice growls, causing you to jump up throwing your hands in the air. 

“Whoa-Whoa. Calm down buddy.” You say stepping back slowly. 

“Why did you have a knife out?” The taller man says.

You just shrug, lowering your arms.

“What’s your name?” 

“(Y/N), (Y/N) Winchester.” 

“Oh wow.” They say in unison. 

Honestly, I am absolutely in awe. You don’t ever expect to see a name as big as Lights come to such a small town like Belleville.

Her opener, oh my. The angels have descended from heaven and they are creating the most beautiful sounds from the vocal box of a man named Michael Fitzgerald.

I’ve never been so not disappointed with a show before. 

Also, These Dudes for lyf. 

Play Free Bird.