tour bus / ashton irwin

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“you were so hot right there,” i said kissing ashton as they got off the stage. “thank you baby,” he hugged me,making me cringe because of how sweaty he was. “i’m gonna go take a quick shower and we can go,” ashton said.

“okay,just hurry up ashton,we have to be on the road in proximally 15 minutes,” tour manager said and ashton giggled. “don’t worry,i’ll be out in 5,”

i talked a bit with the other boys in his band,and,as he said he was out in 5 minutes,with just a towel hung low on his hips.considering we were in the dressing room of the venue they played in,anyone could barge in.but on the other hand,he caught me starring at him and his god-like body.

“you like what you see princess?” he asked and i gulped instantly,forgeting the presence of luke,michael and cal.

“okay bye,” luke said getting up. “don’t need this shit again,” michael said and got up too. “you nasties,” calum sassed and run out.ashton chuckled and lifted me up from the couch.he crashed his lips into mine,catching me off guard.he backed me up into a wall and started peppering kisses along my neck and jawline.

“not now ashton,we have to leave,” i got out from beneath him and the wall and he whined. “but i want you now,” he pouted but then heared knocks on the door. “erm,i don’t know what you’re doing in there,since you’re alone,but we have to go,so go out,” someone from the crew said and i rolled my eyes. “why do you think we have sex all the time?” i yelled which turned into a laughter exchanged between ash and i.

“because you do,” jenni said and me and ashton looked at eachother,raised our eyebrows and nodded.he hugged me from behind and softly kissed my cheek.
“and because you’re both young,with great bodies and great-”

“okay,we’re coming,” ashton said and we thought she left. “i’m s-so sorry,but are you coming as in,um,because we have to go and they told me to-,” jenni said again and me and ashton laughed.i opened the door and there was a girl standing,one which was supposed to arrange everything revolving around clothes.calum liked her and they hit it off since the first the day.i talked to her a few times and we became very close since we were basically few of the only females on this tour.

“we’re coming.remind me to tell you something,” i said to her and she knew i had a really juicy story.she eagerly nodded and dissappeared down the hallway.

“now hurry up we gotta go,”


when i agreed to join boys on the tour i never agreed of living in their filthy man cave - tour bus.i knew we’d spending a lot of time there,but i didn’t want stepping onto empty beer cans,half eaten pizza boxes and bags of whatever food.all of them went to bed,tired from their show and i decided to just leave it and join ashton in our shared bunk bed.

“goodnight,” i said to the bus driver and went to the other side of this huge bus.our bunk bed was far from the other boys’ but it was still pretty close.
i snuggled next to him and he sighed in relief as he hung his arm around my waist,my back to his chest,his chin on my shoulder.few minutes passed and i felt something poking my ass.

“we started something not a while back,” he whispered as he started grinding onto my bum. “ashton,the boys are like 2 meters away from us.hold it in ‘til tomorrow.”

“but don’t you want daddy to make you feel nice,” he started and i felt groan build up my throat as he slowly traced his hand from my neck down my body. “don’t you want daddy to stretch you out and make you feel good?” he whispered kissing under my ear and reaching under the waistband of my shorts.i was only getting wetter and hornier at his words and i was desperate for release and he didn’t even do anything.he spread my arousal,in circles,all over my clit as i softly moaned. “keep quiet princess,” he said as he inserted his long middle finger inside of me,making me come closer to him and grind on him earning an exhale from him.

“i have to fuck you now baby,” he said pulling his boxers down enough to set free his length and pulled my pj shorts and panties down and lifted my t-shirt,smirking at my braless chest.

“still on birth control?” he asked. “yes,get in there already,” he placed it at my entrance and pushed in slowly,both of us sighing at the feeling.he kept his head buried in my neck while he thrusted slowly,but very deep.it was slow,passionate,but as pleasurable as any other time.

his soft moans and bites on my neck rushed me into euphoria which made it very hard for me to keep quiet. “mmm,” i moaned.my mouth remained opened and eyebrows scrunched together.

“baby,you feel so good.am i making you feel good?” he softly said and gulped loudly. “y-yes,i’m close,”

“i am too,” he said lifting his head up and looking at me.i knew how much he liked when i look up at him when i cum,so i tried with all the strength that was left in my body.i was falling apart under the immense amount of pleasure i received from him.

i looked at him as he devoted the last bit of his strength into pleasuring the both of us.he leaned his forehead against mine as i announced i’m coming.few thrusts after,he came too and collapsed on top me.he got tissues and cleaned me up,got my clothes on and his and cuddled up next to me.due to lack of space,we were very close and we were used to that,so everytime we came home we would fall asleep close and wake up in the same position.

“i love you so much princess,” he said kissing my neck. “i lov-,”

“will you shut the fuck up already?” michael yelled followed by calum and luke,which turned into laughter. ”every fucking time,” michael said under his breath.ashton and i looked at eachother and agreed that it’s the best to pretend to be asleep,which we did,not long after.

Action Speak Louder Than Words| Michael Clifford Smut

(Requested by anon a long ass ago.
Now if you excuse me, I am going to bathe in holy water. )

You took off your, well his shirt, admiring your black lace set in the bathroom. You bought it for days like this, for day that you wanted to tease the shit out of Michael.

He was out there in your shared room, watching that cliché movie he had rented on his way home because he thought you would’ve liked it. As sweet as you though it was, you grew bored of the movie because, well to put it bluntly, you were horny.

You heard him chuckle at something that happened in the film. You smile and shook your head. You love the sound of his laugh, but you love hearing him moan a little more.

After ruffling your hair a little bit and leaving your face natural, you exited your bathroom.

“Hey babe…,” Michael’s words faded as his eyes began to focus on you. You heard his inhale deeply as his eye began to get dark. He licked his lips and began to get up from his slot on the bed.

You walked closer to him, smiling in the most innocent way possible.

“Yes, love?,” you said sweetly.

He leaned down and began kissing your neck, sucking and nibbling the sensitive skin. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“You just love to tease, don’t you baby girl?,” he whispered in your ear, causing a shiver to run up your spine. You bit your bottom lip and laughed softly. He came back up from your neck and looked you in the eyes.

“You make me crazy,” he said right before he smashed his lips onto yours. Your lips moved in sync. You tugged at his bottom lip, making him groan a little. You smirked and latched your lips onto his neck, sucking in his sweet spot. He let out a sigh. He took your chin in between his index finger and thumb, tilting your head up so he could peck your lips quickly before he griped the back of your thighs and lifted you off the ground.

You let out a squeal as he threw you on the bed. He climbed on top of you and began to massage your breast through your bra. You arched your back, making an opening for him to slip his hand behind you to unclasp your bra. He let out a huff of annoyance.

“C'mon Mikey, you can do it. It’s just a bra,” you encouraged him. “It’s not like your fighting Satan.”

“The devil come in all shapes and sizes,” he says.

You rolled your eyes and reached behind you. Unclasping your bra in seconds. His hand immediately began to massage you again.

He wrapped his lips around your nipple and swirled his tongue around it. You let out a whimper as he began pulling on the other one. He looked up at you and smirked through the process.

He gave the other nipple the same treatment, swirling his tongue around it.

He sat back up and began pulling off your panties.

“I’m glad you didn’t say that cliché line,” you said as you watched him scoot down so that his face was close to your heat.

“What line, babe?”, he asked, running a finger through your slit. “Fuck, your soaked,” he groaned.

“‘I like these on you but it think I like it better in the floor’,“you said shakily as he put a finger into you. He chuckled and shook his head.

"Now (Y/N),” he tsked, “You already know that i do, I don’t need a cheesy line like that to make it known.”

He sucked on your bindle of nerves, causing you to gasp and grip the bed sheets. He began fingering you faster, curling his fingers up to hit your g-spot.

“F-fuck,” you whimpered, clenching around his fingers. He sped up his fingers, continuing to curl them up. You reached your first high of the night with a loud moan.

When Michael came back up from your heat, he smirked and said, “ Actions speak louder than words baby.”

He stripped of himself of his pajama pants and boxers. He lined up with your entrance and eased his shaft in.

“I can never so this fucking pussy justice, you always end up being so tight even after I fuck you senseless on a daily basis,” he huffed as he began thrusting rather roughly. “But i like it nonetheless.” You let out a animalistic groan as he hit your g-spot.

“Oh fuck, Michael!,” you screamed. He went in deeper, causing you to throw your head back in pleasure.

“Fucking hell (Y/N), so fucking tight and warm,” he said, letting out a sigh. He lifted your leg up onto his shoulder, the new position letting him go in deeper.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck”, he yelled out. “Baby girl. Please tell me your close.”
You just nodded as you felt the familiar tingly feeling on your lower abdomen.

He took his hand and began rubbing on your clit, causing you to shut your eyes tight and groan.

“Open your eyes baby girl. C'mon, look at me.”

You did as you were told and did your best to look at him. Your eyes met his as you reached your high, thighs trembling and all. He pulled out and jerked off. His spunk landing on your stomach and breast.

After a moment t of comfortable silence, you spoke up.

“No matter how many times we do that and you cum on me, it still amazes me how far your sperm can travel.”

He laughed. “Well baby girl, ” he stared, “ I guess next time we have to get you to squirt so that we can see how far your juices can travel.”

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Why is he this hot? Please tell me


5 Seconds Of Summer.

The 5sos Fam Official

This is the 5sos fam official.

This blog is one thing and one thing only:

Spreading happiness.

I Think everyone in the 5sos fam right now is very aware that we’re not in the best place right now. There’s a lot of drama and hate going around and dammit im not having any of it! We are a fandom, that at the beginning, was built on just this love for these four dweebs. We were nice and friendly and, yeah we had a few shit storms, but we were happy.

But now its kind of falling apart.

But i’m going to try my hardest to make it a little better for everyone.

The 5sos Fam Official 

We are here to show how happy and beautiful the fam is.

We track the tag the5sosfamofficial. So any selfies that are tagged as that we will (hopefully) see and we will reblog. I know looks aren’t everything, I’m fully aware, but there is nothing wrong with showcasing the beauty that is this fandom. 

You can also submit selfies and we will post them and tag you. 

And lastly, Our ask is open. On anon or not, we want you to send in a compliment or something nice about any 5sos blogger of your choice (please include the url so we can tag them!)

And that being said, even if you just need help or someone to talk to please feel free.

This is a safe place, a 100% hate and drama free zone. This isn’t about the boys this time. This is about spreading love throughout the fandom. 

Please read the about for any more information.

Calum pointing you out in the crowd.

“There’s my beautiful girlfriend” He then turns to the boys, “did you know about this?” he gives a small smirk to them and they just laugh and continue with the show, and you meet up with him later on explaining the surprise of how you missed him and you just couldn’t wait any longer to see him.

Frat Boy!Calum

(y/n) and Calum 

“I can’t believe I agreed to come here with you.” I looked over at my best friend. “C’mon (y/n) you need to loosen up a little. Have a drink and find a cute boy to dance with. Who knows , maybe you’ll even get laid!” with that she giggled and ran off. 

I sighed and walked over to the drinks table and grabbed a cup. I filled it with a bottle of budwiser and went to find the nearest couch. 

I stood in the middle of the room and started to glance around when someone bumped into my shoulder. I turned my head quickly to be met by dark brown eyes. “Sorry babe.” He looked me up and down, gave me a cheeky smile and then ran off after his friend. I sighed and spotted a couch in the corner of the room. 

I shoved past lots of sweaty bodies and finally took a seat on the couch.I grabbed out my phone and started to scroll through instagram when the seat next to me sunk. I looked up to see the same boy that ran into me earlier. “Hey again babe.” He chuckled. I smiled at him. “Hey.” 

“I couldn’t stop thinking about your body. I had to come back and find you.” I blushed slightly. “I’m Calum.” I studied his appearance. He was wearing a black snapback , some black jeans and a red and black shirt. “I’m (y/n).” Calum licked his lips and placed his hand on my thigh. I sucked in a sharp breath before looking back at him. 

“You look pretty bored here (y/n). How about we leave this place and go back to mine.” I thought it over in my head and decided that nothing could be worse than being sat at a college party with a glass of beer. I quickly chugged down the rest of my beer and grabbed Calum’s hand. “Lets go.” 

He smirked and let go of my hand before slinging his arm over my shoulder and walking us out.As we reached his car he spun me around and pressed me against his car. Calum smirked and raised his eyebrows and then pressed his lips onto mine. 

I immediately opened my mouth and felt his tongue slip in. Calum moved his hands down my back and started to kneed my ass through my dress. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you amazing body. This perfect ass of yours.” He growled as he threw open the back door. 

“I don’t think I can wait to my house.” I smirked and climbed into the backseat and laid down. Calum climbed in and slammed the door before connecting out lips once more. He pulled me onto his lap and I straddled him. “Take your dress of baby.” I moaned as he placed his lips onto my neck. I pulled my dress over my head and looked down at him , batting my eyelashes. 

“So fucking gorgeous.” Calum moaned as he left sloppy kissed down my chest. “Calum. Please do something.” “What do you want baby girl?” I groaned. “ I need your fingers. Please Calum. Please.” I heard him let out a dark chuckle as he pulled my underwear down. “Your so wet baby. Who made you this wet?” 

“You did.” Calum suddenly pushed two of his fingers into me. I let out a loud moan as he curled his fingers up. “Yes Calum.” I threw my head back. “Are you going to come pretty girl?” I nodded. “Come for me baby” Calum moaned as his hand connected with my left breast. 

I suddenly came and Calum pulled out his fingers and placed them in his mouth. He let out a whimper. “You taste so good baby.” I smiled. “My turn.” I went to get on my knees but he pulled me back up.”I don’t think I can wait. I need you now.” I moaned at how desperate he sounded. 

I nodded and quickly threw my bra off. Calum pulled down his jeans and threw his shirt on the seat. “Help me out baby.” He said , handing me a condom. I ripped it open and rolled it onto him with ease. “Ride me baby.” I gently eased down onto his hard member and gripped his hair. “You’re so tight baby girl.”

I rolled my hips forward to meet his. “I don’t think I am going to last Cal.” He shook his head. “ Me neither.” He opened his eyes and looked directly at me. I quickly pulled his head towards mine and connected our lips. “On three baby.” I nodded. “1..2..3″ 

Calum let out a loud groan and I moaned loudly as we both came. He pulled himself out and I rolled over onto the other seat. I let out a loud breath before finding my underwear , dress and shoes. 

I slipped them on quickly and waited for Calum to regain himself. “What now?” I asked quietly. I looked over at Calum only to find him looking at me. “I was thinking round 2 tonight and maybe a date tomorrow?” I smiled. “ Sounds perfect.”   

5SOS is smooth


boyfriend Michael! just imagine your boyfriend Michael ,stepping out of the shower to lie to you in bed ,clinging to you says :your name, you look so hot . you answer turning around : really? only noticed ?! my temperature is 102,2