Watch Streaming Where to Invade Next (2015) HD Free Movie

Watch Streaming Where to Invade Next (2015) HD Free Movie

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Watch Streaming Where to Invade Next (2015) : HD Free Movie Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to “stand down” — he will do the invading for America from now on.


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Where to Invade Next Movie Storyline
Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to “stand down” — he will do the invading for America from now on.

Where to Invade Next Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-09-10
Casts : Michael Moore
Duration : 110 minutes runtime

Where to Invade Next Film Streaming


⇝ Where to Invade Next Movie Storyline
“ Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to “stand down” — he will do the invading for America from now on. ”

⇝ Where to Invade Next Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-09-10
Casts : Michael Moore

Watch Where to Invade Next (2015) ↝ [HD] 720p Free ▾ Full Movie Online
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➢ Where to Invade Next Movie Storyline
“ Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to “stand down” — he will do the invading for America from now on. ”

➢ Where to Invade Next Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-09-10
Casts : Michael Moore
Duration : 110 minutes runtime
Rating : 0

Michael Moore Honors Our Dark Side

Michael Moore Honors Our Dark Side

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If you’ve visited Europe and lived with the locals like I have, you would have already realized that, in comparison to other countries, here there’s a big imbalance between the US Government and its people. You would watch Michael Moore’s Where To Invade Next and understand that, yes, Europeans have a much healthier lifestyle than we do, thanks to their government. True they pay a little more…

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Dear Governor Snyder:

Thanks to you, sir, and the premeditated actions of your administrators, you have effectively poisoned, not just some, but apparently ALL of the children in my hometown of Flint, Michigan.

And for that, you have to go to jail.

To poison all the children in an historic American city is no small feat. Even international terrorist organizations haven’t figured out yet how to do something on a magnitude like this.

But you did. Your staff and others knew that the water in the Flint River was poison – but you decided that taking over the city and “cutting costs” to “balance the budget” was more important than the people’s health (not to mention their democratic rights to elect their own leaders). So you cut off the clean, fresh glacial lake water of Lake Huron that the citizens of Flint (including myself) had been drinking for decades and, instead, made them drink water from the industrial cesspool we call the Flint River – a body of “water” where toxins from a dozen General Motors and DuPont factories have been dumped for over a hundred years. And then you decided to put a chemical in this water to “clean” it – which only ended up stripping the lead off of Flint’s aging water pipes, placing that lead in the water and sending it straight into people’s taps. Your callous – and reckless (btw, “reckless” doesn’t get you a pass; a reckless driver who kills a child, still goes to jail) – decision to do this has now, as revealed by the city’s top medical facility, caused “irreversible brain damage” in Flint’s children, not to mention other bodily damage to all of Flint’s adults. Here’s how bad it is: Even GM won’t let the auto parts they use in building cars touch the Flint water because that water “corrodes” them (link). This is a company that won’t even fix an ignition switch after they’ve discovered it’s already killed dozens of people. THAT’s how bad the situation is. Even GM thinks you’re the devil.

Maybe you don’t understand the science behind this. Lead, in water – now, bear with me, this involves a science lesson and you belong to the anti-science party, the one that believes there’s not a climate problem and that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago. Lead is toxic to the human body. There’s no way to fully eliminate it once it’s in your system, and children are the most damaged by it.

By taking away the city’s clean drinking water in order to “cut costs,” and then switching the city’s water supply to Flint River water, you have allowed massively unsafe levels of pollutants and lead into the water that travels in to everyone’s home. Every Flint resident is trapped by this environmental nightmare which you, Governor, have created.

Like any real criminal, when you were confronted with the truth (by the EPA and other leading water experts across America), you denied what you did. Even worse, you decided to mock your accusers and their findings. As I said, I know you don’t like to believe in a lot of science (after all, you used to run Gateway Computers, and that, really, is all anyone needs to know about you), but this time the science has caught up with you – and this time, I hope, it’s going to convict you.

The facts are all there, Mr. Snyder. Every agency involved in this scheme reported directly to you. The children of Flint didn’t have a choice as to whether or not they were going to get to drink clean water. But soon it will be your turn to not have that choice about which water you’ll be drinking. Because by this time next year, if there is an ounce of justice left in this land, the water you’ll be drinking will be served to you from a tap inside Jackson Prison.

I am calling upon my fellow Michiganders – and seekers of justice everywhere – to petition U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, asking her to arrest you for corruption and assault (i.e., the physical assault you committed against the children of Flint when you knowingly poisoned them).

Yesterday, the federal prosecutor in Flint, after many of us had called for months for this action, finally opened up an investigation into the matter (link). Now we need your arrest, prosecution and conviction.

And who will be cheering on that day when you are fitted with a bright orange jumpsuit? The poor and minority communities of Michigan who’ve endured your dictatorial firing of their mayors and school boards so you could place your business friends in charge of their mostly-black cities. They know you never would have done this to a wealthy white suburb.

I welcome all to look at the appalling facts of this case, which have been reported brilliantly here, here, and especially here by the great Rachel Maddow. Thank you, Rachel, for caring so deeply when the rest of the national television media didn’t.

I’m asking everyone who agrees with me to sign on to this petition and call for your arrest, Governor Snyder. You are not allowed to run amok in my hometown like you have done. The children whom you have poisoned have to endure a life of pain and lower IQ’s from your actions. You have destroyed a generation of children – and for that, you must pay.

It is time for you to go to prison. Out of mercy, I’ll ask that you have in your cell your own personal Gateway computer.

Michael Moore
Flint native
Michigan resident and voter

P.S. For everyone wanting to sign on to this petition calling for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Governor Snyder AND for the FBI to arrest him, please sign the petition below…

(read and sign the petition »here)

Michael Moore exposes the horrifying truth about Flint

On Thursday, the director penned a blistering statement outlining the futility of bottled water as a solution in Flint: “You would have to send 200 bottles a day, per person, to cover what the average American (we are Americans in Flint) needs each day. That’s 102,000 citizens times 200 bottles of water — which equals 20.4 million 16oz. bottles of water per day, every day, for the next year or two until this problem is fixed.” Instead, he offered a number of concrete solutions to stem the damage and bring comfort to the afflicted. 

Michael Moore might save Flint: Moore, Jon Stewart, John Oliver keep proving satirists get more done than politicians
By Sophia A. McClennen

Michael Moore’s new film, “Where to Invade Next,” suggests that Moore is better suited to protect our nation than our politicians. While the film poses the idea as a satirical farce, recent events in Flint, Michigan, suggest that it may well be true.

Nearly two years ago Flint started to get its water from a local river rather than Lake Huron in a scheme to save money. Almost immediately it became clear that the switch meant unhealthy water. Despite evidence that the water was contaminated, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and his appointed emergency manager ignored the health of Flint residents in favor of saving costs.

Now there is evidence that Flint residents are suffering from lead poison, higher rates of Legionnaires Disease, and a host of other health issues.

Jon Stewart got results for 9/11 responders. Moore got action over Flint’s toxic water. Big wins for comic activism


“Where to Invade Next” - a documentary from Michael Moore.

the lies we tell ourselves

So, the more I read into “American Sniper” the more seriously disturbing it is. The man’s own memoirs (on which the movie is based) tell a lot of unusual stories, many false and many disturbing.

The man’s obsession with killing- not the job, but just killing and accumulating his kills record- would be certifiably psychopathic in any other context. His various false anecdotes- about sniping “looters” and his various killings of criminals and carjackers- scream “death-obsessed-glory-hound.” He bragged about beating up Jesse Ventura for badmouthing soldiers- which Ventura proved in court never occurred and got a settlement. He claimed to have sniped dozens of people “looting” in New Orleans- regardless of due process for American citizens.

People are comparing him to Audie Murphy, a soldier who, in WWII, took numerous confirmed wounds while holding off a significant force of germans at close range and defending his wounded allies. I’m not really clear this man is anything close to that.

I don’t to take anything I read on the internet as simple truth, though. There’s a lot of articles in a lot of places, but I tried to trace some back to major outlets for credibility.

The BBC, for example, is critical about the fact that the movie glosses over numerous proven falsehoods and his obsessive compulsion to lying.

Slate discussed the fallout from his false claims about Jesse Ventura, and the extent to which these claims were used towards its marketing.

Salon’s older piece in particularly highlights many of his disturbing quotes; not just attributed to him, but things he wrote in his own memoirs!  The “fun” of killing, his contempt for the “savages” of Iraq, his obsessive categorizing of other soliders into “badasses” or “pussies,” and a trail of drunken exploits and brawls.  Salon’s editorial considers these quotes evidence of a psychopath, but I don’t think they’re much worse than the average combination of low-education, high-blood-alcohol, and Xbox Live.  It’s not sunshine and daisies, but its easier to call them vapid than insane.

They are many variations to his accounts of shooting looters in New Orleans, but the city’s own Times-Picayune discussed them most clearly.  He claimed to have shot or killed at least 30 people from atop the superdome; its not clear in every version whether or not he was sure they were armed.  Military, police, and eyewitness records point to this being false.  Why would a man even think of such a thing?  Why BOAST about committing acts of unilateral capital punishment on American citizens, when that’s exactly what we’ve all been scolding our own police for?  Why brag about the unsanctioned execution of American’s at all?

This last part isn’t scholarly, but the debate on reddit is brutal.  Many find him entirely loathesome, some hate the movie for glorifying him, some hate the movie for celebrating ignorance, and MANY see him as a grown man-child of the KDR-obsessed Call of Duty culture.  More than a few current and ex military posters take issue with his obsession with kills.


In fairness, I’ll really have to read the book myself to consider my opinion solid.  I tend to be skeptical to a fault.  My attitude towards pretty much all aspects of the internet is “DOUBT EVERYTHING.”  Nothing is beyond checking Snopes, and once in a while Snopes is wrong too.  The internet is swirling, constant chaos, and any opinion exciting enough to repost once is divisive enough to mutate and expand- and this is certainly divisive enough.

Michael Moore’s “controversial” twitter comment (“sniper are cowards, they’ll shoot you in the back”) was a childish, attention-seeking jab about career snipers being inherently bad people.  There’s no doubt he said it, and there’s no doubt he deserves whatever backlash it brings him.

Also in the undisputed quote category, Seth Rogen is getting a LOT of heat for saying the new film seems like the fictitious Nazi propaganda movie “Nation’s Pride,” about an expert german sniper racking up astonishing kills. Heralding a man based on lives ended rather than lives saved, by Call-of-Duty-style kill counts rather than character? He might have a point.

In the end this is like any other moral dilemma in any nation; we want to feel better about things, and heroes make us feel better.  Is the smoothed-over, fictionalized portrayal of this man worth separating from a more gruesome reality?  Do the ends justify the means?

No.  Flat out, it isn’t.  A lie that makes people feel better about a cause doesn’t justify itself.  A cause that needs constant lies to prop it up is a cause without a leg to stand on.  

The only cause there is ignorance.

Unbeknownst to the world, Michael Moore has secretly been preparing a new film called “Where to Invade Next” — his first documentary in six years — which will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this week.

Luckily, a new Michael Moore film means a new Michael Moore press tour, which gives the irascible director an opportunity to weigh in on everyone’s favorite topicdu jour: Donald Trump.

Moore’s first documentary in six years is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival this week

Michael Moore Talks to VICE About ‘American Sniper,’ the End of Sarah Palin, and PTSD

VICE: Let’s go back to snipers for a minute, and the distinction you’re making between comments on snipers verses the film American Sniper. You have a real personal connection to snipers and their effects, and there aren’t very many modern sniper stories that resonate in the American consciousness, except maybe if you go back to World War I or II, like you were saying. 

MOORE: Except even then, just off the top of your head you can’t name a sniper that society has agreed over time is an American hero. It’s just not in our culture. There’s the famous story of Jesse James and the coward who shot him in the back. He was hanging a picture on the wall in his home when a guy comes up to the window and shoots him and kills him. Jesse James is not remembered as the scoundrel. He was a robber and a killer, but the guy who killed him is a scoundrel in the story that was told.

We grew up with stories like that. Our dads told us—at least the boys—that to cold clock somebody was a chicken shit thing to do. To hit somebody without them seeing you, to come up from behind, is just considered wrong. The word sniper itself, have you ever heard the word sniping used in a good way?

Read the rest of the interview here