Lost [Greg/Michael]

You can do this. Come on, Collins. It’s right under your nose and you can’t see it. 

The voice of his ex-partner echoed in his head. It was the same voice that was ever so familiar to him. He felt a bit guilty, if he was being truthful. Andy Koneizny had told about him of the disappearances of Regan manor when it first started, and he had even asked him to help him out with the case. Greg fully supported Andy’s decisions, and he knew him to be a competent cop, but he couldn’t bring himself to take the case seriously. It was a choice that he regretted now that Andy himself was part of the nameless faces that disappeared without a trace. Would things have made a difference if he joined him when he had asked? Maybe. Definitely. 

He didn’t believe it was just an ordinary missing persons case, this one. It couldn’t be. And he knew that Andy found something relevant. Something important that would make him the culprit’s target, whoever he or she was. Right now, though, things still weren’t making sense. He shouldn’t expect everything to fall into place, though, considering he had only been in the manor for a week. But despite that fact, he felt a strong pressure to solve this thing. He had to.

“What did you find out, Andy?” he asked aloud, as though the pavement or the hat that he fiddled around with in between his fingers would have the answer.

Cultural Moments

“Hey, how many people live in Canada? Yeah, it’s a tough question, the answer is 35 million. Now not too long ago George and I were singing in Canada. A beautiful country, our neighbors to the north, not too far from here. Canada’s a big country of 10 provinces and 3 territories and we were singing in the province of Saskatchewan. And while we were there we experienced a cultural moment with Lost and Found.

So we get to our hotel room, in Moose Jaw. And I mean it’s not like we were playing downtown Moose Jaw, we’re in one of the outlining areas, right? We’re not that big of a band.

Anyway, we get to our hotel room and we’re like BRRR! It’s freezing in here. Well of course it’s freezing; we looked at the thermostat and it says 17 degrees! So we set it on something reasonable, you know, like 65. And we went to the convention center and played our concert and when we went back to the hotel room we learned a little lesson about… celsius. 

It was, a cultural moment with Lost and Found.

- Michael Bridges of Lost and Found underestimating the power of the metric system.


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, Rhode Island

Stepstone Falls
Photo Credit: (Ravi Nori)
Mount Hope Bridge At Night
Photo Credit: (Mike Dooley)
Photo Credit: (Michael Anthony Cantone)

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I Hope I'll See You In Heaven
  • I Hope I'll See You In Heaven
  • Lost And Found
  • Lost And Found Comes Alive [Disc 2]

I Hope I’ll See You In Heaven - Lost and Found

When you first begin your journey
You’re not sure of who you are
And the lessons that you’re learning
They don’t seem to take you far
And you just can’t keep from stumbling
Though you try so hard to stand
Well, the truth can be so humbling
When it’s just beyond your hand.

As though youth were my invention
As though love lay undefined
To stay young was my intention
To stay free and unconfined
So I held my pride above you
Oh yes, what a fool was I
Holding back the words, “I love you”
And letting out the word, “Good-bye.”

Well, I was wrong to let you go
I was a child and I did not know about the love
That we both could have given
And now you’re gone, so far away
I hope I’ll see you again someday
But if I don’t I hope
I’ll see you in Heaven.

I was foolish in my younger days
To think they’d never end
But life confused me with its changing ways
And I could not comprehend
All the magic of those moments
Now lost like footprints in the sand
While I’m sitting here remembering
But it’s so hard to understand.

And I was wrong to let you go
I was a child and I did not know about the love
That we both could have given
And now you’re gone, so far away
I hope I’ll see you again someday
But if I don’t I hope
I’ll see you in Heaven.

I’ve been sitting in this garden
In the middle of my days
And my memories fade and harden
As the years they slip away
I’ve been looking in this mirror
At the age around my eyes
Time is such an earnest laborer
Precision is his neighbor
Lay my body in the ground
But let my spirit touch the skies. 

And I was wrong to let you go
I was a child and I did not know about the love
That we both could have given
And now you’re gone, so far away
I hope I’ll see you again someday
But if I don’t I hope
I’ll see you in Heaven. 

Michael Bridges | 30 | FC: Patrick J. Adams | TAKEN | The Ex-Conman 

Growing up as an orphan, rotating from one foster home to another, Michael learned a few valuable life lessons - 1. If he wants something, he has to get it himself, with whatever means necessary, because nobody was going to hand him anything on a platter. 2. The only thing he can depend on is himself…well, himself and the insecurities of everyone else. You see, Michael picked up a few tricks growing up; he learned how lie, cheat, and charm his way into getting anything he wants. Yes, Michael was a con artist, a very successful one at that- and also the most wanted man among the wealthy. By the time people discovered they have been conned, they are usually too late. Sometimes the cons were so good that they don’t even know they have been duped. 

So that used to be Michael’s lifestyle, cheating the wealthy for their hard-earned money. That was, until the day he fell in love. Everything seemed great at first, but one of the people Michael conned wanted him to punish him for his misdeeds, and in a devastating event, Michael paid the ultimate price. He lost most of his money, but most important of all - the woman he loved. 

With his life in shambles, Michael vowed to quit his malicious ways, determined to become a better person to atone for his mistakes. He is determined to expose anyone who plays the game he ’used to rule’. Who’s more qualified to catch cheaters than a fellow con man himself, right? When Micheal heard about the mystery behind the Regan Manor, he offered his services to Darcy Regan, promising her that he would weed out the people who are just trying to take advantage of her loss.

Michael appears as a laid back, smart-mouthed guy. There is no denying that he still has that charm, and is able to persuade people to do what he wants. However, his ‘skills’ have faltered, as he is starting to grow a conscience. There is a constant internal struggle, of whether he should follow his natural instincts to lie and cheat, or to rise above that to be a better man. 


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Kiss of Death film
The Most Controversial Song

“We thought this would be the most controversial song that we ever recorded. We thought people would write to us and say things about it. Nobody did. Because nobody bought that record… I don’t know. So anyway we ended up writing this song. Nobody heard it.”

-Michael Bridges of Lost and Found.

                                                    Michael Bridges
                                                  { The Ex-Conman }
                                                         M  E  T  A